(Through Shadow Work.........)


It is rare that a person will voluntarily make the journey into the Shadow Aspects of Self that is required to comprehend The Oneself. At least, it is rare that he would go in there consciously and willingly. Usually, moving into the Realms of Darkness requires that a soul be initiated with great pain, tremendous loss or deep sadness. It is these elements that have the power to puncture the Veil of Forgetfulness, thereby allowing the Shadow Aspects to appear.

For example, the movie STAR WARS opens with an encounter between Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobe, where the Old Master challenges his young student to join him in a quest to save civilization from control by the Evil Empire. At first, the youngster refuses, reasoning that he has better things to do with his time. He adds: "All that is so far from here, like in another world." It is only when Luke discovers that the Empire has executed his Aunt and Uncle, and destroyed their home, that he agrees to leave everything and learn the ways of The Force.

Part of the Jedi training is to enter "The Dark Side" and deal with what is there. In the early stages of his learning, Luke asks Master Yoda: "What is in there?" Yoda responds: "Only what you take with you."

As I write this (Late Winter, 2000), I have just come from a showing of the movie TITUS, starring Anthony Hopkins. It is modeled after the famous play TITUS ANDRONICUS by William Shakespeare. Those who think that our children are being "sullied by too much violence on TV," might do well to see the kind of violence our ancestors witnessed. This movie seems to begin where "Silence of the Lambs" leaves off!

The title character in this film is bombarded with grief and loss that would rock of the universe of any normal man. However, this man is far from normal. In fact, the more the grief is heaped upon him, the more he seems to rise in stature to dance among the Gods. It was during this viewing, and in the conversation after it, that I realized the incredible ascending nature of descent into Darkness.

Being Multidimensional, we Transitionals are blessed with a full spectrum of experience. Wherever we go within the Multiverse, we automatically implant fragments of ourselves in correspondent universes that balance the issues and themes we are exploring. For example, if we explore poverty in some contexts of reality, we will automatically create correspondent universes where in we are rich. If we explore lawlessness, then universes are instantly laid down where we are simultaneously exploring careers in Law Enforcement. You might think of this "balancing" as the Multiversal version of what we know as karma.

In TITUS ANDRONICUS, The title character reveals the effects that deep penetration by his suffering has had upon him. Though some would surely say that his misfortunes had driven him mad, Titus seems to declare that they have taken him beyond the threshold of mere human experience, clear into the Archetypal Realms. The diagnosis of "mad" may still be assigned to him, usually by a psychiatrist who does not have the nerve to follow him where he has chosen to go.

Carl Jung just might disagree. In fact, Jung felt that such experiences became gateways into a person's genius. In this regard, the words of Salvador Dali (the famous abstract artist) come to mind. Of himself he said: "The main difference between me and an insane person is that I am not insane."

In one scene of this play by Shakespeare, Titus has just witnessed the false accusation and execution of two of his sons, and he has learned of a merciless rape and attack upon his cherished daughter---an attack that resulted in both her hands being amputated and her tongue cut out. In a very stirring speech which perfectly illustrates the principles we are discussing here, Titus declares (upon examining the wounds of his daugher):

"It was my dear, and he that hath wounded her hath hurt me more than had he killed me dead; for now I stand upon a rock, environed with a wildnerness of sea, who marks the waxing tide grow wave by wave---expecting ever when some envious surge will in his brinish bowels swallow him.

This way to death my wretched sons are gone. Here stands my other son, a banished man, and here my brother---weeping at my woes. But that which gives my soul the greatest spurn is dear Lavinia, dearer than my soul. Had I seen thy picture in this plight, it would have madded me. What shall I do, now I behold thy lively body so?" (Act 3, Scene 1)

It is at the point described here that every man who suffers must inevitably make a choice. To fall into mere "madness" would mean that he had given up to a life of being interred in a mental institution---a life of medication and confinement. Titus prefers to use the pain rather than allowing it to consume him. As the jaws of rage and regret begin to close about him, the old man breaks through the Veil of his experience and pulls in Archetypal Powers to surround and support him. Knowing, on some level, that he is a Multidimensional Man, he calls upon the rest of his manifest "selves" and aspects of self to assist him in modulating and focusing the energy. He goes on to declare:

"If there were reason for these miseries, then into limits could I bind my woes. When heaven doth weep, doth not the earth o'erflow? If the winds rage, doth not the sea wax mad, threat'ning the welkin with his big-swoll'n face? And wilt thou have a reason for this coil?

I am the sea. Hark how her sighs doth blow. She is the weeping welkin, I the earth. Then must my sea be moved with her sighs, then must my earth, with her continual tears, become a deluge overflowed and drowned........" (Act 3, Scene 1)

Moving into Oneness, any man possesses the ability to summon whatever tools are necessary to deal with any situation. He is no longer LIMITED by the constraints of human reaction, within a vulnerable mortal body.

In other words..........why develop an ulcer, when you can avail yourself of THE FOUR WINDS to break forth with your angst? Why cry for years, when one good hurricane can blow our your grief forever?

Ah, but such practices belong to those who are ready to deal with the infinity that is at the center of their being. It could blow their "cover," and blast away their illusion of limitation. Then what would we all do for fun?

I'll close this some words from a poem I wrote back in the early 90s. (Gee that sounds like so long ago, doesn't it?) It's about gaining perspective about who we really are, as opposed to who we often think we are.

It goes:

Do not stand upon principles.

They could never be strong enough to hold you.

 Look, instead, to the energy itself.


Understand that, if something or someone holds dominion over you---

if you are now constrained and held tight so that you

cannot do what you will---

It is a good and a just thing that you are there.


That darkened face of momentary power,

unknowing and unfeeling, shall keep you and feed upon you---

though it knows not who you are.


And you shall be held---innocent and suffering---



Therefore, take this time to languish still a little while longer.

Cast away your power to the four corners of the Earth.

Let it rant and cry out and claim dominion---

while you rest a bit in this weakness.


Let it be THERE instead of HERE.

For once it is HERE---it will NEVER AGAIN depart.

And those who THINK they know are MISTAKEN.


There is no boasting in the Sun or in the Rain.

There are no idle claims to wealth or power.

Only faithful and appropriate dispatch.


But, in-between the showers or the noonday heat,

we can still enjoy this hour of peace and security---

distinct from what we were, and are, and yet shall be.


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