The Razor's Edge - Part 1
by Daniel Jacob 

Now comes the time when Earth's people consider entering the "passing lane" of Human Consciousness. Most of us are used to hearing this expression used in regards to driving, aren't we? You're on the freeway, gridlocked in traffic, and you look to the left and see an opening. The cars over there are moving! They're coming up fast behind you, though, and you have but a moment to decide whether or not to take your place in the fray. Do you risk annihilation, by changing lanes, or do you remain safe and comfortable, creeping along on the right side of the road?

During the Super Tuesday Debate, Presidential hopeful Barack Obama said: "As America moves forward, our primary conflict is not going to be between black and white, male or female, richer or poorer. In the days to come, our primary conflict is going to be between the way things have always been done and the possibility of trying something new - between going backwards or going forward." Those aren't his exact words, but close.

Whether or not Obama will be able to follow up on his promises, I certainly like some of the premises he is exploring. This dichotomy of "going back vs. going forward" is EXACTLY where we are at this point in human history (or "herstory," if you wish to explore things from a more feminine view). And the RAZOR'S EDGE, which we're going to be talking about in this two-part series, is made up of a healthy blend, a CONJUNCTION if you will, of the best of the past and the most promising elements of the future, cutting through resistance that keeps us from realizing our full potential as a species. Indeed, this premise takes us right into the prime mission statement of this magazine, namely, the offering of assistance and nurturing to newly-awakening Children of the New Earth as we all grow through these next few years together.

Parent and Child
During these last few years, as I've had the privilege of contributing to New Earth Publications, I have been emphasizing a few key ideas which were given to me when I began channeling from "The Star Children" Energy back in 1997.

The first key idea involves the Principle of EQUALITY. When we consider historically the way things have always been between adults and children, we notice that parents always have the upper hand. As it once was with women, and still is in some societies, children are dealt with as possessions. They are chattel, the rightful property of those who give birth to them and are obligated to sustain them as they grow. And, even though society has advanced greatly in our respect and compassion for children's feelings and needs, their fundamental status has not changed. Divorce settlements still list them along with other "property," to be fairly divided and supervised. I once made reference in this regard to James Taylor's famous song about divorce, in which he observes: "She gets the house and the garden, he gets the boys and the van."

And it sort of makes sense, in an obtuse administrative way, doesn't it? If society requires birth families to take full responsibility for their offspring, the rest of us don't have to deal with the reflections they bring. Or so we believe. But children can't be locked away in houses or schools forever. Sooner or later, they join the ranks of human progress. And will their entry into mainstream society constitute an EMERGENCE, or an EMERGENCY? Reading through today's newspapers, it seems to be a bit of both.

Anyone who has parented, or seriously come in contact with an awakened New Kid - whether Indigo, Crystal, Star Child, or Whatever - invariably verbalizes, at one time or other: "I don't know who is raising who in this family." And those who observe New Kids functioning within homes ruled by parents who are spiritually asleep will often be heard to say: "I don't know how that child survives such an environment." And, of course, I know how those children survive. They HIDE who they are, and go along to get along, or they REBEL, bringing down the wrath of God and Government upon themselves.

The fact that some kids, MANY KIDS, do well in the current system doesn't erase the fact that other kids, MANY KIDS, fail miserably. The determining factor for whether change comes into play seems to be WHICH KIDS fail, and WHO is affected by their failure. This same principle was underscored in the movie "Fahrenheit 911," when Michael Moore speculated whether America's young people would be so easily shipped off to Iraq if it was mandated that children of politicians had to go too.

So, equality for children, in choice and representation, is a big deal, especially in the eyes of the kids, themselves. In my series "The Imagine Nation," published a few years back in, I conceptually explored what society would look like if equality for kids was the norm. My one caveat for venturing into the topic was that the reader would open him or herself to the ideas WITHOUT requiring themselves or me to figure out how to get us from here to there. All I wanted to achieve was a fair hearing for the possibilities at hand. I'll mention more on that as we go along.

Teacher and Student
The second key idea, given to me by The Star Children, is the Principle of RECIPROCITY. And it focuses in on the role teachers play in the lives of their students. The way I define Reciprocity is nicely contained in the phrase: "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." And once again, we are comparing the discrimination that has oft been used against women with what is still being perpetrated on children.

In my series "Educating the Educators," I discuss the fact that many, if not MOST teachers approach their students with the message: "Now listen up, because I have some things to tell which you absolutely NEED to know." Having declared this, they proceed to corral their students, forcing them to sit and listen, instead of moving and experiencing (which is how most kids prefer to function). This not only turns off kids to learning (especially those who are kinesthetic learners), but it goes against their natural flow.

Are teachers learning as much from their students as the students are learning from them? Children are not sent to Earth to become "Mini-Me's" for their parents. They are not millstones around our necks, or burdens to be borne. They are bundles of potential, who deserve a shot at freedom and spontaneity just like everyone else.

What did Kahlil Gibran say about them? "Your children are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself." They are our GREATEST NATURAL RESOURCE. They bubble up out of us, filled with pure, natural energy, direct from Earth Mother's bosom. We cannot benefit from their beauty if we fail to notice it. Parents and Teachers spend a lot of time talking to, preaching to, lecturing, and directing kids. How much time do we spend LISTENING to them? Asking THEIR viewpoints about things? How much freedom are they given, in a single day, to approach life the way a wonder-filled child might approach life, rather than being rushed through certain studies because a federally-mandated competency test will be given at some point to “calculate” their progress?

In the "Educator's" Series, I emphasized that "teachers who have stopped learning along with their students have also stopped teaching." I discussed some tangible, practical ways that a "learning environment" can be set up and maintained so BOTH SIDES of the process can be engaged and nurtured by the interchange. Who am I to provide this? Just a guy. A Dad. A former student, who once nodded his head vigorously when Paul Simon sang: "When I look back on all the crap I learned in High School, it's a wonder I can think at all." But if there are those who wish to get the opinion of someone who is credentialed, experienced, and highly recognized in this field, I invite you to review the work of Parker J. Palmer, whose book "Courage to Teach" started a revolution in the lives and hearts of educators around the world.

In saying all this, I deeply acknowledge the gallant effort being made by gifted teachers and administrators,struggling to engage and support their students within unwieldy and under-funded school systems. I admire them greatly, especially for the INTENTION that brought them into teaching in the first place!

But this article is not about parents, per se, nor is it about teachers. It's about "doing things the way they have always been done –versus-moving forward into something new." I feel it's very important to emphasize that again at this point.

Government and Citizen
Another key that is spoken about by the Star Children deals with AUTHORITY. Taken at face value, the word suggests "authorship" (i.e. initiative). When a citizen has a crime to report, he calls "the authorities." If we need help, we call and they come. And if this be true, who is the initiator and who is the responder? By creating a "system," whereby people can air their grievances against each other and seek resolution, we sidestep our tendency to confront each other in anger and drift into random violence.

Does Government exist to serve people or do people exist to serve Government? If a person breaks a law while living his life, and no one is complaining, should "authorities" do anything? Well, that is a knotty little problem, which I addressed somewhat in the series "Family of the Heart." I explored the idea of "Law" and what it does to the minds and hearts of humanity. In a word, it incites rebellion. Or, it invites manipulation by those trained to use it for personal advantage. Having a written edict of "thou shalt not" actually exacerbates a human's tendency to offend. But having a forum, wherein feelings are acknowledged and solutions are designed and agreed upon establishes and maintains harmony.

The "old way" of doing things is founded upon a Principle of Control. You control "it" before "it" controls you. Hence, the creation of laws. Protect the status quo at all costs. Create a "system" that initiates upon folks whether or not they ask it for help.

The "new way" is founded upon a Principle of Allowance. Live and let live. Only then can we gain exposure to new ways doing things. Rather than forcing a newcomer to move according to a "system" that is already in place we allow them to function in our midst, and we interact with them in peace, respect, and love. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. Wayne Dyer once put it quite well in one of his books: "This is my way, what's your way? THE way doesn't exist."

Universal Oneness is the foundation for this new way, the belief that everything and everyone is part of the same ONE BEING - that we are all connected, at our deepest level. The Razor's Edge combines basic STRUCTURE - a person's need for space (security) - and FREEDOM, the need for flexibility, respect, and community love.

Humanity shouldn't have to re-invent the wheel when it comes to administrating the daily bumps and grinds of living together. That's where "the old ways" can continue to provide stability, while we grow into the new ways and begin to change. Traffic Guidelines, for example. Acting in accordance with a genuine, heart-felt belief in Universal Oneness will eventually replace the myriad of laws and ordinances that were once required while people lived according to a Separation Mindset. Honest communication, held within an easily-accessed forum which honors healthy expression and diversity, will surely take care of the rest.

An Expanding World is ready to unfold all around us - a MULTIVERSE of Possibilities. And our kids seem the first to recognize and move towards it. After all, they're the ones with the least amount of internal programming against embracing new things. Next month, we'll be looking more closely at The Razor's Edge, a conjunction point where young, old, rich, poor, wise, simple, etc. will come together - peaceably and gently - and cut away the bonds that have tied our hands for oh, so long!  More to come on this. 

© 2008, Daniel Jacob

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Daniel Jacob
is a conscious channel, writer, and a Bio-Energetic Body Worker who lives in the Greater Seattle area. He owns and operates Myo-Rehab Therapy Associates - a multi-therapy clinic - in Kirkland, Washington, which specializes in muscular rehabilitation, stress management, and personal transition work. He has been in practice for 22 years. On 11/11/91, he began working with a group of energies that called themselves "The Reconnections."

Daniel has developed a complete archive of information that has come through them on a number of relevant topics. Daniel and his Associates have been doing research with people around the world, collating data and comparing notes on the topics of Physical Transmutation and Earth Changes. He has produced a 2-Part CD, on which he explains the story of "The Star Children" in depth. He calls it a "tonal infusion for the New Age." For more information about Daniel and his work visit,, or e-mail him directly at: