The Star Children

By Daniel Jacob

The newspapers and magazines have nicknamed them "Generation X." Television commentators have called them "hard to read, even harder to understand." These are the offspring of that incredible explosion of angst and wonder, the Baby Boomers. Along with their younger siblings, Generations "Y and Z," these young folks represent the appearance and rise of Meta-Human Consciousness on Planet Earth.  They will form a very able ground crew that will help pilot Spaceship Earth through its most difficult transition to date.

Star Children grow up doing their math homework and watching TV, while listening to a walkman at the same time. The phone rings and a free hand is instantly peeling off one side of the headphones to add yet another bit of input to a busy brain. Can a person survive for long, operating this way? Not only do they survive, they thrive on it!

The brain of a Star Child is a multi-track device. Each component spins at its own velocity and has it's own pinpoint of attention that works like a needle on a phonograph. Their conversations, especially in casual groups, often go in all directions at once. Their greatest joy is random personal expansion, and their worst horror is boredom.

The two hemispheres of our adult brain are divided to explore various polarity configurations. Among them, is a duality called "order and chaos." In the brain of a Star Child, the wiring for both of these states is found on the same side of the brain. Opposing it, there is a kind of mental "tourniquet," which facilitates compliance to our current societal order, thereby keeping the youngster asleep to who and what he (or she) really is.

When the tourniquets get released, and the compliance is let go, the "other side of the brain" becomes a unified One Mind. Polarity will be optional, and these youngsters will begin to mentally skip from universe to universe, perusing the Multiverse like many of us now flip through the Yellow Pages.


These young people are a definitive flavor or “essence” of New Kids that are coming in to assist our planet at this crucial time.  They are called “Star Children” for two reasons.  The first has to do with an energy gate that was opened in 1973, with the appearance of the Comet Kahoutek.  It carried in the first wave of Star Kids, and symbolized for an anxious world our collective evolution to something entirely new and different.  This particular Energy Gate closed again with the appearance of the Hale-Bopp Comet in 1995. 

The Comets Kohoutek and Hale-Bopp were two sides of the same event. Just as Jesus was believed to have a first advent and is anticipated to come again, so the Energy Gate of Kohoutek/Hale-Bopp was a singular occurrence that unfolded slowly, and over several years.

Humankind has always looked upward with a tremendous amount of interest and anticipation.  We’ve used the heavens to guide us in our journeys. The Magi of Jesus' day were astrologers, fascinated with the birth of a very special individual. A "magus" is a magician, someone who works with not only in the physical and the tangible, but also with the realms of the unseen as well.


Star Kids are Bridge People—hybrid consciousness and altered DNA—who are linking humanity with something else, something that comes from outside the 3D box that we have created for ourselves.  This is why we refer to them as “Meta-Human.”

     Jesus was considered to be part-human and part-divine, because God played a direct role in his conception. King Arthur, of the Round Table Legends, was both a child the Old Ways (the Goddess Lineage of Avalon) and carried a royal heritage from the Masculine Christian tradition as well.  There are many other examples, throughout history and in many cultures, where this hybrid essence (bridge consciousness) brought miracles to Planet Earth. It gives leaders tremendous wisdom and charisma, so much so that followers often revere them as Gods or Goddesses.

    Some people feel that Star Children are a mixture of Extraterrestrial Genetics and that found in the indigenous people of this planet.  Others are sure that they are a re-appearance of those “Little People” that legend tells us were the true foundation stones of Earth’s History.  Each of us will believe what we are ready to believe.  But one thing is certain.  This isn’t Kansas anymore, Dorothy!     


The entire nervous system of our next generation is being held in check during this time. They have been trained, cajoled, threatened, blind-sided, and even legally drugged to keep them from intimidating their parents too much during these final stages of Planetary Transformation.

    That condition called "A.D.H.D." (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) - a major bummer for some Star Children at this time - is simply an early manifestation of what is to come, born out of season. The "symptoms" of A.D.H.D. kids are merely corresponding themselves to the energies of their parents, their immediate social environment, or their primary caretakers. They are mirror reflections of the shadow side (repressed inner issues) of those who have to deal with them, or of society as a whole.

Star Children are very empathic.  When something bubbles and festers on the inner planes of consciousness, something adults refuse to look at, these kids have the ability to take on those issues, so that which was hidden can be brought to light. To focus only upon the youngster is to miss the bigger picture.

A society which contains children that act on everything that comes into their minds is an establishment that is "failing to act" on key issues that scream within their own minds. THAT, in fact, is the real attention deficit. To merely medicate the child nullifies an important lesson. It buys time for the establishment, but are we using that time to our best advantage?

The Star Children who are growing up right under our noses are intellectually gifted and cunning beyond belief. What many of them lack is the self-esteem and the sense of personal authority that would activate that bundle of frozen potential in today’s world.  Our modern society is not structured to give them breathing room to unfold, or support for the changes and solutions they can bring to what humanity must soon face.  This frustrates and depresses them considerably.

Those who conform to society and move on into "respectability," are essentially feral creatures, merely submitting to external restraint. This requires construction of internal walls of protection, in order to shield their sensitive Star Child Consciousness - that place where motivations are stored and nurtured. Those who find that they simply cannot "sell out" in order to get by, become what psychologists call "behaviorally disordered."

Many of the basic premises and techniques used by traditional therapists and doctors are built from an extremely masculine (heavily logical) paradigm that holds a core belief that order equates order with happiness.  Star Children are anything but normal, and they will readily declare that order is not their highest priority in life. Anyone who takes a look at a Star Child's room or apartment will verify that.

Besides, most doctors treat them like they are “broken.”  They are not.  Mostly, they seek the invocation of passion, though the term itself may not have meaning to them. To the adult mind, passion is equal to lust or pointless intensity. But to a younger mind, the primary life force becomes whatever unique blend of mind and emotion that can be compacted and distilled into a tall cup of liquid NOW.


The Now-Moment is an extremely powerful element in the life of a Star Child. He or she will do almost anything to activate and sustain this focus.  The mental awareness, or focus of attention, within the mind of a Star Child is equivalent to the cursor on a computer screen.  It can access a vast and resourceful inner network of knowledge and even superhuman ability. However, to make the system work, there must be a 100%, in-the-moment investment of self.

Whereas many of their Baby Boomer parents have learned to be comfortable making half-hearted commitments to tasks or goals, a Star Child cannot function that way. Neither can his Meta-System be turned on through a deliberate act of will. An activity that has no meaning to the youngster, and is forced upon him, will only jam his system and kill his self-esteem.

When a "file" has been opened in the Meta-Mind, and a "link" has been established to a subject that interests them, Star Children begin to work in quite unique ways. Within some "program manager" that collates and mingles all their internal software, a vibration is produced which faintly resembles juggling, except the balls that are spinning are actually tones of energy. This is why music often plays such an important role in a Star Child's life. Those who work with fully functional (and often behaviorally disordered) Star Children notice that they tend to unconsciously sing to each other when they are working, studying, or just sitting together.

To speak within a group of Star Children is to be surrounded by a force, a wave of energy and curiosity.  Their One Mind is an example of "hive mentality" that has been translated into human form.  In a way, it's like a Computer Network for a huge business conglomerate. An interested spectator can sign on to the system, and automatically intuit the whole of the group agenda, providing he knows the proper passwords to get in.


We could go on forever, speaking about the innate genius that is hidden within the hearts of our Next Generation. In the brief time that we have spent here, I have drawn a circle around one portion of society, to illustrate what eventually may be happening to all of us. This information came to me late in the year 1997.  I came in close contact with a “group soul,” which shared its essence and agenda with anyone who would care to listen. By no means are these descriptions meant to encapsulate all of today’s youth. 

Are any of you Star Children out there?  If you feel heavy and constrained, don't worry. You're just inwardly set to a program that holds you in place for a time - an energy that will allow for the rest of us to catch up, so we can all be together as humanity moves forward in our evolution. There is "nothing" wrong with you that your complete REMEMBERING will not fix.

Do any of you parents or teachers have Star Children living with or around you? They are not here to be controlled, you know. Watch over them if you must, but their gifts to us can be so much more. Their instinctive ways of approaching problems, manifesting resources, and bringing about change will be unlike anything written in our economics or social science courses.

The only thing required to bring this inner "technology" online is for us to stop talking to them and begin to really LISTEN! They need an environment that provides ROOM TO TRY THINGS ON, AND EXPERIMENT—free from an attitude on our parts that we could handle their transitions better than they are. We couldn't. We would only do it differently.

With Star Children, the multidimensional “software” comes installed, right from the factory. Most of the rest of us have to open our minds for a systems upgrade.   Those who allow their consciousness to expand, and move in this new way, are referred to as “Star Elders,” or “Transitionals.”

There are ferocious and amazing times ahead for the Planet Earth. The lines that were once clearly drawn, defining and confining humanity to a life of separation, fear, and limitation are fading into memory. The Baby Boomers have always been known as a generation of "watchers." As this particular wave of New Kids come into consciousness, why don't we do just that? WATCH them! STUDY them. Give them room to stretch and play. Let us notice their pure instincts, rather than weighing them down with our established patterns and, sometimes cynical "experience."

As we do, something wonderful will begin to happen. Those who are truly heard will suddenly develop a need to listen as well. Those who are trusted will learn to trust us back. And those who once ran away and hid from us, will gradually begin to remember how to lead us HOME.

* * * * * * *

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