"We call to you, human ones, beings of light!   Rise up from your tradition-bound past and become our creative partners in the continuing unfoldment of wonder.  Rise from your cultures to remember your origins and your nature; light bodies, like stars, agreeing to stay in specified temperature ranges for certain periods of time, creating time and space, distances between you, painting in spatial landscapes on the screen of time, drawing stardust into the dancing fields of your light.  Today you express in tongues and tanks and desert irrigation projects, in urban parks and towers of glass and steel, in ideas that people have an in ways that people live.  Yet, your past is no indication of your potential.  Compared to an artist full-bloom in the flower of her time, history's accomplishments are but those of a child groping blindly in a darkened room. 

When you, incarnate man, know that behind you is the same brilliance, light and warmth that expresses so passionately in the nuclear release of stars; and when you, incarnate woman, know that behind you is the power of the creative, the power of the new, the balance, the synthesis, the power of truth, then you will know that there is no threat to your life, to your existence.  You will know that there is nothing to fear, for the immense powers of mother and father aspects of God have joined together in the creation of a material universe designed for your support and flourishment. 

We will help you now tune to the frequencies that will heal your world and draw you toward your future in the stars.  Listen and sense behind these words the frequencies of love, where an eternal Creator's designs are even unfolding in time.  We are the Winged Ones of heaven, your reflections in perfect love, the missing dimension needed for your wholeness.  We are the spiritual guardians of the Earth.  Welcome us into your consciousness.  Blend with us.  Remember.  Know yourself as fully, truly human."


"Creation does not take place where there is a scattering and dissipation of energies.  Creation requires a gathering together and focusing of your power with a circle of commitment--like a seed, an egg, a womb or a marriage.  If you would create and not destroy, you must always remember the Sacred Hoop.  Consider wisely the ways in which you would use your power and then around those ways draw the Sacred Circle of Commitment.  In the warm atmosphere of that circle, the power of love builds and builds, like a storm above the wet summer prairie until suddenly the circle can hold no more and explodes in the conception of the new.  

We are not here to dominate your ego, but to secure its agreement, that between us we might work together and utimately, as the years of this transition pass, merge into a single biological, spiritual, and psychological entity---an entity that shall in no way deny the needs and concerns of either ego or spirit, but that shall in every way honor the fundamental design and purpose of both. 

We understand love and how it seeks to become objectified in a material universe.  Your human egos understand the mechanism of the physical plane.  Together, we will form a single, creative dyad, an entry point into which the Eternal One's universal creativity will pour.......and, from there, flow out to thoroughly transform these realms of matter."

Ken Carey, "The Return of the Bird Tribes"    Order this book

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