Another Transmission from The Reconnections.......


My Dear Friends:

The transformative energy moves on, even as more and more souls begin to come "online" with the Oneness Paradigm.  Transits through various life paths that used to take years, or even lifetimes, have been condensed into modules of a few weeks or months.  The pitch of your planetary vibration is doubling, tripling..........and your consciousness is truly beginning to spin.   Some of you are learning about what it means to become "velocicized."  This is a perceptual adaptation to rapid change or movement which causes you feel as though you are barely moving at all.  Even as the side mirror on your vehicle bears a familiar message---so we will now share our own version of that message:  "Objects seen in the mirror are moving far
more quickly than they appear to be!"

As many new people come online, they are prone to begin speculating about the shape of their future.  It only makes sense, doesn't it?  The world feels unstable at this time---pregnant with change.  There are prophets and seers who speak of gloom, doom, and the crash of civilization as you know it.  Isn't it only normal to want to speculate about things to come?  Our answer to that question is "Yes, but the path you have chosen is not a normal one."

The Return to Oneness is a journey of acceptance---your re-introduction to all those aspects of self you have forgotten about or previously denied.  It's like taking a stroll through a gigantic warehouse, filled with memorabilia of lifetimes past (and future).  Even as you are being downloaded with all of this new data, your emotional body is reeling from the powerful hits of energy that accompany these incoming perceptions.    

Oneness is not a destination---even though we have often spoken about your impending "return" to it.  In truth, it is an energetic touchstone....a means of equalizing and balancing your polarized consciousness so that it becomes free to depart from a specific reality format and journey elsewhere.

In a sense, the Reconnection Universe (the reality in which you have encountered this writing, or similar information), is a bit like Grand Central Station.  You enter it, determine your destination, purchase a ticket, and climb aboard the train that is leaving for your chosen destination. A specific "trip" can be manifest as "a train of thought," "an emotional side-track," or even a period of focused "training" which is designed to prepare you for more expanded existence.   As you can see, we play with words.  But be not deceived.  This "play" is serious business.  Hidden within words you use everyday are portals and gateways that connect entire universes with each other.  Therefore, it behooves any traveler to begin noticing what he has been saying.  Sometimes the thought *is* the thing.


The first step in any Reconnection is willingness to change one's viewpoint. A traveler must be willing to COME IN, off the street, to a new and unusual place in consciousness.  Your first encounter with Oneness may either feel like an indulgence of curiosity, or it may be the result of some traumatic shock that opens the way for a whole new outlook on life.  It does not matter.  The core process is still the same.  A traveler first needs to close the file on his current Limitation mindset so that new viewpoints can be installed.

In lifetimes past, you waited for that experience called "death" before you allowed us to de-program you from the Limitation focus.  But now, within the special "station" that has been constructed for just this purpose, you are allowing us to introduce all of the "bridge concepts" of Reconnection into your thinking while you are still represented in physical form.   The Now Moment is a multidimensional vehicle that can take you anywhere (and anywhen) you wish to go.  It is your seat on a train that takes you into the Oneself, and on to a new destination.  

Be aware that the *only moment* that exists............past, present, and this Now Moment.  There is only ONE.  But this One Moment has been fragmented into an infinite number of alternative "versions" of itself ---each one connected at its core and filed within the Oneself for easy reference.

The memories of your "past" are created by hooking a sequence of the fragments together and attaching them to your present, telling yourself that these events happened " a long time ago."   In truth, each of these events is also happening NOW, though they are occurring  within other levels of consciousness.  You can not see them because your perceptual train has gone "round the bend" from those events and created a space where you can focus on other ideas and agendas.

Your "future" is an anticipation of events that (seemingly) have not yet occurred.  But that, too, is illusion.  There is only ONE Now Moment.  Everything exists right now.  It always has and it always will.  But in this, your Now Moment Journey, you have decorated the scenery along your route so that things appear to be missing.  In truth, they are hidden by a Veil of Forgetfulness, which you, the creator, have designed exactly for this purpose. You move from point "a" to point "b."  Then, you ramble on to points "c," "d," and "e."  All are ONE, even as you also are ONE.


Once you have effectively extricated yourself from confinement within a past, present, or future---you are now free to buy a ticket and change locations.  On the surface, this may sound like somewhat of a contradiction to the insights we've just given.  But read on.  The central connection that binds all these realities together is like a skillful hand that is shuffling decks of cards.  You let go of a belief here, then you pick up a new one there.  Discard, choose a new hand, and the Game goes on.

Equally as beguiling as your Limitation beliefs about time are the bits of programming that tell you which things you can "have" and which things you "cannot."    These "old tapes" have been called physical laws, laws of nature, fate, genetic programming, and a whole host of other names.  We simply call them "seat belts."  They are infinitely useful when you want to stay in a particular seat, but they are quite a nuisance when a person suddenly wishes to change trains!

Self-image has long been lauded as the key to everything.  However, it can also be a lock as well.  Therefore, the next step to climbing aboard a Reconnection journey is to recognize that you are so much more than you think you are.  In fact, you are EVERYTHING.......and everyone........even though you *appear to be* separated and alone.  You are not alone.  You are really all one.

A journey is not the distance between two points.  That is old thinking. Rather, it is an expansion of your personal IDENTIFICATION with two (or more) points, followed by a re-defining of your physical "self" from point "a" to point "b."  What causes physical manifestation is the intensity of your FOCUS upon who you wish to be within any particular context, coupled with your ability to be completely accepting of whoever else you are as well. (see further info on Multidimensionality)

Another example.  The director's booth at a TV station has many screens, receiving input from several cameras.  Each image on the wall is an actual image of what is happening, although they each come from different angles. Changing from camera "1" to camera "2" is a simple matter for the Director.  Meanwhile, the audience stays still, even though their perceptions have changed drastically.  You must now realize that YOU are that director, even as you are the audience as well.

In the first step of Reconnection, a person is washed clean of all specific identifications with his current base of reality.  This is not accomplished by denying that reality.  Rather, it is accomplished by re-membering his involvement with all *other* realities as well.  This willingness to leap into a veritable abyss of possibility, clearing himself of any "silver cords" or other such protective devices, provides the vibratory momentum he'll need to become available for transport into any other reality.   

Do you think that you are something?  Then you are *attached* to what you think that you ARE.   Do you think that you are nothing?  Then you are *attached* to what you think that you AREN'T.  It's only when you realize that you are
*everything* that you can finally LET GO.


Within the New Age movement, there are many "trains of thought," concerning what will happen in the future.  There are also divergent ideas about how you will get there, and what will happen when you do.  With the proper integration of multidimensionality concepts into this equation, we believe that we can provide some insight about how you can best function during during the current Planetary Transformation.

Do you know what you did yesterday?   Everything. Do you know what you'll do tomorrow?   Everything.   It's only NOW that you can do SOMETHING.  That is because each "something" is simply a fragment of the "everything" that is going on all around you.  There are those dear souls who enter the New Age Movement with a desire to make things happen.  Having forgotten their many incarnations as magicians and sorcerers, and having been steeped in Limitation Dogma for so long that it makes them want to vomit---these folks will spend their time and tickets to "train" themselves to create and manifest wealth, power, love, artistic endeavor, and any number of other journeys which tickle their fancy.  And that is well and good!

The Fourth Dimensional Corridor is about equalization.  It's about RE-MEMBERING other lives and powers and abilities---while shaking off the chains of "I am" to be able to trade them for the wings of "I also could be."  Eventually, when the memories of past magical powers return, these travelers will set themselves upon yet another new path---a path of ever-increasing acuity in the process of change and transformation.

How precisely can you attach and re-attach yourself within two fragments of the same Now Moment?  How quickly and ornately can you shuffle the cards?  These are the new destinations that have just come up on the board of "arrivals and departures" at the station.  There are the intro courses (pleasure trips) and there are the more advanced courses (business class). Which one are you looking for at this time?   There is no "right" answer.  And each focus has its own particular joy.

Now is the time for a great influx of power and knowledge.  Hang onto your hats, even as you throw away your baggage!  There is no need for many changes of clothes on this journey.  Don't you prefer to simply change universes instead?  Watch yourself, though.  Time has a habit of developing some interesting "wrinkles."  But the Oneness journeys they produce will end in a sense of IRONY, that will surely make things right again.

(End Transmission)


From Ann B., Toronto:

There are those of us who have the awareness that we've bought a ticket for the train...

Then, some of us even see which train is coming and where it's headed...
Others could care less and for the most part... sleep through the trip...
Some TOTALLY enjoy the ride... soaking up the scenery, moving from one car to another...  making friends...
Others TOTALLY hate the ride... having motion sickness and blaming everyone around them...
And some of us seem to have bought a FIRST CLASS ticket for ALL the trains..........  never knowing where their frags will end up ... not understanding why some of his frags "arrive" before others....  and all they want to do is "get off"...
DJ:  You go, girl.  Great thought here.


Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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