By Daniel Jacob

As I am watching snow fall in Western Washington, I am thinking about that 1960s Pop Song called "She's Not There," by a cool English group called The Zombies. 

What a group!  Fancy pianoship.........Rod Argent, doing that Ray Manzarek thing before the Doors came to be..........and that breathy voice echoing a haunting refrain: 

Well it's too late to say your sorry

How should I know, why should I care?

Please don't bother tryin' to find her.......

She's not there.........

And I am thinking now of the Circles of Restraint that are drawing themselves around certain individuals, who are traveling on the Transformational Track.  These restraints are perceptual filters, which make some of us actually DISAPPEAR in the eyes and minds of those we encounter at various times of the day.  Sometimes, we even disappear within our own mind.   
We have spoken before about the Mystical Power of INVISIBILITY...........and the tendency for some of us to simply "go away" in our own minds, or temporarily fade from the memory of people who have known us for years.  In this way, we get to operate in a completely new level of Phase Shifting..............wherein we alternate, back and forth, between states of..........."Now you see me, now you don't." 
There's a deep sense of ALONE being felt across the land now.  I'm hearing it spoken about from many different quarters, many different countries.   When we come out of that particular "Cosmic Tunnel," we reach out for people like mad.  A part of us begs to be acknowledge.  Am I still here?  Are you still there? 
Sometimes, we'll dial the phone, or go to visit someone...........and it is as if the whole world left on a bus trip.  Lost connections, broken appointments.  It's medicine for the we seek to transmute the idea of being ALONE (contracted concept) to being ALL ONE.......(expanded concept).   Same energy, different rates of vibration.  Do people need to see us, or directly interact with us to know we are there?   I think not.  We are the Watcher Self..........sitting on the edge of the reality 'box'.........noticing, feeling, sensing................
It's not a feeling of loneliness, really.  It's more a feeling of ONLY-NESS.   My first teacher of Metaphysics (whose name was "Joy," by the way).........used to say:  "There's no one here but YOU, God.  You and your mirrors."   She didn't mince her words.  She went right for the jugular.   The greatest fear in the Multiverse is the fear of being Alone.  And it is You-niversal............from Gods and peons and pimps.   We all want to know that there are "others" like us.  We even demand that others LIKE US, as well.  
And now.....these Circles of Restraint..........are weaving cocoons around a goodly number of us.  The Weekend after Christmas was a very deep and introspective time for many.  Lots of folks just crawled off and hiberated.  It's a deep interface with HOLY TRUTH, very intense, TONAL....even..................
It's all you.  It's all here.  It's all now.  
And yes, I do take comfort in the voice of every person that tells me they have felt this same way!   When I can find them, I rejoice in the resonance.  It keeps me sane, I think.  Fellowship, resonance...........and then comes that time of disappearing..........and becoming it all.  And that is yet another form of CROSSING OVER.    

"Well let me tell you 'bout the way she looked

The way she acted, the color of her hair

Her voice was soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright

But she's not there....."

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