"The Stolen Child"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

In essence, a Changeling is the body of a child that no longer has the "kid" inside. The body walks, talks, goes to school---but the child inside lives somewhere else, far from waking awareness. Parents sometimes do cruel things, in the dispatch of their role as parents.  There are traumas, belief systems that inhibit growth, cruel viewpoints that are designed to manipulate little minds, etc.  We invent monsters to intimidate our kids, and then spend years trying to convince them that monsters are not real.

Forgetting about or casting off an important part of childhood (like spiritual guides and playmates) can constitute a major trauma in the life of a young person. For a beautiful visualization of this process, one needs only to check out a copy of the movie "Heart and Souls," released some years ago (usually available in any video store). The whole story plot of the film centers around the subject matter we are discussing here.

To forget the magical part of self is to lose the essence of what it means to be young and alive. Many people fill psychiatric couches today, looking for missing components in their lives--events and occurrences that might have resulted in huge levels of depression and emptiness they feel later in life. Though every life has its bumps and bruises, and each one takes its toll---few people fully comprehend how badly they were injured when they decided, in a moment of time, to let go of their imagination.


The faery kingdoms are real! They exist in a realm which the Celtic peoples call the "betwixt and the between." This is the level of consciousness that separates and borders sleeping and waking. Everyone passes through there as they go in and out of slumber.  It is the Gateway into the ever-expanding, ever-wondrous Multiverse. It is the entrance into infinity!

There is truth in the legend of the "Changeling. " However, the beings who dwell there are not monsters or beasts whose purpose in life is to devour and enslave little ones.  Rather, they symbolize the very essence of *child-ness* that have been strangled out of children by adults who did not honor and respect their ways or their presence, along with their gifts of playfulness and wonder. 


"The Stolen Child" by Loreena McKennitt



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