Prophets On The Loose

After all these years, I still want to be a Hebrew prophet when I grow
up, though this prophet thing is sticky.  Eliminating ego concerns means you
have to be honest with your ego wound and I'm not sure I'm willing to be
that honest.  Maybe the idea isn't to get rid of the ego but to let it
ripen on the tree.  Maybe someone comes along at just the right moment,
picks the ripe ones and eats them.  The collective organism produces the
prophet for its healing.  A Hebrew prophet might be useful just about now.
It's a difficult position, and no salary is attached, but the benefits are
attractive...and on a clear day you can see forever.

Terrorism is not a political problem requiring a military response, but a
medical problem requiring a therapeutic response.  Terrorism is another
name for codependence.   It is an emotional disease that takes root in the
ground of denial and fear.  The disease takes form around the degradations
that characterize mechanisms of denial and fear.  Terrorism follows the
course of any codependent pathology.  Without therapeutic intervention, the
prognosis is certain and catastrophic.

Terrorism is a global illness.  It is not the illness of some separate
group.  It cannot exist in one of us unless it exists in all of us
together.  Seeing it as someone else's disease is not only symptomatic of
the disease, but is also causative.  We cannot heal the disease in our
sibling.  We can only heal it in ourselves.  This is where the prophet
comes in.  The prophet is the therapist commissioned by God to manage the
illness as it infects the collective soul in each of us.  The collective
soul is God's terrain alone.

By lambasting the Jewish monopoly on the God of the wilderness revelations,
and delivering our prodigious Deity and the Gentiles into each other's
hands forever, the revolutionary genius from Nazareth softened God's image,
extended God's audience, and set in the hands of the next Hebrew prophet an
unusual power.  In the resolution of the Judeo-Christian discrepancy, that
power is fulfilled.  With the reconciliation of differences that press and
stretch our attachments to Messianic theory, dogma, and drama against a
wall of contention, that power is fulfilled.  In the resolution of the
sibling contest between Israel and the nations of Islam, the two children
of AbrahamSin the reuniting of the two Semitic brothers separated by wounds
of entitlement and privilege, inheritance and disinheritance, that power is
fulfilled.  For the sake of the resolutions, and in the name of that power,
I stand forward.

Most would rather keep their prophets safely pressed and bound in the pages
of the holy books where they can be properly restrained.  Free-roaming, up
and walking around, these prophets cause nothing but trouble.  Yet it is a
trouble that must periodically be riskedSfor ignoring the prophet, setting
no question at his feet is a greater risk.  If the prophet is false and no
inquiry is conducted, it counts the same as if the prophet were true and no
inquiry were conducted.  This oversight curses the generations and shortens
the life of the Earth.  Withholding inquiry is treachery.  Honoring not
life with the conduct of natural inquiry, not even God will confide whether
the prophet is true or false.  Until a question is asked, we are prisoners
of what we know, waiting to be released by what we don't.  Questions are
the only known doors into answers.  Falling in love with a question is
daring to become its answer.  Spirit is an ember, in eternity enduring,
waiting to be fanned and fueled to flame.  A question is the kindling.  Its
asking is the fanning.  Its answer is the flame.  With your questions,
bring the suffering.  God will confirm me with healing.

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