Theos and Chaos


At one of the highest levels of the "Great Divide," there is, among other things, a fragmentation of energies around the idea of FORM vs. VOID (CHAOS)

Once upon a time (speaking in linear fashion), the two were One.  When the time came for a division of essence, in preparation for the "Earth Experiment," one of these Masters took charge of exploring the World of Form (we call him "Theos") and one took charge of Worlds Unseen (we call him "Chaos).  The work of these two Masters has been intertwined, one with the other, since the very beginning.  Their explorations (always in relation to one another, in every conceivable way), have gone the gamut of infinite the extent that they are now ready to return HOME, in union with each other.  

Within the realm of Theos (the World of Form), the greatest fear is that we would LOSE OUR STRUCTURE---become disorganized and fall into some "abyss" of etheric nothingness. Within the realm of Chaos (the World of Spirit), the greatest fear is that they will somehow become TRAPPED or INCARCERATED and lose the essential freedom that is characteristic of a vibratory frequency that is able to "pass through walls."

Therefore, when the Kingdoms of Theos and Chaos officially converged in 1987, when form and void entered into each other as Oneness, the first reaction of all the "inhabitants" of those kingdoms was shock and dismay.  On the physical level, there began to appear many conditions that were quite troublesome to those beings who were "sensitive" to these global changes that were occurring in consciousness.  Those who are more attuned to structure and form are called "Theosians."  Those who find more comfort in disorganization and freedom are referred to as "Chaosians." These conditions of personal alarm, which the Guides call "Global Acceleration Syndrome," are quite prevalent and fairly inevitable during the transformation process, as the people of Earth align with this new paradigm.  The idea of conceptual PURITY is now being traded for a global SHARING of power that is unprecedented, all across time.

Some of the symptoms that have been documented are: night sweats, energetic surges in various parts of the body, feelings of spacyness, short-term memory loss, numbness and tingling in hands, feet, and face, muscular aches and pains (especially in the morning) that cause even young people to unexplainably feel "old," fluid retention (especially in the lower extremities), experiences of "time loss," and extreme chronic fatigue. See info on Transmutation.


The Immune System in the human body, which consists of a considerable number of processes, is focused on the filtration and elimination of everything that is separated, and called  "other" by a particular biological entity.  If you understand the microcosm/macrocosm (correspondence) model of thinking....the immune system could be seen as correspondent to the Ozone Layer that surrounds our planet.  These processes are one manifestation of  JUDGMENT---in that, in a biological sense, they determine which energies get to "stay," and which ones need to be "eliminated."  If an essence or an energy enters into the "body" and is accepted, it's overall substance is integrated with the rest of that organism and the body becomes "immune" to it. If it is rejected, then certain warfare techniques are executed...and trouble begins.

The viruses and bacteria that are entering our biosphere today are amazingly powerful. They are carriers of the essence and substance that was known as Chaos. It is the realm of the UNSEEN which is becoming the realm of the SEEN.

Until now, the human body has been interpreting this "presence" as EVIL ..and has been reacting in every way possible to remove it from our bodies and from our world. There is produced, within the body, amounts of excess water in order to wash it away....mucous secretions to gum it up and contain it....fat to insulate the organs from it....(as well as the rays of energy coming into the atmosphere due to the breakup of the Ozone Layer). For additional insights about this process, see a Transmission from the Reconnections, called "Aids and Planetary Healing."

All of the immune system disorders.....including CANCER and AIDS....are indicative of this struggle....a real biological ARMAGGEDON...that is occurring at the cellular level. In such cases, the bodies of the "afflicted" do not DIE because of the presence of "the other." Instead, they die because of their body's RESISTANCE to that presence.

Many people today will say: "I am sick, because my resistance is down." This is no longer the case. "We are sick, dysfunctional and miserable, because our resistance is UP." Modern day science, whether allopathic or naturopathic or still focused on EXORCISM.....casting the "devils" out.

It is only when we GET that the energies which are coming in through the Stargates are simply THE OTHER SIDE OF US.....that we will begin to STOP THE CELLULAR WAR.....and experience the breakthroughs in our healing community that will bring about the 21st Century's Era of VIBRATIONAL MEDICINE.



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