"More Than a Feeling"


(The Nature of Oneness)


By Daniel Jacob

Everyone has his or her own definition of "Oneness."  Back in 1971, I took my initial plunge into the Pool of Experiential Oneness when I stood in the presence of family, friends, clergy, and local magistrate and said "I do" to a very special woman.  As part of that ceremony, we chose to include the traditional "candle ritual," where husband and wife (to be) take solitary flames (signifying separate lives as individuals) and join them together into One Flame---symbolizing union together (in Christ) as One.  

That public union produced a number of immediate effects.  Two Individual bank accounts merged into One.  Two separate last names became One.  Two separate residences became ONE HOME, and........eventually.........and most magical of all (!!!!)..........two DNA streams joined together to welcome Jeffrey and Joseph Jacobs into 3D Existence.




It wasn't long after that I began hearing a song on the radio by the singing group "Boston."  It was called "More Than a Feeling," and it spoke primarily about a failure of love a young songwriter and this girl named "Marianne."  How sad!  When "two become One" isn't it supposed to be forever?  Apparently not.  The songwriter found that out.  Five years later, I found that out for myself when, in 1981, my wife Carolyn and I removed our wedding rings and we also went our separate ways. 


Oneness.  It's more than a feeling.  So was marriage.  Marianne learned that.  So did my ex-wife and I.  It is the way of human nature to wander off and be separate.  Unless something definitive is done to prevent natural instinct from taking its course---a whole lot of "walkin' away" just naturally happens. 


LET US discover together----over however many weeks, months, or years this process of Planetary Transformation endures---what ELSE besides "feeling" is needed to build a Oneself and keep it secure.  And while we're at it........may we ALL drink from that Cup of UNIVERSAL ONENESS----a HOLY (WHOLLY) STATE OF BEING!  The Oneness which unifies hundreds, thousands, even MILLIONS of people---as we spin UNIVERSES into MOTION, HEARTS into ACTION, and MINDS into  INTENSE FOCUS AND UNALTERABLE COLLECTIVE RESOLVE!!!!  


I looked out this morning and the sun was gone
Turned on some music to start my day
I lost myself in a familiar song
I closed my eyes and I slipped away

It's more than a feeling
(More than a feeling)
When I hear that old song they used to play
(More than a feeling)
I begin dreaming
(More than a feeling)
'Til I see Marianne walk away
I see my Marianne walkin' away


Copyright, Tom Sholz, 1976. Recorded by "Boston." All Rights Reserved.


Universal Oneness IS more than a feeling.  More than religion, more than philosophy, and definitely more than politics.  It is Humanity’s Touchstone for pure wonder, inspiration, and ultimate Restoration of Soul.    


"And the LORD said, Behold, the people are ONE, and they have all one language; and this they begin to do:  and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do."  (Genesis 11)


Now THAT'S some SERIOUS POWER!  Straight from the Mouth of God, Him/Her/Ourself!


"If we fully comprehend and nurture Oneness, throughout our Journey........NOTHING we imagine will be restrained from us." 


These words were spoken at the base of a Tower called "Babel."  THE COLLECTIVE CREATION of Earth's People.  Designed to form a Bridge Across Consciousness---bridging Heaven and Earth.  "Jacob's Ladder" (if you will!)....... fit for a multitude!      


Upon seeing this Tower, the Lord reached down and scrambled our "One Language" (which He declared to be the KEY to Oneness).  Earth's people were not yet ready for Ascension....lest we bring with us a host of “Character Defects”……Natural by-products of Human Nature. 


Had we been "ready"..........nothing could have stopped us........not even God!  But we weren't, so here we are......centuries later.  Waiting to be ready. 




For those of you who have not yet encountered my work on the net---I am a Visionary Writer, Bio-Energetic Bodyworker, Cultural Researcher, and Seeker of New Paradigm Truth.  For nearly 20 years, I have been a Conscious Channel for a Soul Group known as "The Reconnections."  On 11/11/1991, I wrote the first of  MANY "Transmissions”…posting them online as preparation for Planet Earth's Ascension into the Fourth Dimension and Beyond.  


When they first approached me---still in my Separation Mindset---the Reconnections described themselves as "......all those parts of my Expanded Self I had to forget about in order to become human."  They said:  "We've never been very far from you, just far enough.  Within our ranks are contained all of those necessary "Bridge Concepts" which will reconnect you to the Glorious Multiverse---an Infinite Wherehouse of possible/probable Universes---ALL OF WHICH represent levels of YOU."


To be quite honest, it was mind-boggling to think that some of the premier thinkers and teachers from all across time had volunteered to assist humanity as we made our conscious leap into the next Levels of Consciousness.  It was even MORE mind-boggling to think that they had chosen ME to be their spokesman---at least in MY little corner of the Multiverse!  After awhile, though, certain events kept repeating themselves.....over and over.......until my overly-inflated ego finally adjusted to the fact that this "task" (if you wish to call it that) was being offered to ANYONE and EVERYONE who happens to be listening in at the "right" time........and whose lifestyle can support the long hours and intensive concentration required to sustain an Information Portal for the World during this powerful time!!  In other words, we channels are NOT “The Chose Ones.”  We are simply “The Ones Who Choose.” 




The heart of the Reconnections' Message is contained within two transformational concepts of Universal Oneness and Multidimensionality.  We are ONE Planetary Being, who appears to be manifest as MANY.   The expression "appears to be" is the KEY to understanding what is going on here.  Each "Oneself Being" alternates (flickers, in awareness) between Unity and Complexity---with Oneness serving as a kind of Touchstone, to clear our intellectual and emotional palette for the next "course" we will be serving up for ourselves at our 3D Banquet of Life.  And we are doing this at every level, every moment of the day and night.    

The 3D Construct is actually a perceptual tool, within which "Immortals" get to play out various scenarios for living---integrating lessons, feelings, and experiences along the way.  Remember "The Computer Construct" sequence in that movie "The Matrix?"..........the place where Neo learns how to do martial arts?  The same applies here, only much bigger and more pervasive than any of us can imagine.     

In one sense, we are each Producers, Directors, Actors, and Audiences for our own motion picture productions.  Each lifetime is a movie unto itself.  Each person is his own universe.  In each universe, everyone and everything is a mirror of that one being.  Physicality is NOT objective.  Even objects have consciousness.  We simply experience and express our consciousness in different ways. 

"We don't see the world as it is.  We see the world as WE are."    ~Anais Nin

A cursory knowledge of both these ideas (Oneness and Multidimensionality) is necessary if we are to make the leap from 3D into the Fourth Dimension and Beyond.  And that, my Friends, will be the focus of this column each month.   


We began by stating that Universal Oneness is “more than a feeling.”  The question before us now is:  How Much More?  To answer this, let us consider Human Energy Anatomy by visualizing what the Recons often refer to as “The Soul Train.”    

The ENGINE on the train is our MIND, winding its way through possible scenarios, exploring adjunct realities---trying on “alternative personas” like suit coats in a department store. 

The FUEL CAR on the train is our WILL, choosing from a host of alternative routes and destinations each exact path we will travel.

The PASSENGER CARS on the train carry our EMOTIONS, reacting and adapting to each new path and environment which unfolds before them. 

There is either agreement or disagreement, at any given time, between the crew of the train and the passengers who climb aboard.  If lack of agreement among primary participants cannot or will not be resolved, the whole process moves into PHYSICAL SPACE, where issues and themes solidify---where spirit “battles” can be played out “up close, and personal.” 

The TIME FACTOR for processing activities in the WILL and EMOTIONS is far slower than what goes on in the MIND.  Just like an engine on a physical train, the “mind” can unhook itself from the rest of the train and wander off in search of new possibilities.  And it can do so, literally, in the blink of an eye.  When it finds somewhere interesting, the mind will plant a flag in that new reality context, declaring to all concerned: "We are HERE now." 

Meanwhile, our Will and Emotions may not have even ARRIVED at the location yet, so a VOID appears........a PERCEPTUAL SPLIT........between what the Mind knows and what the Will and Emotions are able to comprehend.  Perceptual Splits give a person the impression that either the Mind is "mistaken" or the Will and Emotions are damaged.  But that, too, is illusion.   

In the Multiverse, there is no such thing as "right" or "wrong."  There is just what is.  And there is a multitude of "is-ness" out there to explore!!!   If engines can wander, so can passengers.  They can literally jump off the train and go sight-seeing in adjacent realms.  In some cases, they can even climb aboard other trains. 

Enjoy what’s left of summer.  I have a feeling that considerable amounts of HEAT will be continuing into the Fall---and I’m not just speaking about weather when I say this! 





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