Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Your Inner Life"

 My Dear Friends,

We come to you now, as to those who are preparing to take a fantastic journey!   You can already sense it, can't you?  A calm before the storm?  Many things in 3D life are about to be broken open.  Many issues and themes are being brought forward, to be processed and considered by your Oneself Planetary Mind!  

The world you see outside yourself is a sketch pad---a place where Gods and Goddesses spend time DOODLING..........while chatting idly with each other about more pressing matters.  (We speak in linear analogy, but our concepts are basically sound).  And occasionally, in a moment of time, one of these Deities may chance to look down........onto his pad.  He gazes into a shimmering pool of scribbled reflections from his inner process, and he learns.

You, too, can Gods do.  If your OUTER world is a sketch pad for Heaven, your INNER world is but a shimmering pool of reflection for your own soul as well!  The problem is:  It all flows by so quickly, there is little time to appreciate all that you are and all that you are doing.

Your Inner Life is a Portal, a Gateway between 3D and the Expanded Realms.  As we have shared in other transmissions, it is really a closet, with two doors.  One door leads into your immediate context of solidified reality, and the other door leads into any number of alternative versions of this same Now Moment--some of them very fascinating and unusual, indeed! 


As you ponder the manifold sounds, images, and feelings that flow through your experience, a goodly number of you have been getting increasingly overwhelmed---disoriented, even---about the bizarre nature of your expanding Inner Reality.  You measure your life as it appears now against the way your remember it from before. 

And then you might ask us:  "Before WHAT?"  And we would respond:  "Before you took the RED PILL, during that flight of fancy, and decided you truly wanted to see how DEEP the rabbit hole goes."  It's DEEP.  Deal with it!    


The term "psychic" is occasionally applied to someone who is believed to have a GIFT---whether it be a gift of foresight, divination, clairvoyance, or whatever.  And yet, dear ones......really.......we tell you now that ALL ARE PSYCHIC..........all of you have "gifts."  You simply need to take yourself seriously enough to try and discover them.

Whereas the Outer World seems tangible, concrete, and well-defined........your Inner World is nebulous, abstract, and transient.  Things in that realm are what YOU say they are.  In that world, you become like Adam, in the Garden of the Dawn of Creation.  After the Lord God made all the animals, the Book of Genesis says that He paraded them past Adam, requesting that His first human give each one a name.  Whatever Adam called each one, that was what the animal became.

In the "real" world, a person can often feel like a pinball, bouncing from life circumstance to life circumstance.  Some of them "ring a bell" and light some lights, while others fall flat--resulting in a "no score" situation.  And yet, you keep going at it.......allowing life's springboard to keep launching you up the board one more time.  Why not go inside during this time in history?  Why not try playing the Game from an entirely different angle?



The storms and maelstroms of your physical world are primarily sourced in human boredom!  That's right, you heard us correctly.  HUMAN BOREDOM.  Is there any other kind?  Did you think that it was GOD who was angry with you?  Do you feel that He is displeased with you because you play so-called "stupid games?"  And who is GOD, anyway?  Who, pray tell, do you think that idea is meant to represent?

                    It's all's all's all YOU.         

Your Collective Oneself occasionally feels so claustrophobic in this Game--so locked in a dungeon, with nowhere to go...........that, through fits of rattles the doors, longing to break free from this "snail mail" 3D Consciousness.  Many of those who cross over in tragic hurricanes and other cataclysms, are offering themselves up, like warriors of old, to be consumed by a refiner's they can be remade, and cast anew. 

Your Celtic peoples understood this point, olden days..... they offered themselves to be burned alive inside the Wicker Man.  Burned, destroyed, massacred.......only to rise again and again from the ashes! 


Many there are who are prophesying about Government Conspiracy-- weather-wars, chem-trails and such---in attempts to alert you to "divergent forces" which may be operating in the shadow aspect of your world today.  And if you believe it, you receive it.......for everything has a universe which honors and embodies it, somewhere in the Multiverse.  Who are we to dispute your choices about where you wish to go on your Vacations in Limitation, or what you have scheduled to happen once you arrive?

But if you are so bored, so TERRIBLY, TERRIBLY HOMESICK that you go to all this trouble to shake your world awake......why not GO WITHIN, voluntarily.........and bring forth a memento or two, to commemorate your reconnection with all you are and all you long to be? 


It's all very simple, Dear Ones.   You've been asleep and dreaming, and now you're about to wake up.  Some people awake immediately, and hit the floor running.  They can't WAIT to see what's next.  Others take their time, lounging around the house until they are ready to begin the new day.  Either way you do it is beautiful.  Just DO IT, okay?    

As you toss about and turn......half awakened, half searching for the snooze alarm.....why not take a moment and write down a few of those "in-between" thoughts?  Why not scribble an image or two, so others can go for a swim in your ancient Sea of Perception? 

We have already offered you a GATE, through which you can return to All That Is.  You can go home NOW if you want to. In the case of many of you, we have even made personal, up-close invitations. We say to you, outright......."Are you ready to come home with us?"  And so many of you reply:  "No.  I still have things to do here." 

Well, all right then...............if you are choosing to remain there, standing at the Gate.......why not reach through and pull something back?  Something exotic...........never-before-seen........and give it name and description?  Become a RECONNECTION for the world that stayed behind!  In Recon parlance, we refer to this as "unpacking." 

What do you think, My Friends?  Does that excite you?  UNLOAD what you are carrying inside you.  Reach inside........ through the Gate......wherever it seems to open before you.........and UNPACK some of the goodies that are there.  Take them out and offer them, as gifts, to anyone Spirit brings your way.  When they ask you:  "What is this?"  you simply open your Adam did, in the Garden of Eden.........and NAME YOUR ANIMALS, right then and there.  You'll be surprised how easy it comes, if you BELIEVE that you have the power to do it. 

YOU are responsible for the DEPTH of your message.  Your UNIVERSE  is responsible for the BREADTH of your influence.  When you do what you CAN, the Universe will do what you CAN'T.   It's just that simple.   

The primary difference between a "crazy" person and a "sane" person rests in his own concept of himself.  If he is frightened, angry, doubtful, or disruptive.....those in his immediate environment will begin to look for some way to contain him or limit his actions, so their own lives will not be spoiled.  It's quite understandable, really.  However, if he is confident (even though he hasn't a clue what is going on)....people may regard him as "weird or eccentric," but some might even listen to him--because EVERYONE is looking for answers, whether they are willing to admit it or not. 


Most of you came onto the planet thinking you were the product of a human family, and your job was to "fit in" as well as you could.  And, despite the fact that you've never been able to fully FIT IN, no matter how hard you kept going at nauseum.......until you felt so frustrated you were ready to burst.  Perhaps, it may behoove you now to begin looking at things differently.

Many of you have made numerous visits to doctors, psychologists, healers and shamans---only to discover what you already knew:  YOU'RE DIFFERENT.   Hoo-hah!   Now that we got that out of the way, Doctor (for a hefty fee, we might add) about telling us HOW we're different, and what we're supposed to do with that!

The thing is, Dear one can really tell you that but YOU.  No matter how many diplomas a person has on his or her office wall, they don't qualify that individual to tell YOU what your mission is.  In order to do that, you must go right to the Source.  And who or what is that Source?  In your own perceptual universe, the Source is YOU. 

We are here to awaken you.  We give you some general guidelines, some general insights....(we call them "Bridge Concepts").......and then we cut you loose.  From there on, it's up to you!   You can either quiver or quake, like somebody's image of a "nut"........or you can pick yourself up, go inside, and start distributing your gifts.  And you can do it with DIGNITY, rather than doubt and disdain. 

In days to come, we will be exploring together some powerful tools that can assist in this process.  Among them will be the tools of:  telepathy, telempathy, precognition, The "clairs" (clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance), and many other tools to add spice and power to your journey. 

We are here to assist you.  We are available 24/7.  All you need to do is go inside yourself, call out to us, and we will show up whatever form and with whatever energy signature you require, in order to believe. 

Try it.  Try it TODAY.  There's more inside you than you might think.  And it comes in all sizes, shapes, and forms.  Dare to believe.  Dare to be different.  Dare to FLOURISH, rather than merely existing.  We are always here.

<end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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