Hello Friends,
I'm making this an informal mailing of some new developments you might all be interested in.  This is for your discernment.  I have been noticing certain things happening, feeling certain things.........and now I got this information to give me a clearer picture that seems to bring it all together. 
James Gilliland lives in Trout Lake, Washington.........he lives in a place, at the base of Mt. Adams, that has documented 1000s of sightings of UFOs and other phenomena.  He's a credible source, and a wise fellow.  I can't say I agree with him 100% on everything, but I can resonate with this message that I am enclosing.
About 5 days ago, I posted on my Web Site this question:
"Who or what is blocking rays, coming from the sun, Towards Planet Earth?" I included a link to this picture:
Now, James is telling us his version of what he thinks is happening.  I am passing it on to you, so you might share any insights you have on the situation.  I knew before the summer began that this would be the "Summer of ETs."   I was not mistaken.  And that was only the beginning.
Check it out, and Enjoy.

From James Gilliland  (www.cazekiel.org)
"I am receiving a mountain of emails from people feeling something is up, something building on the horizon. They have asked me to address this feeling. I have addressed this feeling many times in the past. It is in the books Reunion with Source and Becoming Gods 2.

The timing is a little off in the books yet everything is unfolding as we speak. There was a grace period granted due to some very advanced ET intervention. This has to do with the Sun, bringing in motherships with
expanded fields blocking the coronal mass ejections and flares, some of which would have been devastating to the areas of earth facing the sun.

These ships were on record at the SOHO site and many people grabbed the streaming video and pictures of these ships before they had a chance to delete them.

This blocking of the sun's energies also decreased the magnitude of some of the mega quakes. There have been many reports of large triangular ships flying up the San Andreas and other faults recorded on some of the UFO
reporting centers which were observed sending beams of light into the earth.   This activity is changing the nature of the faults removing some of the pressure.

The earth is overheating rapidly. The expanding sun and the greenhouse effect are the two main factors. Scientists are observing the build up of pressure and have started to issue warnings of the mega quakes which could soon follow. Many top people, visionaries which have refused to be a part of the gloom and doom prophesies are now issuing their own warnings. They are having the visions and after looking at the scientific evidence they are now feeling it is time. Time and a half is over.

I know this will disturb many people and some will have a very negative reaction to this message. I do not want to promote doom and gloom or fear.  This is just a heads up for everyone who reads this to do their own
investigation into the activity of the sun, how it effects humanity and the Earth and the overall condition of the consciousness and environment.

I have given this formula for years, many have run with it and called it their own which does not matter. What matters is the message not the messenger. Coronal Mass Ejections and Sun Flares=Social and Economic
changes, Extreme weather changes, increase in earthquake and volcanic activity.

 Throughout history there has been major changes during sunspot and increased solar activity. The bio-electric fields around the human body are greatly effected by these changes in the sun. There are emotional outbursts,
mood swings, economic swings and changes in the collective consciousness. Outbreaks of virus and bacteria, the plagues, have also been tied into sunspot activity. The erratic weather is exhibited by increases in tornadoes, hurricanes, storm activity and wind velocities. One only has to look at build up of pressure at Yellowstone, Mt Rainier, Three Sisters and the increase in earthquake and volcanic activity around the world to recognize the effect of this major sun cycle.

So what does this have to do with UFOs and ETs?

During the next four months the UFO activity is going to increase exponentially. Their presence will be undeniable. Due to the upcoming changes it will be necessary as they carry out their duties here on Earth.
Those who have tried to debunk and censor their presence, including the main stream media will loose all credibility.

The Earth is on the move, it is expanding, evolving moving to a higher frequency. Many of the planets including the Sun have already undergone pole shifts. These are magnetic pole shifts and the Sun has changed from a yellow to a white more intense light. This is due to a change in the hydrogen/helium ratio. The entire solar system is moving to a new place in the universe. The Earth and those who inhabit it will have to adapt and flow
with these changes. There will be changes in every arena.

The social, political, and economic arena will undergo intense change in the next four months. The weather will undergo drastic changes as well. There will be an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity which is already
building as we speak. It is time to wake up, flow with these changes, be a part of the solution not the problem.

The help is here, the technology is here, the consciousness... well, that is lagging far behind. There is hope. There will be a shift. Another renaissance period is the next four months. This is to assist the consciousness to catch up. What is called the Harmonic Concordance on November 8th is the peak of this event. We are preparing to join the rest of the universe. The end of war, disease, and restoration of the environment are what is waiting for those who have the courage to stand up for it. The help is here, we have to initiate it, welcome it, pray for it and do our part to bring this to fruition."

-James Gilliland
ECETI Director