Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"A State of Grace"

My Dear Friends,

The element of human character you have often referred to as "GRACE".....seen from a viewpoint of Universal a delicate balance point between wanting and having, doing and being, causing and allowing. 

Living in a State of Grace means granting equal authority to whatever resonant tones come your way---whether they appear to be sourced from from WITHIN or WITHOUT.  As your definition of "Self" continues to expand, these terms (and others like them) will automatically expand, too. 

A State of Grace can be eclipsed (blocked from perception) whenever or wherever a Belief in Separation begins to dominate your life process.  At any point in your 3D journey, you can choose to FALL FROM GRACE, which involves temporarily forgetting about divinity for a time, so you can focus intensely on the animal-vegetable-mineral aspects of your Multidimensional Self. 

 We have also referred to this in days past as "Limitation Focus."

A Separation Mindset has the ability to gravitate in any direction desired.  It's like a specialized LENS that can adjust itself to whatever environment it currently occupies.  When it is utilized effectively, Separation grants clarity and vividness to any aspect of human life.  When the Separation Process is complete, A State of Grace can return a person to the "Betwixt and Between," where he can clear his perceptual palate for life's next bright adventure.

In various religious systems, the idea of Grace implies the exercise of "unconditional love" or "undeserved favor."  Universal Oneness carries that gentle concept to completion.  Once a person BECOMES all conditions, and BECOMES all beings who inhabit those conditions, the issue of favor or judgment becomes moot.

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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