Greetings from Metatron-Arcturus through Kayla on this day.  We are pleased to reflect here, to the best of our ability, humanity’s expanding viewpoint on a question of importance to many of you.




Others cannot enslave you, but you can be imprisoned by your own beliefs.  If you believe you have no choice, you will indeed have none.  You may choose a lifetime that will tend to attract persistent restrictive patterns, and you may take them on as part of your “education”.  Humans are brought up by parents and in communities that restrict freedom for the sake of getting along, fitting in, being “realistic”, responsible, considerate, making others happy or proud.  Consciously or not, nearly everyone chooses to give up some freedom in exchange for the benefits of membership in collectives (family, clan, society…).  But many of you are brainwashed into giving up more than your share! 


We will look at various reasons why this may be true for you.


Many teachings recount the beginning of this wave of creation as a moment when One Creator revealed the potential of Multiplicity by splitting into aspects that eventually sub-divided, fragmented, combined and recombined… to become this universe and all of us.  Fragmentation ushered in light and sound, contour, shape and color.  It allowed for creative expression, generating the crystalline splendors of rock, mineral and jewel, the breathtaking beauty, fragrance and flavor of plants, flowers and fruit, the amazing organization of the insect world and the wondrous diversity of the animal kingdom.  Fragmentation opened up the full range of emotions, the complexity of thought and all that you appreciate in art, music, culture and civilization.


So.  Separation is not all bad.


But you went too far, or at least that’s how it felt.  You wanted to be individual creators, to sustain different aspects and to evolve different facets of the whole.  You had no idea that fragmenting into individualized creators would feel so shattering… or that separation (from the rest of what you are) would make you feel so vulnerable, alone and afraid.  Acting from fear, you increased your own sense of separation.  Instead of realizing that all “others” are different versions of the same “you” (the Many expressions of the One), you began to see them as separate selves who can never be fully trusted.  You built walls to keep out unpredictable strangers, and you battled beings that you considered “self-serving” for resources that you thought you needed in order to survive.  You could never have predicted that all this would develop as a side effect of individual focus.  But you have been dealing with the consequences ever since. 


You do not dislike all of the consequences, however.  As you go back and forth across the veil of forgetfulness, you reconnect with higher, faster, lighter frequencies, where all your selves naturally overlap and pass through each other.  Many of you have a fascination with lower, slower, darker frequencies, where you can touch, smell, see and hear each other so clearly… because you have evolved such defined boundaries… and where you can experience the excitement, the drama, the thrill of intense sensation.  Nothing else can explain the incredible popularity of your police, action and horror books and movies, where someone always ends up in mortal danger… and the hero (heroine) is defined by the courage and skill required to face down or outwit the antagonist and make it through the dark maze alive.  From the point of view of your soul self, going through a cycle of incarnations constitutes just such a journey through the labyrinth, a passage underground.  You test yourself the way scientists test materials for tolerance.  You use physical expression and experience as a means of defining and re-defining who you are.  In the process, your changing and evolving desires evolve creation itself.


We created many versions of ourselves elsewhere in this galaxy before bringing the synthesis to earth for further development.  The “seeds” brought to earth contained every pattern set by emotional charge:  not only the ones that felt positive – the ones we loved and wanted to create again – but also the ones that felt negative and so would inevitably be recreated here, as well, to be evolved further. 


It is hard to feel totally free when you carry so much baggage.


Moreover, many wise humans know that: “The truth which makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.”  [Herbert Agar]


Many people think they want to be free but nonetheless continue to make self-restrictive choices.  Some slide away from anything that feels too difficult and choose an easier path, instead, even when it imprisons them.  Limiting routines can provide the focus you need to accomplish something you desire.  They can also allow you to remain in lazy, comfortable, familiar patterns, avoiding conflict and risk.  There is nothing wrong with being lazy or seeking harmony.  But consequences result from every choice you make.


It is gradually becoming clear to many of you, as well, that liberty means 100% responsibility.  When “things go right”, most humans like to take at least partial credit, and they feel good in magnanimously sharing with others.  When “things go wrong”, though, they tend to see themselves as victims of circumstance.  They blame someone else for the mess they are in, bemoan their bad luck, find fault with their childhood or complain about “the system”.  But you can’t have it both ways.  The truth is that you are totally free and therefore totally responsible for everything that happens to you, from long before the cradle to long after the grave.


Which means, of course, that you are also totally free to believe the opposite.  What you believe is true for you.  When you choose to see yourself as a victim, you create a specific reality within your sphere – a reality where you are bound by forces beyond your control, experiencing life but not directing it.  Always, in every moment, you can choose to see the truth of your freedom, instead, and ask your many selves for help in understanding the purpose of the choices that you have all been making together… the choices that got you where you are now.


Another wise human said: “Liberty is liberty, not equality or fairness or justice or human happiness or a quiet conscience.”  [Isiah Berlin]


Even when humans recognize the truth of their freedom, they will sometimes choose restriction.  You give your power away freely when you risk confinement to serve what you define as a higher purpose.  Some take on obligations to serve the ones they love or to support noble causes.  Others do so to reach personal objectives such as “making it”, acquiring knowledge, mastering skills… or anything that seems more important at the time than keeping their options open.  And many people will accept decisions taken by the majority, as long as they believe that this resulted from a truly democratic process. 


However, you also choose restriction when you feel fear, guilt or hopelessness and fail to recognize that you can choose either to succumb to these emotions or to overcome them.  Generation after generation, human beings who feel insecure tolerate rules that restrict their liberty as long as they believe that these rules will keep “the other guy” (the bad, the evil, the criminal, the terrorist) from harming them or their families.  But who is this other guy?  Just another you….


Ultimately, the highest purpose we all serve is creation itself.  You are freely choosing to restrict your freedom to participate in the process of creation.  Right now, as a human on earth, you are doing this in order to be an individualized creator of expression and experience.


Life on the other side


In all contexts, it is wise to remember the multiple nature of your self.  You entered soul contracts and carry pre-sets in your DNA that were chosen as potentials for this lifetime, restricting you in ways that serve your group soul’s evolution.  But all such agreements are temporary.  As circumstances change, you, too, are allowed to change you mind.


Be aware, however, that your soul selves may not always agree with you.


It is important for you to recognize that your soul self (individual and collective) does not see things the same way you do – “you” meaning your conscious self here on earth.  Your soul self will sometimes push for completion, driving you all the way to the bitter end of experiences that your human self would rather ditch half way through.  Your soul may have a sense of mission, which you only vaguely feel and would readily abandon when the going gets tough.


The veil of forgetfulness works both ways.  You forget the rest of who you are when focusing awareness inside a lifetime on earth, but soul selves also forget what physical life feels like, once they are on the other side again.  Besides, the experience of life is so diverse from one lifetime to another, and life on earth evolves from one generation and epoch to another… a soul can never be certain what anything is going to feel like, really, except by coming into a lifetime and going through it. 


Your group soul sees Earth as a wondrous, magical, creative playground.  Your subconscious and unconscious selves are having the time of their lives, playing their roles and seeing what happens next, no matter what happens to you.  Of course, they do not wish you harm – how could they, when they are part of you?  They always feel powerful love, admiration and respect for the courageous self that takes on the focal point in consciousness.  They greatly sympathize when you scream in pain, and they will cocoon you in love if you allow yourself to feel this.  Many of them spend their time trying to make you feel better.  But they may do so, as often as not, because it is the only way they can get you to carry on.  They can sense your perceptions and emotions, but you are the only one who feels the intensity of life here.


You also have to realize that your other selves do not define things as positive or negative in the same way you do.  On the other side of the veil, all the potentials of physical experience seem fascinating.  Any incarnated lifetime represents a fantastic opportunity for experiment, choice and evolution… no matter (or indeed, sometimes because of) how it ends up feeling to the conscious self.


Your soul self lives in diverse potential, feels totally free, wants to be a creator, seeks expression and experience in form.


Your human conscious self lives in the limited reality that is the consequence of all previous choices, feels restricted, wants to be free, seeks resolution and release (or escape).


Your group soul’s central point of focus goes back and forth across the veil of forgetfulness, coming into lifetimes and going back out again, responding to the alternating desires of all that you are.  At a deeper level, you may understand that this very process serves a much higher and wider purpose, as it helps to sustain and evolve life on this planet. 


The key to why YOU choose to imprison yourself within any specific belief system may lie outside the range of your awareness… until you remember all that you are.  Then the veil lifts, your awareness expands, and you are free to choose again.  Within a much wider range.


Perfectly free until you choose


The real paradox of freedom lies in the fact that you only remain truly free, perfectly free, as long as you choose NOT to exercise your freedom.


As soon as you make a choice, you split your universe into what you have chosen and what you have not chosen.  Every choice restricts your experience by selecting one potential at the expense of all others.  Some people sense this and love freedom so much that they never want to choose, so they keep all their options open until the last possible moment.  If you do not choose, if you wait, something else may indeed come up, and in the last-minute rush of being forced to decide, you may choose it.  But who can tell whether a planned event will turn out to feel better than a last-minute alternative?  Perhaps those who plan ahead too rigidly would be well served by spontaneity, while eternal improvisers could learn something new through commitment.


Freedom and responsibility are the chicken and the egg:  one results from the other, in an endless spiral of creation.  Your existence as a creator proceeds in a continual feedback loop:  you imagine, desire, choose and enter an expression, experience the result… which helps you select what you feel is worth sustaining and what you would prefer to evolve, then you resolve and release aspects of the previous creation and thus make room for something new, while you imagine, desire, choose and enter a new expression, experience the result….


Coming into a lifetime here on earth, you enter a collective creation.  You experience the complex, multi-layered result of choices made by those you think of as your ancestors and previous generations.  In our view, they, too, are other parts of who you are (i.e. some of your other selves).  You enter the slowed-down intensity of physical life to experience what your group soul has sustained until now.  What will you decide to maintain in your reality and what will you choose to shatter, release, dissolve?  Sometimes the worst restriction – making you feel imprisoned or enslaved – gives you the clearest indication about what has to change.


When you leave this lifetime to become an ancestor and a member of a previous generation, you will still be yourself.  For you, “between lifetimes” will become here and now.  Those who pass from this life continue to live among your other selves, focused within that range of frequencies.  Some of them are acting as sub- or unconscious influences in your life, as you have done before or will again, when they focus into a lifetime. 


Can you expand your viewpoint further?  Can you see that everyone around you is another one of these “selves”?  All your selves, all our selves, are chips off the same old block.  Nowadays, many people say, “We are all One.”  But what does that really mean?  Can you shift your focus outside the language that distinguishes between I, you, he, she, it, we and they… and recognize each and every self as another one of you, another version of YOU?


We are the One creating this universe.  All our choices, interwoven, generate the ever-changing reality that we know.  Remembering this produces what is known as “awakening”, but that does not mean dismissing material reality as a dream of no consequence.  Your physical existence is a collective illusion, yes, but no more so than any other state of being that you could choose instead.  On the contrary, you are using, right now, a splendid, perfect system for creation in form.  To wake up from the dream only means to recognize that your current reality is not the only one. 


A human lifetime is the truth.  It is one truth… the truth as far as you are concerned.  It constitutes the truest expression of what you have been choosing to be until now.  You could choose to drop the whole game immediately and step out, but most of you do not want to do that.  You want to see how it turns out.  You want to take the culmination of all your choices through to its logical conclusion.  Your soul selves push you through to the natural end of each phase in your (eternal) evolution, to the point where clarity answers all remaining questions and ends a cycle of creation. 


As long as you are still engaged in a cycle, some choices preclude others.  So you are both free and not free, depending on your point of view… depending, that is, on how you define who you are.  The wider and larger your sense of self, the more you see that, as long as you choose to be in any specific form, you are (always) free… and (right now) freely choosing not to be.


Maybe that is why some people say that:


enlightenment changes nothing because…


You’re still here.  You’re still “stuck”.  You’re still experiencing, within and around you, the consequences of every choice you ever made.  Life on earth slows down the consequences so they become VERY real.  That’s the point:  you want it to be powerfully intense, sharply clear, so you cannot escape from the consequences of your choices.  You want to perceive the direct, indirect and sometimes unexpected results of what you have been choosing, to sense how they make you feel and thereby choose where you will go from here. 




enlightenment changes everything because…


You begin to experience life in a different way.  For most people, however, this change does not happen overnight.  Like everything else on earth, it happens slowly.  Often, things seem to get worse before they get better… both individually and collectively (at home and on the evening news).


Just when you think you have reached a higher level and everything finally feels better than before..… easier, more secure, happier..… something comes along to seize and fling you down again.  Why?  As you allow new knowledge to filter down through all that you are, the process reveals anything and everything that remains charged within your sphere.  The universe is not against you:  it simply persists in creating everything that is positively charged AND everything that is negatively charged, consistently and in the same way for everyone.  Life shows you your truth.  Each successive “challenge” reveals something that you still desire, or something that you still resist because you dislike or disdain it.  Your ethics set a standard for your own behavior.  Your dreams hold ideals that you still want to bring into form.  All your preferences are part of who you (still) are. 


Since it was invented, holding the center of consciousness in a human lifetime has been one of the hardest jobs around.  So please congratulate yourself.  You are doing an amazing job, and you chose this job freely.  No conscripts in the earth experiment; all volunteers.  We all knew this was not going to be easy.  We were not looking for easy.  Individually, we wanted to experience the process of creation from the inside, no matter how it ended up feeling.  Collectively, we wanted to throw all of our selves into a cauldron and allow for something radically new to emerge, at last, from our long history of repeating patterns.


The evolution of humanity could not (and still cannot) be predicted.  We give too many free spirits too many alternatives, letting them combine and recombine in complex interactions in a profoundly diversified environment on the edge of chaos… so close to chaos that they generate a thousand dire prophecies… and not a single one has come true.  Here we all are, still evolving.


In this era, you can find a way to make the process easier for yourself.  Assistance is available from many excellent facilitators.  If your soul group feels ready to accelerate your process, synchronicity will lead you to one of them.  Even without assistance, most of you are naturally unfolding into greater clarity now.  Clarity brings you to a more balanced state, where you can sustain the paradox and see yourself as both receptive and active. 


Expanding your focus, you feel the serenity of allowing everything to be as it is in the present moment, and you appreciate your life as the living synthesis of all the choices that all your selves have ever made.  And yet you also feel the excitement and enthusiasm of being engaged in evolving that synthesis even further, to create another new you:  the “best and highest”, most wondrous self you could ever imagine.



I AM/we are Metatron-Arcturus-Kayla, in service to All That Is.


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Michela Christi makes her home in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is an adept Channel, Visionary Writer, and has consented to serve as our Reconnections Portal for the French-Speaking peoples.  This is her multi-part presentation concerning our next level of Reconnections Expansion, via the Crystal Cities, to a wondrous land that is being built, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.  This is also the theme of our upcoming Conclave in the Brittany area (Bretagne) of France.  We are pleased to welcome the Metatron-Arcturus Connection to our Group Soul. 

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