Seeing in the Dark 


What makes a shadow?  Physically, it would seem to be some SOLID MASS that comes between a source of  light and some surface upon which that light shines.  If this be so, then it would be the DENSITY of that solid mass which determines the level (or perhaps the degree) of shadow that appears there.    

The LIGHT, which is conscious awareness, moves around our physical reality--seeking a person, object, or situation upon which to focus.  If nothing presents itself, the scene appears CLEAR in the mind of the observer, and he or she moves on in search of something else.    

That phrase "something else" seems very key at this point.  What we tend to focus upon, in most environments, is that which we consider DIFFERENT or FOREIGN.  In other words, that which is "something else" from what we consider NORMAL.  

Shadow Dancing is an art these days.  The Observer is either seeking things he loves and lacks (The Golden Shadow), or he is fighting against and resisting those things which he denys in himself (Dark Shadows).  In keeping with the TV Show by the same name, these dances are often with VAMPIRES, that drain our lives and our attention away from greater SELF KNOWLEDGE and fulfillment.  They drain us, that is, unless we do our Shadow Work. Done effectively, this process enables us to SEE IN THE DARK.    


What are the various types of Shadows?    

1.  GOLDEN SHADOW, seen in various densities.  THINGS WE SEEK AFTER AND BELIEVE WE ARE NOT.      

A.  Ideals    

B.  Mentors    

C.  Lovers    

 D.  Heros      

E.  Gods and Goddesses    

F.  etc. etc.....  

2.  DARK SHADOW, seen in various densities.  THINGS WE FIGHT AGAINST, RESIST, AND BELIEVE WE ARE NOT.       

A.  People who piss us off    

B.  People we fear    

C.  Enemies    

D.  Competitors     

E.  Demons and Devils    

F.  Lovers     

G.  etc.      

Of course, there are endless variations.  And, as usual, its all in the eye of the beholder.  And, when I mention types of Shadows, I am speaking about ideas or images that have already come, to some degree, into a person's conscious awareness.  In this particular discussion, we move away from defining "dark" as simply something unseen.  For purposes of this discussion, the term would be used to describe something that is UNACKNOWLEDGED or DISOWNED.  <hmmmm.........yet another polarization for the terms dark/light, eh?>    


1.  NUANCE; the "wine breath," the merest suggestion of a presence that dances on the wall, just outside the periphery of my    sight.  This is the realm of nameless, faceless fears.  Also, of faith in the unseen (which we have projected onto some God or other Higher Power).    

2.  ESSENCE:  the wine, itself, as it seems to bubble in the glass.  It APPEARS to be there, but I have not experienced it, other than in my imagination.  This level of PROJECTION is most often where denial and dissociation comes in.  I know the issues are there, and I even SUSPECT that I may be creating them, but I choose not to take notice.  One common practice at this stage is called "Whistling in the Dark."  A nice pastime.  <s>   Home of POSTIVE THINKING EGYPTIANS, who live in DE-NILE.  Norman Vincent Peale Ben Hotep.  They use the words "I'm doing just FINE" alot.     

3.  SUBSTANCE:  The actual Shadow Self, the real deal, dancing upon the wall.  Usually, the "wall" would be our physical reality.

This Shadow is the part of Peter Pan that was lost.  Having been cauterized by the pain of his abandonment by his parents, he simply ERASED the perception of this level of being from his senses.  In a sense, the LOST BOYS, were simply soul fragements of this same, one LOST CHILD.  The decision TO FORGET (protecting himself from pain and sadness) kept him at the Essence stage, where most Archetypes and Legends hang out (near an open window) until he made the decision to come inside and stay inside by giving Wendy's Grandaughter a REAL KISS (at least that's how the movie "Hook" outlines it).  Then, he BECAME REAL---he took on SUBSTANCE.    

Vampires are said to have form (essence), but no substance.  They do not cast a reflection in the mirror.  In me, the vampire aspect DENIES seeing his reflection in the mirrors of particular situations or persons.  Rather than process and integrate myself as them, I simply want to HANG OUT, just outside the emotion of the particular scene, and feed on the energy and focus of awareness.  Actually, I LOVE my inner LeStat!  I treasure my ancient ARMAND.      

By the time a Shadow takes on substance, it can be understood, accepted, and integrated.  At that point, it ceases to be Shadow, and is welcomed as part of the physical Oneself.   Or, if it is not, it can be denied and turned into a FOE, or demonized as EVIL.  Also, as in the case of a Golden Ideal, it can be worshipped and followed as the Second Coming of Christ.     Each level of the Shadow, seen quite similarly as the varying densities of vapor, water, and ice---makes for magnificent dances in the Worlds of either Spirit or Form.   One is not better or worse than the other.  They are all merely different.