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"Reconnected Relationships"

My Dear Friends,

In 3D Limitation Concept, you are taught to seek out and choose relationships---based on physical attraction, lifestyle compatibility, family or societal tradition, economic equality, race, religion, or any number of other "desirable" traits.. Conformists tend to follow rules, and Rebels tend to purposely disobey them.. It is no matter.. In either instance, the object of focus remains a set of guidelines, rather than each potential partner's energy resonance and soul essence as it interfaces with yours..

This is exactly opposite to what tends to work, especially for those who are traveling a Transformation Path.. For you, life's Primary Relationship must be with the ENERGY, ITSELF........not with individual persons.. You might say that you are a Universal Soul.......a Lover of All the World.


If you are "engaged" or "married" when you begin to awaken, the stress of Remembrance can surely take its toll.. But there are exceptions to this, too, and we gladly support anyone who currently feels comfortable within a "committed" Relationship Structure.. In fact, there are suggestions we can offer---to keep those connections vibrant, and make each Life Transition sweeter and more aligned with spiritual progress..

Be advised, however, that internal rumblings will continue to abound, and what may seem comfortable in one universe may not seem so comfortable when you feel called to move! And make no mistake about it....your vehicle is on the move.. Faster and faster you go.. You are literally hip-hopping through the Fourth Dimension, and many of you don't really even realize it.. We'll speak more about that on some future occasion..

For now, let it suffice to say that the over-riding purpose for the existence of relationships in a transforming life is REFLECTION.......and we tell you now that each and every person you meet, and each situation that plays out before you is a MIRROR for some energy dynamic that is going on within you. "As above, so below," and "As within, so without."


Once you learn how to decipher your Soul's "messages," delivered through Human Relationship, you will enjoy them ever-so-much-more than before! But be aware, if you place a Relationship before the Energy in your life--letting go of internal authenticity and congruity---you'll eventually lose one or both, and this can be a sad situation, indeed.. (not impossible to heal, mind you, but sad)..

So there you have it.. A new journey.. Not you, not me.........but a Majestic Oneself, WE.. A wondrous cup of diversi-tea! A sacred cauldron for mixing and mingling life's ongoing magic.. Each new moment is a wave, and each of you are surfers upon it... As you catch the wave, pay close attention to what it is you TRULY WANT.........and who it is you TRULY ARE......and you will soon find yourself aloft, gliding along in the sunlight of Reconnected Joy.. And there upon the wave beside you wil be your Soul Mate or Mates for that moment... And one moment is ALL the focus you will ever need!

As far as society goes, you can define things any way you wish.. As we said earlier, not everyone is ready to deal with a life of moment-by-moment faith.. What we tell you, here and now, is the CORE of how your journey will progress, as your planet's energy speeds faster and faster.. In days to come, all that does not match that GENUINE CORE ENERGY will slowly fall away.. So be it..

We love you.. We support you.. We are always here..

(end transmission)


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