Greetings from Metatron-Arcturus through Kayla.  In this conclusion to our series, we would like to reflect what we see in many of you.  




Once you have truly “seen the light”… remembered all that you are as a creator along with some principles of creation in our universe… enlightenment starts to dissolve its way through all your remaining contrary beliefs. 


Soon you start to notice that you are happier more often, for no particular reason.  One day it occurs to you that you are no longer a seeker:  you have found what you were looking for, whether or not you can put this into words.  You no longer feel any real need to practice methods or techniques, to take more courses or workshops, to read or search the Internet over and over again, the way you used to.  When you still do these things occasionally, out of interest, you discover that you already know much of what is being spoken and published by others… for you are remembering more all the time, as part of a naturally unfolding process.  Maybe you start to write or teach or channel for others, too.  But do you really need to, if everyone is awakening naturally, in their own perfect time?


The process feels liberating – it’s such a relief.  Life requires less effort from you, at last.  You stop sticking up notes to remind yourself of the changes that you want to integrate into your life, because you find yourself “walking the talk” more simply and easily, without having to think it through, without planning and organizing, without lists and schedules.  One day at a time.  One moment at a time.


Sensing, seeing, knowing without knowing how you know that this is true, you can relax and enjoy whatever happens to be there with you in this moment.  You appreciate more than before the people, places and things that are in your life NOW.  And you tend to ignore anything that you sense will make you feel less than joyous, peaceful and free:  you shrug off situations that used to drive you crazy, smile at behavior that used to annoy you, chuckle at the absurdity of what other people still believe is vitally important.  The evening news is full of other people’s choices, which no longer really concern you.  Maybe you even stop watching, or tune in only for the few minutes of good news and the weather forecast, at the end.  You do feel compassion for those who still (choose to) suffer.  You help others when you clearly sense that it is good and right for you to do so.  But you no longer engage in other people’s dramas, conflicts, struggles: all the problems they never seem to resolve.


You allow everyone to express their own opinions freely and to choose what is best for them.  At the same time, you find it easier to express your own views (simply, clearly, honestly) and to require all others to respect your choice of what is best for you.


You no longer need – and you certainly do not expect – anyone to do, think, be or provide anything for you.  You are perfectly clear about the fact that you are creating, and thus giving to yourself, exactly what you desire.  And so is everyone else.  Only you can create and give to you anything of value.  Only they can create and give to themselves joy, serenity, peace, prosperity, freedom, empowerment… and yes, even love. 


Your beacon feeling

Most humans find that the naturally unfolding, inner transformation described above takes a certain time and provokes a certain number of recurrent situations – to trigger, reveal and melt away all that still resists it. 


When it is complete, you are in the flow of creation every moment of every day, and all your questions are answered immediately as they arise, whether seemingly from inside or outside of you.  When you live this way, you go off the radar of mass consciousness.  You retain only the tiniest sliver of overlap with the structures that govern the way so many others live, the way you used to live.


Meanwhile, however… while the process is working its way through all that you are… the one thing you can trust to steer you, moment by moment and day by day, is your own inner guidance.


We use the word “inner” to make it clear that your guidance belongs to you and only to you.  Of course, as within so without:  your guidance does not only manifest inside you.  Your subconscious and unconscious, soul and spiritual selves interact with the corresponding inner selves of everyone and everything.  They create motivating forces that generate the meaningful “coincidences” many of you experience as synchronicity:  a book that appears to glow at you or find its way into your hands, strangers walking by who suddenly say something to each other that is totally relevant to you, the odd phrase on TV or the song on the radio that stops you in your tracks, the “chance” encounter that changes your life.


How you choose to see such events and whether you follow their suggestions is up to you.  Sometimes you feel the flow of your own creative forces and let it carry you…. but sometimes you hesitate.  If you see no synchronicity in the world around you, or if you do not wish to accept what is on offer there, your answers must come from inside.  Luckily, when your spiritual selves cannot communicate with you in any other way, they guide you by using a certain kind of feeling.  You could call this your beacon feeling.


The word “beacon” refers to the fire that people in previous centuries lit on hilltops or in towers, to signal a direction or to light the way through the night.  It is used today for the light in lighthouses, the radio transmitter that emits signals for airplanes to follow, other kinds of signals used for guidance, and more generally for any source of inspiration.


You have a characteristic feeling that can serve as your beacon.  It may correspond to the first choice (seen in linear time) that your soul community made at the start of this wave of creation.  It can be understood as the primary motivating aspect of our universe, as expressed through you.  No one aspect is better or higher than any other, as all are primary aspects of All That Is:  God, Source, Spirit.  You don’t have to choose among them.  You are already a member of several God-aspect clubs.  But which one is your all-time favorite?  Imagine yourself as a tuning fork.  Which note sets you humming?  What word would you choose to describe the state of being that instantly makes you feel deep-down-good inside?


Is it JOY? 

Is it LOVE? 


Is it the CLARITY of truth or the grace of KNOWING without knowing how you know?  Is it EMPOWERMENT?  Is it FREEDOM?


What does the Divine Perfection FEEL like to you?


Naturally, All That Is includes all of these and much more, but imagine that you have to choose one key word for perfection within you, the most important of all these qualities for you.  Sense that you serve this one most obviously, most easily… as well as all the others.  Say to yourself:  “I am devoted to all the wondrous aspects of creation.  Sometimes I promote and cherish one, sometimes another.  But I feel best of all when I feel……”


If you are still glancing up at the list above and hesitating, then think of a moment in the past when you felt that life was perfect.  What word would describe the feeling you had then? 


Or imagine a moment when life will feel perfect, when you feel truly blessed, as though the universe had listened to you and fulfilled all your dreams.  What would that feel like? 


Ask your soul, ask God, ask your own heart.  If you think someone else knows you better than you know yourself, ask them.  You may laugh, but we know a human who asked her cat… and the answer came to her as if a feline voice had spoken inside, behind her eyes.


Any one will do, for they are all equivalent.  Nearly all humans resonate to more than one at a time, and this can change over time, as well.  So choose any one of the above and repeat that key word to yourself.


Say it once more, slowly, as if you were tasting it..… and say it again…. 


Try another, if you like, find the one that resonates the most, and then repeat it to yourself again…. and again… 


Feel how evoking your own perfection in this simple way creates an inner smile that keeps getting wider and makes you melt into something utterly blissful.  It makes you feel wonderful to the core of your being, like you never left HOME at all, because the place that you have always belonged is right here, inside you, now.


Please note that we deliberately use the word FEELING for your guiding light.  A feeling is vaguer, wider, deeper and richer than a simple emotion.  This kind of feeling is not located in any one of your spheres – physical, emotional, mental or intuitive.  It infuses and moves all of who you are.


When you do not follow your inner beacon, you never feel good for long.  You may fool yourself to please or placate someone else, but if you do, your beacon feeling will desert you.  You cannot feel deep-down-good inside if you are not following the path that you came to earth to follow, the path of your spiritual evolution.  Your spiritual self guides you along this path, using its beacon. 


Once you have recognized your feeling, use it as your North Star:  allow it to do its job, to lead the way.  It will indicate and help you discern what is right and good and true for you, and what you can simply leave to others.  As soon as you do not feel it, look for the anomaly:  designate what is not welcome within your sphere and allow it to pass on through you.  Become utterly neutral to anything that does not evoke your beacon feeling within.  Allow the clarity that you are developing to amplify this process, and notice how it begins to do itself, if you just step out of the way. 


We have spoken in other transmissions about methods you can use to help neutralize persistent patterns.  A segment that we brought through some time ago (regarding our own energy) mentions one aspect of the neutralizing process at work both in therapy and in daily life:


Within the corridors of space-time reside all the lifetimes where energy remains contracted, stuck, charged and immobilized by emotional reactions.  This happens, for example, when humans refuse to accept situations experienced as traumatically unacceptable… and it forms the basis of many “reincarnational” cycles. 


Emotional healing reconnects you, in your current lifetime, to such knots through the resonance patterns that persist within your sphere, in what some of you call your “emotional body”.  Resonance patterns (in this case, within the water templates) act like blueprints to recreate similar experiences, which tend to trigger similar emotional reactions.  The refused experience will persist until it is accepted as part of your Oneself.  If you choose to re-live it, more or less consciously, the focus of your attention undergoes the experience that was refused in the other lifetime, and the emotion can express its true nature (energy in motion) as it moves through you.  This process allows you to become neutral to the pattern and its trigger.  They remain as potentials – and can be recharged – but as long as you continue to allow them to be as they are, you are released from them.


You can find processes or people to help you shift your emotional tone, whether or not you use this for healing or as a way of engaging in more conscious creation.  There are excellent teachings available today (for example those given through our good friends, the collective energy known as Abraham) and many fine facilitators, as well.  Let your beacon feeling indicate which one is best for you now.


Ultimately, you will find yourself becoming divinely, benevolently, compassionately neutral to everything… except, very precisely, whatever evokes your beacon feeling now.  So all that you are continues to reveal, in every moment, what it deeply desires to create through, in and as you.


To make sure that this is clearly understood, we will repeat once again that all of you contain, in potential, ALL God aspects, always.  You have access to all the expressions of All That Is.  But human beings on earth at this time tend to be naturally motivated by one (or two) more consistently and more deeply.  If, after all that we have said about this matter, you are still shaking your head and do not wish to sense which of the aspects is YOUR primary aspect, well… that is perfect, too.  Your soul group determines when – or even whether – it serves all that you are to guide your self this way. 


And so it is.


We are Metatron/Arcturus.  Our symbol-self is the Key.  All we have been doing in this series of transmissions is to offer you a key to unlock your own remembering, a code to open a window that you can turn and look through in order to shift your point of view, or a cipher-tone to access more of who you are.  We hope that we have offered at least one that you can use to serve your own creative evolution. 

Have no doubt that your individual human lifetime is a universe in miniature.  Your journey is as unique as your DNA, your fingerprints and the irises of your eyes.  All that you could ever need is already within you, but you may enjoy looking around and seeing in others a funhouse mirror, a set of signs at a crossroads, or (as the Buddhists say) a finger pointing at the moon.  It is, however, only in your own watery depths that you find your own moon, reflecting the light of your Source and acting as an infallible beacon to guide you through the night.


I AM/we are Metatron-Arcturus-Kayla, in service to All That Is.


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Michela Christi makes her home in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is an adept Channel, Visionary Writer, and has consented to serve as our Reconnections Portal for the French-Speaking peoples.  This is her multi-part presentation concerning our next level of Reconnections Expansion, via the Crystal Cities, to a wondrous land that is being built, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.  This is also the theme of our upcoming Conclave in the Brittany area (Bretagne) of France.  We are pleased to welcome the Metatron-Arcturus Connection to our Group Soul. 

Copyright 2006 by Michela Christi (Kayla).  All rights reserved.