"The Next Level,  Part 4"


A Study of Activation, Evolution and Discovery of Personal Power

Facilitated by Daniel Jacob

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The Reconnections on "Magnetic Pole Shifts"


DREAMS.  Now there's another concept to examine as we continue on our way to the Next Level.  Activations in the Dreamscape make up a huge piece of what's going on with humanity now.  Some make reference to Personal and Planetary Grid Work as "Working Out on the Bridge" (the Bridge Across Consciousness).  Others speak about it in terms of "Building a Crystal City."   In a recent Reconnections Transmission, our Multiversal Transit Process process was explained, using the analogy of Space Shuttles, making tours through the Multiverse.  The metaphors are not that important. What's crucial to know is:  there's more happening than meets the eye!  


Our last series, "Out of Our Heads, Into Our Senses" , carried a strong infusion of feminine energy.  It was focused on learning to expand our feeling sense and allowing in awareness (including pain) from another channel than mere logic.  From what I have seen so far in my journey, the feminine side tends to process sensorial awareness through a grid of RELATIONSHIP---with our bodies, with the Earth, with families, lovers, friends......and, of course, with our children. 



Our masculine side carries more of a Hunter-Gatherer essence.  Masculinity has a high interest in adventure, a hunger for EXPERIENCE. Variety is the spice of life (at this level), even though masculinity also appreciates regularity, ritual, and comfortable surroundings.  The masculine sees these elements as a resting space--as rejuvenation---to clear our sensory "palette" for another heaping helping of adventure! 

This series is meant to balance the last one.  But we cannot replace sensorial awareness with mere adventure.  Our purpose here is to amplify, focus, and sustain sensory connection with BOTH SIDES of our Collective Being as we move through these next phases of our transformation. You might call this a "survival kit" for the heart, as our species moves steadily towards 2012. 


If the feminine aspect is beguiled into bringing her gifts and special focus into connection with someone who doesn't care much about relationship, she grieves.  If the masculine is beguiled into supporting an ongoing relationship, with no prospect for future discovery and adventure, he leaves (either inwardly or outwardly). 


If these descriptions don't quite fit you or people you know, it's because we're speaking here about purely feminine or purely masculine traits.  Most people who encounter this material are HYBRIDS---mixtures of masculine and feminine energy---mingled together to produce unique "recipes" of energy, so they can accomplish what they came here to do.  In the Reconnection Universe, HYBRIDISM is where it's at.  "Pure" elements are revered and observed with interest.  When I see a "pure" element enter my space, I perk up and watch with interest.  Such beings are "bugs in a bottle" to me, as I probably am to some of them!   


Hybridism.  The Wave of the Future.  It was once written:  "No man can serve two masters.  He will either love the one and hate the other......or he will love the other and hate the one."  But nowhere in that writing does it say that two masters cannot serve that one man!  What if all the polarities in the world decided to LEAN INWARD.......focusing the best of their best elements and gifts into the heart of ONE COLLECTIVE BEING........manifest as an Amazing Planetary Oneself? 


Would that be great or what?  In regards to God and the Devil, one might call such a universe as "The Beast of the Blessed" and the "Best of the Beast." 





I did an exposition on Dreams recently for the articles section of www.thestarchildren.com.  People have been writing to me from many parts of the world, talking about amazing Off-Planet Encounters they're having.  One dear friend referred to hers as "more than dreams."  In my original study of dreaming, back in the late 80s and early 90s, I became especially fascinated with Lucid Dreams---visions attained during conscious rest (mind awake, body asleep) which became so real and compelling that we often have to install a figure in the dream to announce:  "Oh, and by the way, this is only a dream."  


In the "Dreaming" Sector on the Recon Site, I point out that one of the primary purposes of dreaming is to provide another buffer between 3D activities and alternative realities.  When we allow ourselves to "go out"......meeting special beings and doing things that seriously bend our idea of what life should be--we need a BRIDGE to get us back into normal 3D mindset.  The declaration: "Oh, this is only a dream......." provides such a bridge, just as turning on the lights in a movie theater tends to snap people out of their "movie trance state" and return them to waking reality once again. 


In truth, ALL levels of being are "real".......though all of them may not be completely relevant to what we wish to explore in our Now.  So certain things are forgotten, or put on some "shelf" somewhere, until we are ready to deal with it again.  What separates consciousness at all these levels is the density at which people and objects vibrate.  If you reviewed the Dream Sector, and missed the Recon Transmission "Imagination: The Golden Key," you may want to check it out now.  It's a great foundation for journeying to The Next Level! 





Telani Aurora, living now in Australia, is one of our best Dream Reporters.  She regularly keeps me posted about Inner Journeys she has taken, and the fascinating new tones she is integrating as she goes along.  One of her specialties is working with the Dark Side.  In one of her accounts to me awhile back, she shared:


Of Angels and Demons........

"Daniel, I want to tell you what I believe about this whole Angel/Demon issue. They are truly one and the same thing, as strange as that may seem. Every time I tune in I get invited to attend 'The Great Angel Experiment' in the sense that what I see there seems to be planned to emphasize in some way this dual Universe we stepped into, an opportunity for us to focus on two contrasting extremes as a reflection of our own inner separation---our own need to experience light and dark as opposing forces. I'm thinking now of that wonderful classic "The Dark Crystal", where the two races were really One Race being split apart.

My son is having all these dreams about personal power often with his dark side and light side present. Last night it all had to do with his gift to call up the ocean and bring in a tsunami. I believe he is a very powerful soul who has used Source in many ways across time, for the betterment of others as well as for his own gain. His dreams are as vivid as mine and I can see that he also has the gift of sight which one day he could develop outwardly if he so chose. He has been exploring it lately , this ability to effect his world around him and says to me that he can focus on someone dropping something and it will happen. I used to play with my gifts when younger although he is doing it more consciously at a younger age than I did. I don't see any harm in this as long as he understands that we are not here to harm others by our actions and that using personal power to 'control' those around us is not appropriate with an awakening unified consciousness. I have an impish side so I too like to play with magic sometimes but I do it less these days as I realize that "rippling effect" principle.

I had a fascinating dream yesterday where I found myself on a plateau overlooking an inland sea area, my older sister standing near me. I saw a longboat with several men in it wearing horned helmets, and leather and fur clothing, carrying spears, swords and axes. Vikings?? They had their backs to us. Suddenly a huge blue-green water serpent surfaced weaving around the longboat, the men wishing for more wind in their sails to get away from it.  After a few moments, it turned its head in our direction--its eyes focused on mine as it glided towards us. My sister dived into the sea in fear but I stayed to face it. When really close it raised its long neck out of the churning waters so its head could be level with mine. I found myself stroking its scaly crown, a Mother's love in my caress.

I could feel the serpent's soul sadness as it telepathically shared with me how misunderstood it was, how it wearied of men's fear of that which was different to them in nature, how he missed the days when his kind interacted favourably with the human creatures and how he missed the 'touch' of one who fears not the differences but embraces them with simple trust. I realized then that there are many beings like this connected to our world in some way who feel forgotten or labeled in a limitation sense and who seek only to be 'acknowledged' as part of our greater dreaming!  So much is opening up in the pathways and gateways between the worlds, Daniel. I love it!"  <end excerpt>

Not all beasties are friendly or sad.  Some are every bit as treacherous as they seem.  But in dreamtime, all "consequences" of our encounters with them fade, once we integrate the message of the encounter with what we're doing here.  


Teresa and the Werewolf.......


I promised you a werewolf story, and our friend Teresa has a great one.  Three primary life themes she has processed throughout her life have been: being abused, being silenced, and being ignored.  I'm sure there's probably no one out there who can relate (of course)......!     She shares:


"So I lay in bed yesterday morning wondering what the energy was going to bring. Nothing happened. I tried to contrive a bit of fantasy. Nothing stirred. I was about to get up and there was inner movement. It had begun. I saw myself standing in my porch and my ex-lover was there- like he'd been the day before to deliver a present. He grabbed me by the hair, pulled me over the threshold and pushed me up the stairs where he threw me on the bed, ripped off my clothes and raped me. It was brutal, swift, ugly and I did not climax. He left.


I lay still for a long time. Then I felt the start of irritation in my urethra. My body was pissed off. I got up. Drank a pint of water and scrubbed the kitchen floor with clean, lemon soapy water. I worked slowly. Then I started on the wooden floors in the rest of the house. The house is being cleaned. The fleas left over from my ex-partner's cat are almost gone.
After the imaginary rape on Monday morning, my body and energy were disconnected for seventy two hours. On Thursday, I was reading 'The Deathly Hallows'.... as I lay in bed and came across the passage where Hermione, Harry and Ron are caught by Fenir Greyback, the werewolf, who says of Hermione: ' "Delicious girl...what a treat...I do enjoy the softness of the skin..." ' As I read these words, some energy stirred.
In my fantasy, a werewolf came to bite my throat. But my body was tense and my head was lifted with my chin down so that my throat was unavailable. I almost never lift my chin when I climax.  The energy shifted and I became a slave. With the slave master, my climax came.
I felt a pressure in my body. I had to imagine that I was standing up to feel comfortable with it. The pressure hardened into what felt like a broom handle extending through my crown, my head and neck, my torso and out through my perineum. It was made of light. The light from the rod, shafted out of my crown, eye sockets, ears, nostrils and my mouth became full of light.  <end narrative>

Kundalini Fire!

"Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives."  ~William Dement

I am highlighting the Dark Side of Dreaming at this point because most people find that material to be the most intimidating part of their dream journey.  It seems that we, at some levels, have a hard time recognizing and owning the savage or primal parts of ourselves.  When Teresa had visions of being raped by her ex-partner or having her throat torn out by a werewolf---these experiences really happened, somewhere in the Multiverse.  But here in 3D, they are best understood as metaphors for the growth process she is now in.  As she put it so succinctly in her first story segment:  "It has more to do with meeting hidden aspects of myself."     

Not all dream journeys are malevolent.  There are funny dreams, ridiculous dreams, and magical playtime dreams, too.  I have awakened on several occasions from visits to some kind of "cartoon landscape".......where magical creatures and situations (direct out of Walt Disney comic books) dance merrily around me.  Once I even heard one of those sing-song  melodies which accompany cartoons on TV.  I thought to myself:  "This stuff can't be real, can it?"  And, yes indeedy........there are "cartoon universes" out there, folks.  

We'll have more on Lucid Dreaming, Meditation Processing, Fantasy, and Expanded Body Awareness in the next segments.  Though many Star Elders are receiving energetic "upgrades" as a result of current energy infusions, the ones who are really feeling the "burn" on this incoming awareness are Star Kids, themselves.  Many are being filled with Multiversal Remembrance to such a degree that it throws them completely out of whack.  Some even choose to leave the physical realm, though many of them orchestrate their departure to open a multitude of hearts as they move on.  In their transmission "An Exodus of Souls," (written just before the Tsunami of Indonesia and Thailand).....the Reconnections give us a clear exposition of what the Next Level will be for these young folks.  Most of them go on to become midwives for awakening humanity---assisting us in our transformation from the Other Side of the Veil.


So these are the times in which we find ourselves.  Times of intensity, times of personal angst and joy.  A full-scale Planetary Awakening!  What did Dickens say as he opened his famous novel? 

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.........." 

Ah, yes.......and our friend Jim Morrison felt it all.  I often sense him over there, on the Other Side........The Lizard King......cheering us on as we eagerly reach for what comes next.  In the song/poem captioned below, he seems to be encouraging us to "Wake up and Dream," which was also a message strongly put forth by G.I. Gurdjjeff, the early 20th Century Armenian-Greek mystic, who was noted for a highly charged philosophy known as "The Fourth Way."  He was also for his introduction of the Enneagram as a personal growth tool.   

"Gurdjieff claimed that people do not perceive reality, as they are not conscious of themselves, but live in a state of hypnotic "waking sleep."  He writes:  "Man lives his life in sleep, and in sleep he dies". Gurdjieff taught that each person perceived things from a completely subjective perspective. Gurdjieff stated that maleficent events such as wars and so on could not possibly take place if people were more spiritually awake. He asserted that people in their typical state were unconscious automatons, but that it was possible for a man to wake up and experience life more fully."  (from Wikipedia)

We hear that!  And there's plenty more where this came from.  We've only just begun to pry open this succulent oyster called "The Next Level"...........and already, the pearls are piling up.   How are you dealing with all this?  Do write us and share.     



Shake dreams from you hair

My pretty child, my sweet one

Choose the day, the sign of your day

The day’s divinity---first thing you see!


A vast radiant beach and a cool-jeweled moon

Couples, naked, race down by its quite side.

And we laugh, like soft, mad children

Snug in the wooly cotton dreams of infancy.


“Choose!” they croon, the Ancient Ones

The time has come again.

“Choose now!” they croon, beneath the moon

Beside the ancient lake.


“Enter again the sweet forest

Enter again the hot dream and come with us!”

Everything is broken up, and dances….

~Jim Morrison.

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