The Winged Ones

The same belief in the pre-existence of a far more spiritual race than the one to which we now belong can be traced back to the earliest traditions of nearly every people.  In the ancient Quiche manuscript, published by Brasseur de Bourbourg---The Popol Vuh---the first men are mentioned as a race that could reason and speak, whose sight was unlimited, and who knew all things at once.  According to Philo Judaeus, the air is filled with an invisible host of spirits, some of whom are free from evil and immortal, and other are pernicious and mortal. 

"From the sons of El we are descended, the sons of El must we become again."

In the unequivocal statement of the unknown Gnostic who wrote "The Gospel According to John........"...that as many received Him...." i.e. followed the esoteric doctrine of Jesus, would "become the sons of God."

"Know ye not that ye are Gods?"  Exclaimed Master Jesus.

Plato describes admirably in "Phaedrus" the state in which man once was, and what he will become again:  before, and after the "loss of his wings"........... when "he lived among the gods, a god himself in an airy world." 

---Blavatsky:  "Isis Unveiled."