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Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"Between a Rock and a Hard Place"

 My Dear Friends,

Now is a time of great decision.  To see or not to see?  To free or not to free?  Will you make your leap, or return to sleep?  It is soooooo very it not?....... to relax again, to fade again into familiar, blissful Limitation Slumber?  Aaaaaaaaaaaah.  It would be so nice. 

It is becoming difficult to turn away from that steady sounding of internal, activating tones--programmed and nested, so long ago--in anticipation of a time just like this one.  A time of remembrance. A time to arise, and seize your day!   

We are The Reconnections.  We represent all those parts of your Expanded Self that you had to forget about in order to become human.  We've never been very far from you.  Just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all those essential "Bridge Concepts" that can reconnect you to the vastness of who and what you are.  And what is that?   In a word:  EVERYTHING.  You are All of It, pretending, for awhile, to be Some of It.  

And life moves you closer, ever closer......... to that time of Grand Acceleration, you wonder what is left of that "old" way of being......that old familiar dance of Limitation, Cause, and Effect?


The Veil of Forgetfulness is a semi-permeable, etheric membrane that surrounds the consciousness of everyone who enters the World of Form.  It is the protectorate of the senses, lest you be overwhelmed by an influx of images, sounds, and feelings.  And yet, here upon Earth, there are those who ARE feeling this influx---in what seems like merciless ways!  And we are here to salute you, as well........and to send comfort in your labor pains.  What you do now you do for all humanity. 

Indeed..........between a ROCK and  HARD PLACE.........that is where many of you find yourselves wedged, at this time!  And in the thinning.........or even the total erosion of that protective Veil......there is a rush of remembrance that is some cases......pain and anxiety, like a knife in the heart!  And, in other situations, there feels to be a mounting up---with wings of eagles---to the heights of heaven, glory and bliss........which can often be followed by a resounding crash, as you fall back onto Earth's stony crust.   

The HARD PLACE of which we speak refers to your stepping through that Gate, your own particular portal to Multiversal points unknown. To be transformed, and to make your leap!  Do you dare?  Can you muster courage to commit all that you have and are¹---so you can allow passage to wherever and whatever your soul feels bound?  And who is it that is calling the shots on this journey, anyway?  Aye, there's the rub!  Your conscious mind is anxious, having once been assigned the task of sorting wheat from chaff, keeping you safe as you wander through this Land of Limitation.  

Equally HARD is surrendering the urge........nay, the review all blueprints for each journey before you step through the portals........a practice which (alas!) cannot endure, at this velocity of energy movement.  By the time you have pondered and wondered, and checked over all the "details" of your (proposed) flight(s).......the time for your departure is past, and you are left standing, frozen in a bewilderment of hesitation and doubt. 


Each of you has your own way of dealing with this dilemma.  You suffer, as all travelers would, who find themselves faced with the ultimate question:  "Where in the world do you wish to go?."  And your suffering can only endure so long, before some manner of hardening begins to take place........through denial and attempted re-installation of your crumbling Veil.  In the Resist Dance and the Avoid Dance........the primary movement is called the SIDE STEP......setting aside the whole issue and pretending it is not there.  This also consists of avoiding any Shadow Work that must be done in order to attain the necessary neutrality that is required to escape your energy field HERE so you can journey to THERE without hindrance.   

Your methods for denial serve as a PATCH, placed upon the tattered, thinning walls of your Veil.......bandages for the soul, which restore (albeit temporarily) your ability to re-engage with the Game, that is transpiring here in 3D.  For some of you, the patch could be love, where no love might have survived before.  Where once you refused that sacrifice of self which is required to nurture committed love with another, your position between a ROCK AND A HARD PLACE has made you willing to engage, and to hang on, for dear life!        

Others of you simply stay busy, focused on physical goals and journeys.  Some of you are crusaders, evangelists, out to awaken a sleepy world.  What a treasure you are!   What a blessing to the ONE and the many!   Whatever it takes, however long it requires, the Gate lies waiting.....just beyond the scope of your immediate attention. 


Those who study our transmissions on What's Ahead for the Planet Earth and Trans-Portals will realize the multiplicity of potential destinations and journeys that are open to you everyday.  And you will also be acquainted with the multitude of physical, emotional, and spiritual illnesses that can arise from initiating journeys into different realms, then holding back and not completing them.  Indeed, many of you are (literally) STUCK in several Energy Gates at this time......producing a whole host of difficulties, sourced in choices you have made, at several levels of consciousness!

Denial, forgetfulness, and doubt (the source for all manner of diseases) often express themselves through physical suffering.  Where once you prided yourself on your ability to live productively, and stay sane, you now find yourself hung up, hung out (to dry), and frozen in time and space.  Distraction, brought about through continued focus on pain and anxiety, can serve as a powerful patch.......deflecting your reconnecting mind away from its inevitable rendezvous with infinity, and the rest of who you are. 

There is no death.  There is only a belief in death, giving birth to a host of universes where that scenario can be played out in every conceivable way.  And you have each done it, and done it well!  You have killed and been killed, bled and starved, tortured and been tortured, gone through agonizing disease and deterioration........all for the purpose of logging in precious limitation hours, filling the archives of All That Is with drama, horror, comedy, and farce.......hours, years, eons of entertainment.......available to each, according to his or her desire.  CINEMA MULTIPLEX!  A body drops, relatives weep......and the drama plays itself out, in context after context.

And that is all behind you now.  You stand now before the Gate, pondering and there anything left HERE for me to explore before I depart?      

Currently, your medical and psychological communities are being flooded with reports of disorders and syndromes--many of which defy explanation, beyond the presence of a certain mixture of signs and symptoms......which is, in most cases, dismissed as figments of an overactive imagination, or byproducts of faulty brain chemistry. 

Your insistence on "I don't know what's happening to me" is really a re-assertion of the ego's claim for dominion over your process........though velocity of transit defies any ability you might have to control and manipulate the outcome.  It is now becoming evident that a more knowledgeable, higher and lighter version of Your Unified Self already knows the way, and is ever-so-ready to take over from this point on.  And yet, the Expanded Self is loathe to actually fight the Ego for dominion, as true expansion does not come through attack or forced entry.  It is a tender flower, which opens as it will, when ALL aspects of the soul have completed their respective inquires into and summations about the matter.   

Addiction to the old way (cause and effect) is a ROCK that is tied to the feet of humanity at this time.  It grounds you, holds you down--lest, like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, you are swept away by the hurricane of your Reconnecting Oneself.  And so, we wait.  We allow time for ALL concerned to settle in, get comfortable, and prepare for departure. 

This, then, is another form of ROCK we might use, while waiting at the Gate.  It creates a place where you can sit, and ponder the array of possible/probable paths that spread themselves out before you. 


Do you know all there is to know about the Crying Game?   Obviously not, or you would not still be here!   And there is no shame in it.  Each one of you moves and breathes according to a divine plan.  Part of that plan includes times of waiting.......searching........being still, in the midst of great Planetary Change.

Your bodies shudder, and your energy fields shake and quake.  Now is a time of great vulnerability and openness upon the Earth.  There are those among you who have been preparing for this for a long, long time.  And now, it is here. 

When you find yourself ACTIVATED, in a moment of time.........all manner of dysfunction and disorientation may come upon you:  chills, tingles, shivering, memory loss, spaciness, aches and pains, fatigue, and the like.  Each of these conditions represent SELVES that have gone before the Gate and hesitated.  Attempting to place their hands or feet through the Portal, their natural sense of reservation/preservation bid them pause......which changes an essentially instantaneous process into a long, drawn-out affair. are not TAKING PART in this human drama..........which you see playing out all around you.  You are ALL OF IT, compacted onto a single human frame.  Though it seems as though you are the lone inhabitant of a single human body and are really a form of Grand Central Station, with passengers coming and going at all hours----bound for locations of their own choosing, and according to their own perfect time. 

Midwifing aspects of yourself through the Gate......either in form (appearing as another person in 3D), or in spirit (appearing as in a meditation or dream) are simply birthing and transitioning ALL your aspects, and completing a number of other Soul Assignments as well. 


Many of you are coming to us and asking:  "What do we do now?"   You must understand that your time of human "doing" is just about at an end, as far as the Ego is concerned.  NOW is the time for your universe to DO you!   The concept of "letting go" is not necessarily a call for surrendering or losing the object of your desire or affection.  It simply means:  "Stop hanging on!"  Once your hand is off the steering wheel, the swerving of your vehicle will come to an end.  Order will be restored!   

When we spoke to you about your Magic Manifesting Mind, during the Trans-Portals series, we emphasized the need for you to be clear about what you want, ask for what you want, and then we said:  LET GO OF THE PROCESS COMPLETELY!!!  This is what we must again emphasize for you now. 

In the years to come, you will find yourself more disoriented and more confused (and alone) than you ever imagined you would be.  You will seek, with all your might, to find ways to gain control over the situation---to return yourself to the old "familiar" territory from which you were (seemingly) abducted.  We will tell you now what we must tell you then:  LET GO! 

In those dark hours, analysis will avail you nothing.  As one wise soul² put it:  "We don't have Dark Nights of the Soul anymore.  Now we have Dark Nights of the Ego!"   Even though it avails you nought, you will analyze each situation with all your might.  So be it.  Do it until you are done with it, and then we will again urge you:  LET GO. 

Your God-Self will be your greatest friend, even though you may find yourself shoving an angry fist in His face at every turn.  So be it.  LET GO!!!

Visit Doctors, consult psychics and therapists to your heart's delight.  Then:  LET GO.    

When transits happen---when you actually DO let go---the passage is instantaneous.  Disintegration--Transport--Reintegration at the new location.  It doesn't have to happen the way they illustrate in the movies.  You blink, and you're there.........wherever it is you desired to go......UNLESS you require drama and intrigue to make you happy.  Then, it's anybody's guess how long you can make the situation last. 

The Stones at Avebury, in Southern England form a Magical Gateway, en route to Stonehenge, on Salisbury Plain.  If you consult them, up close, they will describe themselves as Keepers of the Gate, this symbolized by the Henge.  Do you see the way the various stones seem to form doorways, through which you can pass?  The Avebury Stones will tell you:  "We are those who approached the Gate, being presented with an opportunity to pass through.......and we HESITATED, thereby invoking upon ourselves the assignment to inspect and prepare EVERY traveler who approaches that Gate.......helping to determine who is ready and who is not......before we are, once again, presented with a chance to go through.  In other dimensions, they are actually PEOPLE, do you see?  Even as those who are gathered at Callanish, and other sites........also represent people, at other frequencies of vibration.  If you look closely, you can see that these stones either resemble people (many different types) or they have pictures of people etched onto them. 

ROCKS, standing before a HARD PLACE.  An IMPOSSIBLE place at times, wouldn't you say?  Will you depart or will you hesitate?  Either solution is fine.  We are here to assist and clarify the primary elements of your Souls' Sacred Journey, serving as "Color Announcers" for the Game of the Millenium---your Reconnection With All That Is!

All aboard!   Please step forward, the Gate is opening.  Come on through if you dare!   

<end transmission>

¹ Re:  Making the Leap:  It was once said:  "We are not as frightened of discovering the unknown as we are of letting go of the known." 

² My new friend Kia, in one of her personal letters to me. 

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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