"The Next Level,  Part 5"


A Study of Activation, Evolution and Discovery of Personal Power

Facilitated by Daniel Jacob

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The Reconnections on "Magnetic Pole Shifts"


BEING. It's something that happens within the Core Self, then ripples out in all directions.  Until now, there has been a belief that one cannot learn "being" until he stops DOING all of the time.  Now we are discovering that BEING is constantly present, even when our 3D self is running fast and doing, doing.  With every breath we take, with every tick of our heart, expanded consciousness "blips" in and out, between alternative universes. The Reconnections refer to this as Syncopation Multiverse. 


For every frame of "doing" that goes past our internal projector, a sub-frame of "being" dances along in time. That milli-moment of alternative awareness is spent so quickly that only a few ever notice it's gone.  It is as though our action self pauses, like an artist with a brush, pondering his work....before approaching the easel with another stroke.  All this happens in reverse, too--if we switch sides of the brain---breathing deeply, closing our eyes, floating peacefully in pure sensation. A milli-point of our attention keeps moving, constantly moving....to align us with the continuous motion of life going on all around us.     


"Be still and know that you, too, are God." 


For every "toggle" between doing and being, there are other "toggles" going on between other polarities--whatever components are needed to create the desired experience.  Thinking/Feeling, Giving/Receiving, Waking/Sleeping.........on and on it goes. They are technically called "Phase Shifts," but when they happen at this many levels at once, the Guides refer to them simply as "toggles."        


"A" is for "action"........ "B" is for "being."  One is not better than the other. They both need each other to make a whole person. They interlock, like pieces in a grand puzzle. 

See the overlap in the picture above?  It is the point of Reconnection.........the ONENESS JUNCTION for those very individuated elements or being states!  We see this concept expounded in detail, in the Recon Transmission called "Vortex Merkaba," where the star tetrahedron figure is a perfect illustration for the junction of form and void.....chaos and order.......and so much more. 

When you look at the star, you can see a space at the middle, which looks like "home plate" on a baseball diamond.  This "overlap" space is the Reconnection Universe.......the Grand Junction of alternative energies as they move in and through each other.  Notice that this Core Essence simply IS, as it positions itself at that place of joining.  It's like the "eye" of a hurricane---quiet and still amid those swirling winds around it.  An eye that forever watches.  An eye that forever KNOWS.   

Sometimes, the most powerful thing an individual can do about anything is NOTHING.  Instead of acting something out, or taking action upon it---he simply BECOMES the situation at hand.  He takes on ALL OF IT.  In this way, he can view things from behind the eyes of those involved. This takes time.  And it also takes an unusual sense of perspective.



People frequently approach the Guides with questions about what life will be like when the Ascension is over.  What is ahead for all of us?  One fellow in Britain recently asked if the Guides thought he would go to his own special "Nirvana" when the Ascension is complete.  Here is what they told him in response: 

"The Ascension process is never over.  Expansion continues at an infinite number of levels, forever.  There is no destination to this process we are in.  There is only the JOURNEY.  You won't be going to Nirvana, you will BECOME Nirvana......and you will also become so much more.  Imagine a map of England..........look at the cities, the shops, the stations, the hillsides.  Then, put a picture of YOUR FACE on that map.  See the British Isles as YOUR BODY, your soul.  As with any map, you can ZOOM IN or ZOOM OUT on any part of it, or you can relax and let the WHOLENESS of that Oneself fill your senses.  When that ceases to be intimidating and new, back up and take a look at a map of Europe.......and the whole process begins again.  This is a tone of possibility you carry within you now.  We are giving it to you as a blueprint, but you will never really appreciate it until you allow in ALL of your emotional body.  That part of your journey is usually delayed (inhibited) when you are younger........because you need time to assimilate the mental "software" for processing all this without blowing yourself up. You are now ready to add back in your whole emotional self.  You've never really known it in its entirety. Take this one step at a time......beginning with little things........daily things.........and let your feelings be your guide.  When it all seems like "too much," turn off the mechanism..........(you can do this simply by declaring "that's enough for now"), and let your emotional body lead you to where you need to go to replenish yourself.  Trust the wisdom of this inner rhythm between "doing" and "being."  Be confident about its truthfulness, and it will never lead you astray.  <end excerpt>


You all remember Teresa, our Yogini Poetess for The Next Level?  She has been expounding again, and I must say that her words feel like magic at this point in the journey.  As we were collaborating on a project involving some body/spirit changes in a young Star Kid in the midwest, Teresa began spontaneously describing for me how her years of body awareness and yogic practice have shaped the way she relates to her daily journey.  On the topic of BEING, it seems very fitting that I share some of that with you now. 

"To understand me.......you must understand how my body leads in the dance of my life..."

"My experience of inner communication and decision is different from many people. My stop at the Grand Central Station of Transformation would be the end of the line, serving a spa town: a place of rest and rejuvenation. There are tubs of winter roses on the platform, a cedar log fire in the waiting room and the best hot chocolate in the world. I have one voice in my head at a time. Usually, it is my regular speaking voice. Often, these days, it is composing 'Letters to Daniel'. At other times, it is the voice of a thesis, a website or message board posts. It contemplates. It is focused, one-pointed. This is called Dharana in yoga. It is my everyday, mundane-sacred voice, too.
The way my body moves as I go about my day is to do many things at once. I'll do half the washing up, then start a letter, run a bath and make a drink- whatever I feel like doing. Then I'll go back to things as and when. At the end of the day, the washing up is done or in the dishwasher, the letter is written or in process, and I have eaten and bathed. Often, unless I have an appointment, my body will get dressed, pick up the car keys, and then by the time it takes me to get my coat, I realize that we., 'my body and I,' are going out!  It feels like an adventure. And that's when I get to meet people at the beach, or see someone I need to see. My body is a hotline to that part of me that has an overview- the part in the helicopter that can see the clear path and all the other players. In surrendering to my body's urges, I can hear my overview self coming through my internal walkie talkie without static.


The thoughts come in from my Over Soul, from the Elohim, from the Creator through my silver cord. My brain does not 'think' or direct. (It is a switching station. It coordinate signals, or information exchange, between the many different parts of my body. It interprets the data coming in from my sensory input mechanisms.) In this respect, I cannot 'discipline' my thoughts. I can watch them, accept them and act out on the ones that stimulate me to do so when the time is right. I enjoy my thoughts. Sometimes they flow in pure and harmonious. Sometimes they flow in violent and bloody. I do not judge them. They are what they are.
When I am conscious of my body, a voice of knowledge speaks- this voice has deeper tones than my everyday thoughts voice. It is this wise voice I hear on waking, too. Someone asked me the other day, "What do you see when you look at me?" My response was to stand very still and notice what my body was doing. I noticed that I had one hand on the back of my neck and one on my belly. Then the deep toned words came: "a pain in the neck." and I felt something like fear or excitement. I said this and he told me he had arthritis in his neck and that he was feeling both afraid and excited about what I was going to say.
I have explored the theme of emotional abuse in this lifetime. This is why I have never attracted a man who could love. All the men in my life have been 'asleep' unable to touch or feel. In my 'last' lifetime, I explored the theme of physical, sexual abuse. This lifetime, apart from medical practitioners and parents hitting me when I was little, I have never been physically abused. This lifetime was a lifetime to process sexual/emotional abuse from other lifetimes without this physical body ever having been raped. (Even in fantasy, that werewolf, who did not smell right and was unclean, never did get to tear out my throat.)
This is my 'slice of the pie'. These energies have to be transmuted. Every niche in this creation has to be filled. Everything has to be resolved at the end of the end times. Everything that I am not fulfilling is being fulfilled by an aspect of me somewhere." <end excerpt>


Look closely at this picture.

"Things are not always what they seem.  They are at least that, but they are frequently so much more......"  

~The Reconnections.


Having addressed the Visionary Aspect of becoming everything and everyone (in philosophical terms), we moved on to discuss the idea of letting go of our need to understand things before we allow ourselves to experience what's happening.  The reason for this is simple. In the time it takes for the conscious mind to look over a blueprint of the situation and give a stamp of approval for it, the energy has already sped past us and we are onto something else.  In my book, Teresa is 100% right on.  Let the body do what it does.  The conscious mind is not here to govern things, so much as to NOTICE what's going on and seek to integrate that with all the other factors that are also in play in that moment. There is a time for will-power in human existence. And its proper function involves mediating between desire and circumstance, so that a win-win situation can be accomplished for both.  The British refer to this process as "sorting things out."  I like that terminology.  

Conscious "splits" are happening all over the place at this time.  We're moving from a Separationist Mindset to a State of Oneness.  There will be times when our internal landscape will feel like a train wreck---with bodies and machine parts scattered all over the place.  We'll want to do this, but we'll also want to do that.  Lots of loose ends, with no resolution in sight.  So be it.  The ego's job is just to notice it all, and let the chips fall where they may.  In each circumstance, there will be very definitive things that the body will want to do in response to what's happening.  And what's really helpful to know is:  the body doesn't lie.  It simply responds, with honesty and forthrightness---just like children and animals do.  The other parts of us get to have a say, too.......but the body plays a big part in balancing everything out.  It is our attempts to gain CONTROL over our body, or some physical situation (at the ego level) which tend to hang everything up. 

The ego level was not designed to control things.  It's too "slow" for that!  Ego was designed to notice and play along with certain "story plots" that have been initiated at more expanded levels of Self.  It represents the Oneself Child, who gets to open presents on Christmas morning, and be surprised.......having completely forgotten that it was WE who put them there in the first place. 


Remote Viewing is a science that grew out of certain remnants of ancient knowledge which came to light "officially" during the Reagan Years, while humanity was still steeped Old Paradigm thinking.  It is inspired by insights gained through experiences with Astral Travel---insights which made it possible for trained "viewers" to observe "targets" existing in "other locales" without having to go there.  As with everything born of a Separationist Mindset, the technique was immediately employed by various branches of the Government, for military purposes and for spying.  And it only makes sense, yes?   Once a person climbs out of his "skin," and begins looking around in the world, our whole issue of personal and national security gets activated, big time. 

REMOTE BEING moves all this experimentation from Separationist Mindset into the Heart of Reconnection.  It is a vital component for living at The Next Level.  We've already learned, through our study of ETs, that we cannot "see" something and not "be" that something we're seeing.  The two go hand-in-hand.  To "see" God is to BE God.  Moses must have realized that, on some level, which is why he huddled in the cleft of a rock while the Ten Commandments were being written in stone up on Mt. Sinai. 

When a person "sights" a UFO, it is an aspect of his EXPANDED SELF he is encountering.  What makes the object "unidentified," is that viewer's lack of willingness to say:  "Hey!  Look at ME up there!  I'm flying!" 

Full Inter-dimensional Contact cannot take place until our "insides" become willing to reconnect with what we see "outside"---all those people and things who we didn't allow into our "reality box." Anything still held to be "out there" is just a paranormal encounter, a wake-up call to entice us INWARD, so we can finally get in touch with levels of self who are calling us HOME, calling us to come out of hiding, and learn to play in a whole new sandbox!

'Inch by inch, I have reclaimed the spectre-haunted swamp within. I gave birth to my infinite being, but I had to wrench myself out of me with forceps............"

~from "The Disquiet," byFernando Pessoa

The Process of Reconnection requires TRUST, as well as a healthy measure of CURIOSITY.  People usually won't go there until they are completely and thoroughly bored with "normal" life in 3D.  This is why this level of interact is usually entrusted to children and those whose intellect isn't so guarded and "secured" against the infusion of something new and unusual. 

The old concept of "going out of body" is soon to become obsolete.  That is because in Oneness, there is no more "out."  There are only varying "levels" of visitation and exploration within the same, One Self.  The "Next Level," about which we have been speaking, is a CONVERGENCE OF EXPERIENCE.... where forgotten knowledge and spirit essence intersects with physical sensation to form a HOLODECK, of sorts....a playground that is very real, very true to the senses---yet malleable, to meet humanity's ever-changing needs and agenda as we continue to expand in awareness.    

BEING is never-ending, it is always on the move!  Yet.......at its most basic levels, it remains the same. Because life is made up of so much more than the basics, our journey continues..........on and on forever!  Perfect love, perfect moments, perfect situations, perfect days.  AAhhhhhhhhhhhhhh................... 


"I am satisfied . . . . I see, dance, laugh, sing;
Trippers and askers surround me,
People I meet . . . . . 
My dinner, dress, associates, looks, business, compliments, dues,
The real or fancied indifference of some man or woman I love,
The sickness of one of my folks -- or of myself . . . . or
ill-doing . . . . or loss or lack of money . . . . or depressions or exaltations,
They come to me days and nights and go from me again,
But they are not the Me myself.

Apart from the pulling and hauling stands what I am,
Stands amused, complacent, compassionating, idle, unitary,
Looks down, is erect, bends an arm on an impalpable certain rest,
Looks with its side-curved head curious what will come next,
Both in and out of the game, and watching and wondering at it."

~Walt Whitman.



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