Another Transmission from The Reconnections

"The Physicality of Ascension"

My Dear Friends,

There are those among you who have expressed interest in some of the more "technical" aspects of the Ascension Process, especially in regards to their effect upon the physical body.  A reasonable request, at a very opportune time.  And so.... we begin. 

The mere mention of this term "Ascension" implies that some sort of change is underway.  But what will it be?  Are you going up, towards some celestial "ceiling".........or is that "ceiling" coming down to meet you?  We would suggest to you that BOTH statements are actually true.

To understand the Ascension, one must come into reasonable comprehension of the New Paradigm Principles of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality.  You are not one of many.  You are really MANY of ONE.  But that "One" has been fragmented into a panoply of possible/probable alternative "views" of Him/Her/ many as are needed to assist you in your explorations here in 3D space.  When in Separation Mentality, which is required (to some degree) if you wish to experience Third Dimensional Focus, you are led to believe in the existence of "self" in the presence of "others" they persons, places, objects, or situations.

The realization of Universal Oneness could easily challenge this belief, were it not for certain IMPLANTED Perceptual Constraints, buried deep within your subconscious---administrating Veils of Forgetfulness which hold you in position while each 3D journey unfolds. In other transmissions, we have referred to these implants as "seat belts."

As infants, you arrive......fresh from "the factory".......with a lingering memory of innate connectedness to everything and everyone.  You are free!  You are flowing. You are UNITED. But as the days wear on, your tender consciousness begins to deal with the FACT that things in 3D do not always respond to your commands the way they have at other densities of vibration.  Your "ride" at the amusement park has begun!  


As has oft been written:   "You are not human beings who have spiritual experiences.  You are really spiritual beings who are having a human experience. You come here from a State of Being where you can, literally, do or have ANYTHING---just by thinking it.  You come here to take a "vacation" from all that power---in the same way the CEO of a huge business conglomerate decides to take a week "off" and go work at a "Dude Ranch."  

You fret, you fume, you struggle, within whatever specific context of limitation  you install yourself.  All the while, you are having the time of your life (or lives)!  Though the Veil of Forgetfulness quite effectively hides this wry motivation from your conscious mind, you are really a bunch of Cosmic Houdinis, who secretly revel in the amount of handicaps that you can overcome.  

When you are done with life's journey, you return to your former estate, where you will, once again, take up the divinity that is your heritage, your birthright.  And my goodness!  What pictures you'll have to show your friends!"  (As you can tell, the Process of Fragmentation continues, at many levels of vibration)


Your experience of dwelling within a physical body represents a belief in your SEPARATION from everything and everyone around you.  You say:  "I am THIS, but "they" are THAT." 

The more comparison you seek, in your daily journey......the more you will focus on the idea of "you" versus "them."  The more harmonization or unification you seek, the more you will diffuse your viewpoint.......allowing your image of self to MERGE with all that is around you.........floating in a Virtual SEA of "REALITY ME".  When you have concluded that process, you can tighten your focus again....looking at life through the sense mechanisms of a singular body, in the presence of "other" singular bodies. 

By its very nature, 3D represents a fundamental DISTORTION of the truth.  It says to your mind:  "THIS is true, while THAT is not."  And your mind believes the premise, for a season.  The only ILLUSION that exists is your stated belief that what is seen, in any reality context, is ALL THERE IS that exists there. There is always more!  But the effective usage of Perceptual Veils allows a Traveler in Limitation to hide from perception everything except those ideas or themes to be explored.  In other words, you don't create your reality out of NOTHING.  You create it from the EVERYTHING that is already there, and then you pare back perceptions to include only what you wish to study, up close and personal. Everything else gets filtered out.    

Many today make mention of this idea known as: "self-image."  Others make reference to concepts such as "self esteem" or "self-hatre."  Some may even give you specific steps to follow, in order to turn "self hatre" into "self esteem."  It is all just a Game.  And we are not here to eliminate the fun you have with Limitation Games.  Rather, we come (at your request) to UPGRADE and EXPAND your "Game Formats," so you can amplify the fun several fold!


Each Reality Context is a virtual "Hall of Mirrors," illustrating for you ALL THAT YOU ARE, or HAVE BEEN across time and eternity.  Each life that unfolds before you is cut and pasted (to use your computer terminology) from a limitless gallery of alternative lives........ALL OF WHICH represent levels of ONE, SIMULTANEOUS, MULTI-FACETED LIFE.  Separated, divided by Veils. 

Do you see that man over there?  Do you notice his hands, his face, his hair?  Or that beautiful woman?  Or that comely child?  They are ALL fragments of the Oneself YOU who exists, across space and time.  They have come HERE, to this place, so you can experience them from a distance---to achieve a sense of PERSPECTIVE about the traits and qualities they wear. 

When you look down at YOUR hands, your feet, your physical being---there is the appearance that YOU and this man, woman, or child are separate.......distinct from each other.  But that is a perceptual "trick".......resulting from the implanted suggestion that these traits---embodied in your First-Person Vehicle---are YOU, while the other traits and characteristics are not.  And this "trick" will remain a governing principle in your life experience until such time as it is no longer required to facilitate the Life Journey you programmed, when you came into physical form. 

In the Multiverse, there are universes which honor and embody EVERY idea imaginable, and then some!  If you say that something is "true," there are a host of universes to embody that "truth" in every way it needs to be.  If you say something is "untrue," a host of universes will spring into your perception, exploring in detail how the elimination of that idea would change things in the world of your creation. Our Reconnections term for these "untruth" contexts of being is "Reality Boxes," and everyone creates them at one time or another. 


Many there are, at this time in your history, who are detail.......the exact appearance of this state called "Ascension."  They speak of Light Bodies, or Ascension Bodies, and compare them to the denser 3D Forms you now occupy.  Some imply that these dense forms will DISAPPEAR, or DIE, or BE TRANSFORMED---to be replaced with younger, better, more malleable Light Body Forms. And all these statements are TRUE, within the contexts of reality which honor them and need them to be true.  But once something exists, it ALWAYS exists. This means people, too. Every "stage" of your life is playing out, in its entirety, on a screen in some Multiversal Theater.  Cinema Multiplex.   

Many readers and listeners get irritated when they hear all this, because these Light Body descriptions always seem to project your FULL EXPERIENCE of Ascension off into some future date and place. A kind of  "pie in the sky, by and by." 

We tell you now that the Ascension State is something that always has been and always will be. Time is illusion, insomuch as it separates you from any part of the Singular, Multi-Faceted, Simultaneous NOW MOMENT which is your birthplace, your heritage. And yet, as we have said, illusion can be helpful. It can even be fun!  For example, the concept of Linear Flow implies that a particular series of events begins at a beginning, progresses through certain stages of development, and ends at the end.  And this is correct.  But it is also quite arbitrary.  To create the appearance of "flow," a Creator must pull various "snapshots" from a Limitless Gallery of All That Is......arrange them in a set order....then flip through them, like an animator might do to create the illusion of a cartoon.  If he or she wishes, those snapshots could be re-arranged, so past becomes future and future becomes past.  It's ALL true, exactly as you create it to be.

Many of YOU, who read this, are walking around in an Ascension State.  You PHASE SHIFT, regularly, between the God Self and your 3D Self.  It all happens in an instant, in the blink of an eye.  Or, at other times, you shift from one 3D Self to another---through usage of a certain type of perceptual "software," known as TRANS-PHYSICALITY.  When you do this, you don't go there as a foreign being.  We're not speaking about voyeurism here, at all.  Rather, you enter into that body AS SELF.......which clears your process of any "icky" vibes that could interfere with the sovereign experience of LIFE being lived at that level.

This can account for those unusual surges, moods, and sensations you often experience within some linear flow. Many of those sensations are actually PEOPLE you are putting on and taking coats in a department store. Some of you may see this happen, others may hear voices describe it from within, while still others experience as mere fluctuations of feeling.  The point is, it happens.  Why not tune into the process, and enjoy it while you can?    

Under usual circumstances, Fully-Conscious Trans-Physicality is reserved for those whose reproductive or competitive hormones have begun to wane.  Those who are nearing the prospect of concluding their Vacation in Limitation at one level, so they can re-focus into more Expanded Levels of Reality.  Your Children of the New Earth may exercise these abilities---in an Empathic Way----usually for purposes of healing and balancing of home environment or those who have contracted for them to assist in at some key point in their lives. 

The usage of Ascension Powers---in Separation Mindset, for personal gain or amusement---will always invoke the presence of a Guardian Spirit, who serves as sentry for these Expanded Powers.......lest you gain too much "control" at the Ego Level and terminate your "Vacation" prematurely.  The appearance of "Dark Forces" in a person's life is usually a sign that he or she has been playing around with Portals and Energies that are currently meant to be "off limits."  If you own this---realizing that your "Darkies" are bona fide aspects of the Grand Game, and they have their proper place---you can avoid getting tangled up in Separation Fears and Dogmas about these elements. 

In days to come, as seems appropriate, we will tell you more about the Ascension Body (or rather BODIES you now occupy). Would it surprise you to know that your consciousness actually leaps from body to body, several times per day?  You hop from one universe to the next, and your entire perceptual reality goes with you, save for those elements you are seeking to alter by making the shift.   

Did you ever wish you could forget the plot of a favorite movie, so you could go back to see it again and again?  That is the reason your Ego Self has been created, Dear Ones.  There are parts of you who KNOW, and there are parts who have temporarily FORGOTTEN.  And that latter state makes up the dimensions where you are like children, opening presents on Christmas Morning----laughing and excited---because you have laid aside the knowing that it was ALSO YOU who wrapped and put them there.

It's a mystery, we know.  But such a FUN mystery!  And it is for this reason that we tell you ONLY those things we are contracted to tell, at the times we are contracted to tell them.  To do anything more might SPOIL the Game.  We love you, we support you, we are always here.          

end transmission>

Channeled by Daniel Jacob


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