with Daniel Jacob

(Teleclass Event)

January 19, 2005.    6pm PST.

What does it mean to be a Channel for Spirit?  Is it as mystical as everyone seems to imply?  Is Channeling a sacred "gift" that is bestowed only upon a few?   Could YOU find it in yourself to bring through relevant spiritual information, right from your own, personal connection to Source?  

In this brief overview session, Daniel and the Reconnections will take you on a journey through some of the basic aspects of a powerful modality for healing that is now expanding on Planet Earth.  We will share some personal stories of our coming together, in 1991, as well as an expanding process of DAILY COMMUNION that has taken place in the last 13 years. 

In a very real sense, all of us are channels, even though only a few will admit it.  The "hype" of media and movies seem to emphasize the drama and excitement of being on the "cutting edge," but they downplay the daily sweetness and warmth that can grow out of a connection with Spiritual Guides, Teachers, and Companions.  

Come with questions, although we can't promise to answer them all.  Bring them anyway.  What is said on the phone is only one level in which these issues will be addressed.  By showing up, you are saying to the Universe:  "I'm here.  I'm interested. And I feel ready."  The inner creative self responds when a person speaks in this way, and means it.  If you are shy, e-mail your question(s) and we'll include them in a possible mix for discussion during the event. 

These are powerful times.  Spirit is in motion, all over the planet.  If you haven't felt completely *enlisted,* during this time of transition, this event may be an excellent way for you to connect up and get to work.   

Space is limited.  There can only be 30 on the Bridge Line.  At a set time, you call a number we will give you (long distance charges will apply, from your long-distance carrier), and you'll be hooked up to a Bridge Line (great term, eh?) so we can all speak together.  It's really fun.  We look forward to having you with us!

To register, contact Nina at (425) 889-7447, or write to .