An ancient greeting used by the civilization of Recon Santar

In 2003, at a Seattle Channeling Session, a new Reconnection Energy came through, who goes by the name of Santar.  He is actually a voice for a soul collective that many would call ET.   The Santar are actively assisting Planet Earth during these challenging times.  They are cloaked in human form,  even though their more natural "look" resembles something quite insectoid, similar to the form we refer to as a Praying Mantis.  People who encounter these beings are experiencing them at many levels.  Some people are terrified, while others are strengthened and edified.  Santar explains this in the transmission below. 

I met Santar through a friend, who encountered him in meditation, and who also channels the collective.  Though I never heard him spoken, I knew Santar the minute we discussed him.  I knew how he postured himself, how his voice would be, and a bit about what his (and their) message would be.   

Some of these thoughts were brought out in the session, and some flowed in afterwards:

"You gaze up towards heaven, and you seek to define and understand what is represented there.  You have named "heavenly bodies" after Gods, Goddesses, and other highly exalted Beings.  You study  planets, star systems, nebulae---you create charts and graphs---and you believe things are exactly as you have outlined them in your files.  

The Community of Science in your world is dedicated to examining and believing, based upon what is seen and observed in 3D.  Up till now, science has attempted to be quite black and white about its findings.  Things were either "true" or they were "false."  But Quantum Mechanics is slowly changing all that.  And along with it, humanity is changing too.     

While all this is occurring, that which exists "above" (to use your popular imagery) is also reaching out to you.   It reaches from realms unseen, undefined, offering tones from the Oneself that wish to be seen, felt, and experienced.  There is a risk there, because there are many individuals who tend to closely define and then deify what they observe.  

Others even try to kill what they don't understand.  Remember what we said happens to a book, when it becomes public?  It truly becomes the intellectual property of whoever reads it.  Even today, there are people who seek to burn books!  

As we have also said previously:  To be observed, is to become one with the observer.  To see God is to be God.   Are you ready to be changed to such an extent?  This information would represent an expansion of the ancient axiom:  "As above, so below." 

What you see is what you be.  And this is as true for those who exist "above," as it is for those who are below.  "As below, so above."  

There are many communities presently, who are seeking to examine the unseen realms.   You have religion, philosophy, science, and metaphysics (to name just a few).   When a religious person reaches to heaven, he calls it prayer.  When God reaches back from heaven, you might call that an Angel.  The Angel's essence, then, becomes a Middle Ground between the viewpoint of the human and the actuality of God.  It is made up of all of yourself that you seek to extend upwards, combined with all of God that wishes to come down.   

An Angel, then, would be part God and part human.  But humans cannot usually handle that knowledge.  It is too intimidating for them.  And so they place angels (or other messenger spirits, like Elves and Faeries) in some kind of "netherworld," a place that exists between waking and sleeping consciousness.  Many of you have also done this with Extraterrestrials as well.

But truly, an Angel becomes part of whoever sees it or witnesses its existence.   And once such a being is seen and observed in 3D......... it, too, is no longer Extra-Contextual.  It has become grounded into form (even if that form is only human memory).  It follows that, when the Angel departs, a portion of it gets left behind--- prevented from leaving, if you will, somewhat like the little creature in "ET, the Extraterrestrial."  

When humanity reaches into the heavens and studies the stars, you call that Astronomy.  When the stars reach back, you call that a UFO.   All UFOs are quite subjective, even in the way they are reported in the media, or in official records of your government.  They are referred to as "unidentified," because once they are identified, they cease to be "extra" terrestrial.  At that point, they are part of your Earth Experience.  Do you understand what we are saying?"     

There are those who say that your Government is now manufacturing its own type of UFOs, to be used in some kind of "Covert Operation" later on.  Some feel that this accounts for why so many "flying saucers" have been spotted in various parts of your planet.  And that is, indeed, one way of looking at things.    

But we now say to you, that your concept of "government" is symbolic of your own subconscious mind, and it is you who are "manufacturing" these UFOs---not as illusion (for they are very real), but merely as "reality constructs," which represent the joining of that which you can understand, combined with that which remains just beyond comprehension.  

More will be revealed, as you feel ready to receive it.  We stand ready to assist you in this learning.  We are always here.  We have always been here.  We thank you for your attention."

<end transmission>

**Solaris Homily means, in our terms:  "Love, Brotherhood, Blessings!"   It's a friendly and gracious greeting.


Copyright, 2003, by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of personal growth and/or research.  Any reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc.