"Rampant Social Fear"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B  


Fear.  That's what it all comes down to.  And the rearing of its ugly head at this time can only mean one thing----CHANGE IS AFOOT.  Just about everyone gets "edgy" when change occurs.  We've come out of 8 purposefully polarized years, and we're entering into a whole new ball game.  As predicted, President Obama is busy HOLDING AMERICA'S HAND as we face our fears.  From  all appearances, he's doing a great job of not taking things personally, even though our American Projection Machine has faithfully painted targets on his back and his forehead.

Republicans are not happy unless they're in control.  It doesn't seem to matter whether or not they have a plan for governing .  They have a philosophy, and that seems to trump everything.  Gaining (or re-gaining) control is an end which justifies almost any means. 

Democrats are not happy unless they can be 100% themselves at all times.  They have opinions, and they demand the right to express them.  Amazingly........for 8 years they stood by and watched George W. Bush establish a near-monarchy right under their noses.  The minute Barack Obama became President, his own party declared:  "We're not going to rubber stamp your administration, Mr. President.  You're going to have to DEAL WITH US, too."  So tell us guys.......our country got into a pretty big mess on your watch.  Is there some hidden brilliance you're about to reveal, which you've been saving up till now? 

Republicans move easily into lock-step when it's time to get something done.  They've learned well how to do this, which is how they succeed in business.  During the Presidential Campaign, Republican Speakers mocked Obama for being a "Community Organizer."   Somewhere along the way, they seem to have changed their mind.  Anyone care for a nice cup of tea???

Democrats are sore pressed to get ANYWHERE legislatively....even  with a majority in both houses and a Democrat in the White House.  Their craving for INDIVIDUAL EXPRESSION and MIXED AGENDAS stalls their collective purpose and they end up looking like buffoons. 

When Republicans are in power, national unity is of very little concern.  When Democrats are in power, failure to bring about and sustain unity results in ultimate collapse and return to Republican rule.  Before long, elitist arrogance and insensitivity to "regular folks" pisses everyone off again, and the process repeats itself.

Mother Teresa once said:  "We lack peace, because we forget that we belong to each other."   What one party excels in, the other party desperately needs, and vice versa.  Each "side" grapples for control or freedom, but our souls seem ready for collaboration and real progress.  We have so much to learn and do together!  We're wandering in the wilderness, waiting for these unyielding generations to die off.  This is happening in society, and it's also true about dynamic energies in motion within each person.

The rest of the world has already voted on Barack Obama.  The majority of civilized, "regular folks" would follow him anywhere. It's not that he's perfect or always " in charge."  It's just that he watches, listens closely, and isn't afraid to try something new.

Isn't that how it often goes with modern-day innovators and geniuses?  Their home towns and families end up being the last to know.   




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