A Message from Metatron-Arcturus

through Michela Christi

Part 1 is HERE


Greetings from Metatron and Arcturus through Kayla on this day. 

We are pleased to transmit Part II of this three-part series.



There is clearly something special about this time on earth.  Humans on different continents have evolved remarkably similar mythological stories of creation, destruction and re-creation, and many civilizations left records of attempts to describe and even to calculate “the end of the world”.  For some doomsayers, the apocalypse is always at hand, but prophecies converge around symbolic events and multiply when such events occur… as they have again since the advent of nuclear power in recent human history.  Books, documentaries, messages throughout your media have brought to light ancient calendars and portents that designate this era as… well, something to do with “the end” and with “time”.

We will not join the entertaining discussions and interpretations of these “end times” that you can easily find elsewhere, as this would not help us to answer the ultimate questions asked in Part I of this series.  One interpretation does seem to us to be of use, however:  to see, in this phase of human evolution, a potential – for those who choose it – to experience “the end of time as you know it”. 

How do you know time?  You surely know that the ways most people think about time are means to measure and count.  Humans observed the cycles of nature, up to the sun, moon and stars, down into molecules, atoms, particles… and used the cycles to build a system.  They devised different ways to count and different calendars for practical purposes like navigation, celebration or scheduling meetings.  Eventually some groups felt that they had to agree on (or impose) one global system for scientific accuracy, engineering and technology.

Clock time is not the culprit, in fact, even if human beings use it to enslave themselves and each other.  Life within this galaxy does unfold in cycles and spirals.  The three hands ticking around a traditional clock serve as a fine metaphor, even today, for the way that manifestation occurs in our universe through patterns that use whole number values, in cycles of sustaining and spirals of evolution through overlapping levels.

One has to wonder, though, how human beings ever came up with the idea of linear time – splitting the eternal NOW (that we always live within) into a virtual reality of past, present, future.  This concept may have had its practical purposes, as well.  It may even have served to generate hope and the modelling of progress “in the future” for humans who felt mired in stagnant energy.  But it will block your evolution now if you don’t see through it.

Past, according to what?  Future, according to when?  The only purpose these words can serve is to designate something as not now.  “Not now” means optional.  You are free to focus attention on anything that is not now, or not to focus attention on it.  Things only become real for you when you focus awareness on them.  Focusing brings them into your field in the present moment, the NOW where you always are.  If you graciously decline to focus your awareness on an event that is not happening now, or if you did focus on one but then stop and turn your attention elsewhere, that event ceases to exist for you in any way that matters.

The words “re-member”, “re-call”, “re-collect” show you what you are doing when using memory.  You pull back together, summon once again, and gather into your present moment things that no longer exist here and now for you.  You freely choose to bring the past into the present when you honor an ancestor or celebrate a historical event… but also when you recall something that triggers guilt or regret if you think about it now.  You freely choose to bring the future into the present when you consider an option, envisage a potential, imagine a dream coming true… but also when you worry about something that may or may not happen.  As many authors are pointing out these days, the past and future are mental constructs.  The human mind has invented a timeline to situate itself within the realm of all potential memories and projections, relative to where/when you are now.  Nothing in the past or future is real in any way that matters – unless you choose to make something out of what you can remember or imagine… within your present moment, where you always are.

If you have integrated this truth, you know that you are always the synthesis of what you have chosen and are still choosing to focus on now… and again now… and again in every single, ever-renewed moment… forever.  When you apply that knowledge each moment of your life, you realize that:

·         you are 100% responsible for what you focus on;

·         what you are focusing on is your experience and defines what is real for you; and

·         every moment gives you an opportunity to choose again.

Knowing this, every single moment, gives you back your freedom.


You define your space and time


How long is now, for you?  Most people find it hard to answer that question, so they snap their fingers or tap their hand on the table.  Naturally, as soon as you’ve done that, the sound is gone and so is that moment, that “now”.  You’re already in the next one.

Many teachings have pointed out that you cannot get away from NOW because you are always in the present moment, even when you try to escape from it.  It is where you are.  You can, in fact, see your definition of “now” as the when – the time aspect – of who you are.  And “here”, however you define it, is the where – the space aspect – of who you are.

This is true because you are currently choosing to exist within the parameters of space-time.  Please believe us, you do not need to understand anything about physics to realize what this means.  On earth, in physical form, you have a clear sense of when and where you are, in relation to everyone and everything that is not in the same place at the same time.  Who occupies which part of space at which time has to be subject to agreement, if you wish to act as separate individuals in a place where you see and feel matter as solid, and where you don’t want to crash into each other or anything else.  Space and time provide structure and order, allowing you to separate out the vast diversity of potential in creation.  They allow you to experience energy in form as “this over here” and “that over there” (objects in space) and as “first this, and then that” (moments in time)

You have chosen to separate creation into one thing next to the other, and one thing after the other.  Remember that your finger is also cells… atoms… particle-waves of moving energy… and so is the air around your finger and all the objects in the world.  If you shifted your focus to the quantum level, everything would dissolve into patterns of light within darkness, and you might find it hard for a while to see where your finger ends and the air begins.  But we have all evolved a way to agree on how to tell where one thing ends and another begins.  You are focusing expression and awareness into a range of frequencies that correspond to physicality, creating matter in space and time.  Evolution on earth has developed the sensory organs that you are using to experience creation in this way.

You have probably seen images that attempt to show you the different ways that cats, bees or eagles see, and you know that many animals hear or smell in a greater range of frequencies than you do.  You also know that radio, TV, telephone, satellite and other signals are radiating through the air all around you at frequencies that you cannot see or hear.  If you expanded your focus to encompass all these ranges, you would have to find a way to use your inner tuner in the way you use technology, to select the communication that interests you.  The human experience of life is highly selective.  So is the cat or bee or eagle experience… or, for that matter, the tree or rock experience of life.

The fact that you have selected (and are continuing to select) your range of focus means that you have a choice.  Nothing would exist in experienced form if there were no one choosing among the infinite potentials of creation.  The purpose of your life – of nearly all life – is to choose.  You are the culmination, the synthesis of all you have chosen and are still choosing now.  All that you are aware of, at this moment, is the result of billions upon billions of choices.  Your spiritual selves can remember many of those choices.  Your human self has chosen to forget nearly all of them.  As mentioned in Part I, there were many good reasons to do this… one of which was so you could have truly new experiences and make it possible to choose again.

Why?  Maybe we all ran out of ideas.  Maybe the life forms we had sustained on other stars or planets became too specialized, too much of one mind.  Or maybe we just got too rigid, too set in our ways to create anything new without a major shake-up.  You know how people tend to become slaves to their own experience, as they get older?  They’ve “been there, done that”.  They tell younger people that a new idea isn’t really new at all – it’s been tried before and it didn’t work, so there’s no point in trying it again.  They get cynical or grumpy.  Even before getting old, many humans close down whole domains of life to avoid getting hurt or feeling frustrated anymore.

As below, so above:  groups, families, clans and tribes of souls do this, too.  Whole communities of origin, entire civilizations, have shut themselves off or shut down, becoming crystallized in defensive choices.  Sometimes the only solution seems to be to destroy everything and start again.  Or perhaps to destroy only part of what has been created, resolve to apply the lessons learned, and see what develops from there.  How far back do such choices go?  If we are talking about “the end of time as you know it”, when did that time begin?

We are all eternal beings.  The range of our choices is infinite.  Expand your focus out towards infinity, and you begin to feel the extent of your range.  Once you have done that, you may choose to keep going… in which case we won’t be hearing from you any time soon.  If you are like the rest of us, though, you will probably make the choice that we have made many times before.  As you realize that your awareness is heading out towards infinity, you will say, “Ah, yes.  This, too, is infinite.”  And you will return to something defined.

Why?  Perhaps because infinity is all the same.  It always ends up being everything at once.

We have been out to infinity before.  We came from there and know that we can always return.  But we like making choices, apparently.  And any choice we make defines us as only one part of all that is.  Strictly speaking, even choosing to be part of “all that is” distinguishes us from “all that is not”.  Beingness is our first choice, then we move into “being what?”  All the potential of creation in this universe opens before us.  Choosing, we step out of infinity.  To choose is to focus on this part of all that could be, over here (and therefore not that part, over there).  This is what I choose to be now.  This is what I choose to hear.  This is what I choose to see.  Choosing splits infinity into the part that you are aware of now… and all the rest (that you are not aware of now).

It seems that, at least in our universe, Creator, God/Goddess, Spirit (or whatever name you choose) believes that All That Is has to do this to know anything at all.  An undifferentiated whole cannot know its own potential.  It cannot even know if it exists.  To know, you have to have a knower and a thing that is known.  So you have to split the whole into at least two parts. 

In our present wave of creation, we did that once, creating a Knower and a Known.  Then we did it again, creating two knowers, two centers of focus, which became four and then eight… somewhat in the way cells divide.  More points of view provide more ways to know – more creators of knowledge.

We are all creators of knowledge, the knowledge that we call our own.  We select out of all the potentials of creation what we choose to express and experience now… and again now… and again now… forever.  And we transform our expression and experience into knowledge by synthesizing its essence within us.


The sacred geometry of this universe: step 1


Both physics and metaphysics, both science and religion, present the universe as having a beginning.  Of course, they are talking about our known universe, which (by definition) is the only thing any of us can talk about.  Our universe exists within or is built upon space/time (among other things), so both science and religion posit a moment of creation that represents the beginning of space/time as we know it.

Nowadays you hear about multiple universes, parallel universes, or the “Omniverse” that holds all potential… so more human beings realize that our universe is only one of many possible creations in form.

If you choose to go into these other universes, you will eventually understand that “This, too, is infinite.”  And you will realize that there is such enormous potential in the patterns of creation that we have chosen to evolve in our highly diverse group of galaxies, why go somewhere else?  This is a wondrous place.  And anyway, you can know the whole through any one of its parts, so there is no need to look any higher or lower.  Draw a circle around any segment of a holographic whole, shine the light of awareness through it, and you reveal the full potential that is everywhere the same.

Draw a circle.  Define a sphere.  That is the most essential act of creation in this universe. 

A sphere self-generates every other form and shape we know.  Ancient human mathematicians demonstrated that this is true, and their work is being studied again today under the name “sacred geometry”.  The scientifically minded may point out that plain old geometry shows you this, as well, but many people lose interest when universal patterns are separated from the wonders of the world and represented, instead, in mathematical language.  It’s much more fun to watch the short Disney film that puts Donald Duck into “math-magic land”, or to read one of many delightful books available now that can act as your guides to constructing a universe.

How do you draw a circle and define a sphere?  You cannot do this without choosing a point for its center, and a length to determine its size.  Within the infinity of potential, this is the choice we all made… and continue to make every moment.

Select a point (any point will do) as your center, your home.  There.  You have just created space, in the experience of selecting your very own “here (and therefore not there)”. 

Now move in any direction away from that point, and then stop.  Notice that this took time.  Time exists as soon as space – and therefore the possibility of movement within it – exists.  They are created together by one choice.  I define myself as here now, so if I want to be anywhere else, I have to move… which takes time.

But please note that my previous “there”, when I choose to move towards it, becomes “here” for me as soon as I get there.  It may be a different “here” from the previous “here”, but it is where I am now.  So I am always here now (wherever and whenever that might be).  And I can choose once more.

That may not sound like much to you, but it is the defining act of creation as we know it.

We locate ourselves in the kind of space that we have created in the frequencies of physicality by using length, width, and height:  three dimensions.  Which define our sphere.  A massive explosion in all directions from a central point is what light supposedly did at (or just after) the “Big Bang”.  This is what most people think created the universe. 

It would perhaps be more accurate to say that it revealed one potential universe.  Our Creator/God/Source fractured expression and awareness into us, heard the potentials of sound and saw the potentials of light… in and though the experience of splitting ITSELF into us.  We radiated from each of our centers to take on sound, light, shape… in patterns that revealed the potentials of a universe, ours.  Thus we “were created” to “mirror” potential patterns of form to each other – selecting, manifesting and experiencing them together.

Fast forward to earth… where we have focused very intently on expressing a synthesis of our creations to date and on experiencing these creations as a shared, consensus reality.  This has allowed us to exchange experiences, create more diversity together and find solutions to what we perceived as problems.  But we were never trapped within this creation.  We have always been free to slide around within the parameters of what we create.

Please do.  You are never stuck in your most recent choices.  You chose to focus expression and awareness into a human lifetime, and you may continue making that choice for a while longer.  But understand that you are always defining where is here and when is now for you, every moment of every day, over and over and over again.  You are making that unique choice through your center of focus.  No one is in exactly the same here and now as you are.

Some Eastern teachings and modern philosophies say that you are awareness itself.  There is truth in that statement.  Clearly, though, awareness is something that you share with all other human beings – with all other forms of life, in fact, in very different ways.  What distinguishes you from all other forms of life is your choice of where, when and how you focus awareness.

Quick summary:  in our universe, the defining way to create the experience of “who you are” is by choosing where is here and when is now, for you.  You are probably not aware of it, but you are recreating space and time for yourself in every moment, as you choose to maintain your agreement to focus expression and awareness within your human body-mind-lifetime.  You continue to define here/now in relation to where and when you chose to be before and where and when you choose to be next.  Creating within space/time means choosing to know creation in this way.

There are an infinite number of ways to know the infinite potential of creation.  We are the part of that infinite potential that has chosen to know through experience.  Experience means “going through”, and that’s what we do:  we move through the space and time that we selected out of all that is.  Every move we make defines us and creates us anew. 

It does not matter whether we have done this before or will do it again.  The only wave of creation that matters is the one you are in now.  If you did not already know this and chose to go into another wave of creation instead, you would be there… and that one would be the one that matters to you.  They are all equivalent anyway, as the potentials are everywhere the same.  All realities are interpenetrating.  Everything that can exist anywhere, by any other name, can also exist here and now, wherever YOU are.


Expansion and contraction


After choosing our center and moving out in all directions, we did not keep expanding forever at the same rate.  Or rather, anyone who did is no longer with us now.  At some point, we had our first “Ah, yes” moment (“This, too, is infinite”), and we started slowing down, to see what that would be like.  Some of us stopped for a while.  Some of us went back.  The diversity of our choices created the elements found in our galaxies and the cycles of life as we know it:  a range of forms generated by moving in and out, back and forth, up and down… and around and around and around. 

In many traditions and teachings, the breath is seen as the essence of life.  It can certainly be considered a fine metaphor for our major means of creating form.  The way we see it, what human science calls “life” is only half the story:  the out-breath, or expansion into manifested form.  When you extend yourself into a human lifetime, you breathe expression and awareness into a chosen pattern, slowing down the outer limits of your focus to accompany form into a range of frequencies that you can see, hear, touch, smell, taste, or perceive as thought, feeling, instinct, intuition… within the physical earth. 

As many people have said, life and death are not opposites.  Life has no opposite.  Life is a form for expression and awareness, a choice that is ours eternally.  The opposite of death is birth.  Birth happens when a spiritual self breathes out into physical form.  Death happens when that (somewhat modified but same) self breathes in again, leaving physical form.  The spiritual self never ceases to exist and never loses its ability to choose where, when and how to focus expression and awareness.  All who come to earth freely choose to focus expression and awareness here now.  Those who breathe out into human lifetimes choose that potential form, sufficiently “out of range” of other potential choices, to experience being separate from the spiritual self and its access to all potential pasts and futures.

 We will say once again that all beings who are now human did this for good reasons that each of you can choose to remember.  But you will only draw to yourself the means to remember if, when, and in the way that all of your selves agree would best serve your purposes.

Breathing out and breathing in – expansion and contraction – have provided a huge playground for creation in this universe. 

When we breathe and move out, we release ourselves into a new space and time, where we can join with others, colliding, mingling, blending, creating the possibility of recombination and evolution.

When we breathe and move in, we evaluate, synthesize, crystallize and thus sustain some of our choices, retaining what we choose to use again in our next contribution to (and experience of) collective creation… when we choose to breathe out again.

Yes, it is possible to expand or contract forever.  Some beings do, holding to the purity of one choice.  But anyone who expands forever cannot create a sustained form, and anyone who contracts forever becomes so densely packed and unable to move that it is no longer possible to evolve.  In our universe – our realm of creation – we have chosen to create in cycles that change every now and then, cycles that shift:  circular movement that rises or falls to create spirals through potential sequences. 

Thus we have chosen both to sustain and to evolve.

 When you breathe your self back in (and are no longer in physical form), you can review your latest cycles and spirals.  The range of frequencies that you focus your self within between lifetimes is higher.  Higher means faster, not better.  Your spiritual selves, representing all of your soul community, know that earth human is the best choice for your soul group now, or you wouldn’t be here. 

Your spiritual self is also one and many.  It is the part of you that remains on what some people call “the other side”, and they may imagine it as a guardian angel or guide.  This part of you is focusing expression and awareness within a faster range of frequencies, where your earth days, months and years are experienced as if they were only seconds, minutes, hours.  When you fall asleep, your sense of time changes along with your focus, as you temporarily shift into some of these more rapid frequencies.  When you wake up, your focus shifts back into the much slower range of human consciousness, so your sleep time seems to have gone by in a flash.

You have probably heard teachings that say:  “What we take to be reality is in fact the dream, and we awaken when we realize that our true self is not of this world.”  You may also have heard the story of the emperor who dreamt he was a butterfly and afterwards could never be sure that he was not in fact a butterfly dreaming he was an emperor.  Seen this way, the Matrix is an illusion, and reality is outside or beyond it.  That is one possible point of view, but not the only one.  There are many worlds to choose from.  And as long as you choose to focus within a world, that world is your reality.

Your whole self does not only exist within three dimensions or four or five or six.  In a later transmission, we will look at terms people use for other worlds – densities, levels, planes of existence – and the many ways that you can choose to divide or count these, if you wish.


Through the looking glass


When Alice goes through the looking glass or when the Bible says, “Now we see through a glass, darkly”, the word “glass” means “mirror”. 

Any metaphor that stands the test of time and turns up in different sources contains some recognized truth.  One such metaphor presents the world as “God’s mirror”, implying that what we perceive in form reflects the underlying patterns of creation.  Look at what a mirror does:  it gives you your image, reversed.  It allows you to see what you’re doing but flips the picture and shows it to you backwards.  The world is a mirror for you.  Human beings are all mirrors for each other.  Remembering who you really are may be found in a reversal of perception that lets you see yourself from another point of view.

For example:  you probably think of yourself as one thing (a human being) in a world of many things.  That is not wrong, but it is only one interpretation of reality.  In Part I, we showed how you can adopt another point of view and see yourself as a group of collectives – a physical collective of cells, organs and systems, interpenetrated by a psychological collective of sub-personalities with tendencies, attitudes, feelings… participating in a collective mind that seems to be constantly generating and exchanging thoughts.  This multi-collective you is intently focused on acting as (or pretending to be?) one individual human being, living among and within all the other individual-collectives that together constitute this earth. 

Imagine what it might feel like to be our earth.  All of humanity would be only one scattered element of your surface.  Your neighborhood would include the moon and planets, asteroids, meteors and other visitors, and the electromagnetic fields that they all move in and through.  You would be one of an association of beings that developed this system, with the sun at its center, and that is evolving its own composite nature at its own level of experience.

Stretch a bit further.  Our galaxy is one organism, as well:  one complex life form.  Science fiction tends to imagine planets and races, their alliances and wars, creating the same kind of drama that humans find so fascinating on earth.  But just as earth has a wondrous life of her own, so does our galaxy in its neighborhood, within its own sphere, in a collective creation with other galaxies.  You can take the point of view of any form, all the way up and down the scale.  Spheres within spheres within spheres:  atoms and molecules move and change within the cells of your finger; your cells move and change within you; you move and change within your community on earth; the earth moves and changes within this solar system, galaxies within clusters…. all the way up and out to all that is.

Now do the same thing with time.  You experience life at a certain rate, where minutes make up hours, days, months, years, and everything that takes place this year will be dated within this decade, this century, this millennium.  At present, human lifetimes rarely last more than one century, but you can expand your focus in imagination to take the point of view of your ancestors or of your children’s children.  In Part I, we suggested blending together and taking the collective viewpoint of an entire civilization that lasted centuries.  Human beings have individual souls but they also share a collective soul, so you can access the viewpoint of all of humanity.  The history and point of view of earth is even longer and wider.  Therefore, when you expand into the earth’s point of view, human centuries and millennia will seem to last only minutes and hours.

Keep going.  For a being as large as our galaxy, human history goes by in a split second.  For the Milky Way and Andromeda, “one galactic minute” is equivalent to millions of earth years. 

So what happens when you expand even further, into the range where all of creation as we know it exists within what you would perceive (from that viewpoint) as a split second?  A split second is really no time at all, is it?   

Take one final step, expand just a little more, and everything that anyone could ever know exists within one moment, this one, now.  At that point, for you, all of creation exists all at once, now, as one vast field of potentials.

That is what some people call “God time” or “no-time”, when all of time is now.  It’s hard for human beings to imagine with any clarity.  But it’s useful to stretch your boundaries and recognize that time is a very relative concept.  Relative to size, as we have just seen, and therefore relative to space.  That’s Einstein for dummies – and don’t worry if you’re in this category:  so is our channel and nearly all the other beings on earth!

The choice to extend your self into a human lifetime sets your boundaries and determines your sense of space and time.  When you leave a lifetime, your sense of space and time can change rather radically… if you allow it to.  Many of those who are earth humans now have long refused to do so, intently holding their focus inside the earth sphere, and of course that is perfect as long as their soul group’s purposes kept them within a cycle.  This, however, is the era when many cycles come to an end and new cycles begin.  This is a time of far greater choice.

In preparation for those choices, you can experience shifts in your sense of space and time now, while remaining within your human parameters.  Maybe you already have.  After all, when you are highly productive or happily adrift in a daydream, hours pass quickly.  But when you’re sluggish, bored or depressed, time plods along as listlessly as you do.  Fear stretches time, does it not?  Imminent danger – remember what it feels like to slide towards what you recognize will probably be an accident?  It feels the way they show such scenes in movies or on TV, in slow motion.  This particular shift in focus is a survival response, giving you “more time” to choose the best strategy, while you still can.  Fear is low-frequency; it slows down time.  So does hopelessness and boredom.  Elation is high-frequency, so time does indeed “fly” when you’re having fun.  If you start to pay attention, you will sense your own relative sense of time shift along with the tone of your feelings, making your inner clock different from everyone else’s.

Observing your own multiplicity and experimenting with other points of view are ways of joining the evolution of human consciousness during these “end times”.  Some of the potential outcomes for this era in human history have been as dire and dramatic as the prophecies and portents you have heard about.  But if you are reading this today, you are one of the many who have chosen differently.  Rather than end humanity’s time on earth, you have chosen to evolve your previous interpretations of what this “end” of “time” would mean for you.  You are considering whether you still wish to be bound to a specific experience within space/time.  So this can be the end of time as you have known it, the moment when you allow yourselves to take back your freedom.

This special era also provides us all with an opportunity to see more clearly, so it does constitute an “illumination” or “enlightenment”.  A few centuries ago, an “enlightenment” of the human mind brought greater knowledge to human beings through reason, philosophy and science.  Now comes a time for enlightenment of the human soul and spirit.  Then as now, light allows you to see more of what has been within and around you always.  The human mind made instruments to extend the range of its physical senses.  What tools will you invent to expand your perception further now?

The only limits you ever have are those you choose.  You are never trapped within any system.  We have all always been (and always will be) free to expand, contract or otherwise shift our focus… and thereby change what is true for us. 

Space/time provides the structure for our universe’s “filing system”.  And technology follows consciousness.  In one generation, human filing systems have evolved from rigid and linear – text and figures in ink laid down on paper or cardboard that can be stocked in boxes or cabinets of wood or metal – to fluid, flexible, ephemeral:  images on a screen… that may or may not be held in some virtual place that hardly anyone can locate (or even thinks about anymore).  You would not have built an Internet if you were not already conceiving of reality in a similar way.  So perhaps you can now see space/time as an invisible architecture that allows all the users of this universe to surf around, select, focus on a picture from one point of view, listen to a tune from another point of view, concentrate on one lifetime, link through to others and navigate freely within the sphere of our creation.

 These “end times” are providing opportunities for you to free yourself from many of the belief structures that have been keeping you in conceptual prisons.  One that may already be obvious to you is duality.  After all, you know that nothing is either hot or cold:  everything you can feel is located on a scale from “hotter” to “colder” (because water, air and earth vary in the amount of fire/heat with which they are interpenetrated).  Nothing that you can see is either black or white, either light or dark, either “good” or “bad”… but always some of both, which you choose to evaluate and define for yourself as more or less… or not. 

We will return to these matters in Part III.

I AM/we are Metatron, Arcturus, Kayla, in service to All That Is.

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Michela Christi makes her home in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is an adept Channel, Visionary Writer, and has consented to serve as our Reconnections Portal for the French-Speaking peoples.  This is her multi-part presentation concerning our next level of Reconnections Expansion, via the Crystal Cities, to a wondrous land that is being built, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.  This is also the theme of our upcoming Conclave in the Brittany area (Bretagne) of France.  We are pleased to welcome the Metatron-Arcturus Connection to our Group Soul. 

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