The Meta-Arc Transmissions, Part 4

Messages from Metatron-Arcturus

through Michela Christi


Greetings from Metatron and Arcturus through Kayla.  We are pleased to share further thoughts with you on this day.




There is a conundrum woven into the fabric of your life.


You are a creator.  To create, you choose.  You select your expression and experience from all the potentials of creation.  Can you choose if you have no preferences?  And if you have preferences, can you hold them and nevertheless love everyone and everything as it is, without any conditions?  Unconditional love implies compassionate, divine neutrality.  Neutrality does not choose.  To be totally allowing is to disappear from the world of form. 


The all-pervading, infinite potential of being – Spirit, God/Goddess, All that Is, the One – comes into its Many forms in our universe through all our choices.  If you ever stop making choices, you will no longer be focused on any one part of creation.  You will then truly be “home” again, and your experience will be of everything at once.  But no one will experience you.  Or only in mystic moments as somehow, mysteriously, the same as their own deepest sense of being.  For you will have joined the essence of All that Is.


Not ready to do that yet?  No problem.  We’ve got all the time in the universe. 


To resolve a major cause of suffering among humans, however, it would make sense to recognize that you are creators by nature, choosers by nature, conditional by nature.  Parents do the best they can for their children; partners give each other as much as possible; and that horrible person who treated you so badly served a purpose in your evolution.  Your primary objective in this universe is to create, sustain and evolve what you are, not to live happily ever after with any particular person. 


If you want someone to love you in a specific way, we suggest that you BE that someone.  Decide what you want and give it to yourself It is likely that all the people in your life are (just like you) trying to get what they think they need from others, and (just like you) they often fail and fear that they will not get what they need.  Instead, give yourself love, approval, admiration, appreciation and support.  When you fulfil your own needs – when you take very good care of yourself and no longer seek anything specific from other people – you can connect with everyone at a “higher”, intuitive level.  Then you naturally sense and serve what is best for everyone and bring out the best in others, as well.  Do not pay attention to those who will call you “selfish”, for usually these are the people who are not taking good care of themselves and may want something from you.  Tell them that God is everywhere, not only in others, but also in self.  True balance means BOTH service to self AND service to others, in equal measure, according to perceived need. 


If you do not give unconditional love to yourself, you will forever seek it elsewhere, among other humans, where it cannot be found… or you will give up on other humans and buy yourself a dog, who will appear to love you that way (but you will probably not find that satisfying in the long run).  Ergo:  be kind to yourself, gentle and loving.  Be unto yourself as you wish others to be onto you. 


Realize that there is only one of you, and you have the DNA and fingerprints to prove it.  So does every other human being:  each of you is unique, each of you is special, each of you is a “star” and equally so:  an incomparable culmination of choices that have taken you on an amazing journey of discovery, growth and evolution. 


If you are not satisfied with something in your life, it would be useful to think of it as the result of past choices and therefore already in your past.  The time lag inherent in creation on earth allows choices to be sustained and thoroughly reviewed before you choose again.  Note how some of your choices – made for good reasons – create unexpected results, and consider unpleasant outcomes as a revelation of what you will choose to change next. 


To approach and resemble your true divine spirit, it is important to love your self unconditionally, as the center of a unique sphere of creation.  There is only one “significant other” who always loves you that way (always has, always will):  the One that we all are, together.  The One God, Spirit, Being allows and enables us to be whatever we choose to be… because the One that we all are expresses and experiences ITSELF AS US… in all our marvelous multiplicity, complexity and seeming chaos.




It seems difficult for many people to understand and accept that they are choosing the way their life expresses itself, every moment of every day. 


It’s one thing to say, “Please notice that you are not your thoughts, your emotions, your perceptions… because when they are gone, you are still here.”  Whether or not they meditate, most people can connect to the “watcher self” within.  They can even get their head around the idea that they are constantly choosing what they pay attention to… and that what they focus on, moment by moment, is what becomes their experience.  You interpret a passing thought while remaining alert to the sounds of people and cars, scanning the sidewalk in front of you as you walk, check out a traffic light, notice an unpleasant smell – tuning into the emissions of color, sound, rhythm and movement, all that you can sense inside and outside your self.  So you function as a receiving station, yes? 


But you operate as a broadcast station, too.  You generate emissions constantly, even when perfectly still.


Energy radiates.  As heat, as light, in any form in this universe, energy radiates outwards from its source.  Even as YOU, energy retains its basic nature and radiates.  It beams out the pattern that the chooser of each form is selecting in that NOW moment, and continually broadcasts this pattern to the rest of the universe.  Every being expresses who it is all the time, radiating its signature pattern outwards from its center in all directions.


You emit a complex tonal pattern throughout the range of frequencies corresponding to all your “previous” choices, 24 hours a day.  When you sense the silent presence of someone behind you and know who it is without consciously seeing, hearing or smelling anything, you have interpreted a familiar pattern.  You do not need physical senses to tune in to emissions.  But when you do see with eyes, hear with ears, or smell with a nose, you are using each of these senses as a tuner.  Tuners have evolved in each species to perceive within a selected range of frequencies.  Dogs perceive a wider range of the bandwidth corresponding to smell than you do, and bats are equipped to perceive sounds in a range that human ears cannot hear.  You do not see light emissions above or below the range that corresponds to the colors of the rainbow, even if scientists measure and depict how infrared or ultraviolet might appear to someone who could see them. 


Notice that when you close your eyes, you still see.  You visualize, more or less clearly, whenever you remember a scene or enjoy a fantasy.  Some people have visions while meditating or in prayer, others as they recall their dreams.  Very few can keep their eyes open and yet entirely “replace” what they see around them with a scene from another time or location. Nor would you want to, as it takes phenomenal control of this ability to avoid causing chaos in your daily life. But nearly all humans are capable of visualizing clearly with their eyes closed.


The same is true of hearing.  Some people are highly auditory and will tell you that they hear music inside their head… although few will admit to hearing voices!  Those who do often imagine that they are “talking to themselves”.  But the range that you hear with your ears constitutes a tiny segment of the bandwidth that sound travels on, obviously, or you could tune into radio broadcasts without a radio and listen to what a friend has to say without using the phone.


Entering a human lifetime sets your parameters.  You can remain within this pre-set range and simply enjoy the intensity of perception on earth.  But you can also experiment with perception in other ranges.  In fact, you already perceive in other ranges.  You just don’t see it that way.  Many people are now comfortable with the idea that you all have what is commonly called a sixth sense, variously known as intuition, gut feelings or hunches.  Perceptions in this range give you a vague sense of knowing without knowing how you know.


But what do you think is happening when you have a passing thought?  Most people believe that their brain is generating thoughts in words that only they can “hear”, or perhaps in images that only they can “see”.  They prefer it that way, too.  Given the choice of freely sharing all their thoughts, fantasies and dreams, most people would refuse.  Humans have privacy issues. 


From our point of view, thinking is a “sense”, similar to sight and hearing.  You pick up thoughts emitted by others, but you think they are your own.  Your sense of thought selects from all the ideas in the thought streams flowing through your sphere, which it perceives as coded patterns.  These patterns are interpreted as they pass through the filter of your mind, guaranteeing that you will perceive them in a language you understand – linguistic, visual, mathematical, symbolic, musical, kinesthetic, or a combination of the above.  You emit thoughts, as well, but you do so in continual interaction with the thoughts emitted by others.  Most of you are not aware of the ongoing exchange that one of your selves (another part of you) is conducting within the range of frequencies where thought forms flow.  You only perceive the result.


Your emotions are not all yours, either.  When you feel angry or sad, you are sensing an emotion, but did you emit or receive it?  Energy takes the form of emotion within a specific range of frequencies, and you are able both to emit and to receive emotions within that range.  Thoughts, beliefs, memories, perceptions and (mis)understandings can trigger emotions that remain blocked within your sphere because you refused to feel them before.  But you can also sense an emotion being felt by or held within the sphere of someone you know, a stranger passing by, or people who watched the news that day.  Whether or not you are aware of this, your sense of emotion selects, interprets and allows you to feel these patterns.  Fear, hate and anger transmit in the lower (slower) end of this range of frequencies; mid-range patterns include frustration or boredom, and the high (rapid) end contains emotions such as enthusiasm, ecstasy and bliss.


Your senses of thought and emotion select and interpret for you, according to your unique signature pattern, based on any positive or negative “charge” on similar patterns within your sphere.  If your true inner attitude towards any thought or emotion is compassionately, divinely neutral – unconditionally allowing – that thought or emotion will pass through you without any effect whatsoever. 


Most of you have not yet chosen to remember this about yourselves.  If you did, everyone would always know what everyone else was thinking and feeling.  You would no longer hide or repress emotions or ideas.  So you could not please others, obtain approval or conform in situations that you find unacceptable.  You could not numb yourselves to avoid unpleasant conflict, and there would be no mysterious inner drives pushing you to do things that your parents, family, friends or church say you should not do.  You would no longer be split.


Human beings use different words to talk about realms that they do not (or only dimly) perceive.  Psychologists talk about the subconscious and unconscious or the personal and collective unconscious; religions posit heavens, hells and layers in between… all of which seem to be behind a “veil” that you cannot see through.  From our point of view, in order to enter and function in physical form, you learned to focus awareness within a narrow range that restricts what you now define as real.  Some of you are evolving to perceive within a wider range and to envisage a larger definition of reality.  As always, you are the one who defines yours.


Your subconscious and unconscious realms are inhabited by other beings, other “selves” or parts of you.  Energy radiates through their signature patterns, as well, into a configuration of sound and rhythm, light and shape and color, in a different range of frequencies from yours.  So they have no physical form in your current reality, and you will not perceive them unless you choose to entertain this possibility and allow your range to expand.  Many people are choosing to try this now and see.  Why not?  It’s an adventure.  You don’t need any special talents or qualifications.  In this rather special era, it no longer requires many years of discipline, either.  You do not have to study in any particular school, tradition or group, much less under any self-proclaimed master, guru or teacher.  All it takes is openness, patience and willingness to be led by your own inner guidance and discernment. 


Maybe you have already reconnected with more of you are?  In this transmission, we are looking at you as a creator of expression, one unique expression.  Every human being, every animal, every plant, every snowflake is unique, unlike any other.  And yet, together, we are all One because we are all choosing among the same set of potentials.  The complete set of potentials exists everywhere, all at once, inside you and outside you, inside and outside everyone and everything in every moment.  Each tiny segment of the whole contains all the potentials of the whole… while expressing one, unique, evolving synthesis in form, in the choice of crystalline blueprints that are currently activated and manifested within each sphere.


Let’s see how we all do this.




Creation starts with imagining.  The desire and ability to imagine is the factor in the equation that we would name to initiate, in its meaning of to launch.  This constitutes one third of your creative power.  The other two thirds are to sustain and to evolve.  Those of you who have studied astrology will recognize that these factors correspond to the modes known as cardinal, fixed and mutable within the cycles of creation in your solar system.


Imagination initiates form within a range of frequency to which humans have conscious access.  All forms in this universe are first created as imagined thought forms, and many go no further.  If you were to leave your body and focus awareness entirely within the realm of imagination, anything you thought up would manifest instantly – you would experience it as “real” – but as soon as you stopped thinking about it, it would dissolve back into potential.  Only those imaginings that are sustained as thought forms and repeatedly activated, within an individual or collective sphere, “descend” from the realm of dreams and fantasies into lower (slower) ranges of frequency.  All realities are interpenetrating, but some are much more sustained than others. 


Your night dreams seem real because, when your body sleeps, you temporarily aim your focus into the range of frequencies where dreams take form.  Most of you forget them very quickly because you re-focus so quickly and intensely into the physical range of frequency when you wake up.  Fully awake, you are focused within the range of matter, where manifesting and dissolving take much more time because all forms are “slowed down” and sustained.  Ergo:  the second factor in creating on earth is to sustain the products of the imagination strongly enough, consistently enough and long enough for them to find a way to filter down and take physical form.


Any thought that merely passes through your mind will create nothing in your sphere.  Only a sustained thought creates.  That is why some people say that you create with your beliefs.  What is a belief if not a thought that you have invested so thoroughly, you are sustaining it all the time?  Your focus fixes ideas that you consider absolutely true:  concepts you learned and never questioned.  These beliefs become permanent fixtures in the subconscious realms of your mind, continuously attracting means and methods for crystallization into form.  The more absolute the belief, the harder it will be for you to realize that it is only an idea, which you could now choose to evolve. 


Divine neutrality and perfect balance do not create sustained forms.  Imbalance created everything that you see around you.  Positive or negative charge fixes and thus sustains for a while anything that can be imagined, through the catalyst that you call emotion.  As you know, emotion (energy in motion) is fluid in nature.  The association of emotion and water in mythology and symbolism suggests that human beings sensed long ago where emotion lives.  Life on earth is based in water.  Those who live on dry(er) land carry the ocean around inside them.  Human bodies are mostly water.  It may thus seem natural that emotional charge, acting as a catalyst to bring creation into material form on earth, is carried in water.  The charge fixes the pattern of any thought present at that moment.


If you let an emotion flow through you, it will crystallize nothing.  But if you hold, stoke, resist, fight, or sustain it in any other way, the charge will set a pattern within you.  This happens in exactly the same way whether the emotion is, in your opinion, positive or negative.  When a sustained thought – belief, expectation, judgment, intent, ambition, obsession – triggers or accompanies an emotion, the emotional charge sets the corresponding crystalline pattern into all the water within your sphere:  in your physical body and around it, as water evaporates from you into the air all the time.  Any pattern repeatedly set in this way will remain inside your body and act like a template, expressing its blueprint as part of yours.


Any form, any pattern, whether you see it in yourself or in others, at home, at work, or in the news…  if you can see it at all, it was charged within someone’s sphere persistently enough to descend into matter.  If it is there now, it is still being re-charged or it has not yet had enough time to dissolve.  If you notice it, it has importance for you.  Anything that has no meaning for you and causes not the slightest emotional reaction has no reality within your sphere… so you don’t notice it at all. 


You can learn much about the splendid crystalline world of water and its templates in the photographs that many of you have seen, published by the Japanese researcher [Masaru Emoto].  Further research will show you more, in years to come, about the catalyst of creation in material form.


Here we will simply repeat an essential point:  in the realm of matter, there is nothing wrong with a negative charge.  On the contrary.  Two opposite poles allow creation in material form to begin.  Negative and positive are created together, at once, and exist only in relation to each other.  If one ceased to exist, so would the other.  The agents of creation get to work, no matter which way an imbalance tips the scales.


The same is true of light and darkness.  Vanquishing the dark would make it impossible to see the light.  As without, so within:  metaphorical light and darkness reflect their material counterparts.  God is always on everyone’s side, as the essence of creation remains eternally neutral.  So, in our view, your spiritual purpose cannot be to conquer darkness or even to send light to everything that you despise.  Duality is such a perfect playground for those who wish to create within its potentials (and is therefore being sustained by so many beings) that you could not destroy it, no matter how hard you tried.  And why would you want to?  You are evolving, not to destroy duality, but to transcend it.  Transcend means “rise above or go beyond the limits of”, and you do this by getting some distance and enlarging your point of view.


Evil cannot be vanquished.  It is a form of imbalance that will never cease to exist as a potential.  That is what free choice means.  There would be no freedom if someone could forever lock up the “dark forces” and prevent all beings from ever choosing that expression again.  But you go beyond evil when you remember and recognize that you are (always have been, always will be) free to choose how you express and experience creation… and so is everyone else.


You do not have to understand the choices made by those who express a different synthesis from the same vast set of potentials that we all have within our spheres.  You can honor and respect any choice made by any being.  Life on earth proceeds according to agreements, some of which exist in realms that are currently outside the range of your daytime consciousness.  Many of these agreements allow those who have made apparently divergent choices to create together within one system.  You are still choosing, for good reasons, not to access the agreements of others, so you cannot understand their choices easily, if at all.  It is often difficult enough to understand your own.


Remembering and celebrating our divine, eternal free choice enables us all to dissolve our attachment to vanquishing the “dark side”.  This is how we discharge evil from our spheres.  First, we situate it in our past and see it as a tool that has allowed us to experiment with a wide range of intense experiences.  Intense, fixed, sustained experiences make clear, to each of us, what we wish to create next.


In our view, advanced societies enshrine ethical duality – the battle between good and evil – in mythology, epics and other works of art.  Members of these societies depict the potentials of drama, horror and barbarity, but they see these as errors of their own past that no one would ever choose again.  They, too, would bring Star Wars or Lord of the Rings to the screen, to experience the great clash as a story in a time that will never return to their sphere.  When humans all over this earth finally transcend duality, they will no longer choose to experience battle in any other form.




Quick summary:  creation does not care whether an idea, a dream or a fantasy is persistently charged with positive or with negative emotion, as either one will draw thought into material form.  The net balance, like a set of scales, gives the otherwise neutral field of our universe the means to decide what to bring into material existence.  If you want something very much, your positive desire charges that imagining, but if someone else who is even vaguely connected to the same potential is creating a negative charge around it, this counterbalancing effect may slow down manifestation.  Contradictory desires or beliefs (held by one or more beings) balance each other out, making it impossible for the field to respond.


Imbalance manifests.  Balance restores to potential.  So the fact that you are now in physical form means that you are definitely imbalanced.  Fascinatingly imbalanced, intensely enough to be creating a life in material form. 


Any judgment, preference or condition that you require for your own serenity and joy will appear in your life, but not necessarily in the form that you were consciously expecting.  It may even manifest in a form that you will not recognize or appreciate at all.  For example, as some people now know, any desire that you clearly imagine as situated in your future will forever remain that way:  in your future.  And anything that you definitely do NOT want, anything you worry about, can’t stand or yearn to get rid of, anything you feel is wrong with the world and has to change… all these conditions that you continue to focus on… will remain in your life, as well.


Desiring something that is NOT here now or refusing something that IS here now:  both are forms of resistance.  You have surely heard the expression:  “What you resist, persists.”  Resistance creates friction, slowing down your rate of frequency, increasing your density, and solidifying whatever you are holding within your sphere.  As below, so above:  objects in motion slow down when they produce friction or turbulence and thus resist passage through air, water, or whatever they happen to be in at the time.  Friction, resistance, turbulence: do you feel the tension in those words?  It takes a certain rigidity of focus to be a creator in the world of form.


The more inflexible and obsessive your judgments and preferences, the more powerful the charge.  Your senses use your signature pattern to select from all potentials.  So you project the patterns that you hold within your sphere – out into the world around you – and see them there.  Others mirror them back at you.  You perceive in everything, everywhere, the reflection of your own fixed patterns.


To use another metaphor:  the earth, as you know, has an electromagnetic field.  So do you.  You are made of the same elements as earth, and you act like a magnet.  You attract into your perception and experience whatever is “charged” for you.  The universe is teeming with potentials for you to perceive – plants, animals, minerals, thoughts, feelings, intuitions, sensations – but you only react, respond, retain or even notice the ones that are held within the liquid crystal emitter-receiver that you are, through a positive or negative charge that repeatedly fixes them within your sphere. 


You accomplish unconscious creation all the time, as your beliefs create your reality.  Achieving creation in the physical world consciously is another matter… another work in progress for some of you at this time.  Books and courses abound on the subject, and your inner guidance may lead you to one that will serve your evolution.  If you are reading this, however, you may be trying to create greater balance in your life, practicing more “unconditionality” and moving in the direction of divine neutrality.  If that is true, we may be able to offer some suggestions to assist you.


First, it might be useful to appreciate the highly sustained, intense, “slow-moving” realm of creation that you are currently in, for the purposes it serves.  It enables you to cancel what you have ordered up, every time you start to imagine something but then realize that you do NOT, after all, wish to have that thing in your life.  Give up the thought, let the emotion flow away, and the imagined outcome will remain in the world of dreams… and nightmares: same world!  Just as important, it allows you to undertake a thorough, careful review of the choices that you are maintaining within your current synthesis.  On and as earth, you are fully able to enjoy (and perhaps release) the aspects that you find positive and to reconsider (and perhaps allow) the aspects that you find negative.  So recognize that you are already now in the process of moving towards greater balance.


Most human beings are not trying to find balance by “working through” or releasing all emotional reactions, the ones that feel positive as well as the ones that feel negative.  Most of you wish to release only the negative.  But those of you who swing between the two poles might consider graciously declining the highest highs, as this will tend to counterbalance and prevent the lowest lows.


If you are plagued with a recurring negative emotion, there are many teachings that can be of assistance.  Given what we have said thus far, it should not surprise you that we would echo those who recommend a shift in focus.  You cannot counter a negative charge with blaming, complaining, brooding or lamenting, all of which will add more negative charge to your mix.  Feel the emotion; respect it as a reflection of your truth – as whatever made you feel this way is unacceptable for you.  Do not fight or repress that feeling, for any attempt to eliminate or resist it will only make it persist at a subconscious level, from which it is certain to rise again.


Instead, as soon as you can, shift your focus.  Look at something else, something that feels positive to you, right alongside it.  Do not deny that your negative reaction is there, but allow something else to be there, as well.  A cartoon, a funny movie, a walk in the park, anything you enjoy and can focus on for a moment will add a positive charge to that negative mass.  This will begin to neutralize it.  As you discharge your sphere, little by little, you natural well-being returns.


The resolution to a series of movies that many of you enjoyed [the Matrix trilogy] symbolizes a canceling out of this nature.  The positive anomaly (Neo) kept attracting the negative anomaly (Mr. Smith), but neither of them could ever win this battle.  When Neo allowed Mr. Smith to attempt to take him over, positive became interpenetrated by negative: they merged, cancelled each other out, and both disappeared.  Similarly, positive emotional charge can merge with anything negative in you, neutralize it, and restore natural balance.


Turning your attention to something you appreciate will not dissolve the situation that you find unacceptable, but experiencing its opposite will give you some detachment and allow you to see that you have options.  You are never trapped in any pattern, no matter how powerfully unconscious it may seem.  You are always free to choose differently this time.  You can let the emotion move along with you, in a new direction.  If you cannot take relevant action in the physical realm, choose a different expression.  Some people take emotion into the mental realm, using it to creating understanding and meaning, which add a positive charge to their sphere.  (For others, however, analysis only takes them around the same negative spirals.)  Some are able to channel emotion into creative self-expression, adding the positive charge of transformative artistry, while others can take it into the realm of the imagination, using visualized positive potentials to counterbalance negativity. 


Recognizing that something is still charged for you but that you can begin to discharge it by adding a small dose of its seeming opposite:  this is the beginning of the end of duality.  And often the homeopathic principle applies, as you have to trigger and allow the negative charge to be there, provoking yourself to respond with a positive charge and thus to counterbalance it.  Even when something recurs and you thereby discover that it still carries a charge within your sphere, you can appreciate this as truth, classify it as an old pattern coming up for release, and see whether it might not be possible to choose differently this time.


In every situation of any kind, you choose how you respond.  No matter what else is going on, how you feel depends on what you are paying attention to NOW.  And that is up to you.  You can always choose to transcend any situation, to “rise above or get beyond”, by shifting your focus to something else – anything at all – that makes you feel higher (rise above) or further along your path (get beyond).  This, too, is ascension.  


Practicing transcendence will make you see that your serenity and your joyousness are totally independent of situations and outcomes.  Soon you will find yourself taking one more step… into the crystal clear center of who you are.  This is not a place, even if it is named by various teachings as the sacred chamber of your heart or the stillness at the core of your being.  When you have reached that point, you will have no further need for any practices at all, as consistently returning to your still center automatically shifts your focus – no matter what else is also there with you – to serenity and JOY. 


Then all is perfection, always.



I AM/we are Metatron, Arcturus, Kayla, in service to All That Is.

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Michela Christi makes her home in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is an adept Channel, Visionary Writer, and has consented to serve as our Reconnections Portal for the French-Speaking peoples.  This is her multi-part presentation concerning our next level of Reconnections Expansion, via the Crystal Cities, to a wondrous land that is being built, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.  This is also the theme of our upcoming Conclave in the Brittany area (Bretagne) of France.  We are pleased to welcome the Metatron-Arcturus Connection to our Group Soul. 

Copyright 2006 by Michela Christi (Kayla).  All rights reserved.