Quote of the day



"Everything that is, was, or ever shall be is streaming, live, across the INNER NET of Human Consciousness. There is no past or future. Access to this material is safety-sealed (ecrypted), and can only be granted through conscious/subconscious entry of designated passwords, code-keys, or under sponsorship of an Etheric Guide or Teacher. Streams can appear as sights, sounds, sensory experiences, or simple spontaneous bits of knowing. 

Though it may seem baffling to our 3D mental orientation---streaming may begin in the middle of a subject and then suddenly terminate---giving the impression that only PART of a message has been received. It is no matter. Nothing happens by mistake, and no experience is ever wasted. You can remove a huge burden from yourselves by letting go of needing to "figure out" what all this means. For now, it's enough to simply realize that LIFE IS......and you are very much a part of it all."

~The Reconnections