"Preparation for Activation"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B

The 11:11 Activation is underway for the year 2012.  This is the balancing of polarities on both sides of the Veil.  There was a huge influx of balancing force centered around bring gender males into balance with their internal feminine (anima) energies---opening, letting go, receiving, nurturing.  This year there is a special emphasis on self-nurturing….doing those things, and surrounding yourself with those people who keep your soul warm, and fill your heart with wonder and peace. 

 The 12:12 Star Gate (12-12-12) signifies a completion, for the Mass Consciousness, of Old Energies, involving Masculine Dominance (over-thinking, over-reacting, over-emphasis on achieving and acquiring), with a correspondent RETURN TO BALANCE, where more and more individuals begin to enact a LIVE AND LET LIVE protocol in daily life.  In short, we’ll be seeing LESS STRUGGLE, more FLOW.  Sounds nice, yes?    

 Below are some guidelines for dealing with NEW ENERGY when it comes your way.  Each person will have his or her own approach to this process, but here are a few general rules I have gleaned from person experience, and sharing with others.    

When Spiritual Guides begin to enter the picture, a balancing may appear that brings all polarity configurations within a given dimension into a state of equalization. The Master Number "11," as I have said, is the number of the Cosmic Christ. It is Christ within us, living AS US. No longer is that energy assigned only to the sacred figure of Jesus, though it is not removed from him either. He comes as a brother, and we are all brother energies in the Oneself of All That Is.

The energy of 11:11 is a "one on one" balancing of energies on both sides of the Veil. The Reconnections speak about the Realms of the Seen, and the Realms of the Unseen. The colon, between the numbers, is a symbol for the Veil. In the human body, the human colon is a storage place for all those elements that have been judged as "useless" and "not self" by the filtration systems of that body. It is an alchemical laboratory of transformation, where substances are compacted and efficiently arranged for departure. Recon Carion tells us that many more activities go on there, that would be of great interest to us all--a discussion I will save for another article or transmission.

The future of the human race is NOW. The key to our future is NOW. The Now Moment a Power Element, a Redeemer, and a Multidimensional Vehicle that will steer us through many hard times in the days ahead. The 11:11 Energy enables a person to shake off attachments and judgments, so that a necessary neutral state can be attained, to enable us to move through the Portals.

Preparing for an "Anointing"

AALIGN your energies with Spirit. Give consideration to ALL thoughts going through you at the moment.  Deny NO THOUGHT admittance.  At the time of an anointing, ALL THOUGHTS have purpose and meaning.  Otherwise, they could not abide the energy surge.  Be as conscious as possible of feeling into each and every area of the body---even those that seem uncomfortable and mundane. Pay attention to what your body is inclining you to do.  There is no “chosen” position to be activated.  There are only the positions and actions towards which the body feels inclined.   

N---NOTICE the environment in which you find yourself at the time of activation. Where are you in space, in relation to key symbols, elements, or icons?  Is there a picture, a book, a momento, or a symbol which seems to JUMP OUT at you when you look around the room?  Notice that. And carry it with you into your Sacred Space within.   

O---OXYGENATE.  Begin breathing steadily and deeply. Keep it natural. Don’t be contrived. Breathe deeply, all the way in. All the way out.  If you’re practiced in Conscious Breathwork, following your intuition as to how many breaths you need to “lighten up.” If you’re a bit of a novice, stop at 20 breaths to start. Notice how much lighter you feel when your oxygenation is complete.

IIRRIGATE.  Drink plenty of fluids……before, during, and after your Visitation. Water is symbolic of “liquid crystal.” It is a necessary component of circulating, transmitting, and grounding New Energies into your expanding definition of self.   

N-NATURALIZE each level of experience you are having. Ground them all to yourself. No activation or “visit” is the same for everyone. This is no time for comparison. Rather, it’s a time for vicarious appropriation of ANY and ALL events and occurrences which come into your perceptual field. Is the person next to you experiencing a full-body orgasm?  Own that AS yourself, realizing that everything happens at its own perfect level, and in its own perfect manner and time.  Though it may be fun to say:  “I’ll have what she’s having…….”  NOW is the time to realize that SHE is YOU. Agony or Ecstasy……..it’s all part of the process. Receive each gift exactly as it is given. Lay aside the urge to question for some later time.    

T-TRUST that the intensity and duration of each Energy Activation is perfectly measured and assigned each person, according to need and individual itinerary in the World of Form. Expect many “aftershocks” to occur, following a major Worldwide Activation. There are times when the pulsing is so high and the vibrations so intense that your nervous system goes into a state of shock, which initially presents as numbness. If the Activation Time passes, and you don’t seem to ‘feel anything unusual,” trust that you will experience EXACTLY what happened when your ENTIRE CONSCIOUSNESS is able to fully receive it.     



Copyright, 2012 by Daniel Jacob.  All Rights Reserved.  May be copied and shared for purposes of research and personal growth.  All reproduction for profit requires written permission.