"The sleep cycle is the place where each person experiences the idea of letting go and returning “home” (multidimensionality)……….followed by a rebirth to physical form, so as to experience another “round” of Life in Limitation.     

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.    (William Dement)

Transmutation from 3D Humanity to Multi-D happens moment-by-moment, night and day………but the awareness of it, the conscious embracing of it, is mirrored most effectively in our sleep cycle.  This is similarly true of Human Sexuality and the integration of Universal Oneness.  The Merge to Oneness is happening moment-by-moment, daily…….but it is most noted when two people engage in physical intimacy.  If that engagement is then followed by a sleep cycle, the whole process is magnified several times over.  This is why the term “sleeping together” is so apt, even if two partners don’t get much sleep!  Sooner or later, the UNION that is formed in repetition of these rituals causes two souls to intertwine---each one electing to attend and nurture parts of the other.  Rather than thinking of ourselves as becoming ONE with everything and everyone, we concentrate attention (for a time) only upon union with that “significant other.”  Or……perhaps……..we elect to go in the other direction, skipping the “other” and creating a marriage with God or whatever governing force we worship---such as a priest or nun might do. 

If we terminate an accustomed sleep and intimacy ritual with someone, it can leave our sleep-merge-spirit connection somewhat jangled and raw.  And if we have also been nurturing a more universal spiritual awareness, apart from the relationship, that awareness may try to fill the void that has been left by the departure of the "other."  This process is happening all over the world.  People are “losing” relationships, jobs, money, even physical health…….and consequently they're being led to look inward……to create a “spiritual experience” which might have escaped their notice before.  The Big Three Grounding Forces are:  Relationships, Health, and Finances.  When we need more grounding, we'll be led to focus there.  If not, our minds and hearts will begin expanding.  

And yes....there will be resistance.  All of 3D life is resistance.  (A Resist Dance, if you will)  The universal you must fight hard to hold off remembrance of other aspects of the Multidimensional SELF which are also in motion at this time.  Most of that is done by a Veil of Forgetfulness (a semi-permeable, etheric membrane which keeps our attention focused HERE instead of elsewhere)……..but a fair portion of it is also held by the sensory awareness of one's body in space, the battle for bread, and certain human relationships and life missions we form while we’re here.

If you've been called to this site---chances are, a “hole” has opened in your Veil.  A Portal to Infinity.  You can either patch it up………with another relationship, a job, a child, or similar life endeavor………or you can keep it open, and deal with what comes through……….braving turbulent inner waters, as you develop an expanded and very personal Spirit Path, which will serve as a foundation for the next phase of your life.  Once this foundation is installed, the Journey becomes your “lover,” in a sense, using the whole world as its “body.”  Nothing needs to change outwardly, but everything will seem different.  It all depends on how expanded you wish your consciousness to become.


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