Jared Lee Loughner

"Souls in Emergency"



My Dear Friends,

We share with you now some significant insights, regarding the state of affairs which is now coming upon you, as a Collective Whole.  Though there are many Children of the New Earth who awaken to spiritual attainment with wonderment and joy---you will occasionally find those whose comprehension and appreciation of 3D is somewhat less than favorable!  In fact, as we shared in our transmission “The Tragic Ones,” early on--there are certain young people who will awaken as if they are living in a nightmare!

The comparison between your Limitation Plane of Reality and Expanded Consciousness can be stark and highly agitating to the minds of certain “sensitives” who live among you.  We speak now of those whose Veils have worn so thin they feel as if they are in a constant state of agitation and despair. They REMEMBER what it was like to live in the magic!  And they REGRET ever making the choice to live as slaves in a world they did not design, and of which they do not approve. 

They have forgotten, of course, that each person designs his or her reality---from birth to death.  Theirs is a mindset of separation and self-denial.  When this occurs, an individual may choose not only to reject the environment into which he or she is born---but also the individuated SELF that was designed to live within it. 

Six people slain in Arizona, including a 9 year old girl.  19 wounded overall.

Your country has recently suffered another shock---like unto the sensory assault that was brought about by that event known as “9-11.”  A young man in Arizona, took it upon himself to begin shooting and killing a host of people---seriously wounding a well-respected Congresswoman---bringing about what has widely been described as a “senseless tragedy.”

Representative Gabby Giffords

Our goal today is to provide a deeper view into this process, which we shall call “The Breakdown of Individuated Self,” because there is a distinct possibility that more of these tragic situations will occur as the energy on your planet continues to rise. 


When an individual rejects not only himself, but also the society into which he is born---he opens up his psychological and physical immune system to an alarming degree.  Somewhat similar to what happens when a Spiritual Channel brings through words and gestures of a discarnate “guide” or “teacher,” a Soul in Emergency often opens himself to begin channeling the Collective Shadow of Humankind. The primary difference between these two processes is:  A Spiritual Medium does what he does consciously, with focused intent, and a strong sense of personal sovereignty.  The latter operates from a kind of "void" within---an abdication of life, self-regard, and internal balance.  In fact, some  believe themselves to be "chosen" to do what they do by some "Higher (or Lower) Power."  

Mark David Chapman: "The Devil Made Me Do It!"

In past transmissions, we have spoken to you about “Shadow”…..what it means, and what its purpose in life tends to be.  When a person (especially a Meta-Human Prototype) begins running Collective Shadow, unchecked and unhindered, he (or she) becomes the unwitting “plaything” of the masses.  Whatever it is that society needs to reflect on, or consider---especially related to anger, resentment, or shame---this “runaway soul” becomes willing to provide.

Cho Seung-Hui: Virginia Tech Killer, 2007

My Dear Friends, beware of any philosophy or teaching which demeans the importance of Human Ego, preaches the unworthiness of the Human Body, or suggests that “self-sacrifice” may be necessary, in order that the “good of the whole” may be preserved.  For the most part, your days of “sacrifice and ritual appeasement” are over.  Now is the time for each and every person to reclaim and cherish his individual life and destiny.  Now is the time for every man, woman, and child to blossom forth---in self-love, beauty, and personal charisma!


Young people today, by and large, are starved for affirmation and support.  The ideas and impulses which are moving through them can be baffling and scary, at times.  If their souls are attacked, neglected, or repressed in any number of ways---Children of the New Earth may elect to exercise their Divinity in a manner which seems no longer human! 

It has been written, “Vengence is MINE, saith the Lord.” Children of the New Earth actually FEEL this Divine Entitlement, at times in their lives---especially if they sense that their generation has been or is being BETRAYED by those who have charge over them. Even though NOW is the time when humans need to be loving and nurturing towards each other (as aspects of SELF), it will not be unusual for a Soul in Spiritual Emergency to temporarily return to the practice of “Ritual Sacrifice,” stealing away beautiful lives, innocent lives (as well as their own) so that their “message of dissatisfaction” may be clearly heard and processed by all.

Marshall Applewhite:  Heaven's Gate Mass Suicide

None of this is by chance.  From a spiritual point of view, there is no such thing as an “accident.”  When various individuals are involved in a “breakthrough incident,” such as you have just experienced, each one has contracted to be there……long before he or she was ever born.  In fact, all action (and reaction) occurs SIMULTANEOUSLY in the Multiverse.  The appearance of past, present, future, within any given universal context of reality, is illusion.  We have spoken to you about this in earlier transmissions.


These types of events will continue to occur, over the next few years, so that humankind can prepare to make the most significant jump in personal and social evolution ever imagined! Though they may be deliverers of heartache, shock, and dismay---Souls in Spiritual Emergency will eventually break down walls of denial and forgetfulness---forcing humanity to acknowledge, at the deepest levels, how similar you all are…and how remarkably fragile! 

Immediately following the shootings in Arizona, political pundits on both sides of the aisle began yammering about who is really “to blame” when things like these happen.  The Extreme Left accused those on the Extreme Right of creating a social climate of rancor and vitriol---all for the purpose of “winning out” in their attainment of some immediate political goal.  Those on the Extreme Right recoiled in horror---wondering how someone, ANYONE, could use a moment of profound grief and loss to “score points” against a political opponent.  “After all,” they both say…….”The guy is nuts!  How can WE be held responsible for deeds that are perpetrated by a madman?!!?” 

Nurse Ratchett, Billy Bibbitt in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"

It’s all very simple, my friends.  Humankind is ALL ONE.  You are not separate.  What happens to any one of you is also happening to all.  And choices made by any one of you are choices made by all.  A good deal of this is subconscious, of course.  So it’s quite understandable that denial and dismay are your first reactions when something horrible occurs. The term "madman" has been used, throughout history, when "normal folk" in any given society feel unable to understand the underlying forces which motivate human behavior---especially "growth crises" of a trans-personal nature.

The level of truth we are sharing with you now is thunderous in its power, and vast in its application to human suffering and need.  Those who are unprepared to receive it will either laugh at its implications or shake their heads in disbelief. So be it.  The level of energy acceleration on Planet Earth will soon reach such a velocity that those living with predominantly a separation mindset will be unable to survive. 

At that point, something marvelous will begin to occur!  Entire portions of your present reality will begin “chipping off” and moving out into their own energetic “territories.”  Since there is room in the Multiverse for every belief imaginable---those who cannot handle the stress of merging with everything and everyone (especially “Shadow Aspects” of which we sometimes speak), will find themselves operating within alternative universes---reality contexts which conform more to ideals and purposes more resonant with their current signature vibration.


The Charles Manson "Family"--Helter Skelter

So…….everyone wins, do they not?  It may not seem so, at first.  And how about those Souls in Emergency, at whom everyone points fingers of hatred and blame?  What’s to become of them?

They, too, are part of the Oneness of All That Is.  As if they spin off in a blaze of fire and recrimination---you all must remember the ILLUSORY NATURE of your human personalities here in 3D.  What you see is what you get....right?  Not hardly.  You are so much more than you think you are.  You’re like actors in a Great Drama….players in a Grand Game….each one speaking and acting out an assigned role. When the play is over, your masks come off, the curtain comes down, and the rest of who and what you are will be waiting to join you.  Do you feel ready for that now?


My Dear Friends……..we realize how easy it must seem to expound on the Philosophy of Oneness.  It can be cold, overly technical, fantastic, enraging, or even humorous---depending on where a person stands in the Vibratory Spectrum of Human Energy.  If you try to use ONLY INTELLECT to unravel these mysteries, you get less than HALF a message. To comprehend a full and balanced picture, each person must integrate both knowledge AND emotion.  Only then can you realize the full impact life's events can have---especially when they arrive unexpectedly. 

A woman in New Jersey once shared her experience with us, considering those fateful events which occurred on September 11, 2001.  She was on the phone with her nephew, the day the Twin Towers fell.  He was trapped in one of them, and was crying out for her to come and save him.  She said there was nothing in his voice that implied willing agreement to ANYTHING that was going on. One can only imagine how taxing such an experience must have been for her—even ten years later. 

Rather than go into detail about “soul contracts” and pre-incarnate destiny that MUST be part of such situations---we could only be with her, tenderly, in that moment---saying:  “There are no words to express what you must be feeling, even now……. remembering that moment.”  And we thanked her for her willingness to open up and object to our message, because it seemed to represent a lack of respect for everything she felt, and all she had been through. 

This is why humanity is taking so long to bring Planet Earth into its proper place within this Glorious Multiverse.  And we don't want to rush you!  We have no wish to RAPE or PILLAGE your senses, spilling out bits of knowledge, some of which might seem like just so much technical blah-blah-blah.  Neither do we wish to frighten or offend you.  That will happen naturally....of its own course, soon enough.  Your Veil will break open, and then you'll begin to understand.

These Souls in Emergency---if they were lucid enough to speak directly to their situation…they might say, along with “suicide bombers” of all nationalities, creeds, ages, and sizes: 

“When you ain’t got nuthin,’ you got nuthin’ to lose!” 

Articulating their day-to-day misery---sensing acutely the disparity between Earth Wisdom and Multiversal Mind is, by their accounts, next to impossible. So they let action speak for them.  Is this the right thing to do?  Heavens, No!  It goes against everything you've been taught to cherish and respect about humanity, nature, and godliness.  But Friends.....a Soul in Emergency has left the Realm of "Right and Wrong."  He (or She) dwells in a self-proclaimed VOID of momentary desperation!  You didn't put them there. Nor did you take steps to keep them from it.

Such an experience was meant to be comprehended by a PLANETARY ONESELF CONSCIOUSNESS.  And you…..each of you……when your time is right…….will be made privy to this vibration. Not continuously, of course. But occasionally….when you are properly grounded and prepared to deal with it.



But one thing is also for sure. Calling them "mad" and calling yourself "innocent" is not right either.  Remember?  What is true for ONE is true for ALL. The most healing thing that society can do---when confronted by those whose behavior is difficult to comprehend---is to go silently to your secret place of meditation....that place where insights are born, and problems get truly solved.  Go there, and consciously consider ALL THOSE TIMES in your life, when you, too, feel "mad."  Consider them, and OWN as much of that vibration as you can handle.  Ask yourself:  "What would it be like to feel as if you had NO LOVE, NO SUPPORT, anywhere in your world?"

You'd be surprised how powerful it can be, when individuals all over the world begin reclaiming sub and unconscious energies they have left floating around in the ethers!  When humanity begins turning "shame" to "same".....en masse.....you'll be well on your way to a full-on HEALING EVOLUTION REVOLUTION!

The word "Emergency" has the word "Emergence" growing, right there in its belly!  It is a word....PREGNANT with possibility.  So are you.  You and your ENTIRE PLANET, at this time.  And we are here, always....loving and supporting you.  We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self which you had to forget about in order to become human. We've never been very far from you. Just far enough.  Make room for us in your minds and hearts. We take different forms and shapes to meet different needs and life situations. But our wish for you is always the same......

Remember. Reunite. Recover. Reclaim.

(end transmission)    


Channeled by Daniel Jacob



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