The Spiritual "Flu"

"All of you who were present in one of the three locations of the
initiation of those Star Gates (Glastonbury, Easter Island (Pacific),
and the Giza Pyramids)....have been initiated along with the land. And many others, as well, who are resonant with the changes happening with the Earth Mother.  (September 20, 2005)

From this point on, and for sometime will be
experiencing a de-densifying effect........called "Pattern
Interrupt".....which blinks your consciousness on and off every so
often......thereby causing your consciousness (to use computer terms)
to "reboot" at a new level. During this "blink" time, you will
experience yourself as within a VOID, of sorts.......and it will be a
state of pure BEING for you......after which your consciousness will
reboot at the new level and begin again.

Each time you "reboot"......(it will happen between blinks)
become more and more a mountain goat....leaping from peak to peak.  Except with you, it will be a leap from universe to universe.  And it happens in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye.

There is a tremendous amount of release work associated with
this....especially as you are letting go of so much physical density
at this time. Though it is true that many in the Mass Mind are NOT
ready to do so........Mother Earth has begun to initiate this process
ANYWAY....thereby mandating that many will return to Source for re-
assignment elsewhere.....(and merge into the ONE)......

You can help yourself through this process by initiating, at regular
intervals, the following breathing pattern:

1. Deep Breath In

2. Hold it for 7 to 10 seconds

3. Follow by a quick release out.

Repeat as often as you need to do so. It will accelerate your release of those elements that no longer serve you, nor wish to be part of
this program.

This will continue on for a few months of your time......although the
intensity of your reaction will settle soon. Give yourself plenty of
time and space to clear! Blessings to you all, for choosing to be a
part of this!

--Thoth, through Tricia Nobbs and Daniel Jacob.