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The Reconnections journey

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The Heart of the Reconnections' Message is contained within two transformational concepts: Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality.  We are ONE Planetary Being, who appears to be manifest as MANY.   The expression "appears to be" is key to understanding what is going on here.  That "Oneself Being" alternates (flickers, in awareness) between Unity and Complexity....with natural Oneself Consciousness serving as a kind of touchstone, which has power to clear a person's intellectual and emotional palette for the next "course" being served at this 3D Banquet of Life.  And we are doing this at every level.  

The 3D Construct is actually a perceptual tool, within which we "Immortals" get to play out our proposed scenarios for living---integrating lessons, feelings, and experiences along the way.  Remember "The Computer Construct" sequence in that movie "The Matrix?"..........the place where Neo learns how to do martial arts?  The same applies here, only much bigger and more pervasive than any of us can imagine.     

In one sense, we are each Producers, Directors, Actors, and Audiences for our own motion pictures.  Each lifetime is a movie unto itself.  Each person is his own universe.  In each universe, everyone and everything is a mirror of that one being.  Physicality is NOT objective.  Even objects have consciousness.  We all simply express our consciousness in different ways. 

"We don't see the world as it is.  We see the world as WE are."   

~Anais Nin

A cursory knowledge of both these ideas (Oneness and Multi-D) is necessary if we are to go further in this particular journey together. Having understood them, and made a commitment to move forward in the process, we begin our transformation by expanding self-awareness through Channeling, Shadow Work , Rebirthing, Bio-Energy Bodywork, and many other powerful technologies. 

The Reconnections described themselves to me as: "All those parts of your Expanded Self you had to forget about in order to become human."   In a very real way, you might say that anything we don't currently have in our conscious mind is being held onto by that Group Soul.  I often think of the Guides as Librarians for All That Is. They perform this service for their own expansion as well. What benefits one, benefits all.  We're all part of that same One Being.  And so it goes.

The Three Commitments

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