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  FATIGUE AND LETHARGY:  The feeling of being exhausted, even after a full night's sleep.  A feeling a pointlessness and discouragement about life in physical form. 

A popular song, from way back when, once asked the question:  "How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm, after they've seen Paree?"   In a way, this question has profound meaning, when we speak about the fatigue factor of Birthing a New Paradigm.  First of all, there is a BRIDGE ACROSS CONSCIOUSNESS that is being built in the ethers, connecting life in 3D with our limitless alternative existences within Multi-D.  Each night, when we fall asleep---and even during the day, between blinks of the eye, and beats of our heart---many of us are taking our position on that Bridge, and working steadily towards the day when it will be fully opened, fully conscious, and humanity will literally be able to "toggle," at will, between dimensions. 

Waking up tired can result from a combination of "Night Work" we are doing, out on the Bridge, as well as Bio-Energetic Rebalancing that is occurring in the physical vehicle.  Also, the rising awareness of life on the "other side" of the Veil, which is becoming vivid in some people, can produce a severe disappointment with life in 3D, especially in light of political stalemates and economic slowdowns that are currently underway.  The transmission called "The Tragic Ones" often speaks to this---as certain people (many of them youngsters) refuse to engage here in 3D, opting instead to sit and dream, or seek stimulation from recreational drugs.     

When hyper-masculine energy is mixed and mingled with deep feeling and intuition, the "action" impulse decreases.  We move from being "human doings" to becoming "human beings." We feel guided to become more sensorial, to contemplate more, to "stop and smell the roses."   As we do, our production of Endorphins, the body's natural painkillers, decreases proportionately.......bringing forward personal awareness and physical sensations that were previously deflected by a greater emphasis on activity, stress, and motion. 

Energy Activations on the planet can also produce stress and fatigue.  When infusions of New Energy arrive, the body's immune system (its normal sense of itself) gets challenged and put on alert.  The stress and alarm that results from these challenges (especially if the activations are intense, like those received from M and X-Class Solar Flares, for example) can actually "crash" the nervous system, creating a severe sense of malaise and even despair---until proper rest and recuperation can follow the infusion.  At such times, we must simply lay down and ALLOW that repair to happen---even if our 3D mind and logic do not understand it.  When the body-mind says "Stop!" it's best to obey.  There is more at stake here than many of us realize.      

  PHYSICAL PAIN:  Stiff muscles and joints, nerve pain, physical dysfunction.

Generally, pain in the body is about resistance.  Our transition from a polarized universe to the Reconnection Universe, gaining new access to the Multiverse, can sometimes feel quite strenuous.  The physical vehicle literally becomes a cauldron for the mixing and mingling of divergent forces (male/female, dark/light, hot/cold, form/chaos, etc).  There are times when wars are being fought within us, when we are host to confrontations between "irresistible forces and immovable objects."  As host for these "rumbles," our bodies will often be quite filled with pain!  Labor pains, actually.  Urges to go "this way" and compulsions to go "that way"..........a feeling of being pulled in many directions at once. 

The general message that must be sent to the body during these times is simply:  "Steady, boy.  It's all right.  We're going to work this out."   Breath Work, Toning, Physical Stretching, Professional Bodywork and Chiropractic, Energy Work, Hydrotherapy, Voice Dialogue, Language of Light, Sound and Color Healing.....these are just a few of the manifold "Birthing" Tools that can be enlisted to comfort and refocus the body as it goes through the bumps and grinds of transmuting divergent forces into Oneself Communion and Unified Expression.

Generally, stress in the body is caused by one of two factors:  Forcing yourself to do what you DON'T want to do, or keeping yourself from doing what you DO want to do.  Whenever one "side" of your being tries to dominate the other "side," there will be pain.  And the pain is felt by BOTH SIDES......because it is being sourced in BOTH SIDES.  The body at such times becomes a point of convergence, an encounter of opposites.  There are no victims here, and there are no perpetrators.  There are simply frightened elements that are trying to stabilize themselves in a strange, new environment.  Often, the "ego entity" of a body will take sides between these divergent forces---trying to exorcize one aspect of self (a feeling, perhaps) so that another aspect (an action or habit) can be promoted.  This is very unwise, since BOTH SIDES belong there, otherwise they would not have survived.  Sometimes, the "heat" of physical pain is required, so that each "side" of the struggle (as well as the ego) will learn to let go, and find a new center that harmoniously represents ALL that are present within a given space. 

Someone recently asked about "Fibromyalgia".........which is very common today, especially among those who are of a sensitive nature.  The word literally means "painful muscle fibers."  In the body, there are major muscles (prime movers), which are groups of fibers, sheathed together in bundles, and directed towards certain activities and goals.  These fibers can either align with each other, or they can become quite deranged and tangled.  The muscle and nerve systems are prime locations of "confront" for divergent impulses!  When conflicted thoughts and impulses flow through the body, there can be pain, inflammation (cellular anger), and trapped energy.  Generally, those who suffer from Fibromyalgia have difficulty expressing and experiencing anger.  Instead of verbalizing their feelings, and letting them pass through, they hang onto them---holding conflicted emotions in muscles and connective tissue.  The primary difference between simple muscle pain and Fibromyalgia is the the systemic nature of this latter condition.  It tends to move around the body, reflecting issues and themes that are being integrated throughout.  The symbolism of fibers, bound together in sheaths, suggests a theme of do the idea of joints.  When there is pain in muscle fibers and joints, it usually means that there is pain in a person's real-life relationships that has not been fully addressed.

  SPACEY-NESS AND CONFUSION:   The feeling of not being here, of floating in a pool of nothingness.  Disorientation.

Confusion is the state of becoming "fused with" someone or something.  It is the beginning of MERGE CONSCIOUSNESS.  In 3D, people and objects are separate and distinct.  They have beginnings and endings..........BOUNDARIES.  When things become "confused" (fused with), the boundaries begin to fall away.  The distinctiveness of the elements becomes jumbled, as two (or more) entities start to merge. 

Another word for "spacey" would be DIFFUSED.  We can consider ourselves to be "floating in nothingness" or we can consider ourselves to be "part of everything."  Is the glass half-empty, or is it half-full?  That depends on your perspective, doesn't it? 

It was once said that "he who doesn't stand for something will fall for anything."  When confusion begins, a person begins to forget who or what he is. 

"De-Fusion" is a surrender of old attachments (fusions)..........a "lifting off" from one reality base so that we can visit another.  According to the Trans-Portals Material, the three stages of Inter-dimensional Transport are:  Disintegration (at point of origin), Translation through the Portal, and Reintegration at the Destination Point.  Normally, this sequence happens very quickly that it is rarely noticed.  But if there is hesitancy, or pausing between steps in the process, the feeling of being "there/not there" can be very pronounced, indeed. 

Diffusion can be positive.......clearing a path for new definitions of self, or it can be the beginning of local dissolution for an entity.  It is said that joining the Reconnection Universe results in three things:  The Surge (an increase in personal power), the Merge (gathering in of lost aspects of self) and the Purge (release of polarized elements that cannot or will not abide the mixing of other elements into their space). 

Diffusion of Consciousness is like DILATION of a WOMB, in preparation for child birth.  It opens us, releasing demons (teachers), and receiving our Christed Self.  It can be a powerful time, but quite scary.  There are times when we feel like we are, quite literally, walking on jello.  At such times, it can be quite helpful to simply stay put.  Those who have ingested "special" mushrooms will confirm that, there is a point in the process where you just gather your essentials around you on the floor, and stay there.  Walking and moving about is useless.  The same is true of ingesting Oneself Energy.  There are times when action and focus must ultimately be surrendered to a dream-like diffusion.  So be it.  It's all part of the process.  During these times, our greatest inspirations can find us.  Then, when the "fog" passes, we are free to move around again.  If the "fog" never passes, it is usually because we refuse to surrender into it.  Resistance exacerbates symptoms.  Cooperation and allowing tends to calm the body.  This is true in regards to most of the symptoms being discussed here.

 DISTURBED SLEEP PATTERNS:   Inability to sleep can come from many sources.  Two of the primary ones, related to Global Acceleration are:  Anxiety (around the idea that dreams and night journeys are being taken), and Actual Internal Agendas (integration of waking and sleeping consciousness).  Some people are disturbed by dreams.  They have difficulty engaging in Shadow Work during waking life, so dream processing becomes more intense. 

Occasionally, sleep deprivation can be a way to "break down" ego resistance to change.  If an Ego Aspect has forgotten the soul contracts that are in play, and is having trouble "waking up," the Expanded Self may use sleep disturbance to move a person into the "betwixt and between" state..........between waking and as to increase awareness of contract with Spirit.  

  HEADACHES, PAIN AT THE BACK OF THE HEAD:  Once a person has exhausted many of the organic and mechanical causes for pain in the Head and Neck (Tumors, Vertebral Subluxation, Trigger Points, Cranial Misalignment (especially Occipital Displacement) , Post-Traumatic Pain, TMJ, and so on) primary G.A.S. related issue might be an inability to move fluidly between active and passive states of being.  Some people become "stuck" in one side of the brain or the other.  Traditionally, the Left Brain has been found to be more analytical and active, while the Right Brain is more intuitive and relaxed.  During times of high activation in planetary energy, it is important to be able to switch from active and passive states quickly.  If the nervous system is not able to do this, headaches can be the result.  Treating them, in some instances, might involve exploring the roots of behavior patterns and shifting states of being that have been developed throughout life, or pre-disposed through inherited genetics.  Creative Visualization, Voice Dialogue, Conscious Breath Work, Hypnotherapy, and other methods of self-exploration can be extremely important when seeking to address these issues. 

"The Voice of God"   During these times of high energy, many of us are being entreated by Spirit to become channels for Expanded Wisdom and Perspective.  The "Channeling Port" for this process exists at the back of the head.  Though personal illumination comes to us through the Crown Chakra, conscious channeling often enters through here, so as to facilitate rapid recovery of information from the Akashic Records, from Individual Entities, or Soul Groups. 

Remember in "The Matrix" movie, where Neo was plugged into the system, or when he went journeying with his friends within the "construct?"  They plugged things into the back of his head.   That would represent a fair estimation of the Channeling Port, except its energetic (at this point) rather than hooked up to computers.  Pain and tension there can be indicative of a "knocking" on the door of our consciousness, enlisting us into the Service of Spirit---via verbal, musical, artistic, or other forms of Conscious Channeling.   In cases where there is an urge to heal, to draw, or to play an instrument in the Service of Spirit, there may also be evidence of numbness or tingling in arms, hands, and shoulders---indicating energy that wants to come through.  It is up to the individual to discern whether these symptoms are calls from Spirit or simply imbalances that need to be addressed as mentioned above.

  FREE-FLOATING ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS:  Many people have had early-life experiences that they contracted in to shut them down, as they played out the early years of their Vacation in Limitation, here in 3D.  As children, we came in clear and sweet---with expanded hearts and open consciousness.  Had we been allowed to stay in that condition, it's possible that we might have "come on" too soon into full awareness.  To assist us in retarding that process, until the proper time, we hired in "hit men" (or women) to traumatize us and form scar(e) tissue around our delicate sensibilities.  These encapsulations of feeling remain effective until our Time of Reconnection draws near.  When this happens, there is a "quickening" that occurs in the consciousness, producing a "rushing" or "surging" feeling.  Memories of trauma (or Interdimensional Contact) may come forward, producing severe feelings of disorientation and fear.  Additional, said individuals can experience mental and emotional confusion, vertigo, incidences of time loss, and interruptions in short-term memory.  Attacks can come on without warning, and can be terrifying.  During such times, it is important that the individual be kept safe, irrigated (drink lots of water), instructed to breathe deeply, and reassured that this is something that MANY are feeling at this time.  The above set of procedures for headaches can also assist, if you are led to explore where these patterns of disruptions began, or where they seem to want to go.  Though medications only delay the inevitable facing of one's inner "demons," they can restore or maintain stability during times of high anxiety.  There is no need to be stoic if your life is severely disrupted.  The medication question doesn't have to be "all or nothing."   And the herbal, oil, or flower essence route is a nice midline, if symptoms aren't too severe.  My favorite herb for relaxation is Valerian.  It can assist greatly with sleep disorders, if they aren't too severe.  My favorite flower remedies are the original Bach Flower Essences and those produced by Perelandra.  The most popular and universal product in this category is Bach's "Rescue Remedy," which comes in cream, drop form, and also mouth spray.  It can provide excellent "first aid" for those who have just experienced an Energy Activation or a Quickening---providing much-needed calming and balancing during tough times.  Also in this regard, many find help in the usage of Homeopathy and "Cell Salts," as developed by Dr. Willhelm Heinrich Schuessler, in the late 1800s.  Never underestimate the power of a hot bath, or the calming spell of wrapping yourself in a blanket, sitting by a fire, and rocking gently.      

  UNEXPLAINED WEIGHT GAIN Many of you have noticed, as part of your Transmutation journey, that you have put on some weight. Still others have experienced powerful energy surges, moving up and down the spinal canal. Some have recently had to deal with chaotic situations in marriage and relationships. All of these aspects, and many others, are clear indicators that you have begun running Soul Group Connective Energy. You are a point of awareness that has appeared in a dark place, and many souls have become attracted to you for Reconnection to the Oneself. Physical body fat is a material manifestation of "non-descript energy potential."  It is not defined enough to manifest as muscle or organic mass, but is is dense enough that it remains attached to you, waiting for its time to be invested into the physical plane. For many, extra weight indicates an extra "wait" that is being experienced, due to the Assembly of Souls in their internal corridor, leading to physical reality.   MORE

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