Part Four

"The Tale of a Comet"


It was in the latter part of 1973 that a bright and wondrous ball of light was seen hurling across the night skies. Witnessed by many on into 1974, it provided a celestial light show which many expected would surely be the Comet of the Century. This was the "infamous" C/1973 E1---also called Comet Kohoutek.

At that point, the world was surely ripe for a heavenly messenger. The turbulence of the 60s was settling down, and the smoke of the Vietnam War was fading as best it could. Humankind was anticipatory of new paths, and everyone would have eagerly welcomed a fresh focus for our planetary attention.

Alas, the Comet Kohoutek did not provide the astronomical extravaganza which everyone had hoped for. And it appeared that Haley's Comet (1909-1910) was going to maintain the record as the most dazzling display to date. Still, those in the know---especially within circles of eclectic spirituality---continued to watch and feel the vibrations of this miracle of nature as it passed us by. These students were and are a fresh appearance of the Wise Men, watching the heavens as history plays out before us all.

As an aside, there was a funny story told about a student in a beginning Astronomy Class in 1975. He wrote an essay about the Comet Kohoutek, probably copied verbatim from an old magazine article that he had found. He spruced up the language a bit, and presented the Comet as an event worthy of everyone's awe and devout expectation. Of course, the Comet had already past by in 1974, and in comparison to the hype about it, Kohoutek was one of the most astounding flops in media history. So, I take it, was the report written by this student.

Still, it bears our consideration that not all great occurrences are fully understood at the moment they are happening. Sometimes that which is reviled in the beginning is worshipped and praised in the end. And even though this young student received an "F" in accuracy at the time of his report, it just may be that he was more prophetic than anyone was able to realize at the time.


As we have shared in the series of articles called "Strange Energy," our collective consciousness creates many events and activations which can result in a penetration of the tender membrane which separates this world and other levels of reality. These holes are known as Energy Gates. When these portals are opened, they allow a flow of knowledge and power that benefits both those who give and those who are the recipients of the gifts.

The Comet Kohoutek was the opening of a vast and wondrous Energy Gate which has activated a spiritual unfoldment for (at least) two overlapping generations. These parents and their children have aligned with the souls of countless ancestors and civilizations to finally bring closure to a theme of exploration that has taken place (and is now taking place) across time and eternity. This unfoldment is nothing less than our Reconnection with All That Is.

This powerful Comet had a very stable light curve. However, since it was apparently entering the inner solar system for the first time in this particular form, its rise to brightness was not as rapid as others which have come before or since. It carried with it the Golden Ray, which is the vibration of the Christ Consciousness as it comes anew upon the planet. This Ray has as its distinctive characteristic an amazing subtlety which allows its witnesses to fully protect and insulate themselves before they must experience the full measure of its radiance.

For the reader to fully comprehend what we are saying here, it may be helpful to imagine a flash of lightning which is followed by a silence---a brief span of time just before the thunder sounds. In truth, the entire event is taking place within the same moment. However, due to inequities in the frequency of vibrations which embody the event, the experience will *appear* to happen in a kind of linear sequence that takes place over, in this case, a matter of several seconds.

Kohoutek was our flash of lightning, a messenger from heaven that brought with it the first wave of Star Children, who were born roughly within five years before and after its appearance in 1973. Since a Christing usually takes place within about 30 years time, the "ripening" of that first wave will be occurring within the same span of five years preceding and following the year 2003. Other waves have followed. More may be shared about that in later articles.

The closing of this particular Energy Gate was affected by the appearance of C/1995 01 (Hale-Bopp). A Comet that had apparently made many trips inside our solar system, this latest phenomenon of nature was quite a bit more satisfying to us, earning its discoverers a hearty round of applause from all who study and enjoy such events.


The Comet Kohoutek and the Hale-Bopp Comet were two sides of the *same event.* Just as Jesus was believed to have a first coming and is anticipated to come again, so the Energy Gate of Kohoutek/Hale-Bopp was also a gift that had been kept on "layaway."

And, just as Jesus' first coming was also not the fulfillment of "media hype" that many hoped it would be, so Kohoutek was polite enough to allow all of us a space of time to experience its blinding flash of Cosmic Consciousness in a gradual and sequential way. It took place over several years, in order to modulate and buffer what has been a huge and transformative blow to all of our senses.

The controversy concerning the latter Comet, and its "companion vehicle," bore some similarity to the anticipations and verbalizations of those who awaited Kohoutek. In fact, it was believed at one point, by selected hysterians, that the 1973-74 event was going to be the end of the world. They fully anticipated that the Comet would hit the Earth with enormous impact and we would all end up toasted.

Though this recent event had less of an emphasis on Hale-Bopp actually hitting our planet, the furor over the possibility of the existence of a huge extraterrestrial craft, following in its wake, was certainly enough to ignite a huge plethora of chattering on the Net. Later events, such as the mass "departure" of the Heaven's Gate group, placed all of Hale-Bopp's Metaphysical Speculators in two basic camps: they either translated all of their realizations into higher, more etheric applications of truth, or they became cynical and disbelieved in the entire premise.

Want to get the background on all this? Begin this series from the beginning. Click HERE or continue:


Humankind has always, as we have stated previously, looked upward with a tremendous amount of interest and anticipation. The Magi of Jesus' day were astrologers, set out upon a course of exploration concerning the birth of a very special individual. A "magus" is essentially a magician, someone who believes not only in the physical and the tangible, but also someone who understands the realms of the unseen as well.

When Jesus was born in a stable, instead of hailed in glory at some palace, the collective witness of the event was deflected away from noticing exactly was happening. Additionally, the infusion of time (especially if it is several centuries) between the initiation of a process and its completion is also a powerful deterrent for accurate interpretation of that event.

The birth of the Star Children was, to the Baby Boomers, an opportunity for us to study the process of personal initiation and unfoldment in a somewhat detached way. We must remember that the "Transitionals" (Baby Boomers) are a generation of watchers, not necessarily doers. Therefore, an infusion of unbridled Christ Consciousness appearing within our children *first,* allowed us the chance to stand back and observe, a prospect that is producing the ideal manner of transformation for us.


Spirit sometimes refers to this kind of transformation/observation experience as "being initiated, second person." After all, if each of us on this planet is a fragment of the same Oneself---and if everyone perceived within our personal universe is simply a mirror of an individual aspect of that Self---each fragment would have a designated title for its relationship to all other aspects.

For someone to create a transformation which happens in a "first person" position means that he will set things up so that it is his own individual body that changes. In that way, all of the feelings and shifts are quite vivid, though their intensity and their proximity to him often tend to blur his objectivity, which would be required for a person who enjoys really understanding his changes as they take place.

To counteract this, the experience of Oneness can become *telescopic,* expanding itself out in a segmented fashion (like a sea captain might open a telescope which he holds in his hand). With each new extension of our telescopic Oneness, humankind can achieve a degree of detachment from the heat and intensity of the core process, without losing many of the thrills of that event.

In Christian Doctrine, the Holy Trinity could be seen as a Telescopic Oneness, as it manifests one God in three distinct personages. The Father watches, the Son acts, and the Holy Spirit energizes and feels whatever is happening. In some spiritual systems of belief, the Holy Spirit is even considered to be a manifestation of the Divine Feminine, or "Sophia "(a word depicting deep intuitive knowing) Wisdom for the Godhead.

To sum up, then, we could say that Oneness can be experienced in three basic levels of intensity:

FIRST-PERSON POSITION: Made up of all events and experiences which occur within our own body and individuated physical self.

SECOND-PERSON POSITION: Made up of all events and experiences which involve a body or group of bodies which are *directly related* to, or in immediate interaction with that primary first-person self.

THIRD-PERSON POSITION: Made up of all events and experiences which are observed by us, involving people or objects with which we have no special involvement, but which we are freely able to observe and with whom we can somewhat emotionally identify.

In the first position of an experience, the individual will be completely absorbed in the ACTUALITY of the shift that is taking place. In the second position, he becomes the observer, surrendering some of the intensity of that experience to achieve a sense of perspective. At this level, response to a change will produce EMPATHY. A mother who is watching her child die will truly experience that death as though a part of herself is being cut off. And yet, in truth, she is still here when the child finally departs.

The third position of observation produces SYMPATHY for those who are going through a shift. When the transformation is pleasant, the sympathetic response is for all humankind to be delighted. Such was the case when man first set foot on the moon. Neil Armstrong was taking that big step for and as *all of us,* and he even spoke about it in those terms.

By the same token, when bombs were dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the photographs and newsreels that showed the holocaust caused a wave of pain and distress that was experienced around the world. And, because most of us were not lying in hospital beds, overwhelmed by horrible burns and injuries---we were able to gain a special perspective of that horror which escaped the very people who were involved.

Each of these "positions" is a distinct, but different Energy Gate through which information and experience can flow. For God, the Father, to allow His Son to experience what some people refer to as a redemptive death upon the cross, He must hold Himself (His first-person manifestation) fully in tact while his second-person Self makes the leap into death. Truly it is the *entirety* of God which performs the deed, but the experience can be TELESCOPED OUT so that performance and perception may be attained simultaneously.


The generation of individuals who were born within that five-year span of each side of 1973, are SECOND PERSON ICONS for the transformation of the Baby Boomer generation. They are *gifts* that have been given to us by "Wise Men (and Women)" who have already lived through this awesome experience and have chosen to come back and watch our faces as we unwrap those same wonderful presents.

Those offspring born after 1978 will become THIRD PERSON ICONS for the transforming Baby Boomers, allowing both the parents and children to attain yet another perspective of this wonderful event. Of course, as in all such linear predictions, there will be overlaps and divergences away from this set formula as well.

A Star Child is a "Magus" (the tarot symbol for a magician) in the most literal sense of the term. This is why they have such an affinity for things gothic or Celtic, with just the right touches of the "dark side." And, btw, if the Magi deal with things of "darkness," they are not infusing themselves with evil. In their inner vocabulary, there is very little that they consider to be innately bad, only things that are outside of one's desired experience. For Star Children, the terms "light" and "dark" have mostly to do with the realms of the "seen" (light) or the subtle realms of the "unseen" (darkness).


As has been shared in a previous transmission in this series, the code of the Magus is as follows: "Harm no one. Do what thou wilt." Indeed, the entire field of child psychology could be seen as having evolved around the incoming of Chaos Energy, which is a major component in the vibrational mixture that produces this rare breed of individual. The newest infusion began in the mid-fifties, though very little was felt until we were all well into the 1960s. Dealing with Chaos respectfully and intelligently is the only way to survive its presence in our world.

At this point, it is worthwhile for us to discuss Chaos a bit, lest its previous "bad press" may have already colored our comprehension of its great importance in the attainment of our Reconnection to Oneness. In essence, Chaos is the principle (the Personna, really) of Randomness and Spontaneity. When, and only when, he/it is forced to relate to Theos (the Archetype of Form and Structure) does Chaos appear to become destructive or disruptive in nature.

The Chaosian Manifesto (if you will) can be summed up in this way: "All structure is bad. Structure requires leadership, leadership bestows power, and power always corrupts." All Chaosian-based energies will follow this Manifesto. Their job is not to destroy, but to bring freedom to what they consider to be an unnatural kind of order. We may also refer to their desired system of living as "benign anarchy."

It is our judgements of Chaosian principles that have produced our resistance to the infusion of this powerful element. Those judgements are borne of our need for what civilized man has come to think of as order and peace. The desire of our Chaosian brothers/sisters is *also* for these things, but not at the expense of personal freedom. The basic divergence between Theosian and Chaosian views does not have to do with basic goals, rather it has to do with the conditions under which those goals can be enjoyed.

All levels of manifestation for the Archetypal Spectrum can be seen in the dichotomy of this polarization between Theos (Form) and Chaos (Void). All other gradations of divergence are but fragments of this primal clash of tones. The greatest fear held in the Chaosian vibration is the fear of *confinement and limitation.* By contrast, the greatest fear held in the Theosian vibration is *destruction of form or disruption of structure. *

The Reconnection Universe is neither Chaosian nor Theosian in its orientation. We contain *both* sides of this spectrum within our core element. We *must* contain both of them or we could even not find this level of vibration upon which we now converse. Instead, we would be out building a fence in our garden, or else we would be robbing a bank.

Though it has oft been tried, it really cannot be said that either of the sexes is dedicated to the sole reflection of one or the other of these elements of energetic power. A woman can be Theosian in her orientation as she organizes and protects her loved ones as they function together in the home. At other times, that same woman can shift into a Chaosian flow if she chooses to romance the husband of one of her best friends. At such times, it is said that the "homemaker" has become a "home wrecker."

A man can build a church or he can spoil a field with toxic waste. He can write a book to expand the mind, and then haul his fellow man off to jail when that man displays ideas with which he does not agree. As for mankind's notorious fascination with fighting and killing, it has sometimes been said that "War is a basic expression of man's menstruation envy." And so it goes.


In the realms that integrate the powers of Magic(k), there is a concept called "alchemy." This is a science (the forerunner of our chemistry) that once specialized in the transformation of base metals into gold. Over the years, alchemy has also come to refer to any process of transformation or transmutation. A cauldron is a huge kettle that was used to mix and cook the basic elements of the alchemical merge. It has long since become more of a generalized symbol of power and change.

Humankind is now transmutating on a Global Scale. Our atmosphere has become our Cauldron. That which we have referred to as "pollution" is becoming a universal infusion of Chaos energy. There is much we could say about how all of this is affecting us, but we will save those remarks for later.

Our Star Children are the keepers of this Universal Cauldron. They stoke the fires under the huge kettle when things get a little cold. Also, they pour water on the fire if the boil and toil (and bubble and trouble) gets to be a little too intense in here.

Back in the time of the Cold War, it was letters that were sent to Russia by American (Star) Children that made a huge impact upon reducing the tensions that existed between the United States and the Soviets. The bumper stickers on our cars read: "War is Unhealthy for Children and Other Living Things."

During the Vietnam conflict, the image of a terrified little girl, burned by napalm, running from her home village, fairly stopped the hearts of the readers of the magazine which featured it. One mother told the story of conversations with her daughter about the subject of Global Warming. The little one had read about the situation in a local publication, and her mother was filling in the blanks and affirming the article by sharing statistics about all the wildlife and foliage that were being lost each year. Finally, the girl yelled emphatically: "Well, *do something* about it, will you?????" It seems that kids (when they are properly motivated and willing) know precisely how to get to the heart of the matter.


In articles written back in 1995, following the 12:12 Activation, we discussed the whole matter of the Reconnection Agenda in regards to our alchemical transformation and our leap to the Fourth Density. These articles are still available on the Web Site in the Archives. They are listed under the title "Energy Activations."

The Universal Cauldron is cooking us all. We are mixing and mingling with elements and essences with which we have not had contact since we began this journey into the World of Form. The holes in the ozone are allowing in radiance and knowledge that is both illuminating and transforming us on a daily basis.

The Star Children function from a database (inside their heads) that is designed to withstand the rigors of this process. However, they are still existing under restraint because of the demands of parents and other authority figures. As the influx of power continues to increase, many of the old guard will cry out in pain because our collective database of ideas and beliefs now needs an upgrade. It is only by watching and learning from our children, while simultaneously opening to Spirit that these new files and software programs will become available to us.

In 1995, we described the process of Reconnection, in this universe, as occurring in three distinct stages:

THE SURGE: An increase of power and personal vibration as a result of the energy activations described above.

THE MERGE: A return to Oneness which allows a person to begin to perceive from a viewpoint that all people, situations, and objects that appear within his or her personal universe are merely aspects of self, and need not be feared or controlled. This belief takes each of us back to an energetic configuration of "neutrality," which is the safety harness will enable us to withstand the process of ascension.

THE PURGE: This is a continual bombardment with higher and higher pitched vibrations and information. This is the level of work at which the planet is existing now. During this time period, humankind will have to make up our minds. We will need to decide whether or not we wish to make this voyage. Should we decline to make the necessary changes to our programming, we will automatically default back to a level of vibration where we can work with this energy more slowly. However, all roads will eventually lead back to here.


Those of us who have attained certain levels of competence and experience may be somewhat threatened by the notion that our children actually could know more about life than we do. The insecurities of Baby Boomers as they were growing up have caused us to become very analytical and guarded about our twisted emotions and inner turmoil. As proof of this point, one need only look at the myrid of "head books" which are found on the shelves of our bookstores, offering instant healing to lifelong dilemmas.

We need not be embarrassed to be confused about the universe in which we now exist. No one who has ever lived has gone through this process before. Metaphysicians and philosophers who have studied the matters of Spirit for 30 or 40 years are now becoming equal with those who have just started out upon the journey. When humankind has *never* explored a path before, all travelers become "newbies" on the journey. There is no shame in this.

The Star Children are *not* problem solvers. They are people who naturally *live and let live.* The jangled emotions that come from functioning within a balanced environment (one that contains both chaos and structure) come from the judgements which we heap upon those people or situations that do not conform to our personal ideas of "normal." In such cases, it is *we* who are causing our own discomfort.

In future articles, we will be examining ways that we can move out of unnecessary judgement, thereby opening ourselves to receive the lessons which the Star Children long to teach us. Additionally, we will

be examining the attributes and essences of this new Oneness Vibration so that we can co-operate more with the inner process that is now happening all over the planet. More insights are also being shared within the series called "Strange Energy."

As usual, your responses are very helpful and can potentially help many folks who are struggling with all of these issues. We relish the chance to hear from each and every one of you.


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