Parenting a Star Child

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


To honor the "child" within ourselves is the key.  Innocence, wonder, curiosity, energy, spontaneity, playfulness.  These are things that make life worth living.  Though we do need to exercise our "adult" order to function in society, to participate in commerce, and keep ourselves grounded---we must never forget WHY we're doing what we do. 

Our little ones continually remind us, just by their presence, that the Magical Child Within longs to express him or herself!  To explore, to dance, to sing, to be loved!  That's why I began this work---to reconnect with and honor my own
Magical Child Within. 

When my youngest son was about 10, I was a struggling single parent.  His mother had passed away after a long and serious illness, and I was doing my best to care for my boys, to make a living, and keep our family afloat. Sensing my fatigue and  discouragement, he said to me one day: 

"Dad........sometimes I wish you were a kid, and lived next door to me, so I could come get you and we could go play." 

Those words touched my heart in a way I'll never forget.  It took me several more years to realize what he was talking about, and how I might apply that in my life.  Even though our kids love to have us throw the ball with them, or get down on the floor and play "cars" or games.........they also know when we're doing what WE love, too. They know when we're honoring OUR OWN child within. 

There are some principles for learning/teaching that I have outlined in the article
"Educating the Educators."  You may want to review these ideas. 


Schools are necessary and good, but they never take the place of parental sharing and co-learning.  One of the keys to honoring our Children of the New Earth is to acknowledge that they have just as much to teach us as we have to teach them.  This is especially true of Star Kids, whose special gift to humanity is expanded intellect and seeing life from an aerial view. 

One thing a child can never hear enough, from parents and teachers is:  "I believe in you."   It's VERY important that they be given the benefit of the doubt, when they're telling us what they feel, what they need, and what they've come here to do.  To be a "parent," in this day and age............for a gifted child......means balancing the responsibility of advocating for them, within the system.........teaching them the "ropes" of how to access the system for themselves....... and encouraging them, at every turn, to be true to their own inner voice.

Parents of the New Kids have to let go of the idea that we always know what's "best."  We know what we know.  But there are so many things which we DON'T know.  And many of these New Kids have come here to help us learn. So humility is just as important as firmness...........when designing the basic "rules" which govern your home and your child's life.  If everyone doesn't
get a chance to "win" at times, then ALL will eventually lose. 

You still have the AUTHORITY to call the shots, because that's the way society is organized right now. Sooner or later, that authority needs to be shared with the children. It's better to do it sooner than later. Society doesn't have much time!  Earth Changes are upon us.  In many ways, our New Kids may prove wiser than we've ever dreamed possible. Plan for that.  Prepare for that. Allow for it, and you'll never be sorry.


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