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THREE CATEGORIES OF GIFTS:  There are three basic groupings of Gifts that are given to humanity.  They each have very definitive purposes and meanings. In the Reconnection Universe, these terms describe that which facilitates our Reconnection to the Universal Oneself Body.

  • Orientations of Spirit:  That which motivates you in your life purpose.  The Greek word "Charismation" (kar-is-ma-tyon) is the root from which we derive our English word "Charisma."  The prefix "char" means "joy."  You will find it quite easy to understand this type of gift if you simply think of it as your own personal form of "magic."  It embodies your natural and most abundant way of being, your Core Self.  It is what brings you joy, as well as those who gather around you. What is it that you do which requires the least amount of effort, yet produces the greatest results?  What is it that you would do for others, whether or not you were paid to do it?

  • Operations of Spirit:  That which happens when you exercise your Gifts--results, miracles, expansions, activations.   

  • Opportunities for Service:  That which calls out to you for help.  As you reach out in love to those who cross your path, the Oneself is strengthened, as is your own energy and connection to the Whole.   

TWO LEVELS OF ORIENTATION AND INVOLVEMENT:  There are two levels of motivational connection that are operational within an Awakening Meta-Human Brain. Many people identify with one or more gifts from each level as prime motivations for their connection to The Great Work.  Others cycle through many gifts, as they shift and evolve through life:

  • The "Ground Crew":  That which connects and organizes Reconnection Activity within 3D.  (7 Grounding Tones).  Gifts of Stabilization and Flourishing.

  • The "Test Pilot":  That which connects 3D to the rest of What Is. (5 Bridge Tones).  Gifts of Expansion.

Key Distinction:  There is a difference between performing an activity (which we all do) and having that area of life be the Core Motivation for your life purpose.  Each individual may perform these listed activities--but each performs it from a different root motivation. By determining, through trial and error, what turns you on the most, you can determine the appropriate priorities and community involvements that will best serve you and your unfolding universe.  

  SEVEN GROUNDING GIFTS:  There are Seven Root Motivations (Orientations) that are contained within the "Ground Crew" Aspect of the Planetary Oneself.  Follow hyperlinks to get an expanded view of each Motivation. If you have other characteristics to add, please send them on. This is an on-going work in progress!  When you write, do tell me whether you wish me to include your e-mail address, so people can contact you if they so desire:     

  • Revelation "The Gift of Prophecy"  Those whose primary passion is to go beyond the superficial issues that take up time and energy in life, and get right to the heart of the matter.  They value truth and clarity above all other things.   (This motive usually is accompanied by the ability to channel, teach, or speak in an elegant or compelling manner). 

  • Compilation:  Also called the "Gift of Teaching and Research."  The motivation to gather facts, resources, and knowledge about key life issues, and arrange them for presentation in a clear and precise way.

  • Exhortation:  "The Gift of Counseling."  The motivation to encourage, counsel, and assist people as they go through life choices and transitions.  Most often practiced in a one-on-one setting..........but can also be channeled to groups (as though they were one person as well).

  • Consolation:  "The Gift of Mercy." The motivation to relieve pain--psychically or physically.  The word most often associated with this gift is COMFORTER.  Most often supported by an innate empathic ability

  • Administration:  "The Gift of Organization."  The motivation to efficiently align people, things, groups, and life patterns so that maximal efficiency is achieved with minimal effort. 

  • Potentiation: "The Gift of Giving"... The motivation to contribute toward or supply resources to satisfy and sustain tangible, human needs.  (This motive usually is accompanied by an uncanny ability for investment, or an ability to obtain money and things to support key projects or life needs).  A primary feature of this motivation is the desire and ability to put oneself behind the goals and efforts of another, in order that the project in question cannot fail.

  • Implementation: "The Gift of Helps"  The motivation to see things run smoothly, especially physical processes and systems in 3D.........logistics, supply, mechanical or domestic abilities that make life easier for the community and help to "feed the masses."    

 FIVE BRIDGE TONES:  There are five Bridge Gifts (Orientations) that help connect what is going on in 3D with the rest of the Multiverse.  The Reconnections refer to those participating in these activities as "Gridworkers."  Follow hyperlinks to get an expanded view of each Motivation. If you have other characteristics to add, please send them in.  This is an on-going work in progress!  When you write, do tell me whether you wish me to include your e-mail address, so people can contact you if they so desire:     

  • Imagination:  Architects of the New Reality.  The motivation to design and furnish Expanded Reality Templates--in design formats such as are described in the material on "Crystal Cities."  

  • Modulation:  Tuners of Planetary Vortices and Chakras. Also called "The Gift of Presence." They hold the same function that a "mixer" might serve within a home stereo system--discerning the exact amount of bass tones, mid-tones, and treble tones to include or allow within the various levels of human interact.  They usually do this by running them through their own body first.  Modulators work in concert with The Guardian Spirit, holding your Planet on course, so that ultimate Oneness and Resonance of Purpose may be sustained. 

  • Calibration:  These are Connectors and Sustainers of Planetary Resonance.  They are known as Bridge Builders.  They have the power to link anything with anything else.  Calibrators are like Cinematographers in the Movie Business, choosing which facets of the Oneself Perceptual Apparatus to join together, so that the Mass Mind can experience Ourself with clarity and joy. 

  • Transposition: These are Translators and Conductors of Tones for the Planet.  They are like Antennas, bringing in energies from beyond the Veil and down-stepping them for 3D adaptation and application.  Practically speaking, Transposers are most effective when they station themselves in the vicinity of Prophets or Teachers in 3D Reality.  Since they tend to be somewhat non-verbal, they feel most fulfilled around someone who possesses adequate communication abilities to express and explain what it is they are carrying within their bodies. 

  • Conciliation:  This is the Christ Self Interface.  It is the level of Pure Oneness.  It is also the embodiment of FORGIVENESS (AT-ONE-MENT) for all Planetary Polarizations.  Those who attain this motivation, and move within it, become aware of it for only small periods of time.  It is the Core Self that comes through during Phase Shifting Activity, which is ordained to demonstrate the movement between the Human and Divine perspective.     

 GATHERING THE CLANS AND TRIBES:  Spirit is now in the process of gathering members of specific Spiritual Orientations into "Guilds" or "Tribes," so that they can function and evolve more efficiently. The Society of the Future will be organized around the experience of "Joy" and "Personal Bliss," rather than mere ability, possessions, nationality, responsibility, greed, or the lust for power. This organizational pattern is reminiscent of how things were done in Atlantis and Lemuria. As people begin to understand the Core Self more clearly--how they truly feel and function--a warm sense of FLOW will replace the DRIVE or COMPULSION that is so characteristic of life these days.

 ENERGY GIFTS (Effects):  MANIFESTATIONS OF SPIRIT POWER:  Sometimes, that which has been deemed a "Joy Gift" can also be deemed a manifestation of Spirit Power.

These are referred to as "Grace Gifts" because they appear at the will and the working of the Oneself Spirit.  They are not subject to the whims and agenda of Human Ego. Humans perform the "operations," but the results are left to our more Expanded Self.

  • The Living Language of Light

  • A Word of Wisdom

  • Prophecy

  • Healing

  • Faith

  • Miracles

  • Distinguishing of Spirits

  • Various Tongues (Glossolalia)

  • Channeling

  • Divination

  • Precognition

  • Astral Travel

  • Invisibility

  • Remote Viewing

  • Telepathy

  • Telempathy

  • Many Others

  OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE:  In their transmission "Your Perfect Job," The Reconnections distinguish between a person's "place at the gate" and his part in "The Great Work", which is the Planetary Alchemy that is now underway.  We can serve the Oneself wherever we are.  We can form clans, uniting a perfect mix of gifts, abilities, and soul resonance that keep us running smoothly and happily.  We can also join Tribes, which are gathered around Spirit Orientations, so that we can unite our intentions and pool resources.  In the 3D world, we can stay economically solvent and grounded, through allowing ourselves to be inclined towards commercial enterprises and "jobs," to help us attune our vibration to those aspects of the Oneself that still hold lessons to learn.

 UNIVERSE-ANTIVERSE--THE DEMON GIFTS:  It has been said that everyone who walks the Oneness Path walks a fine line between "God as Healer, and God as Destroyer."  Good/Evil.........God/Devil.

For every Universe that comes into being, there is an adjoining Antiverse which is its mirror reflection.  No discussion on Spiritual Gifts would be complete without a "dishonourable mention" of the 12 (No, 13...) Demon Gifts that dutifully equip those whose sole purpose is to challenge and/or unravel anything respectable that is manifest upon the physical plane.  You might call this a study in the Law of Entropy.¹

In their transmission "The Dark Forces and Human Transformation," The Reconnections tell us that Demons and Demon Gifts exist primarily to maintain us in the 3D Limitation Experience (enforcing our limitations through doubt and fear)--or to assist us, when the time is right, to STAND UP and CLAIM DOMINION when we are ready to end our Vacation in Limitation, and COME HOME to Oneness and our Innate Personal Sovereignty.

¹The Law of Entropy:  The tendency for all systems or organizations to slowly and surely fall into ruin and degradation, unless tangible steps are taken to prevent that from happening.

Special Acknowledgements for Contributions from our Research Team:  Tricia Nobbs and Ann Burns (Canada), Cyndi Nelson (Sedona, Arizona), Nina Florenz (Seattle Area, USA), Niti Etner (Tel Aviv, Israel), and Mark Stearns (Ireland). 

Special, Special acknowledgement to Bill Gothard for his distinctive organization of the first Seven (Grounding) Gifts descriptions, and his distinctive outline of Greek Word Studies for each rendition of "gift" as mentioned in the New Testament. 




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