The Meta-Arc Transmissions, Part 5

(first 3 previously called "Between Heaven and Earth")

Messages from Metatron-Arcturus

through Michela Christi



Greetings from Metatron and Arcturus through Kayla on this day.  We are pleased to address with you now the second half of our “ultimate question”, which is:




The singular and multiple nature of who you are, the roles that all your selves are playing, the way you situate your conscious self in space and time on earth:  put these together and they can add depth to your view of a human lifetime, rounding out the concept that goes by the name “reincarnation”.


Many people who hold this belief talk about your “previous lives” as if the person in them was you, the same you as the one who is here now.  This is both true and not true, depending on your point of view.  You are a “we” made up of many selves.  Your conscious self is focused in this lifetime.  Your other selves are carrying out the functions they have chosen… because they enjoy one most, do one best, or feel like trying one now.  No separation exists between these parts of you – only a semi-permeable membrane that some people call the veil, which has been hiding the others from your conscious self.


As we have said before, your soul self and your spiritual self are also One and Many, both individual and collective.  Souls come in groups, families, clans, tribes and communities.  Every time the multiplicity of your soul “incarnates”, all of your soul selves express and experience aspects of that lifetime and the lifetimes of others with whom you enter into relationship.  When a lifetime is over, you all come back together on the other side of the veil and share all these points of view.  The merging of experience creates a new synthesis, a new “seed”, the essence of who you are at that point.  You then all choose where and when (or whether) to plant that seed again, now.  The choice involves creating a sense of how your new synthesis might unfold in a way that would be interesting, enjoyable, useful – a way that would serve the evolution of all that you are.  As your group soul imagines a new way to unfold, if you are drawn to the idea of investing another human lifetime, you begin to attract potentials corresponding to the best lifetime for all of you. 


If a potential lifetime aligns with the signature pattern of your new synthesis, one of your selves focuses awareness to anchor the daytime consciousness of the human being, while others take on the expression and experience of subconscious or unconscious selves.  During the lifetime, as choices are made, potential scenarios align and manifest… or dissolve.  Given the split in human awareness, your conscious self seems to be the one making decisions… but is accompanied, influenced, guided, driven, frustrated or even sabotaged by your other selves, according to what is perceived as best for the evolution of the group soul.  No matter what actually ends up happening in what you call reality, every lifetime offers innumerable moments of choice.  Each of these moments reveals aspects of who you are now, confronts you with the result of all your previous choices and allows you to choose again.


Families of souls tend to incarnate as families on earth from one generation to the next, so choices often involve incarnational cycles of related lifetimes.  Observing, sensing, working as soul-level architects for generations currently on earth, your many selves imagine a host of alternate scenarios with roles that each part of you may choose to take.  Some of them then act as transposers, calibrators and modulators to bring the chosen soul-level blueprints into form.  Outside daytime consciousness, you can preview likely sets of potentials and sense how they might serve whatever you all feel drawn to expressing and experiencing.  Your many selves are doing this all the time.  The dance continues not only in between but also throughout lifetimes in physical form, as if you were all in a great ballroom but only some of those dancing were visible.


Your daytime conscious self is focused inside a lifetime that you think of as yours.  So a scene you experience in dreams, flashes or visions that seem to belong to another lifetime, or an affinity you feel to a place or time where you sense you lived a “previous life”, reveals something that has a positive or negative charge for your soul group, family, community… for at least one of your many selves.  An emotionally charged event in that lifetime is perfectly “in tune” with a segment of your signature pattern, and this establishes a potential link between you and it now.  When you are inside space/time, it seems to belong to your own past or that of your ancestors.  When you are outside space/time, you see it as an emotionally charged element that all your selves have access to because it feels “unfinished” to you.


This helps to explain many puzzling things, for example:

1.      In what is called past life therapy, people experience “flashbacks” that often lead to an intense moment containing a powerful, locked-up emotion… that could not be accepted, allowed to flow and thus to dissolve during that lifetime.  Throughout every lifetime, including the one you are in now, you allow some events to be as they are and feel some emotions without resisting or refusing them.  But other emotions get blocked.  When you do not give an emotion an outlet and allow it to flow through you, its charge fixes the related experience within the sphere of your group soul.  Many people “regress”, in this form of therapy, to moments in other lifetimes where the human being they identify with is dying, being tortured, realizing that they have been betrayed, that they have done something that feels terribly wrong, have wasted their life on an illusion or… anything experienced as impossible to accept.

2.      In therapy and also in life, breakthroughs that truly cure mental (and sometimes also physical) illness happen NOT when people intellectually analyze their problems, but when they “re-live” a key experience and feel the emotion locked up within it.  This can happen less consciously, as well, if a new experience triggers an emotion that you have not been ready, willing or able to feel before.  As you feel the emotion – whether or not you express it – it flows through your sphere, and the charge it held dissolves for you… but only to the extent that you allow.  If you resist, a part of it remains a part of who you are… and will inevitably draw triggers to you again.

3.      Some scoff at the fact that so many people claim to have been someone famous in a “previous life”.  But, outside time, we can access any lifetime that will serve our evolution.  Famous lifetimes are the subject of discussion, writing, films and fantasy, so they are “re-charged” all the time.  As people open to the idea that they may also have existed elsewhere and allow perceptions to enter their experience, they attract relevant scenes into their awareness.  The first ones to come through are often those that hold the strongest emotional charge.  If it serves your evolution, you may well experience a moment in one of history’s highly charged lifetimes, a moment containing a locked-up emotion of significance to you.  And thus you may believe that you “were” Cleopatra or Alexander the Great.

4.      The traditional concept of reincarnation makes it hard for some to understand how there could be so many more humans on earth now than at other known times of human history.  Moreover, some dislike the idea that we have all been incarnated as other life forms, as well.  The current cycle is highly accelerated in this era, so most of the group souls involved in the earth experiment spend less time than before focused “between lifetimes”.  For every conscious self, the number of perceivable subconscious selves is highly variable.  Outside space/time, we are all connected and compose one divine network, where many can be linked to few or few to many.  It is only inside the system of creation on earth that each of you has chosen to be one human being at a time.


That is what you are doing here.  This lifetime is the current culmination of all your choices:  your essence, your “seed”, unfolding as this particular “tree” of life.  It is an integral part of what we are all doing in this universe:  creating, sustaining and evolving who we are, by selecting among all the potentials of creation.


You define reality within your sphere


As you may recall, in a previous transmission we said that the primary creative act in our universe is to define a sphere.  Creating your self in this way, you start by sensing your presence as a central point, and then as the outside and inside surface of your new playground.  You immediately have a friend to play with, too.  Once you have moved from the center to anywhere else, there are two of you:  one holding the center and another moving around.  With both there at once, you can move your sphere through the space that you have defined as outside it, or you can move around inside it and discover all the amazing shapes that naturally arise from repeated movements within a sphere.  Or you can do both at once.


You are, in fact, doing both all the time.  Persistently repeating quantum, atomic and molecular patterns within a sphere sustain the shape of a physical form – like the one you are in now – and parts of you are doing this continually.  And you shift your entire group soul’s sphere, right along with your physical body (currently at its center) every time you move.  Moreover, you shift its perceived inner and outer limits whenever you expand or contract your focus.  For example, you contract your sphere when you give in to obsessive regret or recrimination about “the past”, or to self-limiting worry, anxiety or fear about “the future”.  You expand it whenever you engage in imagination, rise to a challenge, allow yourself to do or say something that “isn’t like you”, carefully observe something you never noticed before, or evolve in any other way.


At the beginning of this wave of creation, before you started making choices, your sphere seemed empty.  In truth, it was (is, always will be) full.  Full of all the potentials of creation because they are present everywhere at once.  Remember:  in a holograph, every tiny segment contains the full potential of the whole.


One of your selves holds the center of who you are now.  Your other soul-selves move around to scan potentials and consider whether it might be enjoyable and/or useful to try this one now, or maybe that one.  From the realm of imagination, they send alternatives inwards, towards the center of who you are.  The self who is holding the center gets to choose.  In your slowed-down physical world, the one at the center has plenty of time to make up his or her mind.  This is your daytime conscious self, the one you think of as you, who experiences scenarios in dreams, fantasies, unexpected thoughts, impulses, intuitions, etc.  Any scenario that you do not love enough to welcome and do not hate enough to resist will dissolve, out in the realm of imagination, before it can precipitate into form and enter what you think of as your real life.


Anything you do welcome or resist begins to attract the forces of creation.  You will start to see signs of it around you.  It may not seem like a part of your life at this point, but it already is, as you only notice things that already have meaning and purpose for you.


The more intensely focused you are on any one thing, the less you will notice anything else… especially anything unfamiliar.  Magicians intensify and distract your focus to entertain you; pickpockets do it to steal your wallet.  In a documentary that you may have seen [shown on BBC TV], the narrator does it as he moves from one scene to the next, before telling you about a recent experiment conducted by a research team.  This team gathered a roomful of people, told them that they were going to watch a film and gave them a task that required concentration.  The narrator invites you to play along as you watch the experiment, sitting in front of your TV.


Following the instructions, you try to count the number of times yellow balls are passed back and forth, as a large number of actors crisscross, toss balls of different colors and do other things, besides.  The film ends.  The head researcher asks the roomful of people in the experiment for the answer.  They don’t agree (which is reassuring, as you weren’t so sure, either!).  Then he says that there was something unusual in the film.  He instructs the participants not to say what this was but to raise their hands if they saw it.  Only two hands go up.  He asks them what they saw.  They both reply:  “A gorilla.”  The others laugh and are incredulous, so he shows the film again.  And this time – knowing that there may be a gorilla and watching out for it – everyone smiles as they see a man in a gorilla suit saunter through the crowd of crisscrossing actors and stop to beat his chest before plodding off in another direction.


To prove the point further, the narrator replays half a dozen scenes that you saw earlier in the documentary.  You easily recall these, as they all present striking landscapes or recognizable city scenes.  Only now you see that a gorilla was lurking in the background, here, there and everywhere.  But you never saw it.  Your expectations do not include a gorilla leaning against a lamppost in London or tucked under a tree by some lovely country road.  In exactly the same way, nearly all the time, you are focused on and interpreting the familiar in your everyday life, and you only see and hear what you expect.  All your expectations are beliefs (fixed, repeating thoughts) that make each day much like the one before, enabling you to function in the physical world… as well as in groups, families, communities, societies – worlds created by human beings.


Which brings up an interesting question:  what do you expect, when you enter a human lifetime?  Newborn babies do not seem to expect themselves to be separate beings.  Children have to learn the difference between “I”, “we”, “you” and “they”, one of the countless distinctions that people make in consensus reality.  Adults tend to be very sure about most of the distinctions that they believe in, so it is hard for the average child to resist.  But some children have always focused in a different range and structured perception in a different way, making it difficult for them to communicate and function “normally” in family and society.


Who can say what is worth including in your world?  What do you consider real, significant, true?  This varies enormously from one family, culture and generation to another.  Once you clearly see that truth, you can reclaim your freedom to choose what is real, important and true – for YOU.


We mentioned earlier that persistently repeating quantum, atomic and molecular patterns sustain your physical form.  Persistently repeating emotional and mental patterns sustain the “shapes” and “colors” in these spheres, as well.  Through them, our universe creates the expression and experience of your life.


Everything that carries an emotional charge within your sphere, conscious or not, emits a persistent call, broadcasting to the universe that this, too, is a part of who you are.  Anyone emitting a complementary pattern will sense harmony and be attracted to yours.  And you will tend to find theirs irresistible as well, no matter whether the attraction feels positive or negative.


That is what is meant by “resonance”.  If two musical instruments are in tune, they trigger each other.  Pluck a string on one violin, and the sound you hear is a wave emitted and expanding in all directions.  When the wave reaches the string that matches its frequency on another violin, that second string will start to vibrate and produce the same sound.  This phenomenon also explains a recurring scene in some comical movies, where a soprano hits a high note that shatters a glass.  If a sound matches the frequency at which glass molecules vibrate, the molecules will respond, so if the glass is very thin….


The energy that radiates through your signature pattern, as you, emits not only the codes that correspond to your shape and colors but also to your current tone, a pattern of sound.  These tones are outside your physical range of hearing, so your conscious self cannot be aware of them.  But your unconscious selves hear your music and everyone (and everything) else’s, as well.  They sense when the approach of someone or something creates resonance as it enters your sphere and sets your “strings” vibrating, whether or not that resonance will seem harmonious to you when you enter into relationship.  The same is true, incidentally, of your sense of smell.  All the perceptions out of range for your conscious self, but perceived by your selves, combine to inspire the vague felt senses known as intuition, instinct, impulse….  Even when you pay no attention to these senses, they continue to drive you from within and create the events in your life.


Great but not a Chain


There is a concept of creation, which some of you have come across, known as the Great Chain of Being.  Long before some humans started calling themselves scientists and discovering the structures of form in this universe using scientific methods, others calling themselves philosophers spent enormous time and effort on the same quest.  Just like the scientists, they never reached a consensus about the true nature of reality, experience and knowledge.  So there are many versions of the Great Chain of Being, as hundreds of authors have divided, sub-divided and given different names to planes of existence.  Such models propose anywhere from two or three to 36, 49 or even more levels of reality. 


We find it useful when experts do not agree, because discovering multiple points of view frees you to choose your own.  But it also seems to cause confusion in people who do not feel that they are ready or able to access their own inner wisdom.


Let us take one of these structures, a simple one.  (For our purposes, any one will do.)  Imagine five spheres of graduated sizes, nested inside each other like Russian dolls.   Unlike Russian dolls, however, you can’t take the inner ones out.  As long as all the spheres are there, they remain inside one another.  You can see through all but the smallest one at the center.  They have no clear boundaries, as each sphere overlaps and fades into the next one down.  Each bigger sphere contains everything that is inside the smaller ones lying within it, but also adds something new at a higher, wider level.


If you have trouble imagining this, think of the sun as a first sphere: level one.  The sun is a sphere within a sphere, as it is completely surrounded by its solar system, which includes the sun but also adds more to it: level two.  Its solar system exists within a galaxy, which includes the solar system (and its sun) but also adds more to it: level three.  And so on.


When thinking about our universe – or when philosophers talk about the Great Chain of Being – you tend to see it as something very large, of which you are a tiny part.  But… as without, so within:  if you are inside it, it is also inside you.  You ARE the Great Chain, in miniature:  a model of this universe. 


In our five-sphere structure, matter is the first sphere of existence.  It is also the most solid one, the one you can’t see through, at the center of all the nested spheres.  As earth, rock, metal or base elements, matter is considered inanimate, which means that scientists think it is not alive.  In our view, awareness focused at this level creates the highly complex intelligence of atomic and molecular existence.  There are beings who structure the first sphere of existence, and it makes no difference to them what names we choose to give them:  forces and laws of nature… or elementals, devas, nature spirits, gods…. 


No clear boundary separates the first level from the second, which interpenetrates and contains it.  Everything that scientists define as alive is made of matter, and the second sphere is what most of you call “life”.  As you probably know, biological life on earth is carried in water.  It is both sustained and evolved through the agency of positive and negative emotional charge, in and as liquid.  Physical bodies, made of matter, are charged with this kind of life in their fluid emotional spheres.  All your cells are animated matter.  Emotional charge fixes many patterns within the fluids of your body.  But its sphere extends beyond your physical body, as well.  Emotions flow not only through all your cells, which are largely made of water, but also in and out (of you and all others) through the vapor in the air around you. 


The third sphere is mind.  Thoughts are carried in air.  Your physical body hardly senses them at all.  The contents of your mental sphere move very fast, as thoughts flash through seemingly empty space both around you and within you (there is a great deal of space between your constituent parts).  Your mental selves interpret the ongoing information exchange, and you sense the result as inner speech, imagery, or sometimes as remembered smells, tastes, touches.  Your mental sphere interpenetrates and encompasses your physical and emotional spheres but extends beyond them, at varying distances into the air around you.


So our structure in this universe may be Great, but it is not a Chain.  All human beings, (in fact, all beings in form) are spheres within spheres within spheres.  Your mental selves, your emotional selves and your physical selves, interacting in their spheres – it’s all YOU.  The spheres simply get denser, more solid, as you move inwards towards the center of who you are now.


The slowest-moving, most sustained part of you is your physical body.  It may not be shaped like a sphere, but it’s useful to think of it that way:  as the smallest, most densely packed part of you; the part that has crystallized into physical form, around and as the center of everything that you are choosing to be now.  Your other spheres are not spherical, either, really.  More fluid, they expand, contract and shape-shift constantly.


As without, so within.  Your physical body contains solids, liquids and gases.  Your material (physical-earth), life (emotional-water) and mind (mental-air) spheres exist within you, in and as these elements.  Each of your spheres is anchored at your center, so you carry them all around with you.  Each larger sphere merely has an emission and reception zone that extends progressively farther out.  Emotions can be transmitted and sensed a certain distance away, and thoughts can be emitted and picked up even further from the center of the physical body.


In this simple model, your fourth and even larger sphere is the realm of soul.  Your sub-conscious (and some of your currently unconscious) selves reside here, permeating all your other spheres but adding another level to them.  No matter how you conceive of the parts of you that exist within this sphere, they are always moving through you and all around you at even greater distances than human thought.  Your soul sphere exists “inside” space, invisibly enfolded within the space we all occupy.  So your subconscious selves (guides, angels, partners) cannot be sensed directly.  You perceive them through the results of their work as impulses, inner drives, intuitions… and in the thoughts they steer your way.  What some people call your “Higher Self” is a group soul, a soul group – both one and many selves, all a part of who you are.  It’s just that this part of you is focusing awareness within a much wider range of frequencies.


As for the fifth sphere, what some people call Spirit:  how far you choose to extend that sphere, outwards and inwards, is up to you.  We prefer to use the word spiritual for the sphere that we all share:  the one being(ness) that we all are, our One Self, who is everywhere at once.  In this sense, your spiritual self is All That Is, which includes and transcends ALL smaller spheres in our universe.


You are a multidimensional, multi-sensorial, multi-level being, capable of perception and interaction at all levels of existence.  How much of your (and our) One Self you choose to include in your definition of yourself, and how many of your (and our) many selves you identify with… is entirely up to you.


As we were discussing this simple model, you may have noted its parallels with traditional or ancient teachings, as follows:


1.      matter


physical sphere



2.      life


emotional sphere



3.      mind


mental sphere



4.      soul


causal sphere



5.      spirit


God, creator, source


ether, primordial substance



Some traditions call all your spheres “bodies” and use the word “aura” to talk about some of the spheres that you cannot normally perceive with your physical senses.  But it seems that newcomers to these teachings sometimes misunderstand the traditional representation of the “aura”.  You have probably seen an image commonly used:  it looks like a human body surrounded by rainbow layers of color.  Without careful explanation, you might not realize that this image is NOT representing one layer on top of the next, but permeable spheres nested inside each other.  Each sphere is anchored at the center of each being and permeates everything in all the smaller spheres within it.


You define your terms


Your individual-collective soul sphere extends into what some people call the causal plane.  Interesting choice of words, as it implies that your soul-selves cause most or all of what happens in your life.  Their element, fire, serves as an inner torch to light your way… perceived as the inner fire of inspiration, passion, excitement.


Those who have studied the traditional teachings will probably have noticed that we prefer to avoid words used by human beings in very different ways.  For example, for centuries the word ether referred to a rarified element believed to fill the upper regions of space and/or to the medium that transmits transverse or radio waves.  Ethereal means intangible, unworldly, lacking material substance.  But people have used the words ether and etheric to mean many different things.  Similarly, the word astral refers primarily to stars.  It can be confusing when some people use astral for a “body” at a level corresponding to your emotional sphere, while others say astral when referring to a much wider realm.


Confusion tends to reign, as well, among multiple definitions of the words dimension and density.  Some use these terms as synonyms; others do not.  As many teachings have pointed out, it is difficult to talk about non-physical domains in words that originally evolved (and continue to be used) primarily to communicate about the physical world.  When attempting to do so, it is useful to define the way you use your terms.


Density seems to indicate how closely packed things are.  At any level (particles, atoms, molecules, cells, humans, stars, galaxies…) individual constituent parts have more or less apparent space between them.  Consider a metaphor often used in this context:  the three states of water.  When water cools down and freezes into ice or snow, its molecules bond into crystals that make them seem solid.  The signature pattern of water does not change when the substance is frozen, but its pattern slows down and crystallizes because less energy is radiating within it.  Apply heat, warm the ice, increase the energy water holds, and the bonds between its molecules break, transforming water into its liquid state.  When molecules in substances tumble around each other and move faster, they feel fluid, and anything solid will swish through them.  Apply even more heat, increase the energy further:  the molecules move faster still and can jump into the transition zone where water and air overlap.  As they do, water becomes vapor and seems to disappear.  If its temperature is not maintained, however, it will steam up any surface as it shifts to being liquid again.


So:  as the frequency of a substance rises, more energy is contained within it.  When water heats up enough to become vapor, you can’t see it anymore.  It has become invisible to the sense organs of your physical body that operate within the solid and liquid ranges of frequency.  It has become a part of the air, and you do not see forms (like gases) that express within that range.  You can smell some of them, though, or sense them in other ways, as you do when you feel a breeze.


Any substance will seem denser (more solid, heavier) when expressing its signature pattern more slowly (at a lower frequency) and less dense (more fluid, lighter) when expressing its pattern more quickly (at a higher frequency).  As your scientists have discovered, it may not be measurably more or less dense – sometimes quite the contrary – but it will appear to be.


This is also true of you.


The most common use of the word dimension refers to size in space.  Measure the distance from one point to another along a straight line, and you can define any shape.  When you measure the sides of a box, for instance, you say that it has a certain length, height and width – the three dimensions of space.


Some people call time the fourth dimension, but physicists disagree, as they mathematically measure three dimensions of time, as well.  Others say that time is structured like a long strip of paper, twisted, with the edges then taped together [a Möbius strip], a good metaphor for its potential cycles, spirals and layers… but which also seems to imply more than one plane.  Most human beings find such things too difficult to understand.


For some of you, the fourth dimension (and beyond) is the realm of dreams and the “place” you go between lifetimes on earth, which may also be the home of guides, angels and all those who have “ascended”.  But that realm is not a place at all.  We would agree with those who say that it could more accurately be called an analogue.  In a sense, it is the hidden half of what you are now… because what some of you call the veil is actually a twisting that generates space-time inversion.  We will try to explain this as best we can.


In your physical sphere – on your side of the veil – space is extended and time is enfolded.  Your expressions manifest in the three dimensions of space, but your expressions within time remain hidden. 


In your soul sphere – on the other side of the same veil – the opposite is true:  space is enfolded; time is extended.  In that realm, you have access to all potential pasts and futures, but you cannot physically manifest any of them in a sustained manner within the dimensions of space… except by crossing over to where you are now.


“Enfolded” means compressed within what you see as empty space.  Not only in the space around you but also in the space within you.  As you will recall, there is plenty of (seemingly) empty space between the nucleus and the electron haze in every atom, and everything on earth is made of atoms, including your body.  As above, so below:  just like you, every atom has a central sphere made of matter, with structures that you can see through a powerful microscope.  And, just like you, every atom also has other spheres, other levels of being… participating in the processes of life, mind, soul and spirit… in structures that you cannot perceive. 


Compressing increases the speed at which energy radiates a signature pattern.  The “movies” of all potential pasts and futures are projected at VERY high speed within your soul sphere, a speed that makes them imperceptible to your physical senses.  These potential pasts and futures are forever looping, enfolded around you and within you, expressed in what for you is “inner space”.  Their patterns transmit on specific bands of frequency, in much the same way as all the inaudible and invisible navigational signals, radio or TV programs and cell phone conversations flowing around and through you right now.  Again, let us emphasize that there is a huge amount of inner space within and between the constituent parts of you, as much the outer space within and between galaxies.  You perceive the forms expressed in your own range of frequencies, but the space you occupy is also inhabited by other beings, expressing in other ranges of frequency.  They pass through you and through each other, like all those different broadcasts do.


In a previous transmission, we mentioned the images [Magic Eye or Another Dimension] that suggest how different patterns can co-exist, but you only perceive one of them at a time.  These computer-generated images use a system that enfolds one pattern of dots inside another.  You gaze at the surface pattern for a while until your eyes go a little out of focus… and suddenly a different image emerges from within, like magic.  The world around you is like that, too.  Most of you have simply not yet chosen to shift the focus of your senses.  When you begin to do so, you will also begin to see, hear, smell or otherwise sense the forms that manifest within the same space as you, enfolded in non-physical ranges of frequency.  Some of you are already allowing this evolutionary process to unfold consciously, during your quiet time.


The human mind has always perceived much more than most people imagine, endlessly more than anyone would ever want to retain.  Subliminal advertising was banned after studies showed that many people felt a change in mood or acted on suggestions, when flash-frame images or words (that they could not consciously perceive) were inserted into films.  Under hypnosis, many people remember scenes in far greater detail than they could consciously have perceived at the time.  Not to mention those who have had what you call “near-death experiences” and who later describe details or conversations that they cannot have consciously seen or heard.


Your focus is a highly selective filter.  Daytime human consciousness holds a narrow and intensely concentrated point of view.  Very useful, this has been, for eons, but much less so now.  Has the time come for you to expand yours?



I AM/we are Metatron, Arcturus, Kayla, in service to All That Is.

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Michela Christi makes her home in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is an adept Channel, Visionary Writer, and has consented to serve as our Reconnections Portal for the French-Speaking peoples.  This is her multi-part presentation concerning our next level of Reconnections Expansion, via the Crystal Cities, to a wondrous land that is being built, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.  This is also the theme of our upcoming Conclave in the Brittany area (Bretagne) of France.  We are pleased to welcome the Metatron-Arcturus Connection to our Group Soul. 

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