"The Next Level,  Part 2"


A Study of Activation, Evolution and Discovery of Personal Power

Facilitated by Daniel Jacob

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"Out of Our Heads, Into Our Senses"

VISION.  The more intense this planet's energies become, the more our minds and hearts are stirred to dream about what comes next.   And I'm not just speaking about Earthly agendas either.  I'm talking about a realm of existence we call "Meta"........the Great Beyond.  How does what's going on there impact what's happening here?  One answer to that question might be:  "Meta" simply IS.  And our expanding knowledge of that fact becomes a springboard for the Imagination.....an impetus for us to keep moving through whatever muck and mire we encounter along the way, so we can eventually arrive at that Next Level of Our Collective Being.


Long before we arrive at "Meta," we begin opening gateways of awareness so Meta can come and visit US. You might think of them as BILLBOARDS, advertising what's up ahead.  Or salt, placed on a horse's tongue, so he will drink long and deep when he arrives at an oasis.   


Perfect Love is neither defined nor sustained by the OBJECT of its embodiment. Yet it is not without definition, as some might theorize.  We each know Perfect Love when we see it.  Sometimes our vision of it comes from within, and sometimes it seems to come from without.  An experience of it lingers for a moment, and then it's gone.  That's the nature of Perfect Love, as it intersects with 3D.


In our Recon Discussion Forum recently, I compared Perfect Love to a butterfly, flitting around the garden of a person's life.  First, it lands here. Then, it lands there.  We follow it with our eyes, blessing whatever location it chooses to grace with its presence.      

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Somewhere inside us, we KNOW this butterfly will go where it wants, when it wants......yet that knowledge doesn't stop us from grabbing a net, and running after it just the same.  If we do manage to catch it, frame it, mount it upon some wall.......the remembrance of its beauty might linger awhile, but the SOURCE of its beauty quickly moves on, leaving only a relic to be dusted and preserved against the erosion of time and element. This is why it is called a MOMENTO........the embodiment of a moment, pressed and sealed for all time.


"A Husband is a what's left of a lover, after the nerve has been extracted." 

~Helen Rowland.


A woman once asked The Reconnections why she was choosing to remain here in 3D, when her heart so desperately wanted to go home. They told her that "home" is something we all carry within us, wherever we go.  Sometimes, we have to create an experience of LEAVING HOME before we realize what truly comforted and refreshed us when we were there.


This is a great gift which duality brings to us.  And it's not going away anytime soon.  Inside every Momento, formed and shaped out of stone or clay, there exists an entire UNIVERSE of life.  The only difference between a body of stone and a body of flesh is the frequency at which each of them vibrates.  Everything is alive, because it's all made out of the same "stuff."  And everything has soul, or should I say "sole," since there is only ONE of us here.  Notice how the stone figures below either resemble people, or they have pictures of people imprinted on them. There are legends about standing stones, designating them as Guardians for the Unseen Realms---standing watch, lest errant souls enter into their assigned portals unprepared.  


The Standing Stones of Callanish in Scotland (left).  Avebury Stone Circle, Southern England (right)

If you had to make a choice, would you prefer to love or be loved?  Many who remain in 3D during these difficult times keep hanging on, partly because we still long to experience what it's like to LOVE someone or something fully, and without reserve. Those who are departing have either tasted love to its fullest, and are ready to move on..... or they have given up all hope of ever being loved the way they hoped they would be. So be it.  Sooner or later, we all come to a realization (and to a universe) wherein the lover and the loved are one.  And that realization makes all the difference.   


While on vacation recently, I was spinning through the radio dial of our rental car and happened upon one of my favorite Carole King tunes.  It was popularized back in the 60's by The Shirelles, though I personally have a fondness for a version of it offered by the Bee Gees on a compilation album called "Tapestry Revisited."   

Tonight you're mine completely
You give your love so sweetly
Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
But will you love me tomorrow?

Is this a lasting treasure
Or just a moment's pleasure?
Can I believe the magic of your sighs?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

Tonight with words unspoken
You say that I'm the only one
But will my heart be broken
When the night meets the morning sun?

I'd like to know that your love
Is love I can be sure of
So tell me now, and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?


So tell me now, and I won't ask again
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?
Will you still love me tomorrow?

  by Carole King and Gerry Goffin


As I listened, my eyes glazed over, remembering those halcyon days when this song and others like it were brand new, the Reconnections kept nudging me........pointing out important insights to be found in the lyrics.  The story begins with a lover (the writer wisely doesn't say which gender) gazing into soft eyes and a warm heart that is open and ready for sweet love.  The singer says:  "Tonight you're mine.......completely."  And from the tone of the song, that attraction is mutual......because he already seems to be planning their next date.  

And therein lies the point:  If a person (or situation) before us carries some attraction, and that attraction feels mutual, why do we hesitate?  The love is OURS, completely.  Why can't we belong to it completely too?  Why vamp time and energy from NOW wondering about what's going to come of things tomorrow? 

Here's why.  Most of us seeking love tend to focus on the OBJECT of our love rather than on love, itself.  When we do this, our energy quickens, though it eventually MUST slow down.  This is why we refer to it as "falling in love."  During the quickening time, a love dance carries many of the same attributes as a SUGAR RUSH.  It can last a day, a week, a year, or several years.  And you know what they say:  "A moment on the lips, forever on the hips."  Eventually, though, the honey drains out of our moon and real life begins.  As I mentioned in Part One of this Series, hosting Perfect Love is often a wonderful catalyst for forming long-standing and incredibly nurturing relationships.  But is our primary relationship with LOVE.......or is it with a person or an idea?  And what about that sweet tooth?  What are we going to do about that? 

"Marriage is a miracle that transforms a kiss from a pleasure into a duty.  Before marriage, a man will go home and lie awake all night thinking about something you said; after marriage, he'll go to sleep before you finish saying it."

~Helen Rowland

When we are in love with love, we don't FALL in love, we RISE in it.  There are ebbs and flows, to be sure, but the object of our affection is ever-available, so long as we keep our eyes open and stay present.  When something or someone no longer interests us, we are free to move on to what does.  We stay free, stay in the now, and we follow the energy.  We will not then be false to any man (or woman).  Questions about tomorrow are quite superfluous, since tomorrow (like yesterday) is infinite in its possibility.  It's only NOW that we can actually do some tangible thing. 

If we attach all our love and sensory expression to one person, place, or situation......we are limiting ourselves incredibly.  In order to stay true to vows of sexual fidelity, a man or woman must purposely shut down certain feeling centers, day after day.  Or, he or she must begin to LIE, on a daily basis, about what is being felt or not felt.  The word "fidelity" has become synonymous with the word "faithful."  But is faithfulness the end result?  Or is sexual monogamy merely a mutual commitment to "turn down the volume" on outside sexual interests, so that life can be focused on other things?             

Marriages are created to preserve history.  Love was created to explore the mystery!  If and when the flames of first-love diminish within a partnering relationship, they need not (nay, they MUST NOT) be allowed to grow cold due to societally-induced guilt, insecurity, or misplaced expectations about loyalty.  Loyalty to what?  Deadness and Complacency?  Fear and Hesitancy? 

Granted, the sexual game board in society today is fraught with ominous forces.  Fear of communicable disease or unwanted pregnancy is a strong motivator to find one partner and keep the lid on tight.  Indeed, the suppression of females in society, across the ages, has always been symbolic of man's suppression of or need to control sexual desire.  I have spoken to more than a few individuals, both male and female, who would eagerly attest to a clear belief that Pandora's Box is clearly located between their legs.  But all that can be dealt with if we approach Spirituality and Sex as a unifying force, rather than the antithesis of one another.  If the reader has not had the opportunity to go over our "Spirituality and Sex" series, and what I am sharing here seems to resonate, now might be a great time to read through those transmissions and commentaries.        

Sex is much more than an act.  And true fidelity of spirit involves much more than staying true to a promise of what we won't do.  Partners with whom we share ongoing history are invaluable safe havens for processing life's continuing mysteries as they unfold.  But it takes a village to raise a soul---whether child or adult.  No one person should be expected to meet all of life's needs for another.  Yet there are love connections which DO LAST FOREVER if they are not smothered by needless limitation and ego insecurities.

This recent proliferation of "9/9/9 Energy" is producing huge changes in friendships, marriages, business partnerships, and general ways of living.  Slowly, we are coming to terms with life patterns that no longer serve us.  That doesn't mean we have to throw out all our babies with the bathwater. Connections with loved ones can remain, even if formats we once used for expressing love to them do not.  Creativity is the key here......coupled with a sincere desire to finally let go of guilt, manipulation, fear, and blame.      

      The Yoga of Self-Integration

"In tune, infinity sings....and in step, eternity dances....In time with my Inner Male, and in Touch, the Female in me settles."  (T.G.)

Teresa Golden is a teacher of Yoga and Meditation in the U.K., working with individuals who feel ready to move to their own Next Level. She never asks clients to go places where she hasn't gone. And her universe makes sure the bar is high in that regard!  Recently, Theresa experienced a break-up in a long-term love relationship. The poignancy and depth of her grieving process has brought forth a poetic side in her which I have grown to deeply appreciate.  I am happy to invite her into this study. 

For some time now, she has been sending these "Letters to Daniel"......articulating bits of awareness that are coming in to fill this void which has just opened up in her life experience. When a soul in earnest processes emotion, there is no beating around the bush, no whitewashing, no editing.  There is just an  innocent revelation of what is, even it speaking it feels a bit like identifying the body of a loved one at the Morgue. The Examiner lays aside a sheet, you look down at what's there, and say "Yes, that's her."   Or......more accurately, you end up saying:  "Yes, that ME."  

Teresa's timely feeling expressions are well worth a listen: 

TG:  "Em-Ocean!  How I appreciate that word!  I feel like I'm melting with all these tears I've shed.  It's interesting how the Veils are off and patterns are revealed so clearly.  I know this is right.  Energy moves freely as I breathe through the fear. I'm really enjoying experiencing how deep belly breathing deals with terror and how tears deal with grief. It's remarkable. Breathing and being in the Now.

I am bored with self-hatred, self-pity, violent-rage and oversweet-jealousy. I taste this jealousy like rotten fruit in my gut or that disgusting medicine we downed as children to kill the thread worms that plagued our bowels. It hurts my tender digestive tract- I'm sore from my stomach to the roof of my mouth- because it's devouring me. I'm eating myself alive. I'm eaten up.  The day before yesterday, I craved cigarettes. I bought some. I smoked. I did not eat. Grief compressed in my lungs. Yesterday, my smoking urge was gone. But grieving for dead parts of myself smarted like an elastic band stretched to a breaking point on the rebound.

My "ex" went right out and got a girlfriend.  (He has a name, but my sharing here is not about names, and it's not even about him, really.  It has more to do with learning insights about myself)  My neighbour said he's rubbing my nose in it, a colleague said he's stirring the pot, my hairdresser said it's a kick in my teeth, and to me it feels like a slap in the face. I've gotten to the place where I can no longer keep score. I hate tennis and racquet games, anyhow. At school, I had my first agonizing menses during a tennis match and was sent off to sick bay. All the squash racquets moved out of my house last week.  He played six times a week when he was in training.

I dance now with the energies of Miriam.  I was looking up a word in my dictionary and my eye was drawn to the word 'maudlin'. It means "self-pitying".....though my current sense derives from Mary Magdalene weeping. I dreamed of a man last night. He is six foot four, forearms corded with muscle, immense hands and hawk's granite nose with a broken vein. As I passed, he drew me gently to his belly and held me softly, tenderly with my head against his heart. He is my Jeshua. I felt a lot better when I woke up."   <end excerpt>

The agony a person feels, in being displaced or immediately replaced by a younger partner, is positively archetypal.  Teresa is currently choosing a Magdalene path, and drinking in the joy and comfort of Jeshua.  Others feel drawn to the fiery machinations of Kali or the Medusa.  These feelings reach to the depths of our collective being, opening a pipeline to the center of all creation. No one opens this connection unprepared or unattended. And it does not come about because of the "fault" of a love partner who wanders.  In many cases, it may well be that our "other" leaves us because the "dam" inside is just about to open up. When it does, that which is released will often take on the feeling of molten lava.  Or should I say "molten lover?" 

The transmissions and commentary I posted recently on the Recon Index Page ("All One Again, Naturally") speak about a radiance energy which dwells at the core of each of us.  The effects of this radiance can be positively unraveling if we don't learn how to handle it.  If you haven't reviewed that material yet, you may want to stop and do so now.  It's very informative, and creates a foundation for where we're going next in this series. 

Teresa seems quite ready to expand her interface with Meta-Reality.  She is not alone.  Reports of other "9/9/9 Energy Activations" are coming at me from every direction.  As anger invokes our "lava flow,"  Kundalini ignites......pushing internal radiance up the spinal canal, energizing new neural pathways for expanded perception.  This effect can also be triggered with traumatic injury, intense fear, primal longing, pharmaceutical activation, or some sudden remembrance of our former spiritual estate. 

By all accounts, Teresa's partner went as far as he could go, energetically, living in close proximity to her reconnecting energy.  He enjoyed the warmth, but he certainly was not ready to join her in the process.  Even though she realized their connection was fried, long before she asked him to leave.....she still fondly remembers their first dance of connection, several years ago, and all the growing times in-between.  The conflicting feelings produced by primal anger, coupled with tenderness and grieving, can feel very much like placing one's heart in a wine press. 

A bit later, Teresa continues her story........ 

T.G.  "A sweet Dragon Energy has placed herself in front of my house, her tail wrapped around it.  It is She who takes the heat. There is balm.  I am grateful. Her colours are chameleon. She sleeps and dreams with one eye open.

I walked in the forest today and saw a doe.  I saw her dung full of undigested red berries.  I knelt to smell it.  The smell was mild.  I walked with a stout staff in one hand and a hand full of loam in the other.  The blackberries are beginning. I had smoked mackerel, acorn leaf lettuce with horseradish sauce, with quite a kick.....for lunch at Uppark House.  My day started with a headstand, a shoulder stand, and a handstand.  Wrapped in a pale pink pashmina, I sat on a sheepskin and meditated.  The time was 18:18."  <end excerpt>

We'll hear much more from Teresa as we continue to examine humanity's growing connections to and fascination with the Realm of Meta.  The Dragon Energy she invoked clearly explains that occasional need for smoking, especially while going through intense processes.  We might think of it as "Puffing" on her Magic Dragon.  These Ancient Beings are here to assist us, as requested, while we create strong bridges between the Celestial Realms and the Primal Aspects of our Collective Nature.  They are very much at home in Earth's fiery core, yet many of them also have an ability to take to the air.   

I wonder what it would be like if every couple who was meant to "fall in love" elected to go through a relationship break-up at the BEGINNING rather than the end.  I don't believe we ever really know the nature of a relationship until it ends.  Is a woman's love for a man total and unconditional, or is she simply casting a spell over him so to fulfill that universal mandate...... loaded into the psyche of every woman....."Hold Onto Your Man."   And does he really LOVE HER, WORSHIP HER, and RESPECT HER, for who she is.......... or was he simply using her as a replacement mother, or a repository for unwanted emotion and angst?  Only the Shadow knows...........and those Shadows are usually only allowed to speak AFTER the honeymoon is over. 


Before posting this, I asked a few folks to give me some of their impressions of the work being done here.  One of my dear Research Buddies, Myrrdyn from Alaska, had this to say about "The Next Level."  "Myrr" serves daily as one of our Club Recon Moderators, and focuses considerable time and attention on spiritual growth and his soul's evolution.  He comments:  

"Great stuff.  I've had difficulty giving specific feed back to this series because you speak of perfect love and then move into discussions about relationships and that gives me a bit of a whiplash.  Which are you talking about????  I know one topic tends to lead to the other (for most people), though I don't normally process that way anymore. I like how this study underscores the deficit of focusing our definition of perfect love on one person, place or incident.

Let Me try to explain a bit more where I'm coming from.  I think this is part of what you are saying, but not all of what you are saying:

Physics tells us that matter is made of energy.  Everything we perceive in this reality is made of energy.  I believe what we call "love" is this energy.  However, we sometimes narrow and distort that to describe merely an erotic and/or blissful feeling.  And even though it certain can be that, it is much, much more.  I believe perfect love includes hate, anger, fear etc.. However, this is not the picture most people draw from the word love.

I believe love is the tie that binds all particles together to form matter.  If love is energy, and energy must flow (in the Sci-Fi story DUNE, in the words of the Spacing Guild: "the Spice must flow") then when we limit our experience of loving to just one person, thing or experience...... it is like damming up a river. 

In Dune, The Empire sat up and listened when Paul threatened to stop Spice production.  There is a circle connecting the water of life, the Worm and Spice.  I know this may seem a bit scattered and only a fragment of what you are talking about, but it is a very important fragment for Me. 

When you speak of "perfect love" I expand.  Then when you go into "soul mates" and/or "relationship" I contract again.  This is not a bad thing, but it is something I have difficulty processing.  I know it sounds as easy as breathing, but it still gives me a whiplash, nonetheless.  I have known for years that it is very, very hard for Me to "shift gears" in their two areas. 

Then there is the term/issue of twin flames/soul mates etc. How many become totally disenchanted because they find their "Twin" and absolutely hate what they see in that mirror?????  And how many more will go through this before we get what Our twin is actually here to do for Us?  We want a twin flame to fluff up our bed and make it all pretty, but a true twin will tear the bed up (in both a gentle and turbulent way)."   <end excerpt>

I absolutely love the idea of bringing together all these views and experiences of that lovely Multidimensional Crystal called Perfect Love.  And I would thoroughly enjoy hearing what you, the reader have to say as well.  Myrr is not the only one who goes a little ballistic when I try to marry human relationship and perfect love in the same bed.  Another fellow who read the account was far more concise (some might say crude) in his resistance to making perfect love too "nicey nice," neglecting the Shadow Work that is inevitably involved with meeting a Twin Flame. 

He simply stated:  "Too many people are looking for rose petals in their bath water and nobody wants to stop and smell the piss."   

Yes, sir!  And on that note, we'll pause with this study.....<big grin>.......so we can stop and smell the WHATEVER.....and then take up our cause again in the next segment.




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