Violence and "Hot Spots" Around the World


 My Dear Friends,

We have spoken to you, in our Trans-Portals series, about this process known as "Phase Shifting." This is the gradual integration of divine and human consciousness---wherein human beings change places (and viewpoints) with Gods, Goddesses, Archetypes, Extraterrestrials, Elementals, and many divergent types of consciousness........ expanding, contracting.....back and forth across the Veil...........traversing Celestial Realms, The Underworld........the Flexibility of Hermes, the Alchemy of Thoth!

In a similar way, various Divinities and Archetypes are now taking on human form as well. After all, what better way is there to unite the Multiversal Oneself that allowing its various "parts" to walk awhile in each other's shoes? You may not recognize them, as they step forth through special Energy Gates, opening now around the world, but they are there! And it is because of the proliferation of this special process, during this important time, that we must speak to you now about that area of your planet which is known as The Middle East.

 For many years, this region of Earth has been a hot bed of tension and strife. Many brilliant people have expended untold amounts of energy---trying to achieve a lasting peace in this troubled portion of your world. Let us share with you some ideas that may shed new light upon why things are so turbulent in this place during this period in history.  It is no mere co-incidence that this part of the planet is known as The Holy Land.

 As a centering point, and origin for many of your planet's mainline religions, The Middle East has become a primary location for the opening of the first of these Multiversal Energy Gates, through which the Ancient and the Shining Ones now regularly come and go! Through these Portals their essences pass, bringing with them a certain Radiance (Intense Energy) bleeding through from the Other Side of the Veil. The power of this Radiance is profound, creating an acceleration in the energy fields of all who are exposed to it. The effect that it has upon the human nervous system is like the Siren's Song in the mythologies of old. It can drive people crazy, if they are not prepared to rise with it to new levels of love and allowingness.

Please note the convergence of timing between the beginning of strife in the Middle East, and the first appearance of Extraterrestrials, crash-landing upon your planet. Though many universes are using this data to explore story plots of conspiracy and intrigue, we tell you now that there are other, very expanded universes wherein this convergence of activity means so much more than mere war games, played out in cloak and dagger fashion.

The turbulence in The Middle East, though heartbreaking and sad, serves well as a cover for this Divine Exchange of Consciousness that is occurring through these open Gates. Indeed, all areas of the world today, which are sites of continuous uprising---especially those conflicts which appear as "senseless violence"--- have been or are now being infused with incoming Radiance, as designated Energy Gates start to open. The upheavals being experienced in these regions have political overtones, but the real issues are not political. They are Bio-Energetic.

For those whose hearts are open, the Radiance has very little effect, beyond the feeling of a gradual, daily increase in personal joy! When you are in Oneness, there is no objection or hindrance to being exposed to Radiance. However, if you are of a territorial or separatist mindset, or have hunger for power, these vibrations can make you crazy. What is happening in the Middle East now will soon be happening everywhere, as Energy Gates begin opening wide all over the globe. However, by that time, the vibrational flux will be so intense that control-based individuals will have a difficult time even functioning, let alone making war.


We are giving you this information---about the Energy Gates, and the non-political sourcing of these conditions, so that you can realize how important at this time is your need for OPEN HEARTS, in order to be protected and to survive in the days ahead. If that "message" becomes grounded and anchored in will be able to spread that TONE to many, many people. Not all people will understand.........but they won't need to. All they will need is exposure to the TONE of a person who is Reconnecting..........and they, too, will begin that process, on some level. It's the 100th Monkey dynamic again, do you see?

It is very possible that many of you are focusing upon this question: "How can I help this area of the world? How can I make the suffering that is all around us diminish?" The answer to that question is STOP SUFFERING YOURSELF.........and listen to what is being shared here. Begin sourcing your strength and motivation from within, and show everyone around you what that looks like. Do not preach, and do not seek them out to evangelize. Just keep washing your own "potatoes" (as the story says).....and others will seek YOU out, and learn from you how to survive this awesome translation into 4D Consciousness.

As the vibrations on the planet continue to rise, Organizational Structures are starting to derange themselves and crumble from within. Few there are of you who fully realize how at odds your Governments are---within themselves---as they seek to gain a fresh foothold on the side of a mountain that is about to fall over. The "mountain" we are speaking of is NOT physical reality, My Friends. You are not in danger of losing your society----or of reverting to some sort of primitive, boundary-less anarchy, wherein you will have to plot and struggle to stay alive. All of that is being sidetracked into other universes, other realities, that are less focused upon sustaining a spiritual tone.

Though each of you DOES have an "animal" component present within your DNA, you have collectively moved beyond the need to explore that in detail at this time. Any small remnants of those issues or themes will simply be a reminder that this is material you have already covered. If it goes by you, simply notice them and move on. There are far more important objects of focus ahead!

That "mountain" crumbling, of which we speak, is a mindset.............a way of seeing..........that is built upon a PROJECTION OUT of your power, your creativity, and your initiative. More and more, humankind is beginning to recognize your own causal relationship to everything that is happening around you. As this occurs, there is less and less need to project your Power Energies out........ in the form of dictators, terrorists, saints, saviors, or generals! The AUTHORITY of creation is beginning to be implanted in the minds and hearts of everyman.

You are beginning to TAKE CHARGE of your own creations.......and that is a powerful (and turbulent) shift, indeed! Imagine driving in a car, down a thoroughfare, at 55 mph. Suddenly, the person who is in the passenger's seat decides he is ready to take the wheel. The driver consents (after a little persuasion!).......and the "transfer" begins to take place. Don't you think that your vehicle is going to bob and weave a bit, going down the road? Don't you think that some fear and trembling will accompany such a drastic move?

And so, during this time of outer (and inner) upheaval, it is important for us to remind you that all things are in the keeping of the GUARDIAN SPIRIT that has been in place since the beginning of your Harmonic Convergence, back in 1987. The Guardian Spirit is a fusion of Form and Chaos, wherein both stipulate that neither of them will have full dominance over your world at any given time. Though one may rule over the other for a short while, the Guardian Spirit insures that both will remain in place to keep the Oneness Vibration intact.

This tells you that there will never be a time when structure is completely ousted, in favor of darkness and travail. However, it also says that there will never be a time when so-called "peace and safety" is guaranteed by some system of laws and restraints. Both "extremes" will be held in mutual agreement, as the Oneself continues to manifest its shifts and changes upon the planet.

In these coming will see many tyrants and dictators.........who will attempt to perpetuate old "systems" of outward control, and outward focus.   Sit back and enjoy the show, My Dear Friends. There is no need to struggle against it. They will show themselves to be court jesters, mindlessly striving to perpetuate a way of life that is rapidly passing away.   Now is your time to observe. Now is your time to be instructed!

Judgment is, in fact, the only thing that can harm you during this upcoming period. For, when you allow it to take hold on drop your own energy field, which must be allowed to remain high during these changes. More information will be brought through about this as it applies! We hold you all in wonder and amazement! We are enjoying this ride as much as you are. Now is your time to take to the skies---to leave the land of the mortals! Now is your time to go forward, BEYOND HUMAN BOUNDARIES. 

Stand still, and be amazed!

(end transmission)


Copyright, 2002, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any publication for profit requires the written permission of the author.