B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


My friend Gwynne Mayer is doing some excellent writing about the HYSTERIA that seems present in the Universal Feminine these days. 

When we speak about “The Feminine” in this way, we aren’t referring to gender.  We’re speaking about the Emotional/Intuitive Nexus within each person---both male and female.  We EACH have both energies present within us. However, when “Feminine” or “Masculine” Energy “issues” are played out in physical life---they are most often worn by gender males or gender females.

In my article “The Eye of the Beholder,” I attempt to illustrate how each person’s experience of his or her world is 100% derivative of one’s attitude toward self.  The women we see (and interpret) will tend to symbolize the current state of our Inner Feminine, and the same is true of males who appear in our physical world.  That doesn’t mean that our experience of those individuals has anything to do with who or what they actually are---except for the fact that, in that moment, they are serving as a mirror for our own inner nature. 

“We don’t see the world as it is.  We see the world as WE ARE.”   ~ Anais Nin

As gender males become more and more aware of their “Inner Feminine,” they will either be terrorized or delighted---depending on the biological and environmental programming they’ve had early in life.  Some men will gladly hand over their “suits of armor” in exchange for deeper insight into their mind and soul.  Others, sensing an impending loss of “strength” or “toughness”---will attempt to offset these inner changes through overt displays of ANGER or RAGE.  Or, at the very least, they will become curmudgeons---seething and mumbling about every perceived “inequity” in life.

While re-examining this whole issue the other day, trying to understand the ROOTS OF RAGE and SEEDS OF HYSTERIA in our Masculine/Feminine Selves--- I found myself focusing once again on that famous scene in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3), where God is meting out curses for Adam and Eve, as “just recompense” for their disobedience in eating forbidden fruit.

To the man, God promised TOIL. The four-letter-word which would be used to describe a man’s existence is W-O-R-K.   To the woman, who not only disobeyed but she also encouraged the man to err---God gave two curses.  One……..”You’ll have pain in childbirth.”  (i.e.  Your kids will be a pain).  Two………”Your desire will be for your husband.”  (i.e. You will derive your sense of SELF WORTH by assessing your relationship to one “significant man” in your life. 

Just as Adam and Eve sought to by-pass God’s commandment NOT to eat that Fruit of the Forbidden Tree---so do gender males and females today seek to by-pass God’s curses for who we are to be, and what we will naturally desire in life.   Men seem always on the alert for some "scheme" which will help us avoid the "toil" which was supposed to be our heritage.  Women tell themselves (as forcefully as they can muster) :  "Men!  Who needs 'em?!!!" 

Whether a person believes in the Bible, or sees it as a bunch of “Religious Who Hah”……..these two “curses,” meted out so long ago, seem to go right to the very heart of human motivation and desire.  Men DO tend to judge themselves according to their success in a profession, as well as their standing in the business community.  Women DO suffer with their children---whether they choose to be anesthetized during childbirth or not.  What they don’t feel during labor will certainly register on their minds and hearts in the years that follow.  Also, even if they choose not to marry, or have children----most women in the workplace will spend their time trying to please a (masculine) boss, or competing with males for the highest paid positions.  And, if they grow old after years of toiling alongside men (enduring a masculine “curse” rather than their feminine one)---how many of them will spend senior years pondering whether they “missed out” because they chose a single life?    

As Baby Boomers grow older, I sense that many of us find ourselves trapped between failed attempts at merging with “significant others,” and fears of being left alone during that most confusing of times—old age.  Who will care for us if we cannot support or care for ourselves?  Hence, there IS a rising tide of hysteria, in all its various forms and manifestations.  Add to that a crumbling world economy, the deterioration of family and commitment in “localized” community---and it makes for more than just a few “Eleanor Rigby’s” and “Father McKenzie’s” living out empty lives in our midst.   

Just about the time I reach this portion of my diatribe---hands go up in the back of the room, and contrary voices remind me that not EVERYONE finds him or herself trapped in these dismal circumstances.  Some folks live happy, well-adjusted, contented lives.  And I say:  “Hooray for them!  That makes for less people to find themselves “going postal” as the energy on the planet continues to rise.”       

Someone wise once said:  “Women cry when they really need to rage, and men rage when they really need to cry.”  We adults have emotionally hog-tied ourselves, using traditions and stereotypes to govern our behavior---rather than allowing ourselves to authentically express what’s going on inside.


We opened our Transmissions on “Spirituality and Sex” by reminding our readers of CORE EMOTIONAL ISSUES being reflected by Natural Disasters which seem to be randomly occurring all over the planet:

"As the vibrations of earthquakes and tsunamis resonate all around your world, we must now take some time to share with you certain insights concerning the emotional core of your Planetary Oneself.  It is these issues, being suppressed on the Inner Planes of Consciousness, that are causing most of the trembling down below. 

The topic of Sexuality has always been a stormy one--particularly in cultures whose religious traditions gather themselves around a Masculine Deity.  Ever since the Temples of the Goddess were toppled, way back when-- a wedge has been placed between your spiritual nature and various core levels of innate sexuality that dwell within each of you.  

Granted, there has always been a strong religious emphases placed upon the holiness and beauty of sex in marriage, and the blessing that comes with a house that is filled with children.  But the rest of the energy, sourced within your sexual nature (the sensorial and erotic aspects) has oft been relegated either to the subconscious, or to houses of "ill repute"--presided over by those who are openly reviled by members of "decent society" in the light of day--yet earnestly sought after when sunlight fades into a twilight of secret desire.

What people are saying they've been doing, sexually, does not always match what they are doing.  And even when it does, there is often a divergence between what folks are experiencing and what they long to be experiencing.  The evidence for this is everywhere--in your television, movies, print media, and even in lively conversation at the office or factory.  You are fixated.... OBSEX-ED (if you will), and many of you do not even realize it, or acknowledge it.  Therefore, nature must sometimes take up that task, bringing forth rumblings from the Earth that correspond to dark rumblings going on inside many of you."  

The "as above, so below" dictum is now applying itself to your physical body.  It is reconstructing your human vehicle, from the inside out.  "As in the greater, so in the lesser."  The micro is entraining itself with the macro.  The Earth Mother and Her Human Family are now becoming ONE.  

Not everyone will experience this transformation at the same time or in the same way.  But all will experience it.  If they don't feel it in themselves, they will see it in their wives, their husbands, their children, friends, neighbors, and so on.  It will soon be going on all around you.  What has been hidden for centuries........for millennia, even.......must now be brought to light.  It must be unsealed, and healed in the sunlight of conscious awareness.  The pressure inside you has become too great.  And yet, what we will share with you, about this process, may be far from what you'd expect.  (Spirituality and Sex, Part 1)

The entire S & S Series is dedicated to overturning centuries of social programming, whose aim it was to "adulterate" the natural flow of bodily energy---suppressing and channeling it for (supposedly) "higher purposes."  And this is all well and good---so long as we never forget how to restore and reconnect to that wondrous Magical Child when it comes time to rejuvenate ourselves through imagination, creativity, and play. 

The proliferation of alcohol and drug use in society today represents our own fledgling attempts to quiet those "raging beasts" of ambition and competition which dominate our day-to-day struggle for bread, so that evening hours and weekends can be hassle-free and giddy.  Do they work?  Perhaps.  For awhile.  But then, in many people's lives, the solution to stress becomes the problem.  Toil and Pain turns to Avoidance and Numbness.  As our Inner Child runs for cover in his (or her) secret basement---down in the psyche---our Outer Children grieve, as they watch Mom and Dad screaming insults---first, across the dinner table, and then in courts of law.

In the final chapter of Spirituality and Sex, these words (published in 2005), foretold that which forms the headlines in today's newspapers.  Chillingly, the Gulf Coast is still at the center of the news.  And that, my friends, is worthy of a whole new set of ponderings and writings:

"The planetary rumblings continue, as your collective Dance of Awakening becomes more focused and intense.  The Winds of Destruction---which shattered your Gulf Coast in America are simply one of many powerful ramifications that will flow from your recent decision to shine light into those dark corners of your consciousness, finally exploring what has been hidden within you for so long.  The Solar Flares which preceded this turbulence also symbolize this.  Little by little, you are dropping the Veil--exposing, on many levels, the YOU that has existed since the very foundations of time.   

In Oneness, there is no such thing as "evil" or "malevolence."  There are simply varying degrees of unconsciousness.  What appears as cruelty or heartlessness, in the heat of the moment, often reveals itself to simply be the product of an emotional disconnect, created through times of early childhood trauma.  Emotional disconnect......cradled by an overwhelming drive to discover and recover that which was stolen, so long ago."

The Roots of Rage and Seeds of Hysteria, so carefully planted in Baby Boomer Childhoods, have come full-term.  They have grown into full-size bramble bushes of discouragement and despair. Those who managed to sidestep them in "first-person" life experience have no room for pride, nor justification for turning a deaf ear to those who currently suffer.  In Oneness, we are so much more than "our brother's keeper."  Indeed, we ARE our brother.  Each face we see, pressed against the window of our Now Moment Conscious Mind, represents one of our cast-off "Orphan Selves," longing to get back in to the warmth and fellowship of the Planetary One Heart. 

And yet,,,,,,,,,this article is NOT necessarily a call to Humanitarian Service.  If we DO feel inclined to give to others, or assist them in their survival journey, so much the better!  But even THAT isn't the real point here.  What's far more important......more the Greater Scheme of things.........would be for each and every one of us to simply ACKNOWLEDGE.......deep down in the Core of our Being....our COMMON BOND with everything and everyone we see, hear, or otherwise encounter.  The Mayans have a word for it:  "In' Lakesh"  meaning "I am another yourself." 

Most Metaphysicians have not only grasped that concept, but we have EMBRACED IT.........on Intellectual Levels.  But how many of us have let it trickle down, mix and mingle, with the very depths of our EMOTIONAL BEING?  A mere handful.  With 2012 only two years away, how ready are we.......REALLY.........for the kind of COMMUNION this great Mayan expression implies?  As C.G. Jung would surely say, if he were here---and probably STILL SAYS, deep within many of our hearts:  ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS.

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