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BREAKING OUT.   It's all metaphoric, really.........everything we've been talking about of late: Astral Travel, Remote Viewing, Contacts Beyond the Veil.  We are all part of that one proverbial chicken, locked inside our global egg, desperate to break free from the Limitation State.  "Let us out!  Let us out NOW!!!!"  And so......humanity is now busy about the process of pecking our way out of that shell.  


In our last series, I made mention of this legendary woman, locked in a Tower, unable to feel life as a human body. If the Lady of Shallot is a female version of that "Hermit Icon," found in the Tarot, ... an Egg-Head, Hyper-Intellectual just might embody a male version. And truly...... this is a condition out of many of us are trying to hatch! 



So........what was it that brought the Lady down from her Tower?  Was it not a vision of perfect love?  Lancelot on his horse.  The helmet and the plume.  Singing, as he rode by.


She left the web, she left the loom,
She made three paces through the room,
She saw the water-lily bloom,
She saw the helmet and the plume,
    She look'd down to Camelot.
Out flew the web and floated wide;
The mirror crack'd from side to side;
"The curse is come upon me," cried
    The Lady of Shalott.




What would YOU do if you were suddenly confronted with the love of your life?   Would you approach that person?  Speak your mind?  Share your heart openly?  Or would you stand, dumbfounded....stammering and stuttering as you gather your wits about you.  I recently received a letter from a young man who shared his own activation story with me.  He gave me permission for me to share it with you, since many of these feelings are quite universal: 


"I gotta be honest with you, man.  I'm looking for a girl.  I never really figured it out till now, but there was this girl that I fell in love with a few years back, and...  well...  for lack of a better phrase, she made me want to be a better man.  I didn't feel like I was worthy of her...  (perfect in nearly every way).......so unfortunately, I didn't say anything to her and she moved on, I  guess.  Currently, I am just wandering the United States.  I think I'm going to keep wandering until I find what I am looking for.  The only problem that I am having is: I feel this deep connection with a woman that's probably just a shadow side of my own personality.   I would like to believe that this girl is real, but for all I know, it all could simply be some of these subtle energies that are now encircling the globe, taking on a form that I desire........and it's driving me insane"


Our Lady has come down out of her Tower, and a passionate Young Man has left home and roams the United States, looking for a vision of lost love---or shall we say "love unclaimed?"  As I write this, Recon W.B.Yeats sits alongside me, reminding me of his own story:  "The Song of the Wandering Aengus."  Do you remember it?  Isn't that exactly what we have here in this young life experience?  In fact, I am told by Spirit that this little scenario is playing itself out all over the globe right now.  Visions of Perfect Love.  Frustrations of Desire. Longing for Rebirth.  Fervent reaching for what we perceive to be the "Next Level." 

"It had become a glimmering girl......with apple blossoms in her hair.  Who called me by my name and ran, and faded through the brightening air............."


The moment our Lady looked down and saw Lancelot, she cried: "A Curse is come upon me."  My own sense of the situation tells me she recognized that her "shell" had been penetrated.  Her REBIRTH CYCLE had begun.  So long as our egoic "shell" remains in tact.......our "separation place" of mind and heart........no one can really touch us.  But the Lady looked down, didn't she?.  Didn't anyone tell her you're NOT supposed to do that??!!!


When we're alone, there's no reason to worry about how we look, act, or appear to others.  But the second someone catches our fancy, out comes the MIRROR........humanity's measuring stick for human deservedness.  "Am I okay?  Will he think me beautiful?  Will she think me strong and manly?  Do I dress right? Do I make enough money?"  And if our mirror cracks, well..........we might as well die, go back to the Tower.......or wait a minute!  How about a nice cozy Dungeon this time?



Someone once defined "courage" as "fear that has said it's prayers."  I like that.  How about if we were to define personal beauty as "catching your own reflection...held softly within a lover's worthy eyes?"


Do we really think we can comprehend ourselves simply by looking in a glass?  Physical mirrors are for straightening your tie, combing your hair, and putting on make-up.  That's maintenance stuff. But LOVABILITY?  Beauty?  Character?  Most of us are too close to ourselves to see it......too emotionally activated to let in a true picture of who we are. That's why we have each other........to reflect aspects of self that we just can't see on a "first person" level.        


Anyone can say "I love you."  But only certain people's love carries clout.  Why is that?  I suspect it has something to do with parental approval or disapproval, early childhood conditioning, karmic issues, personal chemistry, or other such stuff.  When our love encounters certain TONES that include some of that hidden childhood drama, that secret "juice," it makes our passion run.  This is why women marry their fathers (figuratively), and men marry either their fathers or mothers.  Each of us has a void we are seeking to fill, or a wound we want healed.   

"Only the hand that hurts you can heal you.  Only the hand which delivers the pain can take it away........"     





What brings us down out of the Tower, I suspect, is also what put us there in the first place. A vision of perfect love.  And that, my friends, is the NEXT LEVEL.  Perfect love is what blows us out of our senses, early in life........and perfect love is what receives us back again when we choose to return.  What makes love "perfect" is not the lovers we encounter.  Let me say that again.  What makes love perfect is NOT the lovers we encounter along the way.  Love is made perfect through the appropriateness of its embodiment and intensity in our immediate Now Moment.  Though it is true that we tend to become attached to people we feel have hosted perfect love for us.....the infatuation rarely lingers after the moment of revelation is past.  But in the afterglow of that "contact," some wonderful 3D connections can be nurtured and sustained.          


It has been written:  "Perfect love casts out fear."  In its presence, we can do anything.  I'm speaking about an internal recognition and consonance so profound, so vibrant, that it produces a suspension of separateness between ourselves and the world..........a quickening so grand, so pervasive......that it catapults us into a visionary state...........a RECONNECTION STATE........with something huge and eternal.  And this is why Spirit brings forward the concept of Twin Flames and Soul Mates as we move through these crucial days of Planetary Unfoldment.  The heat that is generated by a powerful love connection is irreplaceable in the transformation process.  And again.........I'm not necessarily speaking about human relationship here.  Though it's true that human connections can be catalysts for opening to divine love......the weakness of the human vessel has trouble sustaining the necessary intensity for any length of time. 


So what am I getting at here?   To be truthful, I don't quite know the full extent of it yet.  At this point, I'm just sketching.  That's why I refer to these articles as "studies." Studies in Personal Alchemy. But so far, my hunch is:  Humanity has spent so much time falling in and out of love with each other that we have missed out on our opportunity to fall in love with LOVE, itself.            


What awakened all this in me was a simple video, sent by a friend in e-mail.  It was one of those animé things, which the Japanese do so well.  Animé is a primary energy from which Star Kids are designing 5D realities these days.  The theme is played out to the music of Lisa Gerrard, singing a love theme from "Gladiator."  If you want to see it, I've had it posted on both Web Sites, but bear in mind that the author of the production thought the singer was Enya.  Poor thing.......she got kicked around a bit on U-Tube for that.  But her presentation is grand!  If you haven't seen it, click HERE. 



In the video, the process begins with the feminine aspect stepping forward in simplicity and power and spinning her energies of love and connection.  Until she does this, I doubt seriously whether anything can get started in regards to Reconnection.  As you see her there, dancing on the water......she embodies confidence, beauty, dignity, and personal power.  Everyone who sees her nods in recognition. 

"She danced the dance of flames and fire, She danced the dance of swords and spears, She danced the dance of stars and the dance of space, and then she danced the dance of flowers in the wind."

~Khalil Gibran

Her counterpart in male form immediately responds, though not in ways she might expect.   Notice how she tries to jump into his arms and flies right through him.  Is he illusion?  How many ladies have done just that.......thrown themselves whole-heartedly into the arms of a lover.....expecting him or her to measure up to a dream?  And if it doesn't work out, for whatever reason, many will shut down inside, and go into a state of mourning.


In the poem...... as her boat pulls into Camelot, our Lady of Shalott lies dead, a candle still burning in the bow of the boat.  The rest of the knights cross themselves for fear.  But Lancelot knows.  ALL truly gallant knights know.  As he looks upon her, the poet says:  "Lancelot mused a little space.  He said: 'She has a lovely face.  God in His mercy lend her grace," The Lady of Shallot."  



Isn't this what people sometimes say about large women?  "She has such a lovely face."  And even though there ARE women of dimension who possess verve, passion, elegance and beauty in this world, there are also women who hide from their power behind layers of fluffy, potentiated physical mass. Perhaps they are hoping no one asks them to leap again, into arms which may not be strong enough to hold them steady. 


Physical size carries a message as well as a safeguard.  The message is:  "Hey Big Boy, there's a LOT OF WOMAN HERE, so you'd better be able to catch me!"  The safeguard is added through maintaining a nice, padded posterior---so if he DOES drop you, there is something to absorb the impact. 


There are many ways a woman can "die" on her way to Camelot.  I know, because I have witnessed it in friends, and I also have daily struggles with my own fat lady within.  You know her, don't you?  The one that's supposed to SING before the show can be over? 


None of what I'm saying is gender-specific.  But most of it carries lessons directed more at our feminine self than the masculine.  And by the way, everything mentioned about a trust relationship between lovers also applies to relationships between employees and employers.  Promises, promises.  But is there follow through?  Are we treating those who are in daily business with us as though they are true aspects of ourselves?   




And what about the gallant knights of this world?  What about the Quest?  (Remember, we still have a passionate young man out there, roaming the U.S., looking for his perfect love.......his Dulcinea).  And here Our Lady lies, dead in the boat.  Lancelot looks down at her and sees her potential, the hidden beauty behind her demise.  Yet he remains alone, doesn't he? 


In "The Man of La Mancha" the leading lady doesn't carry fat on her physical body, but she certainly has plenty in her head!   He reaches for her, and she spurns him.  Nay, she spurns HERSELF, doesn't she? After all, she once trusted and was probably dropped, too.  So she tells Don Quixote:  "The world is a dung heap, and we are maggots that crawl upon it."  Uh boy.  Talk about dead in the boat............ 


Then he responds:  "I come in a work of iron, to make a world of gold."  The basic difference between a mere mortal and a gallant knight is VISION which extends beyond the immediate situation.  She replies back to him:  "Why don't you, for once, see me as I really am?"   But does SHE see herself as she really is?  This is what I'm talking about when I speak about the reflection of a lover's WORTHY eyes.......

I have dreamed thee too long
Never seen thee or touched thee but known thee with all of my heart
Half a prayer, half a song
Thou hast always been with me though we have been always apart

Dulcinea, Dulcinea
I see heaven when I see thee, Dulcinea
And thy name is like a prayer an angel whispers

*If I reach out to thee*
Do not tremble or shrink from the touch of my hand on thy hair
Let my fingers but see thou art warm and alive
And no phantom to fade in the air

Dulcinea, Dulcinea
I have sought thee, sung thee, dreamed thee, Dulcinea
Now I've found thee and the world shall know thy glory
Dulcinea, Dul-ci-ne-a


When we move to THE NEXT LEVEL, all our various relationship commitments and attachments concentrate themselves within ONE PRIMARY RELATIONSHIP.  And that relationship is not with a person.  It is with the ENERGY, itself........our sensorial awareness of PERFECT LOVE, throughout time.  Once this primary connection is made and sealed, the energy will carry us where we need to go, and sustain us through whatever we need to face.  And if human relationships are true, putting the energy first will only make them stronger.  But if we are tempted to put a relationship above our primary commitment to transformative energy, we are heading for rough waters, indeed.      


We are many, but we are one.  Each fragment showcases a piece of the Oneself Puzzle, a tiny drop of essence, bringing color and form to something so vast and wonderful that it could never be fully represented in time or space.  But we try.  We reach.  Because failing to reach, failing to believe in these POINTS OF DIVINE CONTACT brings despair, and eventual deadness.  As I said earlier, there are many ways a person can die without ever falling down. 




Russ Njust is a poet and a gentle soul, living in Denmark.  You've read some of his writings on the Recon site in days past.  I asked him the other day to share some thoughts about Twin Flames, Soul Mates, and such.  Here is what he sent me:  


"To me, the Twin Flame relationship sometimes feels like an enigma. To the heart it is so simple, innocent and straightforward and to the mind it remains an unsolved mystery. There is a deep recognition and a love that you can't deny, which also pushes your buttons big time. As the story goes, we are all connected in the heart of God, if you will... that humanity IS the heart of God... and that each individual soul has a masculine charge and a feminine charge. At the time of the separation and decent into 3D, we supposedly incarnated into bodies and lived our individual lives, to learn....... well.......maybe what love isn't. So every time we got hurt, we prayed to love to take us home. Finally we're exhausted by the game, and we end up sitting on the sidelines thinking there has to be more than this. Please God, let there be more than this. Suddenly, there she is. Maybe she doesn't look like you thought she would, but YOUR HEART knows her. Whatever trials, hurts or fears get in the way, you feel God looking at you through her eyes. And her eyes become a portal into the soul of God. When you shut down you are suddenly looking into a perfect mirrored image of your reactions. It's hard to explain. I have known many women, but this type of relationship is different. I have heard we can attract attributes of our twin through anyone, when we are ready. Be that as it may, we supposedly have only one Twin Flame, one third of the Trinity......"

he wonders how to tell her what he's feeling inside
she whispers, my love, I have always known
he kicks up the dust beneath his feet
 a single tear falls to earth
and a million dreams turn to mud, befuddled and mute
listen my love, she sighs into his ear
I am ever here beside you…
he breathes, trying to embrace her fully
she deserves more than this, he whimpers
walk with me into meadows fair and green
pick wildflowers and place them gently in my hair
watch the sun glitter in my eyes as we run wild and free
wade with me through forest streams and sleep…
sleep deeply in my arms on mossy beds
he awakens… her face is flush with the heat of their merging
he wonders how can he ever tell her what he's feeling inside
she whispers, my love, I have always known
 ©Copyright, 2007, by Russ Njust.  All Rights Reserved. 



Sting:  "She Walks This Earth"  (click here for lyrics)


The purpose of this study is to inform and focus vast waves of awareness which are coming to us now..........to savor them in ways that will not only keep us from blowing up, but expand and invigorate us as well. As we come down out of our Towers of the Mind, or up from the Dungeons of Frustrated Desire---we will need food and drink to meet the demands of living in a rapidly changing world. Visions and Experiences of Perfect Love provide excellent nourishment for the path!

Stay tuned.  Our journey to the "Next Level" is just getting underway.  Your questions and comments are very welcome.  More to come.  Much, much more............ 




Copyright, 2007, by Daniel Jacob, except where noted.  All Rights Reserved for each author listed.  May be copied and shared, for purposes of personal growth and/or research, so long as the above URL and this copyright are included.  All reproduction for profit, by any means, requires the written permission of Reconnections, Inc. 




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