From:  "Daniel Jacob" <>
Date:  Fri Jun 6, 2003  10:10 am
Subject:  Male and Female Gender Lessons

I'm sending you out today an excerpt of a Transmission from the Kryon energy by Donald Smith of South Africa.  He is a fine channel, and very powerful.  I just discovered him, through a friend.  Note the part of his channeling that is very relevant to what we've been discussing, regarding looking down and noticing, anatomically, which energy "challenge" you brought in with yourself when you chose which gender you wished to use to access the Earth Plane.  As we do, we must continually remember that it is we who do the choosing in these Limitation Assignments.  So, really, who are we fighting when we choose not to take up the challenge?  This goes for passive men as well as dominent women. 
A passive man who learns to move fluidly into his active state, can move in and out at will.  An active woman who learns to move fluidly into her passive self, has found full freedom.  If she rejects that challenge, she is never free, no matter how active she tends to be.  Everything comes to nought, in the light of soul's evolution. 

From:  David Brown  ( )
"Emotional energy is what makes the world what it is today. We have spoken before of a hierarchy within a hierarchy that runs the planet; they are fully aware of the need to keep humanity living in fear. This night it is almost full moon, and there will be an eclipse of the moon this week, and also Mercury has passed in the face of the sun; this is a major message of new beginnings. These are all very significant messages and happenings around the solar system and the energy field of planet earth.

The time has come to step into a new freedom, into a new world - into a new world where your emotions are in balance and under control, and directed exactly at what you want to manifest and become. It is not for you to allow other people to offset you, to upset you and to throw you off balance; it is for you to keep and maintain your energy field, your boundaries well sealed and maintain a strong presence of self. These things are easier said than done, however, and it takes a great deal of practice to maintain strong boundaries and to contain one's own energy, and to purely use your energy to manifest your own dream.

If we look around the universe we see that the earth revolves around the sun and that the moon revolves around the earth; the earth and the moon are considered feminine and the sun is masculine. This is no different in your day to day lives; when you are in your masculine power, whether you're a man or a woman, all that is feminine revolves around you and if you are in a feminine state then you revolve around the masculine. It is very much like atoms and molecules - the atoms and molecules know exactly where they belong in relation to one another depending on their form and composition; and each human being has a state of being in relation to whichever situation they are in. A strong and a powerful man will have many feminine beings revolving around him constantly - feminine not only meaning women but also men in their feminine state - and the personal power and the inner strength of such a male will determine how many people revolve around him. Whoever revolves around such a man would always be considered feminine in that relationship and he would be the leader or guide - in the Toltec teachings for instance he would be termed a Great Spirit, a person who can lead people, through their lives, to a better place in the world and to a better understanding of themselves. So, that kind of man represents the sun and the feminine closest to him would represent the earth and those people that surround such a man operate in the feminine in relationship; however they step into their own masculine power as other energies revolve around them, just as the moon revolves around the earth, allowing that person to experience masculinity and holding the energy for other feminine energies revolving around.

This is the way of the earth. The earth and the people who have lived on this earth have corrupted the state of being of this powerful male and this energy has been usurped, taken over. One can see this in the countries that portray heavy masculine energy such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. We have seen these energies at work recently in Iraq and these energies are being tested very strongly, but these energies are not true to the male that we speak of, for these are the shadows of the masculine. A strong masculine will be able to hold the energy of the feminine in a calm, honest and responsible manner.

As we use this analogy of the earth revolving around the sun and the moon revolving around the earth we see that if there is a problem in the relationship between the earth and the moon, then feminine methods of conflict being resolved will be used between the person who is in the status of the earth and the person who is in the status of the moon. Feminine energies will be used to resolve this and any further conflict in these situations. However, if things get out of hand and the relationship between who resembles the moon and the earth cannot be resolved then the masculine energy that is depicted by the sun will come in and take charge - using for example, the power of the sword.

The universe constantly flows in exactly the same way, day after day. The sun is always in control as the earth revolves around the sun and the moon revolves around the earth - that is the way human life is meant to be; but as you can see in your own lives there is so much feminine energy working against the masculine. Not allowing the feminine energy to revolve around the masculine, but rather by taking away the power of the masculine with so many females using masculine energy is causing a great number of people to be out of balance. It is creating a society that cannot be true to itself and is not true to its children. It is very dysfunctional, very harmful energetically, and it is not the way to go.

We tell you that love is the only way forward; if you are in a relationship with a man, it is for you to place your energy firmly behind him, if you choose to be in a relationship where he is in the masculine and you are in the feminine. It is a very difficult scenario for the man in this position; and we would like to point out that this type of man would be at the level of Christ Consciousness, or working towards such a consciousness, with the feminine welfare at heart. At all times in a relationship someone must take that final decision, and a man in his power is far more capable of taking a decision than a woman in her power. We would like to clarify this - a man in his power is far more masculine than a woman, and a man in his power is able to plumb the depths of the feminine, the energy and the wisdom and the knowledge that the woman/feminine brings to the man/masculine."

The Entire Transmission is called "Energy in Motion," and is found at the site under "channelings" May 14, 2003.



DJ=Daniel response.

> I guess this is pressing some of my buttons...I tend to be a bit on 
> the yang side of the feminine and for some reason I have a real 
> problem with the idea of having to place my energy outward to be 
> considered more powerful...

DJ: Nice to have you back sharing again. I've missed you. Thanks for your thoughts here. 

One of the agitating elements in the enclosed channeling is that it comes from a POLARIZED PARADIGM..........i.e. "Where men are men, and women are women." And the author, in no uncertain terms, seems to be saying......"Mind your gender characteristics, and stay within the parameters of the challenge that those characteristics imply." If you're FEMININE. If you're male, be MASCULINE. He goes on to present some interesting and provocative evidence, comparing the male/female to the sun and moon........and Earth, etc. But basically, there is still the problem of polarized gender identification sitting right in the middle of the discussion circle.  And it is causing some chaffing in the ranks.  

And then, along comes ANDROGYNY, and throws us into a whole new ballgame.  We go from being men or being BOTH.........and become Oneself Beings.  And so, we have our inner reality going all over the board, because we're in a state of Multiversal Transformation, yet we have our outer reality still adhering to olden times and customs, and familiar polarity assignments.  It's a recipe for a riot, and that's certainly happened on more than one occasion, I can tell ya.

As Bridge People, we span between between the Oneness Universe and the Polarized Ones.  We are both, yet we still feel our polarized aspects very acutely.    

or by not doing so being considered 
> detrimental to the men that surround me, blah blah blah...I also 
> don't like the line about
> "...At all times in a relationships someone must take that final 
> decision, and a man in his power is far more capable of taking a 
> decision than a woman in her power..."

> even with the little disclaimer about a man being more masculine 
> etc. it got me going...I had a very powerful mother, and she actually 
> played the role of both mother and father in many ways... I think it 
> was good for me to see that a woman could be a mother and nurturer 
> and also take charge of a situation and not be a doormat when 
> pressed. 

DJ:  I daresay.  In creating the family heritage that you did, you were preparing yourself to move into the next level, as a Oneself Being.  And that is perfect.  By seeing both elements evolving into one person, you were beginning to see the new "model" of what people can be.  They don't have to be "this" or "that."  They can be both, or whatever combination thereof that they choose.  But the world doesn't always seem to agree with that.  That's what causes the inner confusion and anger.  The author of this transmission seems to want us to go "back" into something else, while our inner reality really wants to change.  I included it a continuation of a discussion that we were having the other day, about the pain and frustrations that are caused when we try to create the "merge" here on the physical plane, when we are still so acutely attached to the separation game.  

No matter how strong and independent your mother was, or you wish to be, you both still have to look down and notice feminine characteristics in your physical anatomy.  This says that your "first assignment" in physical form, in this context, was to embrace and acknowledge what these characteristics symbolize.  You are female, which implies the feminine (or so says the channel).  And, even if your desire is to move beyond that "role identification," into a more integrated state, you still has to arrive AT place before you can move beyond it.

The author is saying that a huge hunk of society today is not choosing to do that.  Instead, they are trying to by-pass their gender self..........and they want to move into their "other side" in order to gain power, peace and/or security for themselves.  In this society, we have either hyper-masculine men (who are crying out on many levels for contact with the Divine Feminine, by the way), or you have women who are stuck in "action/resistance/protection" mode, and cannot softly open to let the bright energy of FLOW to come through.  The more they REACH for what they want, the less they truly get it.  Maybe outward "baubles" and "concessions," but there is a lack of inward peace and true contentment.    

As the Recons have shared, we tend to manifest our levels of self according to the amount of resistance that we have around certain subjects.  They laid out a template for us to understand Three Levels of Self, which reflect the degree of resistance that we have around certain issues.  Those things that are represented in the first person level, are usually the things that we have been resisting most up to this point in our soul's evolution.  Those that manifest farther away from us (2nd or 3rd levels)........represent those elements that we have begun to clear, but are still bugging us somewhat, and so they are still around.    

We know that resistance must be involved in these issues, because it takes a considerable amount of resisting of energy for it to slow down sufficiently to become physical.  In the slowing down, there is a sense of "Now, wait a minute" when we are confronted with certain kinds of beings, ideas, or situations---very much like you are doing right with this channeling right now.  And when this happens, the universe that embodies the conflict or disagreement is held in stasis, at a solidified density, until all parties can come to terms with the "issues" that are represented by the tissues in their body and in each other's.   Once we do, the energy releases, and we are free to move anywhere or anywhen that we desire to go.   

Q:  I think it is far more holistic to acknowledge both sides of 
> the coin within yourself than simply saying because you are born 
> either sex means you have a set role to play...I have met many people 
> who didn't fit into their stereotyped sex role--feminine intuitive 
> men to powerful dominating women...both gay and straight or bisexual 
> even... and if anything it's helped me to discover that just because 
> your born with different parts...doesn't mean the insides are all 
> that different People are people...

DJ:   There is a difference between our "parts" and the energies which they symbolize.  The male penis is a symbol of the SWORD, the mind, the infuser, the connection point.  The vagina is the symbol of the CUP, the receiver, the encompasser, the container, the collection point.  We can misuse the penis, and spend all our time waiting for someone to come and pleasure it.  And we end up with a dull sword.  And we can misuse the vagina, choosing to use it as a medium of exhange, in order to get "things" or "power."  And, once again, we are betrayers of the SYMBOLOGY of these wonderful parts of the human MIRROR...........   

Wherever these symbols appear, whatever they are doing........ is a clear reflection of the acceptance or denial of their energetic functions, within the context they are seen.  If a woman is struggling, directing, manipulating, and controlling, then she is trying to do PENIS.  If a man is passive, immobilized, full of fermented emotion, and refusing to discern his purpose and initiate upon it, he is doing VAGINA.

We're agreed that we all want to be INTEGRATED.  But the path to integration does not involve denying the obvious, or fighting what already is.  We want to take the nearest path and the shortest route.  That is always the acceptance of what already is.  First, we must realize the extent to which we are fighting what is.  Next, we must find the take that shorter route to embracing what is, so we can go on to what will be.  

Personally, I think that some of the most powerful lessons about being male can come from one man loving another.  This is true with woman-to-woman contact as well.  It isn't mandatory.  Nor is it universal.  But it certainly is possible.  If the energy is leading a person in that path, and her or she is resisting because they are afraid what others will think, then they are fighting what is.  

Regardless of how people have sex, the energies of masculine and feminine play themselves out within them.  There is initiation, and there is receptivity.  There is power and there is peace.  There is gathering, and there is containing and germinating.  Action/Stillness.  etc. etc.  It's all there.  How we relate to it is the key.  Ascension is more about attitude than it is about altitude.    

If a (gender) male does not learn how to initiate and function within his action self, no amount of feminine power will balance or sustain him.  He can have sex operations, wear women's clothes, or do all manner of things to fight what is.  But if he was born with one of those "things" growing down there, he has given himself a mandate (this time around) to learn INITIATIVE FIRST, before he can allow his feminine self to shine.  

We see a history of distortion around this with those contained (historically) within the group I call "The Unholy Four" (although there are many more than four to do this).  Aleister Crowley, Cagliostro, Casanova, and Mesmer.  These were males who (mis)used feminine power to control and manipulate women.  Crowley drove two of his wives insane.  And they were only going through that to reflect the distortion of feminine power (and it's result), contained in the "experimentation" Crowley was doing with his "craft."  

Likewise........if a woman has mentality, skill, cunning, and "balls," she can have a lot of power in the world.  She may even be able to manipulate herself into a whole love nest of affluence and freedom.  Still, at some level, she will never feel (or be) complete until she learns to be in her stillness, to open like a flower, and allow herself to be "accessed" by the universe.....initiated upon, rather than being the one in control all the time.  This is a mystery, and it requires discernment and Spiritual alignment.  

The whole dom/sub scene is an exercise in society trying to learn this.  At some level, certain people KNOW that something is missing.  Something is lacking.  It takes time.  It takes what it takes.  It takes a VILLAGE, my friends!  We are trying to depolarize and to REAL-EYES (as Annie says)........... :-)  

 Q:   Of course I think the majority of 
> people may feel that they have to fit into societies expectations and 
> conform, but I have to believe that those inclinations you have on 
> the inside mean something too and maybe if more people honored what 
> was on the inside while also honoring other peoples choices perhaps 
> the need to control others on the outside wouldn't be as big of an 
> issue...I do think there are lessons in choosing one sex or the 
> other, especially if you actively defy the majorities expectations of 
> you...perhaps its to be a mother...or to learn how to be more 
> giving...perhaps as a man you are learning to use your power more 
> effectively...I don't know but the rules seem to be different 
> depending on what sex you are...Of course it also really bugs me that 
> most of the religious holy men have all had penis' and just because 
> of that...all the women are expected to play their part and fall in 
> line behind him...

DJ:   As long as the idea of where a woman is walking is important to her, she probably still has some resistance going on around the "receptivity" idea.  We all know that hyper-masculinity is still abounding, but there is evidence of a GROWING hunger for the mother energy.  We're already running out of hyper-masculine "solutions."  We need some energy from the other side of ourselves.  This is why The Guides are saying to all...........but especially to those who have created themselves with certain "equipment" that signifies the feminine..............

BE THE FEMININE.  BE IT. LET IT FLOW WITHIN the light and energy of that ESSENCE can be seen, felt, tasted, and enjoyed.  Do not force things, do not fight.  Let is FLOW...............

When the Divine Feminine is truly manifest, in any now moment, it will astound us all how RARE and EXALTED will be the response.  People will want to fall down and worship it.  They will serve it, honor it, and bring it to the head of the class.  Or, if they do persecute it, the effect of that persecution will create such an outcry, such a HEALING...........that it will be readily evident that THE GODDESS COMETH...........and the eventual outcome will be HEALING.  

But you cannot INSIST upon being given this honor.  Before we are honored, we must........first and HONORABLE...............we must display a clear picture of what we came here to be.  To blossom, like a tree in the springtime.  When we do, the energy shifts IMMEDIATELY.  The blockages break up, and the vibrations increase.  If they are not doing this, no matter how "clever" of "righteous" we think we are, there is something BASIC...........we have failed to address.  And our universe is holding up the program until we circle the field and PICK IT UP..........before the ascension program can continue. 

Q:  I hope I live to see the day when a powerful 
> spiritual person is simply a person surrounded by people who 
> compliment them...rather than saying you can't do or be that because 
> you don't have a penis. 

DJ:  The sooner you give up the NEED to see it, the sooner you will probably see it.  This is what I am being told by Spirit.  

Q:   I think we are starting to see more of that 
> with the likes of say Oprah Winfrey who has quite a following and 
> seems to be doing great works in the world...

DJ:  Oprah is a lovely person.  And she is doing wonderful things for many people.  She is certainly worthy of praise for her life.  But she is also a tortured person in many ways.  And I am not saying that is wrong.  It's part of the process we are all in.  We are all, to some degree, tortured persons.  I know I frequently am.  Just because I am a channel for Spirit doesn't mean I am not tortured at times.  So many of us are having resist dance troubles with our basic "issues."   The dissonance in Oprah's self-concept and her love life are still something she readily admits.  And the "answer," if you want to use that very simple.  But it is far from easy.  Woe unto him (or her) who says otherwise.  It's a BIRTHING PROCESS, and there are labor pains galore. 

Q:   or a Winnie Mandela or 
> some of the more famous female healers and teachers (Caroline Myss 
> for example) A couple years ago I got to see the Dalai Lama speak in 
> person, and he has some of the most loving nurturing energy I have 
> ever felt...very feminine feeling, very soothing to be around...

DJ:  And Tibet is in shambles.  And he is praying for guidance and help.  Aggressors are moving all around him, in the form of show him his SHADOW SELF.  To show TIBET its Shadow Self.   Once again, we see a lovely being, who has many fine qualities, TORTURED by the imbalance that we are all working through.   I'm not saying it's wrong.  I'm just saying what is.   

Q:   haha, 
> he had to have some female past lives to get to that come 
> we never hear that in the religion? I'm no feminist, I am a humanist 
> trapped in a female body this time but learning to make the most of 
> it...

DJ:  Trapped?  Or simply placed there for learning?   Why the struggle?  Why not just embrace the need to move into ALLOWING, RECEIVING..............and channel the energy that is required to experience that?  Like Mikey...........eating that breakfast just might "like" it.............!!!  

I am genuinely asking these questions.........not as a personal challenge to YOU, Jennifer.  But as a genuine inquiry for all of us to discuss these components of the existing worldwide CONUNDRUM, which is creating so much BIRTHING PAIN.  

The people who carry the true inner "power" are feeling compelled to stay passive and asleep.  And the people who came here to learn allowing and gentleness are fighting like cats and dogs to win their way.  It's a polarized pile of mismatched wires at this point..........but awareness is beginning to come forth.  

More than once, we at Club Recon have seen the "interactive element" at work in our sharing on this board.  This channeling is an example of it.  We say it HERE, it comes out THERE (in the physical world).  All we have to do is find the right "codes" to harmonize ourselves that we can begin to build momentum for the CRITICAL MASS.............or 100TH MONKEY EFFECT that we tend to have when we get going on some issue.  

Q:  it's a good thing the perks outweigh the crap because I like 
> being female, but I am certainly going to speak my mind...Thanks 
> mom...for showing me I could do it...

DJ:  And you will speak your mind and assert your will until you are done with it.  Until your entire You-niverse is reverberating with the sound of Jennifer and her ideas and her way...............

And then, as the energy (and the smoke) will look down at your female body, take in a breath of fresh air, and relax into the STILLNESS which is the last remaining component in your energy "journey."   Meanwhile, Stan will tire of his stillness and grab his magic ring and PULL IT............and bag pipes will begin to play, everywhere.  And a thousand, maybe several thousand years of silence will be transformed into DIVINE ACTION and a MIGHTY ARANUK VOICE..........which will reflect and surround us, and sustain us.  As the new-found stillness of your inner pool listens and receives, Stan will be empowered in his process by your gentle attentive MUSE ENERGY............adoring his every assertion, and opening to receive more and more of it.  In time, as they actions are established (to the point where you are no longer bothered or "trapped" by having to experience them) and Stan (and all of us, which you symbolize in this discussion) can enjoy the option of TRADING PLACES...........because we no longer have an attachment or estrangement to either.  We love and honor both.   And so we are free to embody both.   

And it's all the same ONE BEING............finally figuring out where tab "a" is and where slot "b" is to be found.  And even YOUR MOTHER and STAN'S DAD will probably smile.  For they, too, have been troubled by this energy..........even though they were also fine beings, who were doing the "best" they could under the circumstances.  

And we'll all RISE...........out of those circumstances..........because we've stopped resisting.........we've stopped fighting what is, as a race..........and we've made room for the rest of what COULD BE................  

Ah.  Enough said, I suspect.  Time for beddie bye!

> Q:  This is good food for thought...thanks Daniel for posting it...

And thank you for sharing yourself with us, dear.  Always nice to have you in the choir. 



Date:  Fri Jun 6, 2003  7:47 pm
Subject:  Re: Male and Female Gender Lessons

DJ=Daniel Response........

--- In, "Daniel Jacob" <daniel@r...>
>Good evening everyone

Daniel, in reply to your "Thots anyone?" Mine is, you're kidding
right? I just picked up a Kryon book too, but it's channeled by Lee
Carroll. Haven't heard of this guy before!

DJ:  Apparently, like Bashar.........the Kryon Energy has more than one person channeling it.

Q:  He discusses how the new freedom takes us into a world where our
emotions are in balance, under control, directed exactly. How we
shouldn't allow other people to upset us or throw us out of this

DJ:  What "other people?"   If you're thrown out of balance, then you were never there to begin with, eh? 

Q:  I suggest that in a true STO approach to life there is a
certain nobility in allowing other people's needs to offset our own
as long as they are valid and there's no co-dependence going on. As
for "well-sealed boundaries" what's that all about? (By the way, has
anyone had a chance to read Ken Wilber's NO BOUNDARIES? A gem of

DJ:  Good points.   And, as I shared when I spoke with someone else about this, there is no question that WHERE WE ARE GOING is going to involve integration.  The question being addressed by this piece is:  "Have we side-stepped our greatest challenge (through gender characteristics) is order to ACT like we've become integrated?   A lot of strong-willed people in Metaphysics today are FIGHTING for "peace and balance."  You can feel it in their voices.  Wassup with that? 

Q:  In the next part I get confused. Obviously he's talking about
masculine and feminine energies regardless of physical gender,
right? I hope so, because some strong and powerful men are, well,
not so smart or spiritual.

DJ:  It feels to me that he is talking about POSITION rather than PERSONALITY.  When he says "men," I suspect he means MALENESS, rather than individual males. 

Q:  But then I also seem to glean from the
writing that only a strong and powerful man gets to be termed a Great
Spirit (somehow, I'm envisioning Mr. T here in a Toltec outfit and it
isn't working for me).

DJ:   LOLOLOL!!!!   Wouldn't work for me, either............!!!

Q:  So he goes on to say that feminine energies will be used to deal with
conflict of persons in the status of the earth and moon, however "if
things get out of hand", the masculine energy of the sun will come in
and take charge, and solve everything with a sword????

DJ:   Here is how I feel it to be.  Daily, hourly, moment-by-moment.........the gentle proddings of FEMININE INTUITION are guiding and developing humanity to surrender to the MOMENT.........the flow, the way things are........rather than what we "wish" they would be.  But people are fighting, battling.........INSISTING............and the program is slowing to a standstill at times.  And then, at the same time............the SUN is BREAKING THROUGH THE OZONE.............and propelling Solar Flares and other activations towards Earth...............quickening us, in our process.........and FORCING THE ISSUE............namely, that we must either LET GO or we will be BROKEN in the velocity of the river as it breaks forth from the dam. 

Q:  I realize
this is an allegory, most likely for war so the big bad sun comes
in and brings about true peace and resolution through violence now
I'm almost certain I'm missing something.

DJ:  It could mean war, but I suspect that the scenario outlined above may mean more.  In that case, the "sword" would be the penetration of the rays of energy........."the light that shines in darkness"........which ILLUMINES all with whom it comes in contact.

Q:  As for the feminine energy working against the masculine, now what
the hell is this about? In my lifetime feminine energies have become
truer and more clarified and pure, but I really don't see where they
are "working against" anything just trying to exist in what is still
very much a patriarchal society.

DJ:  You don't see subtle and insidious "forces" that are being exercised, behind the scenes, in order to swing the pendulum from hyper-masculine to hyper-feminity again?   You don't see it in the private sector?  In homes?  In relationships? 

Favorite line from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding":  the mother says to her daughter---"Though it's true that the husband is the head of the house, the woman is the NECK.  And that neck can move the head ANY WAY SHE PLEASES..........." 

Look around.  It's everywhere.  The allure of the Old Religion.  The Goddess.  Bringing Down the Moon. Covert Power.  Sexual Bargaining and/or Entrapment.  There is a whole generation of beings that are trying desperately to RETURN US to a place that Earth has always been.  They want to throw off this current "extreme" and return us to another.    And, indeed, the current "extreme" must go.  But we're heading now for MIDDLE EARTH...........not the Bosom of the Goddess.  She will be there, but so will He.  It's a  ONESELF. 

Q:  Maybe where this guy lives in S.
Africa there's some other stuff going on?

DJ:  Not really.  It's going on everywhere.  Hot topic right now. 

Q:  Seems like he's suggesting that some feminine energies are willfully
going against some masculine energies just for the fun of it.

DJ:  Yep.  That's what he's saying.  And you disagree with that? 

Q:  More
likely it is a necessary defense in some parts of the world. But it
isn't causing people to be unbalanced, rather it was caused by
unbalanced people, ignorance and unfair circumstances.

DJ:  No argument there.  And what is the answer, then?

Q:  And what's this about placing my energy firmly behind my man (is
there some sexual innuendo that I'm missing?)

DJ:  Actually, a more accurate picture of Feminine Power involves placing her energy ALL AROUND the man.  She is a CONTAINER for it..........a CONTEXT within which it does its activations. 

Q:  And lastly, what "final decision"? Of course a man in his power is
able to plumb the depths of feminine (oh, there's the sexual
innuendo) but I don't see any mention of any reciprocal feminine

DJ:  That's because there is none.  The words "feminine action" would be an oxymoron.  However, female action can be a Oneself expression of masculine energy that is moving in a feminine gender body.  However, once needs to ask.........."Is she doing the ACTION STUFF because she has already integrated, or is she doing it because she wants to by-pass her challenge of FEMININE GENTLE RECEPTIVITY and go right for the CHEERIOS?????   As I said earlier, we can't put the cart before the horse and expect to make it into town.  First, we move into our basic "challenge," then we can go anywhere we wish.  But do it not.........and we flounder.........even as the whole world right now is floundering..........

As James Taylor puts it:  "Angry men, hungry women..........drivin' each other crazy.............."

Q:  Come to think of it this relates to some of the messages on the board
today relating to a type of sex that guys seem to get less of after
the marriage. Actually, and I think I speak for most folks, it goes
both ways.

DJ:    Look down, my friend.  What do you see there?   What is it that you have, to make it "go" both ways? 

I mean no disrespect by this.  And I hope you'll read my other comments to Jennifer and take all of this in context with it.  Ladies (and gents)..........if we can GET THIS..............and DE-POLARIZE OURSELVES and our WORLD............if only perceptually.............we have NO IDEA how much of an influence we can have on what's happening in today's world!

Love to you all,



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