"The Next Level,  Part 6"


A Study of Activation, Evolution and Discovery of Personal Power

Facilitated by Daniel Jacob

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COMINGS AND GOINGS. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this present age is our ability to create our very own "Dance" of Personal Expansion.  And everyone knows what that entails: Three steps forward, two steps back, two steps forward, one step back.  Dosey Doe, round and round and round we go. Circle Dance, spin 'em all around, pick them up and swing 'em to the ground.......


A key factor about being a Bridge Person, between This Level and The Next Level, is our ability to traverse the portals with a sense of fluidity, grace, and speed.  For the most part, we set our internal perceptual mechanisms so we don't  traumatize the emotional body too much when we come and go (at least most of us do). We screen the majority of our memories about the event---leaving only whatever "new" piece of "evidence" we wish to integrate into our Now Moment Self-Concept.  Everything else we let play out around us in the form of "other people," who have interesting lives and conflicts, which are separate from our own life (or so we lead ourselves to believe).  And let's talk about that for just a moment, okay?   



For as long as I have been integrating Reconnections Teaching, I've used the expression "A Bug in a Bottle" to describe being in physical space with some shadow aspect of myself who my emotional side refuses to admit into evidence as a facet of "me."  I may be able to do it all intellectually, but at some particular moment of time I just can't seem to do it emotionally as well.  So my 3D universe builds a partition between the Daniel Me and whatever "specimens" of "Other Me" I seem to encounter.

The last time I wrote about this, I had one dear friend come up to me and ask:  "So.....Am I a Bug in a Bottle to you?"  (ahem!)  Time to do some fast talking, methinks!  I told her not to worry. Shadows can be traits we despise (dark shadows)......but they can also be traits we ADORE but cannot believe we could ever be.  Those are referred to as Golden Shadows.  What makes them "shadows" is the fact that we have forgotten they are us, or we've constructed emotional walls to keep us from letting that knowledge all the way in.

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Truthfully, anyone who isn't INSIDE your skin in any 3D context is (technically) a "bug in a bottle" to you. The "subject" is contained by skin (a bottle).......even as you also are contained.......and you get to dance together in a somewhat dissociated fashion, so that observations and assertions can be formed about life from each viewpoint.  Without this sense of contrast, no distinctions can be made, and 3D is all about distinctions.  Both "beauty" and "the beast" exist simply as flip sides of the same one coin.  As they say........"It's all in the Eye of the Beholder."  

Can you just picture it?  Just like in those "Frankenstein" movies of old, there are technicians with lab coats and clip boards walking all through our collective consciousness---taking notes, making adjustments to "formulas" which are being fed to "subjects"........and each of us can have our own version of it.........a laboratory, complete with rats, cages, hypodermic needles.......the whole nine yards.  

This all seems preparatory for a time when OUR ENTIRE UNIVERSE will be able to climb inside this "skin" of ours, and we'll all FIT beautifully.  But for now, we tend either to be "bugged" by each other (and therefore separated) or we fascinate each other no end. 

Speaking of of having someone "inside your skin"...........my friend Mark in Alaska is a Dream Walker.  Many people on the Recon Forum are Dream Walkers and Dream Healers too.  The other day he and I were imagining a Dream Game wherein all the inhabitants visit  this Great Hall (probably in Chehala), and we all take off our skins and throw them in the middle of the floor.  Then.......in the spirit and energy of a Halloween Party, we try on each other's skin, just to see what life looks like from inside there. Interesting, huh?  Some call it "hot".......others call it "weird!"  I like to think of it as just one of the exciting possibilities that are there for us to explore at The Next Level!     


I've been sharing lately about the importance of being Heart-Centered in regards to the challenges that are now before us in the realm of Politics and Human Government.  Indeed, staying "centered in the heart" is important in all facets of life.  I'd like to take a moment to expand a bit on that now. 

If you look at the diagram above, you'll notice that the heart chakra (green) is the meeting place between the "grounding" chakras of our body (1-3) and the "pilot self" (5-7).  The difference between those two sides of the Meta-Human brain are explained in the Spiritual Gifts Transmissions. And if you are unfamiliar with the concept of chakras, you may want to take a moment and go HERE for a nice overview.  For purposes of this study, I will be speaking about "dimensions" and "chakras" of the Planetary Body as being similar aspects of the same ONE BEING---with chakras involving themselves in the administration of energy within a "body" or structure, and dimensions representing the measurement or parameters for that which is being explored.     


The first three chakras are focused on instinct, survival, sensation, discovery, desire, ownership and control.  At the child stage, we experience dependency and we strive for autonomy.  At the pre-teen and teen stage, we move from autonomy to socialization (or not, as the case may be!).  And at the adult stage, we move from random socialization (play) to leadership, commitment, and shared responsibility (collaboration, co-creation, and dominion). 

The evolution from primal (animal) consciousness to CIVILIZATION can seem as blurred or as clear as the minds of those who make the journey.  And the boundaries and definitions for each level vary widely depending on where in the world we reside.  When we are in pure Tribal/Nationalistic Mindset, the world appears to be nothing more than a set of boundaries, over which we do battle........using either words or guns.  When Jesus said "you cannot serve both God and Mammon (money and possessions)"....he was informing us that, before we can evolve beyond a simple WILL TO POWER.....we must have a genuine, honest-to-goodness "quickening" of our energy, which opens us up to CARING and COMPASSION.  For some, this requires great suffering.  For others, it feels like an infusion of pure love!  It all depends on how attuned a person is to RECEIVING and BEING SEEN during the time an infusion is scheduled.  The primary focus of the Heart Space is LOVE AND COMMUNION.  I'll say more about that in a moment.     


The upper three chakras are focused on expression, sharing, listening, observing, comprehending, understanding, knowing, and being.  The higher we focus in the body, the more we ascend into a TOWER of intellect, knowledge, expansion, and energetic diffusion.  The lower in the body we focus, the more we descend into a BASEMENT (literally a PIT) of sensation, passion, intensity, and concentration. 

The art of "ascending" and "descending" are natural parts of a 3D Journey.  Some metaphysicians describe this in terms of going up and down stairs. That's one of the primary reasons we come into physical form---to learn how to perform this with grace and ease. 

If we go too much into one "side" of the perceptual spectrum, to the exclusion (forgetting) of the other, the quality of our experience suffers. However, that doesn't prevent the Oneself from using "extremes" to our collective advantage. Each trip to the "Tower" or the "Pit" a person takes can become an activation and instruction to many other persons who happen observe the process.  Indeed, we are all MIRRORS for each other.  And that is a beautiful thing.  And again........how we look at something (the angle at which we observe it) plays a huge part in how life appears to us.   


Whether a person goes UP into expanded intellect or DOWN into focused passion, there is a need for a counterpart to "anchor" him or her so the physical-emotional vehicle is not lost.  It's almost like hanging onto someone's belt as he climbs down into a pit.  We've already seen those scenarios played out in Atlantis and Lemuria. 

We've all heard stories about the "Absent-Minded Professor" who forgets to eat because he's so absorbed in what's going on in his laboratory.  If he doesn't have a faithful wife or daughter to knock on his door with a dinner tray, his housekeeper most-likely will assume the duty. And we've also heard about lovers who become so absorbed in the radiant limerance of each others' company that they forget they have friends (until their friends begin to vehemently protest). 

The expression "to have and to hold" speaks, not only to the mutual co-ownership of two partners in a marriage--but also to a mandate we establish, through pre-incarnate Soul Contracts, for one "side" of the spectrum to HOLD ONTO the other side so that life remains vibrant and in tact.

That0 experience we often refer to as a "heart attack" comes about when one or more "chambers" of the heart are blocked, so our WHOLE HEART can't function properly.  This analogy does not just apply to the human body.  There are many kinds of "hearts" in the world, and humanity regularly experiences a wide array of "attacks" that are designed to quicken and instruct the minds and emotions of those who are involved with them. This principle is nicely illustrated in the Reconnections Transmission "Open-Heart Mergery," which was brought through shortly after the events which transpired in New York City on September 11, 2001.         

I once read that what many people think of as a "breakdown" is actually a "breaking UP" of certain life patterns that no longer serve the individual who experiences the shift.  I heartily concur. The fact that certain relationship agendas or personal responsibilities must fall by the wayside during these "shake-ups" usually turns out to be incidental to the process.  If a Soul Self elects to initiate a "breakdown" in the life of a traveler, there is always a reason behind it, even if that reason doesn't become apparent until some time afterward. 

Our world is currently "under construction" in so many ways it makes my head spin.  The apologetic declaration "pardon our dust" seems to be all over my world at this point.  My own office here in Washington, for example, sits right across the street from the newly-being-constructed Northwest Offices of Google, Inc.  There are flag men and worker's cars parked all over the place---jamming up traffic and generally making my logistics for doing business a total pain!  But afterwards, my Associates and I will have all those Google Peeple, to De-Stress from their multi-level expansions of commerce.........so we must make sacrifices!  And that's what it's about now, isn't it?  Growth, IN PROCESS, and lots and lots of dust! 

Our collective and individual "ascension" into expanded consciousness needs to be be grounded and potentiated by a corresponding "descent" into sensory awareness as well.  We don't leave 3D behind, like caterpillars dropping a cocoon.  That's Old Paradigm thinking. The energies who inhabit the upper three dimensions/chakras (5-7) are eagerly peering into their microscopes, examining what their "Descended Master" Counterparts are up to.  Meanwhile, the "Descended Ones" either crave or shun the "examination" process---opting to co-operate and learn or rebel and burn (with seemingly unquenchable desire).  Or, they train their telescopes and look upward, into the heavens.  Mirrors, looking into mirrors, with more mirrors. 

The idea that "Ascended Masters" are reaching down to give us a "hand up" is a product of SEPARATION, of forgetfulness and projection of power away from center......just as the idea that "Devils or Demons" are seeking to "pull us down" is also projection.  No one has control of our power except WE, OURSELVES.......though it may appear that way if we have forgotten our Oneness with Everything and Everyone and have declined as yet to awaken to full power and authority as Creators of our own Experience.

Those who articulate and explore the idea that Great Minds from Above are shaking their heads in frustration at the stubborn willfulness of humanity typify the Separation Mindset that is still in operation at ALL LEVELS of the planet at this time.  When GOD sends his "wrath" towards Earth---in a Great Flood (an outpouring of em-ocean), or an Ice Age (a freezing of emotion), or a Fiery Holocaust (explosion of emotion)--we are witnessing the reactions of a Separated Being, opting to BREAK HIS MIRROR rather than receive and finally integrate the reflection of SELF that it brings.  Isn't the very idea of DEATH a picture of this?  We say:  "I'd rather die than become _______________."  It is the defined work of the Christ Consciousness on Earth to BRIDGE THAT GAP between a Holy God and a Sinful Humanity.......and even more.......to also reconnect a FALLEN GODHEAD ASPECT who has been called Devil, or Satan, or Lucifer. 

So here we are.....dancing on the Edge of Infinity.......with Shadow Figures appearing all around us.  Comings and Goings.........from Heaven, from Hell, above us, below us, and all points in between: Space Ships, Chupracabra, Bigfoot, Viruses, Bacteria, Faeries, Elves, Devas, Angels, Demons, Saints and yes......even Google Peeple.  You name it, we've got it here in the Reconnection Universe.  And the HEART CENTER is the place where it all comes together. 

The idea of COMMUNING with one another does not mean CONTROLLING one another.  That's the beautiful part about living in the Heart.  We experience each other, we observe, we feel into each other........and then we bow respectfully and let things be.  Occasionally, if we feel brave, we even allow folks to SPONSOR US for a visitation to new and exotic places, which have always seemed like shadows to us.  Remember that Game I spoke about, where we try on each other's bodies?  That's the ticket. It all serves as an initiation into expanded consciousness, nothing more. If are part of the ONESELF, we remain a part of the Oneself forever!  The Darkies won't have us because we carry an innate lumenence that never completely goes away.  The Light-Brights won't have us because we feel "tainted" by the scent of secret desire and longing for adventure.  And so we remain, forever.......walking between the worlds.  And isn't that a GRAND place to be, by the way?

We're here, we're there, we're everywhere and nowhere.  NOW HERE, here and now........on and on.  Stay tuned.  There is more to come.  There is ALWAYS more to come, isn't there? 



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