April 15, 2004

Hi Friends,

Just a quick note to begin a mantra of person-to-person encouragement among us, as we continue to go through these times of high energy and rapid change.

I just finished reading an article on the latest Solar Flares that are arriving--apparently with a design to ILLUMINE humankind and the Planet Earth.

Mitch Battros, at, is doing a great job of keeping us all aware of the challenges coming at this planet from the sun........"Solar Rain" is the title of his upcoming book (due out around Christmas).  If you haven't checked out his Web Site, I would encourage you to do so.  I am grateful to Mitch, and people like him, for all the planetary info they send our way.

Continued Illumination produces continued ELIMINATION of certain forces that are active in our Reconnection Universe at this time.  Originally attracted in by the high energy vortex that is created by a core of Oneness, these (normally) polarized forces become agitated with the continued presentation of their "other" .........and the continued emphasis on Shadow Work.

Let's face it, we're on our way HOME.  But what is it that each person thinks of as home?   Is it angels, religious icons, and harps made of light?  Or, conversely, is it dragons, and demons, and endless drama, carried out in the depths of pure dark?  All elements are welcome in Oneness, so long as they can honor and recognize the existence of their opposites.  If they can't see or appreciate the necessity of this, then they will eventually pull out of Oneness, and head for some polarized version of "home" as they see it.  It's all perfect, in the end.

And so.......the SOUL-AR RAIN that is coming upon us is coming in from ALL directions, ALL that each polarized force can recognize and remember what this universe is about.  Heirarchies are passing away.  It's a ROUND TABLE, here in Recon Land.  Everyone has a place, and an input, so long as they can also sit still for input all around.

The symbolism of a solar Reconnections Economy, is a bright light that is projected into a place of (relative) darkness for a time.  (A good deal of our Earth is that way, if you look at things from the perspective of the sun).

When a flash occurs, it has several effects:

1.  It startles the people who live in those dark places, and sometimes causes them to want to shield their eyes.  (when a solar flare reaches earth, our way of "shielding our eyes" is to go inward, feeling tired and depressed)

2.  It reveals the state of that dark place to those who might be observing from afar--who might be able to send help, or intervene in activities that may be detrimental to the common good.

3.  It provides a beacon for those who wish to modify the darkness, and use the light to find a new environment that better suits who they now are.

4.  It can also serve as a nightlight to those who love sleeping in darkness, giving them the cue that it may be time to get up and go to the bathroom.......after which they roll over and go back to sleep.

And, as many compadres are oft prone to say:  "It's ALL GOOD."

People can be just as blinded by light as they can from these Soul-ar Flares can take on many forms.....not the least of which is a phenomenon called a "Cosmic Tunnel."

I have shared recently with several powerful people, who are going through some major break-ups in their lives at this time.  The tone of their voices is so familiar, matching so many shifts and changes we ALL are having. The Guides are drawn to sincerity like this.......which comes with the birthing of an expanded emotional side!

In their transmission about 9:11 (and all such traumas), they said:

"We know that many are hurting. We grieve with you and with all of those who suffer.  In fact, a portion of the Soul Group of The Reconnections has set aside our focus for the purpose of grieving with transitioning souls across time and space."

This tells us that those who have attained the status of "Ascended Master" do not merely stand afar from our pain and frustration, wagging a judgmental finger. Neither to they perch themselves on clouds of glory, and motion for us to come after them.  Many there are who move into the energy with us, and change from "Ascended Masters" to "Descended Tasters" of a powerful new energy that is brewing here on Earth.

There is a line fifty billion miles long (give or take a billion)---that is filled with conscious entities---who are waiting to taste the vibratory smorgasbord that is being cooked here on Earth. Some of them hunger for drama, many like romance, and still others love pain and struggle!  They sit in awe, that creatures so powerful as we, and so connected to infinity, can cut ourselves off from the knowledge of who and what we are, so we can experience all these marvelous Limitation Feelings and Conundrums.

On and on the list goes.  There is narry an Earth Traveler who doesn't produce some form of emotional/volitional magic that is deeply appreciated by those outside our 3D Limitation Dream.  Some of us are "star performers" for the Multiversal Camera, and others are like "home movies," just like in our world of 3D.

It's all good.  It's all part of the ONE.  If any of the "negatory" or "mundane" stuff was eliminated from the mix, we couldn't call it ALL That Is, could we?  So there they are....... standing in line (in a manner of speaking)--very much like those people who are now lining up for the first "Star Wars" tickets and seats!  We humans are actors and actresses of and for the Multiverse, playing out our little dramas and comedies on this powerful 3D stage.


One of the widespread symptoms of Multiversal Connection is a proliferation of conflicting voices, going on inside our heads.  Is it possible for ONE PERSON to experience a dozen agendas at once?  Oh yes.  In fact, there are those among us who are fixing to explore a dozen/dozen viewpoints, and more......kinda like having one of those Director's Screens, in a movie studio......displaying many different picture options on one screen.

Check it out:

One lady recently told me that there is a continuous voice inside her head, calling out:

"Quick!  You have to get in control of this, NOW!  We need some resolution here!"  It doesn't matter what topic she's considering. She feels as though she MUST get on top of it now!!!!

More and more, people are beginning to realize that there are VERY FEW things that are under our control.  Everything seems to be up for grabs.  We may experience a few moments of dominion, here and there, and then..........WHAM!!!.........back into the spin cycle we go.

(If what I'm saying to you seems strange, it's because your Veil of Forgetfulness is still strong in many areas.  You have allowed yourself to wait awhile before you leap into the fray. The thinner that Veil gets, the more possible/probable alternatives will become available to your consciousness. That tends to play havoc with a "normal," solidified 3D mindset)

Essentially, the Human Ego was not designed to be the CEO of our life and experience.  It's more like a witness, a conveyor of information.  Our perceptual mechanism is a recording device--focused upon capturing bits of emotion, sensation, and wonder---preserving them for all eternity, in a huge Multiversal Video Store.  There will come a time when our Ego will be able to USE that Video Store, and check out any "films" that we choose to experience.  I'm sure there will be more about that later, coming in from the Guides.

We are so much more than our Human Ego, but that doesn't mean that the Ego is evil, or it is not us, or it has no purpose.  That kind of thinking leads to polarization, and eventually defaults us out of the center circle.

The material on the "Vortex Merkaba" may be interesting to some of you, if you have never considered how a Oneness Universe functions, in regards to internal security.  It's rather fascinating really, and was brought to the forefront of our awareness during that time known as "The Harmonic Concordance."

As the Recons put it:

"The pristine perceptual mechanism that you use to edit and refine these inner films far surpasses those which are now being used in Hollywood.  You perceptually leap from one now moment to the next, spanning the whole of space and time--although you do not always let your separation mind know this.  It's the same as forgetting a favorite movie---only to return to the theater to watch it, again and again.

This is a wonderful "system" that has gone on, and will go on, forever.  CINEMA MULTIPLEX---it never closes!  The lights have been turned down and the pictures have kept you completely engrossed.  You've felt elation, despair, horror, adventure, romance, and bewilderment.  Until now, however, you have been confined to your seat in one theater--believing everyone to be at the mercy of just one production.

We are here to usher you into the Lobby of Reconnections--where you will find an infinite number of theaters and productions, all available for your choosing.  And you will learn that you are, indeed, your own projectionist, and director, and actors, and cameraman.  You are so much more expansive than you have ever believed you are!

Let the show begin!  Or, rather, let the show(s) continue.........forever and ever.  For you are not going anywhere.  There is nowhere (else) to go.  For all is One..........and, in Oneness, there is no such thing as "out," though your movie time consciousness occasionally convinces you otherwise.  It is no matter!  The show must go on, and on, and on."

For more about the "Vortex Merkaba," go to:


Along with a myriad of voices, crying out for more control, there are also voices that call out to us:  "Just hang loose, Dear One, it will all work out.  Take one step at a time, and stay in your Now."  They caution us about the danger of trying to take it all in too soon........trying to run before we've learned how to walk.

**Here's a great quote from Bill Hicks, with some powerful thoughts on this subject:

These times are very harsh for people who have thrived on control for the better portion of their lives.  Many of us spend our lives being spit-shined and bright-eyed, until we can be that way no more.  We keep our eye on the ball, and forget about everything else.  Indeed, there is a place for that, but it isn't the whole story.

Conversely, those who thrive on chaos are also being presented with a challenge.  All of a sudden they are experiencing a deep desire to DO SOMETHING, BE SOMETHING, MAKE A they come out of their whirlwind of drama and dare to become visible to the rest of what is!

And it's all about EQUANIMITY........walking awhile in the other guys shoes.  It's about letting the ENERGY have its way with us--neither forcing nor restraining ourselves.  As one gifted reader put it to me, years ago:  "You are walking a fine line between God as Healer and God as Destroyer.  And when the love's gone, you're gone."


From all indications, this upcoming summer is going to be entirely dedicated to the incoming Goddess, and Her administration of the Spirituality and Sex Material.  We just experienced a 5/5/5 Activation.  Freedom and Change.

The shifts that are happening are meant to help us GET RID OF that which is no longer working in our lives.  Then, we must be willing to RECEIVE that which will ignite a fire, and move us to the next levels where we are needing and wanting to go.

Frightening?  You bet.  But fear is just the flip side of excitement.  It all depends on how one chooses to interpret life's events.  Is it fearful, or it is just exciting?

The S and S Material is really kicking our butt, at least in my corner of the Multiverse.  It seems so simple, and makes so much sense, that many people are becoming willing to LEAP RIGHT IN, only to discover that there are so many LAND MINES that have been built into our psyche, to keep the vortex of our power from least until the right time.  Those who move with impunity, into passion and power, may gloat awhile about their lack of "hang-ups."  And then, without warning, someone or something in their immediate family blows up.

It's a delicate operation we're about here.  We have already seen, in the 60s, what blind experimentation with unbridled passion can do.  And if we carelessly add drugs to the mix, to lessen our inhibitions, things can get worse. These kinds of shifts require presence of mind and heart, and a steady hand, so that all levels of our universe can follow us through the portal, into freedom.

Whenever I seem to "disappear" from the Recon Forums or from writings on the Web, I am usually in my daily "lab" of personal interact, working with folks on their process, and then using that Shadow Work to feel inside myself for an interpretation.  Only then, can we create a bridge between the conceptual arenas of philosophy and speculation and the places in 3D where complete life experiences are forged.

I suspect all this emotional shifting and turmoil is a preparation for more freedom and play in our lives, which exist just around the bend.  One woman said to me this week:  "I have never faked an orgasm."  She said it with such pride, and the Reconnections met her there with a question........."Yes.  You never faked an orgasm.  But have you ever faked disinterest?  Have you ever played COY with your universe, and refused to share with it/them how turned on you are for more and deeper experiences?"  She smiled, and had to admit.  There can be as much EGO in omission as there is in commission.  This is why the Guides have "rearranged the furniture" in our living room, in regards to how we see sexuality.

A lot of us have worked long and hard to determine who it is we think we are.  We stand, smiling.......confident....that we are a gift for the world, a way to make things better.  And this is surely true.  But our "confident stance" can sometimes be a shield.  What about the gifts that our world has for US?  What about the RECEIVING SIDE of the relationship?

Our beliefs about who we are can steer us away from new and (potentially) unravelling experiences, which are meant to prepare and equip us for untold future expansion.  If we really ARE in a place of feeling and excitement, why not admit it, instead of feigning the idea of being "cool and confident?"

Belteshazzar says:

"Do you know what you did yesterday?  Everything.  Do you know what you'll do tomorrow?  Everything.  It is only HERE and NOW that you can do (or be) SOMETHING."


More commentary on our recent transmission:

I was once in a "Birthing Circle" with some friends, and we were going around the circle, telling a bit about ourselves.  Everyone seemed to be sharing a little, and emoting a hopes that some safety and resonance would encourage us all to go deeper.  When the baton was passed to one lady, she began to expound upon her spiritual achievements as though she was reciting a curriculum vitae.  The whole energy of the situation ground to a halt.

Now could be a time of removing our PERSONAL ARMOR, and getting a bit NAKED with each other, yes?  In fact, I have a friend who is a spiritual teacher, and a nudist, who once taught a class entirely in the nude.  She just showed up naked, to see what the folks would do with it.  I'm not recommended that we all go to THOSE extremes, but how about opening up to the Circle and telling how you are NOW, rather than what you've done WAY BACK THEN?  You'll be surprised how loved and embraced you'll feel.

It's a whole new world, my friends!  I am continually amazed at the depth and clarity that is coming at us, if and when we are ready to receive it.  And if we're not, and nothing new and exciting seems to be happening in our Now, we can embrace that, too.  We can just believe we're in a rest mode.  (depressed = deep rest).  The excitment is coming.  And when that inner fire starts burning, there will be narry a moment to sleep.

As Alfred Lord Tennyson put it:

  Come, my friends,

'T is not too late to seek a newer world.

Push off, and sitting well in order smite

The sounding furrows; for my purpose holds

To sail beyond the sunset, and the baths

Of all the western stars, until I die.

It may be that the gulfs will wash us down:

It may be we shall touch the Happy Isles,

And see the great Achilles, whom we knew.

Tho' much is taken, much abides; and tho'

We are not now that strength which in old days

Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;

One equal temper of heroic hearts,

Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.

From "Ulysses"

I do appreciate your input.  Don't be afraid to write.  Onward and inward. 

Daniel Jacob

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