Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Your Perfect Job"

My Dear Friends,

Many are coming to us today, asking what is the best way to find a "perfect job."  Either your present employment feels wrong for you, or you are bored, or you have issues with the people for whom you are you ask us:  "How can I find my perfect job?  Where should I go, and what should I do?" 

The very first thing we do, when we hear this, is to encourage the inquirer to discern the difference between his "life's work," and his "job" or "career." 

When we speak about "life's work" we are referring to your position in the Body of the Planetary Oneself, as you collectively seek to reconnect, and remember who you are.  To use the terminology of an Alchemist, you are steadily growing in your abilities to do "The Great Work," which is your process of PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION, or pecking yourself out of the self-made "shell" or "reality box" in which you find yourself. 

As you remember, you grow.  You realize that you are not alone in your endeavors.  Your entire planet is involved in this process of remembering--some appearing to do it quickly, and some with great difficulty.  And it is ALL YOU, as we have previously said.  Each member of the Planetary Oneself is given certain gifts and abilities--which, when they are activated, become an amazing catalyst for growth, producing and sustaining a powerful relationship to everything and everyone, as well as a sense of blissful creativity and power within oneself.      

Until your awakening, you have been steadily looking for something to distract you away from the fact that you had forgotten a good portion of who you are.  It is as though you have been shipwrecked, and stranded on a desert island.  For the time being, you cannot get back to "civilization," so you make do with what you have. You are a stranger in a strange land, who learns to survive in a strange, yet exotic place.  

The Veil of Forgetfulness is a gift, but a cumbersome one.  To your delicate and creative mind, it feels like a lead weight.  Still, by creating or discovering a "life purpose" that is demanding and absorptive, you allow yourself (most times) to be caught up in a pursuit of happiness--love, money, family, fame--a process that keeps your mind occupied and your heart at peace.  Or, perhaps, you are given a handicap, right from the beginning, and you are busy about the process of trying to get out from under an even bigger weight than forgetfulness.  However it appears, there comes a time when your jobs and your search for happiness or survival will produce a kind of inner restlessness--and you will be quickened in your spirit, causing your sleeping in separation to be over.    

The definition of "work" for you, and for anyone who comes from the place in consciousness that is Our Home, is to be slowly and surely laying aside the Veil of Forgetfulness have placed yourself within.........observing this process from all sides....reconnecting yourself with the soul "fragments" that exist around you..........people, places, situations, objects.........all the mirrors of self that are YOU. 

That which you call a "job" or even a career (in human terms) is merely a form of what we call your "place at the gate."  It is a location, a point of access, an identification with one part of the human picture, which provides a sense of grounding and contact, while you are building your own Bridge Across Consciousness--connecting yourself and your world with the rest of who you all are.

As you do this Great Work of Personal Alchemy, you will be guided from within........through sensations and inclinations of your own Guardian Spirit.  You will feel led to go places, do things, make contacts.  That will be your journey.  As you do this, do not seek to define or confine yourself by these "jobs" or "assignments."  Instead, do your best to fan the flames of your Spiritual Gifts, and develop the necessary skills to be most effective in those endeavors, uniting your process with others...... as you feel more and more connected to the Oneness of All That Is. 

Can you begin to see, now, the difference between your "job" and THE GREAT WORK?   Which emphasis do you wish to make?  Are you feeling a part of the Bigger Picture on Mother Earth, as she seeks to bring about a mass awakening and do you wish to join the rest of the Federation of Worlds that make up The Multiverse?  Or are you looking for some amiable way to make a living, raise a family, and live out your days exploring 3D?  Which you choose, there is no judgment.  It is all part of the Grand Game. 

Everyone needs to be grounded and focused.  Some people call it "getting a life."  As you continue along the path of Alchemical Expansion, you will need to feel that you have access to resources, and you can learn the ways of commerce, and the language of everyday people.  This is what a "job" can bring you.  All the while, you are continuing in your personal expansion of the Transformation Process that is coming upon you all.  And this, My Friends, brings enough work and joy to last several lifetimes.   

And so, for now, we would encourage you, in regards to the issue of "work," to follow the same principles of "flow" that we have always recommended, during these fast-moving times of transition.  Stay Free, Stay in the Moment, and Follow Your Energy.  If you cannot find a way to get paid for practicing your personal Spiritual Gifts within your community, it is because you have not fully connected or identified with that Energy Orientation, and have not placed sufficient value on it, yourself. Your physical world will always be a reflector for your inner attitudes and beliefs. 

If this is the case, it simply means you need more time and space to deepen your connection to the message and the charisma that can bring.  You will still have bills, and a need for commercial connection to the society in which you belong--we urge you to find the nearest "place at the gate" that you can find, which allows you to collect money doing something that doesn't exhaust or frustrate you too much.  In this way, you can devote all your other time and personal resources to developing those gifts and a community in which to practice them, and designing personal "labors of love" that will be the purist expression of who you are on the planet. 

Until you become your own "domain" on the Internet, you purchase space and web support to be part of someone else's, do you not?  The same principle is in play here.  Until you figure out ways to ground and develop the things that you LOVE, as a paid service, you will need to assist others to follow their dream, thereby supporting and expanding the purification of your own. 

When you are in the work force, you are never merely "an employee."  If you buy into that, you will have lost yourself and the root of your power, as an Instrument of Oneness, and an Entrepreneur in the World of Form.  Instead of thinking of yourself as "an employee," think instead that you are a "consultant, with only one client."  Buy yourself some business cards, brochures, and a web site that more clearly expands and develops on your ROOT MOTIVATION........even while you help this other guy (this alternative fragment of yourself) with his.  Do you see? 

Never buy into a vision of yourself as part of the "steaming masses."  You are NOT one of many.  You are really MANY OF ONE.  And that ONE, makes up a huge conglomerate of businesses........being programmed and managed by the CEO of your very own MENTAL PROJECTIONS....... every thought you think,  every breath you take, every moment you are alive.  It is YOUR universe.  Everyone has one--a Universe of Your Personal Perception.  Uni=ONE.  A Hall of Mirrors, and a place to play and to explore.  

And so it is.  Do you wish further help from us as we continue this process?  Call upon us inwardly, and/or get connected to the energy through this Web Site.  Allow us to be your Reconnections, until you can remember and activate your own version of this process. 

Chehala Selah.   

<end transmission>



Channeled by Daniel Jacob

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