The Politics of Oneness

"The New Breed"

B Y   D A N I E L   J A C O B


I've been smiling broadly this week as I watch our National Spirit rising---in BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES!   Just when we thought it was "all over but the shouting," following Obama's Acceptance Speech in Denver....those wily Republicans pulled a sweet little rabbit--barracuda out of their hats named Sarah Palin, and the GAME IS AFOOT once again! 

There are those who will argue that the outcome of this election is no longer focused on POLITICAL PLATFORM.  They tell us that PERSONALITY will play a much bigger role in determining who our future leadership will be.  Can OUR "rock star" outsing and outshine YOUR "rock star?"

Seen from my own vantage point, the key element is the UNDERLYING ENERGY that is running through both parties, platforms, and through all these individuals as the story unfolds.  It's positively electric, isn't it?  The politicians have finally figured it out.  The name of the Game in 2008 is CHANGE.  Well, duh............!!!!   At last they and Planet Earth are on the same page!  Now the main issue under scrutiny is WHAT FORM this CHANGE will take.

Hillary Clinton lost her bid this time around because she symbolized an era gone by---another "dynasty" that has seen its day.  Some people loved the nineties and some people hated them.  Yes, Hillary is a woman.  And a smart woman to boot.  But she was part of the "Old Ways".........and "new wine" can't fit in old wine skins.  There were even moments, during the Primary, where her voice and John McCain's sounded in unison against Obama---the "Old Guard" making fun of the "Young Pup" who is rising up to grab hold of the reigns in a rapidly expanding reality.  That Primary Race was close---not because the candidates were similar.  They really weren't.  Those numbers were close for the same reason the numbers are close now, between Obama and McCain.  People are sill wondering, inside themselves..........."Do we take a chance on what we KNOW, even if it doesn't match our highest aspirations, or do risk it all on something new and unknown?"     


This week, someone facetiously quipped: "Let's just get rid of the old guys and have Obama and Palin run the country together."  Ha ha!  What a joke!  Or is it?  On one level, that pairing up just might make sense.  As Deepak Chopra put it so eloquently, in a recent article printed in the Huffington Post, Obama and Palin are actually SHADOWS of each other.  They are diametrically opposite in what they say they believe, but their underlying passion about America feels quite similar. And isn't it interesting that the three binding elements they share in common are personal charisma, talent for self-expression, and a lack of familiarity with the OLD WAYS of Politics (aka "Political Experience")

Palin is just ITCHING to take on Obama. And Obama will eventually be forced to engage her, because failing to acknowledge her directly could begin to look like fear. Sarah Palin symbolizes a part of John McCain that seems to have died since he entered his Presidential Race.  In order to capture a place on the Republican Ticket, McCain had to ascribe to beliefs and tactics which make him appear LESS of a Maverick, and more like a clone of George W. Bush.  He had to assure his Conservative Base that the Momentum of Upper Class Prosperity, set in motion by the Bush Administration, would not be swallowed up in a Democratic-Initiated Welfare State.

Of course, a Welfare State is NOT what Obama wants at all.  But that's what the Republicans FEAR he the battle continues.  Each "side" is accusing the other of NOT BEING IN TOUCH.  We all have our "pet issues," but what we've really lost touch with is EACH Americans, as Mirrors, as Shadow Dancers....and also as humans.   

The New Breed of Leadership is characterized by HYBRID ENERGY.  They are Bridge People.  Obama's "bridge" aims at reconnecting the racial divide in this country.  (See my article "Playing the Race Card" for more background on this).  Sarah Palin's "bridge" is aimed at reconnecting the gender divide---thereby opening the gate for deeper understanding and acceptance of the Power of Femininity when applied to the problems our nation currently faces.  She can (supposedly) birth a baby in April, shoot and field dress a Moose in May, and redesign Alaska's Energy Policy in June, before summer school starts!  She has a large family, who look all-American, cute and loveable.....and her husband seems to fully support her ascendancy to power.  

Sarah is feisty and no-nonsense in her speech, which wins respect for her among some women, though many other women are put-off by her radical right-wing beliefs.  Nevertheless, it was those beliefs, showcased in a female body, which won her the nomination in the first place.  Can she really "have it all?"  My first hunch is: NOT YET.  But I'm still watching things unfold.  Politics and News truly are "The Greatest Show on Earth." 

There are many writers and pundits out there---either supporting or opposing BOTH these tickets.  My goal in writing this article is to keep an eye on the ENERGY DYNAMIC that is in play (on both sides), and follow that energy as it moves through society.  It's this NEW ENERGY that will transform us, regardless of our stated platforms or personalities.  It's this NEW ENERGY that will fill this aching hunger in our hearts and minds.


Obama channels it through his family, his love of civility, and his visionary outlook.  Palin channels hers through her youthful enthusiasm, her small town warmth and candor, and a deep desire to be one of God's Transformers in America. That latter element will soon become as much of a political hot-potato as abortion or gay marriage. When Americans proclaim: "In God We Trust," whose concepts about God are we using to align the country?  Much more will be spoken about that in days to come. 

When I think of Barack Obama and Sarah Palin, I am reminded of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia from the movie series "Star Wars."  They are born of the same (energetic) "lineage," yet raised and programmed for life in different surroundings.  They are opposed to one another, yet the "fruits" they bear for their respective circles of influence are strikingly similar.  What will happen when those circles FINALLY begin to overlap? 

Those still deeply entrenched in the duality stuff may have a hard time seeing these reflections......but those who pay attention to ENERGY BEFORE WORDS OR ACTION may already begin to notice how the "paint" in these "pictures" is beginning to run together.

This is an amazing time, my friends.  Many of our bodies are screaming from a rapid influx of Multidimensional "Juice."  There are souls screaming because people long to GO HOME, but can't seem to find the address!  And many are flat-out confused, sorting through a multitude of emotions and internal images which cascade through them at every moment of the day.  There is much more to say about all this, and I'm sure it will come forth at the proper time. Meanwhile, I certainly love to receive your input on all that is transpiring. 

"It is not blood that makes a Native American...
It is the soul....
Too many... with fire of Native blood... walk ignored.
Do not say I am Apache or Kickapoo..
Do not say I am Sioux or Cherokee.
Say.... I am of the Mother Tribe...
This is the pain of our children...
To return from the stars without a home or community...
A tribe lost returns... scattered in the wind.
Those who hear must unite and reap the seed of this return.
ONE tribe...ONE Earth...ONE Heart...ONE People.
Those with ears must build a fire and give thanks this night.
Be united with ONE soul.
Oh, my Children come home...
Teachers step forward without fear...
You are real."

(Author Unknown)


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