A Message from Metatron-Arcturus

through Michela Christi


Greetings from Metatron and Arcturus through Kayla on this day. 




We are all spiritual beings.  In this domain, no one teaches and no one reveals, because everyone already knows.  You forgot what you know, for many reasons, but now you may be able and willing to remember.  If what we say reminds you of your truth, you will sense yourself relaxing into a “YES”, which may feel like coming home.  It may also create JOY within you and a sense of great freedom.


The quantum leap in consciousness is a gift of grace that anyone can choose to accept at any time.  You do have to choose, however, because you are among the beings who are experimenting with free will.  You are (and always will be) free to remember, reveal or recreate your KEY to the door of remembrance… or not.  Even when you have your key in your hand, you are (and always will be) free to use it now, and again an hour from now, and again tomorrow and the day after… or not.  Why would anyone choose not to open this door?  There must be a good reason, or there would be no real choice.


In the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, humans asked the biggest computer ever built to answer the ultimate question of “Life, the Universe and Everything”.  Their answer turned out to be “42”… which is not quite as comically absurd as it seems, given that every answer depends on the question being asked.  So.  For you now, what is the ultimate question of “Life the Universe and Everything”?  Is it really about life and the universe?  Or are you looking outside, inside and everywhere in sight for some way to explain the existence and purpose of YOU?


For many human beings on earth at this time, the question takes the simple form:  “Who am I?  And what am I doing here?”  That may sound like two questions, but it’s actually only one, stretched over (space-)time.  A satisfactory answer to this version of the ultimate question resolves all others because it includes all others.


This I that is also a We


You have doubtless heard the expression “As above, so below”, which comes from an ancient teaching called the Emerald Tablet, revered by alchemists as their most sacred text.  It contains a symbolic story of creation, but a particularly significant extract translates into something like, “As above, so below; as within, so without…


It means that you can look at any one part of creation and see the pattern that drives the whole.  Excellent work has been published about the holographic nature of our universe, but you do not have to understand holographs, fractals, toroids and spiral dynamics (in other words, you do not have to read the world in the language of math and physics) to recognize that what you perceive changes when you shift the level of your focus.


Imagine putting your finger under a microscope and leaning over to look at it through this instrument.  Recognize that you will see the very same thing, at a different level of focus.  So your finger IS, at the same time, cells.  Another level “down” or “in”, that same finger is molecules, made of atoms.  One more level, and you can see that your finger – indeed, your whole body, and everything else in our universe – is a repeating pattern in constantly moving energy.


Several versions exist of a short film that takes you from a man in his backyard, up into the galaxies and then back to earth again.  As the camera moves back, the gradually increasing distance creates levels of focus that define what you perceive as one unit:  first you see one man, who exists within a family in one back yard, which in turn exists within one neighbourhood, which exists within one town, within one country, one region, one continent.  As the viewpoint keeps moving up and away, your focus goes to another level, as all of these form one planet, which lives within one solar system, within one galaxy, one group of galaxies, one cluster….


So what you see as “one thing” depends on size, in other words on the level you are choosing as your range of focus.  When the wide angle (virtually) reaches the infinitely large field of light, the camera’s viewpoint slows, stops, and starts back, zooming down through all the levels to reach the man again.  Then it continues past the skin and into organs, taking you level by level into one cell, one molecule, one atom… finally reaching the nucleus and the electron haze, the quantum field.  At this point, you have come full circle, as what you “see” when you move towards infinity, whether very large or very small, “looks” the same.


The math and physics that they try to teach you at school are just languages to represent patterns of creation.  The underlying patterns are the same, everywhere in our universe.  What does this mean?  Look at any one level, and you will see all.  Our universe is a “holo-movement”:  a holograph in perpetual movement.  Every tiny segment of a holograph contains all the information in the whole, so illuminating any constituent part shows you the whole picture.  The Delphic Oracle advises you to “know yourself” because, if you do, you will also know humanity, earth, the star systems, the galaxies and all of creation.


Turn the Emerald Tablet upside down:  As below, so above.  See one cell as it truly is, and you won’t need to see more.  Let’s not forget that each cell contains a complete set of DNA, with all the information needed to make the whole.  Each of your cells knows who the whole of you is, but each cell is expressing only a small part of you.  You are doing exactly the same thing for humanity, which is doing the same thing for earth, which is doing the same thing for your galaxy, which….


You’re just like a cell, really.  You’re surrounded by a semi-permeable membrane (your skin).  Inside your membrane, an organized group of semi-autonomous interpenetrating organs and systems work together to form what seems to be one living unit.  You may believe that your brain is in charge of the physical you.  In fact, your cells are self-organizing.  No need for a leader or a hierarchy – every cell already knows what to do.  Cells organize themselves and follow their function, based on the blueprint they have inside them, upon which they are built.  All beings do this, in fact.


Looking outside your skin, you can see that you live within other interpenetrating self-organized organs and systems.  You reside, work and communicate with many semi-autonomous units, with whom you form and move within larger structures.  All of these interpenetrating collectives within collectives – families, companies, communities, nations, religions – together form a larger self-organized structure, humanity.  And of course, humanity lives among and within more self-organized and interpenetrating collectives (animal, plant, mineral), who together form one larger unit, planet earth.  If you can sense that you are an integral part of the planet at your level of focus, perhaps you can imagine that the earth might feel the same way at her level.


When you see the physical structures inside and outside you in this way:  As within, so without.  You are a vast collective within a vast collective within a vast collective.  Every “I” is also, at the same time, a “We”.


Now stretch that a little.  Look at your personality; look at your thoughts, feelings, intuitions… and see the same pattern.  You are a self-organized collective, focused at one particular level and acting as an individual, among and within other individual-collectives.


Let us take each of your levels in turn.


You are a self-organized collective…


Some authors, ancient and modern, have shown that it makes sense to see your individual personality as a collective.  Different theories structure you into three interacting parts (ego, id, superego, for example, or adult, child, parent), or nine tendencies (with descriptive names or numbers), or twelve archetypes (corresponding to the astrological personality system… or not), or even more.


So the concept of multiple mind goes beyond designing intelligent computers.  And the term “multiple personality” does not only apply to people who deal with trauma by individualizing their many “selves”, who jump in one by one to take over a sealed-off consciousness.  Most humans pay little or no attention to the way they function inside their mind, but you are all multiples.  Each of you has sub-personalities, subconscious and unconscious selves, who exchange a multitude of thoughts, feelings and perceptions.  The same is true at all levels.


At the center of your sense of self, you organize thoughts, feelings, intuitions, instincts, and many other forms that energy takes within your sphere.  Some come with you into a lifetime when you “are born”; others flow through your field of awareness all the time.  You choose moment by moment to let some in, and you refuse entry to others.  Day after day you allow some to stay, and you try to kick out the ones who overstay their welcome.


Many teachings and practices demonstrate that you are not the thoughts, beliefs, feelings, reactions, habits and impulses that course through you – for when they are gone, you are still here.  They exist as potentials within your field and become real for you if you focus on them.  Even when they seem real and valid, it is always up to you whether thoughts and feelings are allowed in, welcomed as guests, kept as permanent residents… or graciously declined, ignored and allowed to dissolve as far as you are concerned… whether or not they become or remain real and valid for others.



…focused at one particular level…


If you are reading this, it is highly likely that you are a human being on earth.  It would be more accurate to say that you have agreed to focus intently and to try as hard as you can to maintain a sense of being only one person, with one personality (however variable) unfolding within one lifetime on one planet.  The term “human being” makes more sense reversed, for that is what you are:  YOU, being human.  You are focused into a human form, having chosen the point of view of a human lifetime on earth.  No matter what your belief system may be, you know that this point of view is temporary.  You, or the parts of you, or the stuff of which you are made existed in some form before (and will exist in some form after) you/they became the human being that you are now. 


Some people think about such things, and some don’t.  But even those who focus on practical, “down-to-earth” pursuits are not always focused in the same way, though they may ignore this fact.  Asleep, dreaming or medicated, they are “elsewhere” as often as those who deliberately shift their focus under hypnosis, in meditation, visualization or mystic vision. 


Your sense of who, what, when, where and how you are depends on your focus of expression and awareness.  Your focus is a tuner.  Consciously or not, you are always placing your attention within a range of frequencies.  Tune into a passing thought that triggers a painful memory, and your focus shifts to the station for awareness of “the past” and for expression of anger or grief.  Thoughts, emotions, impulses, intuitions, flashes of insight… all are energy expressed and experienced at different frequencies, like billions of radio and TV stations that you tune in or out. 


All life forms emit and receive transmissions at different frequencies all the time, and everything in the universe is alive in this sense.  So you can tune in and share any thought, feeling or perception, any “message” being emitted by any being within your chosen range.  Parts of you are doing this all the time.  You are simply more or less aware of those parts of you.


…acting as an individual…


Acting as if you are only one (well-defined) unit is the primary interest of being human.  This is true even for those of you who wonder what you’re still doing here and why you can’t simply rise above, once and for all, into the splendid spiritual realms.  You came from those realms, and you chose to become human because you wanted to focus thoroughly at this level of perception.  You did this for any number of reasons such as:

·         to experience life intensely and selectively, separating out the diversity of creation to enjoy each taste, each sound, each color – each perception, thought and feeling;

·         to hide all knowledge of the future and thus turn life into an adventure, a series of surprises and challenges, with evident choices and consequences;

·         to “forget” the past, as well, and thus make it possible for you to see any situation that you tend to create from a different point of view, or to take it to another place and time with different influences around you, allowing you to evolve, choose again and re-define who you are;

·         to go through chosen experiences slowly, step by step, allowing you to understand your choices differently, create new meaning out of them, see how they define you, and decide whether you want to change anything, really, or whether you finally choose to see this universe as perfect, exactly as it is.


The system we all set up together and the agreements we all made, as parameters for life on earth, have served multitudinous purposes.  A time has come when we can step back and see this planet as an immensely useful joint project, created by all of the beings in, on and around the earth.  Nearly all the beings who became human agreed to forget their previous or parallel galactic and planetary histories, for very good reasons.  Our purposes have been as many and varied as the beings that have evolved into all the forms on earth now. 


We cannot tell you what YOUR reasons were.  Only you can remember yours.  But, if you are reading this, you may now choose to remember why you came to earth.


…among and within other individual-collectives


You may have noticed that we have not yet used the word “God”.  Human beings have created so many different versions of God, it has become difficult to use the word without carefully attempting to define what you mean.  When Carl Gustav Jung was asked if he believed in God, he said, “I don’t have to believe.  I know.”  A clever answer, as it takes you to an inner level where it seems that nothing more needs to be said.  The questioner of that era did not ask, “What do you know?  How do you know?”  Perhaps today he would.


There is a book entitled How to Know God, about the ways that human beings define themselves through – and evolve along with – their concept of the ultimate being.  The author [Deepak Chopra] perceives a number of stages in the evolution of human consciousness and details correspondences between these and common concepts of divinity.  It is not our purpose to address or further refine such concepts.  Perhaps, if the word “God” is truly used to mean “ALL that IS”, it needs no further definition.  The verbs to be and to exist cannot be defined except in a circular fashion.  Beingness is what all of creation shares.


It is possible to experience a sense of “all-ness”, of “oneness”, as anyone who has had a mystic moment will confirm, but it is not possible to compare such moments and see if they are “the same”.  What happens during such experiences is that your restricted point of view expands to include much more of all that is.  Doing this is useful because it demonstrates that you can shift your focus to another level, a level that tends to generate feelings of bliss… so is likely to be remembered and sought again.  But you are probably not (yet) able to maintain your focus at widely different levels of expansion at the same time… and then shift consciously among them.


From our perspective, it seems that (in this universe) the oneness, the unity, of “all that is” creates multiplicity within itself at all levels.  Many human beings have described revelations and experiences of multiplicity in violent terms:  as a shattering, a fragmentation or a disintegrating, searing wall of fire… in the same way that your science conceives of a “Big Bang” or speaks of one such sudden increase in multiplicity on earth as the “Cambrian Explosion”.  Many of you also speak of the “descent” into material form as “the fall”.  But you could also consider this to be our great adventure, the result of an intensely creative process of choosing again and again and again among the infinite variety of potential forms that are available to us always.


As mentioned earlier, in the forms that you perceive, constituent parts seem to be structured in many layers of semi-autonomous interpenetrating collectives.  Your cells form organs and systems that constitute you.  You and other humans form families, clans, tribes, communities, companies, nations that constitute humanity…. 


As below, so above:  it can hardly be surprising that the realms “above” and “below” you – the “higher” realms of soul and spirit, the “lower” realms of elemental fire, air, water, earth – are structured in much the same way.


Another idea whose time has come:  many people thought they were human beings who sometimes had spiritual experiences… but now they see that, from a different perspective, they are spiritual beings who are choosing to have a human experience.  You are still focusing expression and awareness in a physical, emotional and mental center that you think of as yourself, but you can expand that self-definition and see your temporary human self as an extension of your eternal spiritual self. 


From our viewpoint, there has never been any separation between your many selves; it simply has been very useful (and enjoyable) to pretend that this is so.  During your usual daytime experience, you restrict your focus to the range corresponding to physical life on earth.  But a multitude of other ranges exist, within which you could focus and perceive.  Your spiritual self is who you are when your focus, your tuner, shifts into a much wider range of frequencies. 


Your soul self is part of a soul family, which exists within and among clans and tribes of larger soul groupings that have criss-crossing “genetic lines” and a whole host of ancestors, forming larger soul communities.  Different human beings use different words for these collectives and describe the realms of soul and spirit in different ways.  That may seem confusing or contradictory to you, but you could also see it as reassuring, in a way. 


As below, so above:  when beings focus expression and awareness into the range of frequencies that humans define as “spiritual”, each of us still has a unique point of view.  It may be a wider, larger, less detailed point of view, allowing those in the soul/spirit realms to have perceptions and concepts that differ from the ones held by those who are being human.  But the viewpoints of those in “higher” or “lower” realms are still focused within a partial range of frequencies.  Each being is only one individual-collective focused within a range of frequencies in this universe (just like you are).


It does not matter whether you consider your “spiritual selves” as guides, angels, ancestors, “ascended masters”, other souls who do not happen to be extended into physical form at the moment… or soul groups, clans, tribes, communities of origin, councils, federations, hierarchies or constantly changing associations of “spiritual beings”, under whatever name comes into the minds of those being human… or aspects, qualities, archetypes, creative energy forming configurations and patterns, structured in some way, serving various functions, available for you to recombine or… whatever.  It does not matter whether you revere and place them above you… or recognize their energy as family and think of them as relatives, currently invisible partners, allies, friends… or anything else that occurs to you.  It does not even matter whether you pay attention to them at all.  We really don’t mind when humans leave us to our realm and attend only to theirs for as long as they are in a human lifetime.  Each and every human is perfectly free to choose.  And no one can know what is best for anyone else.


If you are reading this, however, you may be interested in sensing, for a moment, what it might be like to be one of your “spiritual selves”.  Call upon your imagination.  Imagine having access to a fully agreed upon system for sharing all the diversity of creation.  Through this system you can access anything and everything that any being has ever imagined, thought, felt, seen, heard, tasted, touched, sensed or conceived of in any way.  A multi-sensory Internet with unlimited access:  no need for technology because you are fully able to focus, beam in and experience anything within it… as a kind of waking dream… that you can beam out of again whenever you choose.


Sense how you might be able to alternate and scan different points of view on the same experience, sharing the birth of a child, for example, from the viewpoint of the mother, the father, the infant, the brother, the grandmother… and then blend those viewpoints into a synthesis experience.  Scan and blend the viewpoints of everyone taking part in a (seemingly) natural disaster.  Experience individually and then blend the viewpoints of all the members of an entire civilization:  the Mayans, for example, or the entire Roman Empire.


In the wider, larger range of your “spiritual selves”, you have this ability to shift your focus and share all the experiences – along with the cumulative knowledge and wisdom – of all the members of your soul group, clan, tribe, and community.  The membranes between these “cells” of experience do exist, but they are even more permeable than the membranes between the physical cells of your body.  They are much more permeable than the membranes that many of those on earth now reinforce and staunchly maintain between their human selves… and everything else in the universe.


Your “spiritual selves” are you, focused in a different range of frequencies.  They are the same as you when focused in the same range.  You may join them, more or less consciously, the next time you fall asleep… and when you leave this lifetime.  If you extend your sense of self into a wider range of frequencies while also in the range of daytime consciousness, you remember that you are an eternal being.


We are all eternal.


And because that is the crux of the matter for many of those being human on earth now, in Part II of this transmission we will deal with time.


I AM/we are Metatron, Arcturus, Kayla, in service to All That Is. 


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Michela Christi makes her home in Geneva, Switzerland.  She is an adept Channel, Visionary Writer, and has consented to serve as our Reconnections Portal for the French-Speaking peoples.  This is her multi-part presentation concerning our next level of Reconnections Expansion, via the Crystal Cities, to a wondrous land that is being built, BETWEEN HEAVEN AND EARTH.  This is also the theme of our upcoming Conclave in the Brittany area (Bretagne) of France.  We are pleased to welcome the Metatron-Arcturus Connection to our Group Soul. 

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