What an amazing time. 

It feels as though this creeping "mist" of transformative energy is moving through the land.  It reminds me very much of that scene in "The Ten Commandments," when the first-born of every house in the land was being slain, by the power of Pharoah's Curse............and the green mist was moving through and killing everyone, except those who had the blood smeared on the doorposts of their house. 
This "mist" is also, I am sure.........that same mist that surrounds AVALON.........the repository for our magic(k)al heritage.........
As it moves through our land and our world, it deeply affects those parts of us that seem most rigid, most "set" in their definition of who and what we are.  On the phone, this morning, I described it like a FLU that hits the body in its most vulnerable places.  The only difference is........this "flu" hits us in our least vulnerable places, the things we are protecting, or which we feel most define us as humans. 
As is their usual course of activity, the Guides are bringing people past me who are discussing issues and changes in their lives, and they ask me to comment on them.  When I do, the words that come out of my mouth (as an honest part of making a fitting response) just happen to form a powerful admonition to me as well--dealing with some part of my life. 
To one friend, I found myself saying:  
"It feels that the perfection of the DESIRE to make this leap is almost more important than taking the leap.   Pure desire has a way of birthing itself, but the labor pains can be very intense.  It seems that one of the mistakes people make is to push the river, and force a decision......... rather than staying with the contractions.......breathing.........and letting happen what needs/wants to happen.  It's like the day that I left the fundamentalist church and told my wife we were getting a divorce.  Up to a certain point, my departure was all about pondering and wondering.................and I struggled with it, this way and that way............and then, one day, it was all clear.  I *knew* what I had to do..........and it seemed as though I couldn't *not do it*........even if I wanted to.   Consequences were no longer the issue.  In a sense, *I* had become the consequence, an escape pod................product of a long, hard labor...........and everyone in the picture had climbed aboard we all left the "old world" together."   That "old world" has been a WOMB.........with a "view," and now I must give up the safety and comfort of that "view" for an entirely new thing. 
This is such an admonition to me about my current business involvements at the new office.  As is often the case, one of my associates has "taken on" the energy of my/our collective resistance or blockage for achievement of some "process" that is underway.   On Friday, we confronted the issues (somewhat), but there was no resolution.  Just pain and blockage.  When this happens, I need to take things to the ethers...........and pray for the building of Astral Bridges between the parts of the ONE which we all are.  But now........ I also allow my polarized "self" to experience all the feelings/emotions/actions that make me a player in the Grand Game.  I don't have to be the "fixer" or the "scapegoat" either. 
I find that I am getting to the point where I no longer have to be an "icon" for Oneness in my world.   It is not ME, Daniel, who is the "sales representative" for this Return to Oneness.  I am not "this," while other people are something else.   We are ALL OF IT, and it isn't just about's about THE ONESELF, WE.........which is why an ESCAPE from any situation would, of necessity, involve a climbing aboard the pod........and taking ALL who are involved in the dance.  We each carry the other(s), within us, wherever we go.    
And so......they're here.  The Mists of Travel-On.  And many of us have stated the desire to load up the car, pack up our donkey, herd our sheep and our many goats, and get the hell outta dodge!   But where to go?   Where to run, and hide...........or is that HYDE  ........from our alternative selves?   This is the heckle that is paining Dr. Jekyll!  
My quote for today:

Robert Green Ingalls said: "in nature there are neither rewards nor punishments--there are consequences." We aren't being singled out for punishment, we are merely experiencing the consequences of our own rigidity. If we choose security over change, we have to suffer the consequences. As Gail Sheehy summarizes succinctly: "If we don't change, we don't grow. If we don't grow, we are not really living. Growth demands a temporary surrender of security."

We can learn how to recognize our own rigidity and how to correct it. It takes honesty and courage, but the rewards are immense. First, the suffering stops. This is the surest sign that we have chosen the right path again: the unnecessary suffering stops. More importantly, new possibilities open up everywhere in our life. Where everything seemed sterile and barren, and there seemed no possible answers, now everything seems possible. The possibilities may be scary, because each offers a path that we have never taken before, but it's a good kind of fear, like the fear that a fine pianist experiences before a concert.

from "Shadow Dancing" by Robin Robertson.


Surf's up, everyone.  Enjoy the ride!!! 


Daniel Jacob

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