Gridworkers are Planetary Empaths, whose focus of awareness can either expand or contract according to the macro or micro nature of their assignment in the moment. They will feel the needs of the planet as if it is prese...nt within their own body, which it is! In many ways, their physical body has become the New Earth.

The five Bridge Orientations are as follows:

Imagination: These are the Architects of Expanded Reality. They feel deeply into WHAT IS, so they can discern the next levels of WHAT COULD BE, or what WANTS TO BE within any context of reality.

Modulation: These are Tuners of Planetary Vortices and Chakras. They hold the same function that a "mixer" might serve within a home stereo system--discerning the exact amount of bass tones, mid-tones, and treble tones to include or allow within the various levels of human interact. They usually do this by running them through their own body first. Modulators work in concert with The Guardian Spirit, holding your Planet on course, so that ultimate Oneness and Resonance of Purpose may be sustained.

Calibration: These are Connectors and Sustainers of Planetary Resonance. They are also known as Bridge Builders. They have the power to link anything with anything else. Calibrators are like Cinematographers in the Movie Business, choosing which facets of the Oneself Perceptual Apparatus to join together, so that the Mass Mind can experience Ourself with clarity and joy.

Transposition: These are Translators and Conductors of Tones for the Planet. They are like Antennas, bringing in energies from beyond the Veil and down-stepping them for 3D adaptation and application. Practically speaking, Transposers are most effective when they station themselves in the vicinity of Prophets or Teachers in 3D Reality. Since they tend to be somewhat non-verbal, they feel most fulfilled around someone who possesses adequate communication abilities to express and explain what it is they are carrying within their bodies.

Conciliation: This is the Christ Self Interface. It is the level of Pure Oneness. It is the embodiment of FORGIVENESS (AT-ONE-MENT) for all Planetary Polarizations. Those who attain this motivation, and move within it, do so for only small periods of time. It is the Core Self that comes through during Phase Shifting Activity, which is ordained to demonstrate the movement between the Human and Divine perspective.

These five Orientations/Motivations help connect 3D Earth with the Expanded Realms. In the Spiritual Gifts Intro, there are links to characteristics of all the Spiritual Gifts I have encountered thus far. This includes 7 Grounding Gifts and 5 Bridge Gifts. No doubt there are many more.....but this is a great start! ♥ ♥



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